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Parent thread: The Trilogy War
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14 years of Trilogy

Hi all as I'm working on restarting my game of The Trilogy War this mouth I thought I'd give everyone a recap of the last 14 years. Warning its a pretty big read and feel free to comment. GAME ON!

The party started out as a fast reaction force of nine Special Guards working for the King of Shan’Tara under the leadership of the Human Bard/Druid, The Lady Drusillia Liadon Along with the Dwarf Cleric Cor Trollhammer, the Human Ranger Taila Torran, her sister Human Fighter/Mage Haila Torran, the Elf Ranger Hawk, the Elf Ranger/Cleric Af’til Fallendill, the units second healer. With the Gnome Thief/Illusionist Flit, the Halfling Thief/Mage Ulthok Rydenham, and the Human Paladin Conell Glendower rounding out the unit, they were called to the King's chambers and told that the King's daughter one Althena Sunblayze long in seclusion at a distant monastery had been kidnapped two days before. With the word of that just now reaching the King he at once ordered the party to go and seek any answers, to rescue her if they could, and get her back to the Capital city as fast as possible. So assigning a Pegasus trooper and his mount to each party member they all flew out to the Monastery to investigate. During the course of this investigation and a set of tough fights it was discovered through a Goblin captive that Althena were being held in magical tunnels formed beneath the Mountains of Steel. As such with this information the party remounted the winged steeds and headed off at speed to the mountains. The party then spent the next year in real time (but only 2-3 days game time) in those same tunnels trying to find the girl. They found her but in the process lost 4 original characters to death, including the party's leader, the Lady Drusilia, along with the Ranger Taila, Thief/Illusionist Flit, and finally the Ranger Hawk. But in the course of saving Althena they did manage to rescue two new characters the Firbolg Giant Samson Skullcrusher and the Elvin Druid Cynil Shadowdancer along with a small number of Dwarves. With the King's daughter in hand, the last remaining Thief, the Halfling Ulthok, then did teleport with her back to the King's castle. The King with his daughter once again safe then had his court wizard’s teleport the whole party back and then recalled the Pegasus trooper’s home. Out of this came a sense of a great evil awakening and something not altogether normal about the women the party had just saved.

With the death of the parties’ leader the King called upon the last five surviving original members to reform a new unit. The Cavalier Alasdair MacKenzie he made its new leader, The Paladin Conall Glendower he made the Lady Althena's personal bodyguard. The Dwarven Cleric Cor Trollhammer was promoted to the rank of Knight becoming the first Dwarf Knight Cleric of Shan’Tara and high cleric of the new unit. Af'Til Fallendill was given a keep of his own but remained a member of the unit. Haila Torran, sister to the dead Talia Torran, was offered wealth and a choice of opportunities, but having just lost her sister in Althena’s rescue she as had the others decided to stay The last original member, the Thief/Mage Ulthok, was also given the same choice to stay with the new unit or to become a noble of the court but decided in the end to stay.

Then the rest of the party slowly formed, a Dwarf, Magma Ironclaw, a representative of a nearby Dwarven King and ally of Shan’tara, who had been found among the few surviving dwarves, was declared as third in leadership. Then the Giant Samson and his friend Cynil having been rescued by this party also joined it in thanks. Thus the party numbering 10 (Althena included) did finally get word from the Shan’tarian King of the mission that lay ahead. They were told the tale of the Steel Maiden, a sword of great intelligence and great evil that had the power to corrupt and control any who would carry it and the need to recover it before the dark king himself did so. Althena herself then revealed to the party the truth about her linage, that she was over 1500 hundred years old, the King of Shana’tara and the Kings before him were in truth her care takers/step fathers sworn to do this as a lasting service to Althena’s father, Allanan, and why rescuing her had been so important.

Althena is the last of her race and because her Father, the great wizard Allanan, defeated the swords master, the dark King Karza, and bested the sword from him she was born immune to its affect and thus is the only one able to carry the Steel Maiden without being corrupted by its evil. Also imparted to her in hidden memories was the swords hiding place and those memories came to her while as a captive in the Mountains of Steel

Agreeing to undertake the mission to retrieve and bring the sword back to be destroyed was unanimous by all and so once again by Pegasus the party were taken to just outside the City of Helm's Dike. There they all boarded a ship and set sail for the next port of call, the Port City of Chard Rush. After a few days travel they entered a bad storm losing the ships main mast and then found themselves in the calm eye of the storm. It was here the party was attacked by 4 black sailed ships and by the battles end and aftermath the party ended up losing yet another character that of the Giant Samson.

The ship they were on was badly damaged but the party luckily was saved by a second friendly ship and after sinking the damaged one were taken to the port city of Chard Rush in the Country of Ravenshorn. Then while in the port city they realized they were being watched by someone or something clearly evil and a little later after that realization Althena had a vision of a disturbing nature and so the party decided to depart Chard Rush in the middle of the night. The parties escape of the watchers for the moment successful the watchers rage was such that by mornings end the port of Chard Rush was in flames, all its people dead. The watcher was a member of the Shadow Wraiths named Soulcatcher and it was her wraith at losing the trail of the party that caused her and the other Wraiths to destroy the town. Even now she and the other Shadow Wraiths seek to pick up the trail once again.

From Chard Rush the party then moved north and traveled for two days without any incidents until they reached the fort of Panzer. Here it was that the party decided to rest for a few days and here finally it was revealed the deep nature of love that had grown and been kept secret till then between the Lady Althena and the Lord Alasdair. During the roughly two month trip in game time to this point Althena and Alasdair had fallen in love as both shared pisionic abilities and were linked by that and the love in their hearts

So upsetting was this, the couple making no secret in their displays, that the Paladin Conall feeling he had failed in his duty left in the night with only his weapons and armor leaving all else behind. With the morning upon them having realized that Conall had left before them everyone mounted and did give chase to find him confronting a number of foes. But before they could join him from beneath the earth arose a great beast, an Earthquake Beetle and with its first breath all of Conall’s foes but he and their leader were slain.

In the course of the battle, the party eventually victorious, though none of the party were killed the leader of the brigands was slain and having revealed to Conall his true nature as that of a fallen Knight, was sent off with a prayer of good faith by the Paladin.
But the battle thought done was not, as the Ranger Af’til while searching the belly of the beast did release a new foe, a deadly gem with beams of light so terrible that they caused death instantly. And so it was that the Ranger Af’til’s luck did run out and he found himself its only victim. Well after defeating the gem without any other loss of life the party continued north. Luckily a messenger from the King, a female Elf Ranger/Cleric named Rayne Fireheart, flying a Pegasus caught up to the party and decided to continue with them after delivering her message. And so finally the party reached the River city of Star Falls in the dwarf’s land of Erebor where the mode of travel was to change from horse to canoes.

It was here that disaster once again struck and the party lost yet two more members, their leader Alasdair and the dwarf Magma inside a bordello of Devil sold souls during combat with two major Devil’s the lord Mammon, ruler of Hell‘s third plane and his consort, Glasya the Princess of Hell. Not knowing that the bordello was in reality located on the Third plane of Hell and was run by the two devils they attempted to rescue Ulthok’s Brother, the Halfling Fighter Divot Rydenham who was trapped there due to gambling debts though he had not sold his soul. In the course of the battle, the party having pretty much been defeated, Alasdair being the only one of the party members not dead, badly wounded or unconsious, used the last of his psionic power to teleport everyone but himself to safety. Then from inside, he closed off the Nine Hells from the Prime Material plane. Of the characters the only one not saved by healing was the dwarf Magma who they buried with honors. But having rescued Ulthok’s brother the party was only down by one member.

Then it was to the canoes and upriver to Drow Mountain where the sword per Althena was hidden during the course of the river trip Althena was in a dazed state due to the death of Alasdair and unable to walk without guidance or do anything.
Then a clearing was found by the riverside and while camped there for the night the party got into a fight with cannibalistic Tree Men demanding one of the party for a sacrifice and Althena came back to herself and helped save the party. During the course of the fight Cor and Conall were separated from the rest and each other due to a massive magical forest fire that had been caused by the battle. Here it was that Conall had his leg caught in a poisoned pit trap and was almost killed by the Tree Men who had fashioned it. If not for the intervention of a Asian Human Male Samurai named Tomiki Kenji the Paladin would have died. With Cor’s arrival the battle was quickly won and after Cor freed Conall from the trap by cutting off the trapped leg he was taken to the town of Main to die as the poison was yet killing him and at the time Cor did not have the power to heal his friend.

During this time the rest of the party also reached Main and all were reunited and Kenji accepted into the party as a member. On the night before Conall was to die Cor went to the small church in the town and prayed to his god Odin for help and such was his devotion that Odin granted him the one time ability to cast a high level spell that would heal all damage, restore Conall’s leg and purge the poison from the Paladin’s body for good thus saving his life. The spell cast and successful, over the next few days Conall healed with his love Cynil by his side. In an ironic twist of fate they like Althena and Alasdair had also fallen in love, and soon he was ready to go. So it was new canoes bought, the other ones having been destroyed in the fire, and northward again until they reached shore, walked two days to Drow Mountain and finally ended at the place of the swords hiding. The only thing of note during that two journey was that sometime in the days before they reached the mountain Divot and Haila had gotten lost and took comfort in each others arms and one thing led to another and they made love. Then the party went up the mountain where over the course of two days found the hidden door, Divot died and was brought back, and Althena not wishing to see someone else die approached and opened the door herself. The party then went through a series of tests inside the mountain to get to the sword, However during the third of these tests they lost Divot to death again and found themselves unable to bring him back to life due to the strange magic lurking in the mountain. (Later they found out the sword had a lot to do with it)

While the main party was dealing with the tests in Drow Mountain, Alasdair having fought his way out of hell, ended up forgetting his true identity in the process. Felt himself being pulled towards a mountain in the distance and he made his way towards it. In the course of that he made friends with Sirene Tala Melete an Elvin Druid/Mage and they in turn were joined by Maggot, a Ranger/Bard, just before entering the Mountain. The three then moved through the already completed tests till finally they caught up to the main party. Once reunited with the main party Alasdair seeing Althena remembered who he was, a Paladin pledged to the service of Odin in the great war to come.

Now all characters presently in the game were again part of the main party and they moved onward to test Five where they again found a hard test dealing with mirrors and possession. In the course of beating the test they lost two members to death and Cor was possessed by an evil spirit, it was he actually that caused the two character deaths, Maggot and Rayne, before the rest of the party realized he was evil. Yet in the course of player role play they allowed him to live as he resurrected 1, Maggot, of the 2 party members he killed and promised once he had prayed for new spells that he would bring Rayne back to life. Most of the party agreed to this deal except for Cynil who was frozen, Kenji who was unconscious and Ulthok who thanks to his Ring of Invisibility was invisible, but thought dead by most of the other players as I was NPCing him at that time. In the course of the next few weeks of posting Cor was saved from the possession and welcomed back into the party as a friend and Rayne was brought finally back to life. Then through another test, again it was bested, and afterwards while moving down the next tunnel they found a cave in blocking the way forward and had to instead go through a hole caused by the cave in to another level below the one they were on which in the course of searching brought them to the entrance to a vast cavern in the middle of which rested a large golden colored Pyramid.

Thanks to Althena and her ability to sense the evil sword the party knew that it lay inside the building before them. In the process of getting to it they had to cross through a massive jungle of mutated plants using fire at first, then repeated castings of the spell Cone of Cold, Cynil as huge elephant, and blunt weapons. Finally breaking through the cloying jungle the party found themselves at the edge of what was thought to be a very deep chasm. While discussing on a way to cross the miles long gap to reach the Pyramid the party was attacked by a number of large brain like creatures and in the course of the battle managed to kill all but the two creatures in charge who fled away from the party. During the battle Haila changed into the form of a Silver Dragon and while in this form discovered almost by accident that the chasm in truth was an illusion hiding a number of tunnel entrances leading underneath the Pyramid.

As the party faced a large horde of mutated giant worms on the chasm’s far side seemingly guarding the entrance to the Pyramid it was decided by all to take the tunnel below. However as they moved deeper and deeper into the tunnel it started getting smaller, so small they finally had to shape-change and polymorph themselves much smaller and in doing so were able to find a hole large enough to gain them all entrance to the Pyramid without using its front door.

However as they returned to normal size they disturbed a large nest of mutated cockroaches of vary sizes and ended up in a large fight with several thousand that through the use of good teamwork and magic were able to defeat. They rested to regain spells and heal wounds then headed up a flight of stairs to an upper level somehow larger then the one below and have now encountered ten giant sized mutated cockroach/scorpions that at first only watched the party. Then in the course of preparing to fight them Sirene summoned a Fire Elemental causing the ten mutated roach/scorpions to suddenly attack. During the course of this first battle it was discovered that spells and magical weapons had no effect vs. the creatures so the party retreated losing Maggot once more to death.

However as they discussed what to do next, Kenji came up with the idea that perhaps non-magical weapons were the answer so scavenging through the pyramid and their own gear they came up with enough such weapons to outfit each of themselves with at least 1 non-magical weapon. So up the stairs they went and into battle once more with the creatures controlled by the sword. Well to make a long battle short during the course of it Alasdair was revealed to be a Death Knight in disguise sent to get the sword for the demon lord Mammon. Maggot was brought back from the dead by the Goddess Freya. Ulthok’s brother Divot returned to the party as a Skeleton Lord almost killing Ulthok and Cor but the two defeated him, but only barely. The party lost Conall, Cynil and Haila to permanent death but in the end gained the evil sword. As the party survivors were heading up the mountain through a new found tunnel they came upon 3 new people who had just escaped from a large Hill Giant camp further up the mountain.

There was the Halfling Thief/Mage Valene Beestinger, she having been held by the Giants for over a year. The Human Fighter Lothor Greenbeard who had been held for roughly 3 months but was soon to be eaten. And finally the Elf Paladin Ayreon Larenthanar who had just been captured 2 days before.

During the greeting and conversation, where all three decided to join the party in their quest, the party learned that due to the magic of the mountain what had seemed time wise like days to the party inside the mountain had been in truth over a year outside of the mountain. In the course of that year the Dark King had invaded the mainland with the largest army ever seen and was slowly conquering mainland Trilogy.

Coming to the conclusion that the only path out of the mountain was through the Giant camp and across a stone bridge leading to the mountains second peak. They continued up the same tunnel and readied themselves for yet another fight. When they finally exited the mountain into a series of three caves they found all the Giants dead with large body pieces scattered around the main cave. Upon closer investigation it was clear they had been killed by one, possibly two, large creatures the bodies also having been somewhat eaten. Well the party having no choice but to move out of the main cave to cross the bridge and fearful of what they would find decided to attempt to teleport from the middle of the bridge to a town on the border of Callahorn. Having only a two of the spell available they decided to once again became small taking up various spots on the Ranger’s bard’s body. They then finally exited the mountain to see daylight for the first time, for the party, in days.

However sitting on the bridge between the twin peaks of the mountain blocking the way across was a large blue dragon. Before the party could decide what to do the dragon lifted a wing to reveal a stunningly beautiful human looking female, who at once greeted Maggot as if knowing him. During the conversation it was revealed that the women was a Shadow Wraith and one of the Ten Who Were Taken. It was also revealed that at some point in the very, very distant past Maggot had been her lover. Well she delivered her threat and as she was leaving pointed out that she was not alone. Another of the Ten Who Were Taken, the Limper, joining her riding a green dragon. As they both flew out of sight Maggot cast his spell of Teleport to find themselves on the outskirts of the town of GyGax and two days ride from the Callahorn border. Well the party left GyGax and had no problems their first day of travel but on the second day they ran into a large group of Orcs led by a Beholder pillaging a cavern of refugee’s, quickly defeating this force they were escorted to the fort of Dragon’s Helm guarding one of the mountain passes into Callahorn. From there they traveled South stopping in Citadel and Falth before reaching Craggian Core. It was during this journey that two things happened. Maggot left the party in fear that while in Citadel, with his former Shadow Wraith lover was hunting him magically would use him to zero in on the party and gain control of Althena and thus the sword for her master, Also at the crossroads of Falth they came upon a heavily armored Dwarf surrounded by a good sized group of human refugee scum trying to rob him. Needless to say they watched and helped somewhat as the Dwarf easily took care of himself and when it was all done introduced himself as the beserker Barreel Axehand. Barreel joined the party and traveled with them to the fortress and once inside, as he was not a member of the group said his good byes and went his separate way.

After reporting to the King of Shan’Tara and delivering once again into his arms Althena and now the sword they were put up at the fortress commander’s house and there they relaxed. The following days turning into weeks but finally the party was asked to under go a dangerous mission along with a number of similar groups to destroy the enemy artillery bombarding the fort and were assigned a number of temporary extra members to do so, one of these new members was the Dwarf Barreel. The mission undertaken and though a success the casualty count among the party and other groups was high. The party losing all three of the temporary members. Returning to the fort Barreel having been assigned only for that raid once more said his goodbyes and wondered off. Then the party still staying at the home of the fortress commander received another new full time member the Paladin Lady Jessica Voltaire. During the first night of her arrival as most of the party was greeting her in the Manor’s main dinning hall the fortress defenses were penetrated and various targets attacked. This included the Manor as it was a main target. In the ensuing battle the raid force was defeated and the Manor held. However the raids were but a diversion as a main attack vs. the outer wall was launched. The next twelve hours was among the fiercest fighting to date as Man, Elf, Dwarf and the party along with various members of the good races fought this dark wave to a halt, then a retreat.

Two days after this battle Ulthok and Cor, the now co-leaders of the party had been called once again before a council of surviving Kings, the raid by the Black Robed led Bhuts along with the fighting at the outer wall having taken the lives of two of them and a prince. King Leoplode of Eshmara, King Gerald of Mya-sith and his son Prince Philipe all killed fighting to defend the fortress within. Standing before this council of nobility the two most senior members of the party were asked to give their account of the night and their thoughts about it. Here they learned that the Black Robed wizards were all clones of the same person created using the deepest of the dark arts. At the meetings end by order of King Maridynn two new party members were assigned to them to bolster the party’s ranks and ability to heal and fight in case of another such raid. These were the female Elf Druid Amara Lania’Drian and her Half-Elf sister, the Fighter/Mage Aliya Moonshadow. Both women top notch in skill and purpose. The King after introducing them all left the four of them to return to a slowly recovering Manor house.

The next few days were relatively peaceful, but for the battle beyond the walls, then in the sky above the fortress there appeared a huge flying fortress. At once it began to rain boulders and pieces of stone down on the fortress below doing terrible damage to it’s walls and interior and the Kings rushed to put together a number of strike teams of high level Warriors, Clerics and Mage’s to find the magic allowing the castle to fly and to destroy it. The party was picked to be one of the strike teams trying to destroy it. After a fierce air battle the party and a few of the other strike teams made it inside the flying fortresses walls. Within the fortress they encountered many enemies and in one nasty encounter with hundreds of slave labor goblins lost their first party member, Amara Lania’Drian, to death. However they did gain a new party member in the form of Roan Fenstrider a Ranger/Cleric, the sole survivor of another strike team. Agreeing to join them the team was still nine in number. With each room searched they forced themselves closer and closer to the fortress core and the power keeping it flying Along the way they discovered that the fortress was from the astral plane and home to Githyanki and their Lich Queen. They lost two more of the party, one to death, the Paladin Jessica Voltaire, and one to capture, the Thief/Cleric Valene Beestinger. However their mission became easier when they were approached by a floating yellow smiley face baring an invitation from The Lich Queen herself to meet with her in her throne room as they were the last of the strike teams still alive.

Needless to say the meeting became a savage battle between the Lich Queen, her advisor, her 4 massive bodyguards and a large number of Githyanki troops. At the battles end all enemies were dead and none of the party were killed. During the battle Ulthok discovered a hidden passage leading to the castles core and the source of its power, a huge pulsating reddish gem in-closed in a crystal globe. Held in place in a spider web type wired frame above a pool of dark water, bursts of electrical flashes coming quickly at random.
Before attacking the flying fort all strike team members had each been given a sort of magically created bomb to destroy the fortress power source and they now came into use. Each member of the party armed their individual bomb’s timer and on the same count threw them at the gem. However as they turned to escape the fortress, the magic of the bombs and the gem combined, took an unforeseen turn and they exploded much to early.

The party, caught in the blast, instead of dying caused all to go unconscious, to wake up on a strange battlefield. Seeing a castle in the distance the party headed there and slowly came to realize that the explosion had cast them 1,200 hundred years into the past just days after the defeat of the Dark King and his army at the battle of the Drimmen Dreeve. Upon learning this the party realized the only way back to the future was to find Allanan yet no one knew where he had gone, everyone but the party however. Returning to Drow Mountain they found him locking the evil sword away behind the traps and dangers the party had defeated to gain the sword in the future. Finding him there they also learned a shocking truth… Althena Sunblayze was NOT Allanan’s daughter for as a Valar he was sterile and unable to have children. Not having enough magic to send the party home he sent them to gather it at a place called the Isle of the Cyclops and within the anciat tower there. There he could tell after using a powerful scrying spell rested ‘something’ possecing the magical powerr he would need to create and cast a time altering spell within the ruins of the ancient tower that rested there. Teleporting them to the only place of referance he knew the party landed on on Gryphon Island. Traveling its length to reach the east side of the island to hopefullly find a ship and sail to the Cyclops. Along the way discovering that history was wrong Drow had indeed once walked upon the world of Trilogy. The party luckly were able to avoid a fight with the dark elves and made their way to the islands east end with no fights.

Creating a boat of magic the seven surviving members crossed between islands and after a bloody battle/massacre of cannibalistic creatures moved to and entered the Cyclops Tower. During the course of searching its interior they came across a number of traps and puzzles including one of time and space and another a battle with released Vampires. After returning to a number of searched rooms they finally found a magically sealed doorway down into the lower depths. However upon opening the reason for it being magically sealed was found out as a blast of cold air did burst into the room. This cold such below freezing almost caused the death of the whole party having been unprepared for flash freezing cold. Once healed and now better prepared the party made their way down lower into the tower’s underground level to search its depths.

It was during this search they found frozen to a wall the Elf male Ranger Talca Aldavathar. Talca like Ulthok, was lucky to be wearing an amulet of life protection that combined with the effects of flash carbon freezing had allowed him to survive until rescued by the party. With Talca with them they did encounter a giant form of beholder never before seen. Its huge mouth full of teeth as that of a great white shark, its eye bigger then any before and on the ends of it’s tenticles were heads looking as if clown faces. Though deadly the party was abled to defeat it without loss of life to the party. After the fight Talca warned the party that the beholder was not the only one and his words came true as two more attacked. In this fight no party members died, however the faery dragon Peri, Ulthok’s familiar, was killed. Taking her body and magically protecting it the party moved on.

Soon the party found a fully destroyed wall in the towers lowest level and found that the wall had hidden a huge cavern at first glance easily miles long and deep. With the temperature in this cavarn falling even lower it was clear that the strange beholders had come from here easily breaking through the wall and into the towers depths. After an almost full day of search the caverns interior they discovered a light coming for deeper within. So heading for the light they discovered a huge two mile long and a mile deep mound of ice and a second mound of ice the size of a small hill giant. They also encountered a large number of Klown Beholders both guarding the Ice mound and continually hitting it with blasts of cones of cold. The beholders seeing the party attacked and a battle took place. During this battle with their losses increasing it caused a number of the Klown Beholders hitting the mound with cones of cold to abandon their task and face the party. In this lapse of duties it was discovered that the beholders were not guarding the mound, but imprisoning something within it.

The creature within the mound was quickly discoverewd to be the anciant dragon Kakaranatha, the mother of all dragons, the size of one and a half modern aircraft carriers, she the first true dragon created by Loki the God of Mischief. Loki feeling jealousy after a time at the size and power of his creation and unable to destroy her decided to imprison her here, the Klown Beholders created to be nothing else but her prison guards. Released she quickly disposed of the rest of the beholders quickly and easily. During her fight and quick extermination of them the party found that the smaller, yet giant sized, mound of ice harbored the yet living form of the arch-mage Allanan who after being released told of his ambush after arriving here by teleport with the help of three another powerful mages by the beholders, who had tried to flash freeze him as they had with Talca. However his magic was powerfull enough, and he fast enough, to throw up a shield to hold the cold away from killing him. Once free he told the party that the source of the great pool of magic needed to get them home, was the ancient dragons heart.

This caused the party some concern for Kakaranatha was unlike any dragon or creature fought before. Easily 4x times the size of any known dragon she would be hard to kill and clearly by her being imprisioned instead of killed showed the party that getting her heart could be a suicide type battle. Sirene being a long lived elf enchatress put forth an other option. As Kakaranatha had yet to attack them, though she did watch them, the Elf put forth to talk to her and see if an alternate to battle could be found. After talking with the Mother of Dragons she and Sirene came to a deal. For knowledge of the future Kakaranatha would assist Allanan with getting the group back to their own time.

After a day of telling and with the party rested Allanan and the anciet dragon cast the spell, Allanan deciding at the last minute to join the party in their return. Returning to the exact monent they left Allanan controlled the castles decrustion over Craggian Core instead pushing it over 5 miles away to explode and crash to earth in a field of plains.

Thus the party was home but not to the same home tyhey had left for allowing the dragon Kakaranatha to live they had changed a few things in their world. For upon her release she had travel to Asgard challenged Loki to a fight and upon his death, flinging him to earth to cause the destruction of the center region of Myasith and parts of Greymark. Then having beaten him took his place among the Norse gods and causing a new religion to be born, one based on the worship of her. The news of this destruction having a heavy toll upon the party as the Ranger/Cleric Rayne and her beloved the Ranger/cleric Roan were forced to leave to find out the fate of family living there. With the departure of both of them the remaining party members had lost most of their healing, leaving Cor the sole healer remaining with the party. The party was hit a second hard blow as Fighter/Mage Aliya also decided to depart for personal reasons.

The party now down to five plus one hurries to report to the Kings and discover how much this ‘new’ world through their actions in the past, has changed….........

Posted on 2019-01-13 at 17:57:32.
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