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Cheshire Cad
Karma: 100/3
1150 Posts

Last Chance Gang Ideas/Planning

Name Subject to change. Here is a thread for the party to start planning with each other. Sorry for the delay in providing a space. Have at it.

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 13:34:19.

Karma: 23/1
410 Posts

Been a While Since I 3.5'd

Just drew up the classes and am getting some ideas. Has anyone landed on a class yet?

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 13:50:37.

Karma: 37/4
497 Posts


For the safety of myself and others... I’ll be keeping the identity of my character discreet. But I’m thinking Barbarian or Fighter. 

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 17:28:33.

Karma: 23/1
410 Posts


I enjoy support or a dps classes. I was leaning toward a bard. I've never played one in 3.5 and am a little intimidated by them, but I'm up for the challenge!

Otherwise I was also thinking about running a cleric or rogue. Sort of just waiting to see if everyone else is set on a class first.

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 18:10:16.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1263 Posts


Excited, ya'll. I've got some ideas for a (mildly insane) sorcerer or wizard. Xenophobella, the recurring imaginary friend, may or may not be included...

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 21:15:49.

Karma: 37/4
497 Posts

I remember her well. A pity our campaign fizzled so fast with that one. 

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 21:39:31.

Karma: 23/1
410 Posts

Yes! That sounds awesome! Can't wait to maybe or maybe not meet an imaginary friend!

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 22:47:30.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1263 Posts


Glad you remember her, she's a favorite of mine. Would love to bring her back again for a longer ride. She's just barrles of fun.

Posted on 2019-05-14 at 23:42:44.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts


Hey definitely looking forward to this! I will look into character creation soon  

Posted on 2019-05-16 at 18:50:18.

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 100/3
1150 Posts

Here's the skinny....

Ok, this one is on me. I was unclear in my initial round of pm's. In my excitement, I've mislead a few of you, and you have my apologies.


We're going to try and keep things fairly simple, as this is my first time acting as DM. Grugg is here as well, but he's got his hands full with real life, and answering all my asinine questions. So for this one adventure, we're not allowing too much insanity. We've already had to say "No" to a few of you, and I hate that I have to do that, but its all a bit much for me to keep track of my first time out.


Well, with character creation. All bets are off for plot.


So while we definitely want you guys to have characters you want, and my earlier statement about not deliberately punishing the party still stands, we were thinking more along the lines of tweaks in swapping class skills, or chaning how things work in minute ways.


We defintely want to keep hearing from you though. If you have a smaller change you want to run by us, go ahead and ask.


Let us know what you're all thinking, folks.

Posted on 2019-05-21 at 17:32:26.
Edited on 2019-05-21 at 17:33:39 by Chessicfayth

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 100/3
1150 Posts

Here's a quick taste:

To help get ideas flowing, as well as give you an idea for our overall tone, here's the plot hook. Hope you enjoy.


You and a select few others have been contracted to protect a caravan. It being unusual to spend money on protection in the area, you've set out to gather information on what's changed. The local inn being an obvious first stop, you're pointed to an elderly patron holding a jug of something you'd rather not get too close to. You hurriedly ask if he has any information.


The old man takes another swig, wiping his mouth on his sleeve (which is rapidly running out of usable space), and gives you a fairly nauseating grin. "Oh I'll tell ya. I knows everythin' that goes on around these parts. We ain't had bandit problems for years. Oh sure, a few fellers from the north with more muscle 'n sense would group up and try an pull something, but they don't make 'em too bright up there. People mostly jus' laughed when the Auxi Morons came ridin' thru." He shakes his head, looking a bit more serious now. "That all changed around the last harvest. Word is, some new feller showed up, put his boot up the arse of the old leader, and crowned himself the new duke of dastards. Ever since then, folks gotta tread lightly around them. Only way for mos' folk to deal with 'em now is to git out while the gittin's good." He sighs, staring off into the distance. "Nowadays, ain't nobody mess with the Last Chance Gang."

Posted on 2019-05-21 at 17:58:38.

Karma: 23/1
410 Posts


Thanks for clarifying, Chessicfayth! I'm thinking about rolling a half-elf bard.

Once we finish our characters, do we just PM you all of their stats, background, and appearance?

Posted on 2019-05-21 at 18:00:06.

Mun is Fandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6177 Posts

Hi all, sorry for delays on my end. New place, new relationship, newly back to work all at once, of course I'm trying to start a new game. Scheduling mastermind over here. With all our players here and accounted for, anyone wanna lay claim to any party roles?

Also here's an example blank character sheet, just to give people an idea. Feel free to shoot us questions and we'll try to help!





































To Hit:








Appraise (Int)

Balance (Dex)

Bluff (Cha)

Climb (Str)

Concentration (Con)

Decipher Script* (Int)

Diplomacy (Cha)

Disable Device* (Int)

Disguise (Cha)

Escape Artist (Dex)

Forgery (Int)

Gather Information (Cha)

Handle Animal* (Cha)

Heal (Wis)

Hide (Dex)

Intimidate (Cha)

Jump (Str)

Knowledge (Arcana)* (Int)

Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* (Int)

Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* (Int)

Knowledge (Geography)* (Int)

Knowledge (History)* (Int)

Knowledge (Local)* (Int)

Knowledge (Nature)* (Int)

Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* (Int)

Knowledge (Religion)* (Int)

Knowledge (The Planes)* (Int)

Listen (Wis)

Move Silently (Dex)

Open Lock* (Dex)

Ride (Dex)

Search (Int)

Sense Motive (Wis)

Sleight of Hand* (Dex)

Spellcraft* (Int)

Spot (Wis)

Survival (Wis)

Swim (Str)

Tumble* (Dex)

Use Magic Device* (Cha)

Use Rope (Dex)






Racial Traits:


Class Features:


Spells per Day:

Spells Known:









Posted on 2019-05-21 at 18:02:28.

Karma: 37/4
497 Posts

So far I see two squishies. I’m definitely going to go as beefy as an Irish stew in the heart of Texas. I’ve just been mulling over a few abstracts. I’m leaning towards Half-orc Paladin with a faithful Wardog companion. 

Posted on 2019-05-21 at 19:09:45.

Mun is Fandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6177 Posts

Paladin Wardog = Lawful Good Boy

I whole heartedly approve with my whole heart filled with approval.

Posted on 2019-05-22 at 04:38:36.

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