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Suddenly my social media feeds are all filled with Firefly suggests. It is like the Alliance is listening.

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 07:34:07.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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basic character creation

The following is a general guide to creating characters in the Verse. If you are from a free-form background and don’t get this stuff, let me know and we can work it out together based on what person you want to play.

Attributes in Serenity RPG are dice, not stats. You pick a higher dice to represent a better attribute. The steps of dice progression are:

d2  d4  d6  d8  d10  d12  d12+d2  d12+d4 etc.

Any time you want to do something, from fly a ship to shoot a guy, you take attribute + skill die and roll them against a difficulty class.

You have six attributes, three are physical and three are mental


Agility - Your ability to move quickly and physical coordination
Strength - Just how strong is your character.
Vitality - a measure of general health and toughness


Alertness - Intuition and observation. How much you can spot and notice.
Intelligence - Basic smarts. How bright you are and how much you’ve learned
Willpower - Determination and force of will.


Initiative (Who shots/act first in combat) is Agility + Alertness
Life Points (Hit points, how much damage you take) is Vitality + Will Power
Physical combat - strength + skill
Gun combat - agility + skill
Basic Combat Dodge - Agility + alertness

Making the characters;

Everyone starts with 48 points. If you want d12 in strength, it will cost you 12 points. But don’t be dividing up points yet. First there be Assets and Complications.

Assets are bonuses and addons that help your character do things that define them. Kaylee’s ability to talk to engines, Jayne’s ability to take a hit, Wash being able to fly the ship all come out of assets. Assets are major or minor. Every player should have at least one asset, and no more than five. Minor Assets cost 2 points and major assets cost 4.

Complications are those quirks or personality traits that make people human. Jayne getting greedy when the money is good. Or the circumstances that make things difficult like Simon and River being wanted fugitives. Minor complications add 2 to your points and major ones add 4. Everyone should have at least one complication and no more than five. Note, play to your complication in the game will get you plot points as well.

Once you have your assets and complications done, you take the remains points to give to you attributes. Remember that d6 in an attribute is considered average.

The following are the list of assets and complications in general terms. If you want to know them in specifics, let me know. If you can think of something not on here, let me know. If minor or major is listed after a trait, then that is the only level possible for that trait.


Allure - You are damn good looking and you know it. You can play it up, dress it up or just have that look.

Athlete - You excel at one specific athletic specialty (tennis, running, swimming etc)

Born behind the Wheel - You could drive before you could walk. You can drive any type of a specified vehicle (ships, land machines, etc) so well that you can amaze people.

Cortex Spectre - There is no record of you on any alliance data bank. As far as the computers know, you do not exist

Fightin’ Type (major) - You are always ready for a fight and can handle yourself well in a tussle.

Friends in High Places (minor) - You have friends and contacts in the high class social groups.

Friend in Low Places (minor) - you have friends and contacts in the underworld and seedy parts of the verse.

Good Name - You are known and have a good reputation. People respect you for something you did or have done or supposedly did.

Healthy as a Horse - You rarely get sick and shake off injuries faster than most.

Heavy Tolerance (minor) - You can drink most people under the table. Doc has to hit you twice with meds to put you under.

Highly Educated (minor) - You have school training and can refer it from time to time. You can rhyme of facts and figure galore about a whole lot of places and things,

Intimidatin’ Manners (minor) - You have that look that makes people scared of you. Complete strangers call you sir.

Leadership - You have the way about you to bring the best out of people. You inspire, you motivate and the right word of praise for you will make people want to work harder.

Lightning Reflexes (major) - You are a fast draw. Most guys haven-‘t touched their guns by the time you have drawn and shot them.

Math Whiz (minor) - You do math in your head faster than a gorram computer.

Mean Left Hook (minor) - You are deadly in a fist fight. Hands can do lethal damage.

Mechanical Empathy (minor) - Machines talk to you and your hear them. The slightest of sounds from an engine means volumes to you and you are gifted at fixing them.

Military Rank (minor) - You rode a tank or held a general’s rank on one side or the other. Be it winning or losing side, you have served in the military and have military training.

Moneyed Individual* - You are loaded. Your dad is rich, or you wrote the jingle for Fruity-oat bars that everyone sings. Either way, you can get you hands on cash if need be.

Natural Linguist (minor) - You have an ear form languages and pick up different ones easily.

Nature Lover (minor) - You are at home in a forest and in harmony with nature. Trees seem to talk to you and you have a gentle touch with animals.

Nose for Trouble - Every once in a while, you get that feeling as if her is trouble about and sure as shooting, you know that trouble is about somewhere.

Prosthetic Limb/organ (Major) - You lost something in the war or a fight or an accident and had it replaced with a bionic replacement that enhances its ability. An extra strong arm or an eye with infra-red, either way you are better than you were before.

Registered Companion* (minor) - You have completed the Companion training and are legally entitled to the benefits of the guild members.

Religiosity - You are a man or woman of god (Buddha or Christian). Faith guides your actions and movement through the verse.

Sharp Senses (minor) - Pick a sense and yours is better than most.

Steady Calm - Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain clam, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.

Sweet and Cheerful (minor) - You are a happy person and you like to show it. Nothing can bring you down and people just can’t help but like you.

Talented - One skill you are exceptionally good at and perform better than most.

Things go Smooth - Lady Luck likes you and good things tend to happen to you.

Total Recall (major) - You have an amazing ability to recall something you have seen or heard in the past, in great detail.

Tough as Nails - You are much tougher than you look. You can dish it out and you can take it as well.

Trustworthy Gut - You have learned to trust your gut reactions as they are rarely wrong.

Two Fisted (major) -You are ambidextrous.

Walkin’ Timepiece (minor) - You don’t need no watch, you just know the time. Freaky really and your friend use you to set their owen clocks.

Wears a Badge - You are a law man, a sheriff or a member of some law enforcement organization. You are sworn to serve and protect.


Allergy - something sets off your body to a rash or sneezing fits.

Amorous (minor) - Sex might not be the only thing one your mind, but it is in the top 3.

Amputee (minor) - You lost a limb and never got a fancy replacement

Bleeder (major) -You suffer a blood condition that makes you bleed and not clot well.

Blind (major) - Since birth or after some accident, you are completely blind. May need a guide animal of some sort.

Branded - You are a bad bad apple and you are rotten to the core. Everyone knows you and everyone knows what you are capable of.

Chip on Shoulder - Anger management? Screw that! You lash out at people for the slightest of things.

Credo - You have a personal set of principles that you can not go against no matter what. The sense of honour you have is all that keeps you going and damned if you are going to compromise that.

Combat Paralysis - Guns start to blaze, you stop moving. You need to take a few moments before you can face a fight.

Coward (minor) - You ain’t no hero and believe to leave the fighting for those who are into fighting.

Crude (minor) - You say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the right time and well any time really. Subtle is not your middle name.

Dead broke (minor) - No matter how big your take, you always seem to be broke. Money just burns through your pockets

Deadly Enemy (minor) - Someone doesn’t like you and you are on their list of who to eliminate. Even if you kill this guy, he has a brother, sister and uncles that would like you dead.

Deaf (major) - You can’t hear a thing. Your ability to speak may be effected

Dull Sense (minor) - One sense doesn’t work so well.

Easy mark (major) - You are gullible and believe every hard luck story in the verse.

Ego Signature (minor) - You have a thing for leaving calling cards wherever you go, a little sign that you were here for your fans and enemies. Makes you easier to track.

Filcher (minor) - You steal things out of habit. You tried quitting but you gained so much weight so you try to keep it to a minimum instead.

Forked Tongue (minor) - You like to lie. You get to spinning a tale and the tale takes on a life of its own.

Greedy (minor) - Money can make you do stupid things, like betray your crewmembers.

Hero Worship (minor) - Someone in your life can do no wrong and you won’t hear otherwise.

Hooked - You are addicted to a substance, and require doses of that substance or find your perform will become effected.

Leaky Brainpan - You are crazy. You talk to people who aren’t there, or think you are a flower and people should water you. Whatever the case, you are a nutcase.

Lightweight (minor) - You get drunk really easily. Doc has to show you a needle to make you pass out.

Little Person (minor) - You are a dwarf. 3 to 4 feet tall.

Loyal (minor) - Some group of people know you are loyal to them, and that you’ll do anything they ask of you out of loyalty.

Memorable (minor) - You have something distinctive about you that makes people remember you.

Mute (major) - You can’t speak. You have to use non-verbal communication

Non-Fightin’ Type (minor) - You just don’t believe in violence and will avoid conflict if you can.

Overconfident (minor) – “Hey, I can do that” is your motto in life. You are bold, brave, cocky and full of dare.

Paralyzed (major) - Spinal ord injury has put you in a wheelchair for life.

Phobia (minor) - Something scares you badly. If you come near it, it freezes you up completely.

Portly - You never met a pot roast you didn-t like. You are a hefty person.

Prejudice* - You dislike a certain group of people and react negatively when brought in contact with them.

Scrawny (minor) - You look like you have missed a few meals.

Slow Learner (minor) - You have a mental block on a certain set of skills that keeps you from learning it well.

Soft (minor) - You can’t take pain and crack under the smallest of pressure.

Stingy (minor) - You never feel rich enough. You lock away money, never spend it on things you need.

Straight Shooter - You are generally honest and like to remain that way.

Superstitious (minor) - You believe in the crazy mumbo-jumbo that affects your everyday life.

Things Don’t Go Smooth - Lady Luck hate you. Things never work out in the end for you without a series of complications.

Traumatic Flashes - You have flashbacks and horrible dreams of things done to you in the past. It can freeze you up at the worst times.

Twitchy (minor) - You aren’t paranoid - you know there are people out to get you. Trust no one is your motto.

Ugly as Sin - Whether by scar or by birth, you are one ugly critter.

Weak Stomach - Sign of blood makes you weak. A Dead body will drop you faster though. You can’t handle all but the dullest of foods.

With skills you start with 75 points. You begin with the General Skills listed below which you can only take to a max of d6. After that you may go higher in specializations within the skill sets. So for example you might have a d6 in Animal Handling, so you add 2 more to the specialty of horse training to d8. You can go as high as you want within a specialty.

Everyone on the ship will have a d2 in pilot and a d2 in driving land vehicles. You do not have to spend points for those unless you want higher skill levels in either.


General - Even if you have never done anything in these skills, you have a chance based on attribute alone in these skills. So a novice can shoot a gun, or come up with obscure knowledge.

With specialization, if there is a category you can think of, but don’t see - bring it up. This is hardly the exhaustive list. Some cross over several skill sets, so don’t specialize twice.

Animal Handling - You like animals, or you know how to talk to them.

-Specializations: Training, riding, zoology, veterinary, specific animal

Artistry - you have some artistic talents

-Specializations: Appraisal, cooking, forgery, game design, painting, photography, poetry, sculpting, writing.

Athletics - You are good at moving and using athletic skills

- Specializations: Climbing, contortion, dodge, juggling, jumping, running, swimming, any sport

Covert - The subtle arts of the sneaky sneak.

- Specialization: Camouflage, disable devices, forgery, infiltration, disguise, hide in shadows, streetwise, open locks

Craft - You can create things out of other things.

- Specialization: Architecture, blacksmithing, gun repair, leatherworking, cooking, pottery, origami, metalworking

Discipline - You have had some sort of training, usually military.

- Specialization: Concentration, interrogation, intimidation, leadership, mental resistance, morale

Guns - Anyone dip can squeeze a trigger - this is about aiming and knowing how to hold the gun

- Specialization: Assault rifles, energy throwers, grenade launchers, machine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns

Heavy Weapons - The big guns that are used to take a ship out of the sky.

- Specialization: Artillery, catapults, demolitions, forward observer, mounted guns, rocket launchers, cannons

Influence - Sometimes words are better than guns and glances.

- Specialization: Administration, barter, bureaucracy, conversation, counseling, marketing, seduction, streetwise

Knowledge - Knowing stuff and more stuff.

- Specialization: Culture, selling goods, appraisal, philosophy, earth that was, sports, religion, local customs

Melee Combat Weapons - Weapons held in the hand that don’t shot nuthin’

- Specialization: Clubs, numchaku, swords, knives, dagger

Perception - Picking up on the subtle clues in your surrounding

- Specialization: Deduction, empathy, gambling, hearing, intuition, reading lips, search, sight, smell, taste, tracking

Performance- You got a song in the heart or a desire to act out.

- Specialization: Acting, dancing, costuming, keyboard, guitar, wind instruments, singing

Planetary Vehicles - You have the ability to drive, steer and operate land based vehicles

- Specialization: cars, canoes, sailboats, hovercraft, ground vehicle repair, military combat vehicles, submarines, yachts

Ranged Weapons- Any weapon thrown or shot that isn’t a gun

- Specializations: Blowguns, Bows, crossbows, darts, grenades, javelins, knives, slings

Survival -Buck naked on a rock - things ain’t so bad.

- Specialization - water, land, desert, nature, space survival, specific environment, making fire, hunting

Unarmed Combat - You fight with fist and feet

- Specialization: Boxing, brawling, judo, karate, kung fu, wrestling, street fighting

Skilled Only - you must have points here to try these at home.

Linguist - You know languages well

- Specialization - Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc

Mechanical Engineering - You know machines and how to fix them

- Specialization: Invention, machinery maintenance, mechanical repairs, plumbing, security systems, identify problems, rewire and reroute electrical.

Medical Expertise - You have studied medicine either in school or on a battlefield

- Specialization: Dentistry, forensics, general practice, genetics, neurology, pharmaceuticals, surgery, toxicology, prosthetics

Pilot- If it flies, you can drive

- Specialization: Navigation, astrogation, astrophysics, gunships, transports, helicopters, patrol vessels, ultra light, covert stealth ship

Scientific Expertise - Plenty of schooling or self taught, you the nerd, man!

- Specializations: Earth Science, Terra-forming, Historical sciences, life sciences, mathematical theory

Technical Engineering - If it has a computer, you can work with it.

- Specialization: Communications, computer programming, hacking, security devices, technical repair, create/alter technical devices


There is a lot of stuff out there on the web for fancy guns and additional stuff. I find that detracts from the games, so equipment from the books only and that includes weapons. If you want a signature weapon or device, talk to me. I have pdf of all the books so I can put them into a dropbox for you if you need them. (Theya re out of print)


Posted on 2019-06-14 at 08:32:01.

The Tired
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Roger could I combine Fenris and JC?
Yes, you may build a new character as you see fit. Please note the character creation rules.

Hey can't have a Firefly game without a stalker.... Wait do Reavers count?
Reavers always count

Could always use the power of flirting to get the reavers to eat ya both instead of me lol. Bet Alacrity is regretting allowing me to join this game now?
No, not at all. Flirting, relationships, open sexuality, gender fluidity are all part of the Verse. I have no problem with flirting characters, there is a complication and asset for that.

That's only if he gets enough players to get us started.. might not even get all 6 players together
6 is the limit. I will go with 4-6 players. I have an NPC I wouldn’t mind throwing in.

When these games ran last I hadn't actually seen the source material. Since then I've fallen in love with the world and characters. An rpg set in that 'verse might be fun, if you don't mind takin' another chance on me, Alacrity.
You are welcome Chessicfayth, as long as you can stay with the game and not evaporate.

So I am seeing a Doctor/Gunfighter, a mechanic with cyberarm, a first officer face man. What else do people have in mind?

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 09:35:16.
Edited on 2019-06-14 at 09:35:59 by Alacrity

The Tired
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the Verse Summary


Earth, has long since faded into legend and its relics are now priceless. Depleted resources, overpopulation, and a compromised ecosystem forced the population to abandon "Earth-That-Was". Instead of erupting into all out war, humanity united in finding a new home. Scientists had found a star system with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons, almost all of which had enough mass and solidity to be templates for new earths. Through giant atmosphere processing plants, terraforming technologies, gravity regulation and the introduction of every known form of Earth life, each could become habitable for a human population. As a result every person willing and able to leave the Earth migrated to the new system in a great exodus.

They set out in enormous ships they referred to as "arks." Without "faster-than-light" capability, the journey to a new home was long and taxing. One full generation was born, lived, and died without ever leaving these space ships. The initial excitement of the voyage quickly faded into the monotony of keeping the ships moving, keeping the life-support systems intact, and perfecting the technologies that would give future generations good lives on new worlds. Although some expected to encounter extraterrestrial life, the only signals on the scanner were the natural static found in space. So far as people know, mankind is alone in the universe.

With so many different people of all nationalities and races inside the space ships, the old ethnic and political barriers began to blur. People learned the native languages of their fellow ship dwellers. Subsequent generations would come to speak fluently the two dominant languages, English and Mandarin, and phrases from other cultures.

During the exodus, some people lost hope along the way in accidents and malfunctions. If an ark lost life support, thousands died. The arks became their coffins, forever drifting in space. But for every person that lost hope, hundreds were there to keep it alive. Each day brought humanity closer to their new home and eventually...there it was.

The Age of the Terraformers

These new worlds were ready for habitation (despite the odd quirk of nature or miscalculation on a few) and civilization began to rebuild. Even after continued refinement, the process of terraforming a moon or a planet takes decades. Terraforming requires atmospheric processing plants, the regulation of gravity, environmental adaptation and the introduction of creatures great and small brought from Earth - everything from algae and bacteria to insects, birds, and mammals. The power to make such changes is still not without its limits. While most all terraformed worlds are suitable for human life, each has its own quirks.

The work of terraforming had started on the two largest, most central planets, Sihnon and Londinium. On Earth-That-Was, the two ruling powers were the United States and the People's Republic of China. Though these nations remained separate, the two powers worked together throughout the colonization process and as so many had, their cultures melding at many levels. Londinium, named after the Roman name for England's capital (a country long before annexed by the US in a somewhat ironic reversal), represented what was once the United States. Sihnon ('SEE-non,' a bastardization of Sino, the English word for 'Chinese') was the new China. These two powers, still working in harmony, grew at once into the most populous and advanced societies in the new civilization. They became the center of culture and business throughout the system. The governments of these two planets took an enlightened view of civilization. They worked to maintain order, but also encouraged diversity of language, ethnicity, religion, and expression of thought.

These were enlightened cultures, with respect for all non-aggressive religious beliefs (though the main religion on both was Buddhism, usually of the Mahayana tradition). Literacy levels were at 94%. Average lifespan was 120 years. Public Service was not law - it was simply an ingrained part of the people's ethos. Certain social mores had evolved beyond our modern conceptions. As, for example, sex. Prostitution as we understand it had long since been abolished by the legalization and strict federal regulation of the sex trade. Throughout the central planets, Companion houses were set up. Rules were made so that no man could ever run a house and no Companion could ever be coerced into accepting a client. Companions were extremely well schooled and trained in all the arts. They lived not unlike Nuns, worked not unlike Geishas, and often rose to political or social prominence when they retired.

All of this is how life on the central planets was. Among them Sihnon, Londinium, and Osiris. On the outer planets, things were a somewhat different.

Even though there were enough worlds to go around, there were not enough resources and people didn't slow down procreating. Despite all the best efforts and intentions of the original colonists, the problems of the common man did not go away with the formation of new worlds. People are restless, always looking to find greener pastures somewhere else. The outer planets, the worlds and moons that hadn't been chosen to house the new civilization - they were the destination for the poorer, more extreme. These pioneers left the crowded cities and traveled out to the most newly terraformed worlds, hoping to build a better life for themselves. They traveled out to the nearest planet someone hadn't claimed yet and started literally turning their space ships into houses; building off whatever the land had been shaped to provide them with. Some of these people were brought near to savagery by the conditions they encountered and some were just hard-working, independent people who didn't want their lives mapped out for them before they'd lived them. Some were orthodox in their religious beliefs to the point where they were not comfortable among other faiths, and wanted whole worlds where they would not be slowly homogenized into a different society. And some were people on the run from the law.

The Alliance

There were troubles, such as famines and even wars. As mankind spread out, he brought with him his usual miseries: greed, corruption, crime. Things were definitely more peaceful among the Central Planets, but that peace was bought at a price. Nothing resembling totalitarianism, but still a certain regulation of existence that would not sit well with many others. And even among these planets, conflicts over resources, trade, and political influence strained the civil relations of sister nations. A movement began in the oldest, most stable planets to form a unified parliamentary system of government that would work to regulate such matters and keep the peace. The popular idea was quickly ratified and in an effort to unite and quell this conflict, the Central Planets formed the Union of Allied Planets, a governing structure that unified them all under one governing body, the Parliament. The few members represented each planet, and worked in genuine harmony to fulfill each planet's various needs, economically and politically.

The Alliance was started out of an idealistic belief that a strong central government that controlled every aspect of a person's life, from cradle to grave, could provide that person a better, safer, and more secure life. Although some people in the Alliance truly believed this and they dedicated their lives to bringing this about, others merely saw this as a chance to grab power for themselves.

The Parliament formed a Military Council that acted quickly to quell any unrest among the Core planets and their neighbors. Maintaining order meant keeping tight control over the populace, and that led to the creation of many secret programs. Their hope was to make people obedient, complacent, compliant, and outright "better" by the government's definition.

The Parliament ruled over people with fairness and intelligence, but also with a strong military and a wary eye toward any insurrection. The Military Council worked under the Parliament to deliver swift, effective control of any real unrest among them or their neighbors. And even beyond the knowledge of the Military Council were other bodies, secret bodies involved such things as human experimentation, espionage, assassinations and secret schemes up to the highest level, to get people to behave and improve.

The Alliance feared the Core worlds were going to be corrupted by those who lived on the Border and Rim worlds. These worlds were self-governing, outside the limits of Alliance control. Each world had its own set of laws and rules that suited its own particular needs. People living on these frontier planets had been forced to be self-reliant in order to survive, and they had come to be free-thinkers who saw no need for a lot of government intervention. The Alliance considered such independence a threat to civilization. They also considered that a lot of valuable resources and real estate were outside their control. Partially out of a desire to see life improved there (and it was often unnecessarily barbaric), to bring all the planets into the fold of enlightenment, and partially out of a simple imperialistic wish for control and need for resources off-limits to them, the Parliament - and the Allied planets as a whole - decided that every planet should become part of their program. Every planet, they decided, should be an Alliance planet, whether it wanted to or not.

Believing that everyone would want to live on a safe and civilized world where people are cared for, idealists on the Core planets thought this was a great idea. The movement for Unification spread like wildfire through dry brush. The leaders on the Core thought they had only to open their arms in a wide embrace and those on the Rim would be eager to join the Alliance. Instead, they went to war against the Alliance.

Unification War

The War for Unification was the most devastating war in human history. Outer planets, including Shadow, Persephone, and Hera, mustered forces and formed an alliance of their own - the Independent Faction (known as "Browncoats," because of the brown dusters their soldiers wore). The Parliament of the Alliance instituted a draft to build its forces while more than half of the Independent forces were composed of volunteers - to stop what they felt to be nothing more than imperialist hegemony. The Alliance (known as the "Purple Bellies" for their style of dress) had the manpower, the ships, technology, and the weapons to overcome almost any foe. But they never expected the kind of resistance the other planets could provide. They did not expect so many men and women to still consider freedom worth dying for.

The war raged for just over five years, taking place on land, sea, and in the dark of space. The war tore into the planets between the central ones and the rim worlds (fighting never reached Sihnon and Londinium, except in the odd protest or terrorist act). The largest space battle in terms of scale and human cost was the Battle of Sturges, one in which countless ships were destroyed, creating a massive graveyard preserved in the vacuum of space. The largest land battle, the one that brought about the end of the war, was fought on the planet Hera in Serenity Valley. This battle raged on for seven weeks before the Independent High Command surrendered. Even then, some of the Browncoats continued to fight on for two weeks after that. Those soldiers who continued to fight even after being ordered to lay down arms were captured and held in camps for a short time. Ultimately, the Alliance released the soldiers and officers as a peaceful gesture to those outer planets now under its rule. The stain of criminality never left those few thousand - but in some quieter circles, the legend of their tenacity made them heroes.

Since the battles were mostly fought on the Border and the Rim, the Core planets escaped unscathed. To this day, many outer planets still remained damaged. Shadow was effectively destroyed, and it remained uninhabitable seven years later. Major cities on Athens were bombed. Several key land battles were fought on Persephone. Moons that had no strategic value, such as Whitefall, Beaumonde, and Jiangyin, were untouched, but they still suffered as a result of the disruption of trade. Supplies had been hard to get as it was, and the war made it harder. Almost every person living on those planets saw their homes leveled, their businesses fall into ruin, their loved ones killed or maimed - all in the name of making their lives better.

The Here and Now

At least on the surface, life has returned to normal. In truth, no one has forgotten and few have forgiven. The Alliance now has jurisdiction over every inhabited planet in the system. The Alliance does not fully control everything within its far flung territory. In reality, the Alliance only has full control over the Core planets. On these worlds, the eyes of the Alliance are everywhere. Federal police can be called at a moment's notice, and cameras record every citizen's every move. The Core worlds have the best comforts that money can buy. However, every citizen pays for such security and comfort at the expense of much of their freedom.

The outer planets were meant to be kept under the same level of strict control, but the Alliance is short on manpower and ships. They just don't have enough people to keep a proper eye on things. They hire security firms to help enforce their laws and maintain order. And they send their hulking patrol ships out to remind everyone who is in charge.

Still, the cracks in the system are large enough for folk to fly a Firefly-class ship through. Slavery for example, although outlawed by the Alliance government, exists as something of an open secret among terraforming companies, mine owners and the wealthy on the Rim. Every so often, the Alliance will bust one of these owners and free the slaves because it looks good in the media from a public relations point of view, but then it's back to business as usual. It is the same with indentured servants. Indentured servitude is also not legal, but most people on the Border planets accept it as a way of life. If a person is desperate for the money and they have nothing to offer up as collateral except themselves, then that is what they will do.

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 09:40:58.

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Jonah "Pops" Hicks...............

Ok, I am thinking of playing a more age appropreate character.  This could be a first officer type but a grumpy one.

Pops is in his late 50s to early 60s. Likely a retired Alliance Officer, been retire 10 years before the war running his own business suttling people. He somehow got his hands on one of first Knorr class transport prototypes which he flew through the end of the war.

Pops has varied background. He can fly, cook, open locks, fix computer, hack programs and other unexpected skills. He says he was too old to be a Browncoat, but he seems to have been in a lot of places when someone was needed on the QT.

It's a start....thinking deeper into him.


I'm not locked in to this was just to show an older person. I think Roger used this in another episode so I my find something else. I want him to be "forgettable", someone that seemed to blend into the crowd or someone you want to forget. Could be "ugly as sin". He acts like he doesn't like being called "Pops", but it works to keep him anonymous.

He may seem as if he's had special Alliance training, could be a retired Alliance officer, but there seems to be no records. He may have had a suttle service before the war. During the war he still was a "taxi" for thoses that needed to be places. Folks wondered how he seemed to be ignored by the Alliance, but then he was just a "taxi".

Ok still working on idea to help me work on ideas.

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 13:36:14.
Edited on 2019-06-18 at 19:11:19 by Odyson

Bromern Sal
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I'm in again with Wyatt aboard the Roc. Just let me know what I need to do, Roger. I'm here to assist.

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 17:07:01.

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Man thats sooo tempting

But no, no Fenris with a cyberarm would just change his background too much.......

As for that now that Brom's back as Wyatt I had a how we all got together thought. Wyatt, Fenris friends during the war Wyatt captain Fenris his senior NCO or XO powerful bond between them. Fenris captured middle of war spends last years of it in max prison. Big as s*** to begin with starts weight lifting gets even bigger starts fighting in brawling/boxing matches to get better stuff. Noticed by guards, taken to various other prisons to fight for them now becomes well know in both the underworld and Alliance. Gets out receives a letter from Wyatt, invitation to join crew and money to travel to where ever he is at. Reason for invite after war Wyatt found a Destiny class gunboat, or some such other boat with guns this time, Reavers are coming but has no crew to fly her so he has sent out invites to all of us as he knows us all personally however we don't know each other as well yet. Should allow for good roleplay between characters.

Ok this is just from the top of my head and is not meant to annoy or contradict your game start idea Roger.

As for Fenris here is his scaled back Assts/Complacations His toned down skills........

Branded: (Minor +2)-
Loyal: (Minor +2)-
Straight Shooter: (Minor +2)-
Memorable: (Minor +2)-
Well Known: (Minor +2)

Mechanical Empathy: (Minor -2)
Mean Left Hook: (Minor -2)
Talented: (Minor -2)
Tough as Nails: (Minor -2)
TOTAL TO ATRIBUTES: 2 (Added to Alertness raising it from d6 to d8 )

Agility: d8
Strength: d12
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d8
Life Points: 16
Initiative: d6+d8

Athletics d6
*Weight-Lifting d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
*Create Replacement Parts d10
*Maintenance d10
*Repair d12
*Rewire and Reroute Electrical d12
Planetary Vehicles d6
*Ground Vehicle Repair d8
Guns d6
*Repair d8
*Pistol d12+d2
Melee Weapon Combat d6
Unarmed Combat d6
*Brawling d12

Rest of character remains the same in all other respects. Hope I got everything correct.

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 18:37:29.
Edited on 2019-06-14 at 18:51:54 by TannTalas

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I know I know Roger

I have an NPC I wouldn’t mind throwing in.

Patricia (Trish) Wilmont perhaps Roger? 

Posted on 2019-06-14 at 18:41:47.

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Made small boo boo

Ok I was already at 50 points for Attributes so the extra 2 I thought I had actually covered that so Alertness is back to d6. I'll add explainations to Complcations and Assets to help flush him out. Also Roger I have a new character pic that I'll email you.

Also two questions: What was the name of the prison I was sent to I can't remember.

2nd would Fenris have won the boxing match against Bart on Necessiity?  

Posted on 2019-06-15 at 10:04:20.
Edited on 2019-06-15 at 13:01:02 by TannTalas

The Tired
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Tann - Perdition was the prison we established for Fenris. As to the fight, I have no Idea, it was evenly matched and Patiences had a way to cheat, so it would have depended on you spotting it and overcoming it. Maybe I will try to work it back into the game for you.


Okay, I am back from a long weekend vacation with family. Will look through the thread and get the ball rolling. But I need to know:

What Ship ar we using?

Rocinante -  A firefly class so same as the show. Well loved, dependable

Destiny - A sleek black one of a kind vessel. Fast ship but very memorable and you have no idea where it was made of by who. Could be some history that will hunt you.


Please vote here I would like to hear from all who are interested in playing (Bro, Ody, Tann, Silent, Nomad, Chessic)


Bromern will play Wyatt as Captain
Ody will Play Pops as First officer and Contact person (?)
Tann will play Fenris as Mechanic
Silentone as a Doctor/Gunfighter
Nomad - ?
Chessic -?

Need a pilot, a tech person or a generalist. Always good to have more than one person to fly the ship and work repairs,



Posted on 2019-06-17 at 07:32:33.

The Tired
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by the way

Posted on 2019-06-17 at 07:37:19.

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My character is in the works. My laptop died with her background on it so i have to rewrite it today sometime on my husbands. Should be ready soon. 

Posted on 2019-06-17 at 08:00:28.

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Guns ....

I let a player named Blamm talk me into using a subset of rules that allowed an arsenal of guns into the game. I regretted it ever since and let it go because it was important to a couple of players. But I found I was researching more and more on guns, looking up stats on weapons more and more and it completely detracted from the game.

So the fancy guns are off the table this time around.  You may use what is in the book, with some exceptions. Unless you want a signature weapon (1 weapon, not 5) as an asset, in which case talk to me. I also will not allow anyone to carry a gauss weapon or a laser weapon.  If you want to call your pistol a Colt, a Peacemaker, Betsy or Seka - that is fine but it will have the same pistol stats as all other weapons.

Another note: Carrying automatic weapons, grenade or other weapons of mass killing is strictly prohibited on most planets except the Rim, and even then it usually with a caveat or a need (reaver territory). So wandering around with assault rifles can and will get you arrested and the adventure will change to a prison break.

The list of weapons are:

Light Pistol


Heavy Pistol


Assault Rifle

Sonic Rifle

Shotgun (Pump or Auto)

Submachine gun


Neo-tech is allowed if you can afford them or can give me a compelling reason

Posted on 2019-06-17 at 10:17:32.
Edited on 2019-06-17 at 10:18:42 by Alacrity

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~sigh~ :)

Now I may have to redo my character as the weapons you just prohibted are possibly on my sheet. I followed the rules I dropped the Beretta's, I dropped the Desert Eagle and took only weapons from the book as you asked. Question then are these 2 weapons ok.
MARAKOV AMG 50 its an assault rifle listed as a heavy machine gun and the COMMANDO CM 30 Light Duty Sniper Rifle with a rate of fire of 1 shot per combat turn.



Went to repost this and you beat me to it with your reply Roger


Posted on 2019-06-17 at 10:46:24.
Edited on 2019-06-17 at 10:47:38 by TannTalas

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weird screen glitch

So you have an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, both are in the book.  Call them what you want, they will use the same stats.

Posted on 2019-06-17 at 10:47:39.


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