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Parent thread: Minds Eye - A Morbid Wonderland
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Minds Eye - A Morbid Wonderland

OOC: I was unsure where to post this new thread... its not set in the medieval times that this category is used to... but the scenario it will project the players into is totally warped and deranged... think Alice in Wonderland (AKA through the looking glass) but all characters and scenario have been morbidly twisted. (if anyone has played American McGee's Alice on PC you will get an idea of what it is I´m talking about). The timeset is after Alice comes back from her "dream" (her adventure in wonderland), there is a fire at her house and both her parents are killed while she is the sole surviver. The origin of the fire is a total mystery. She is then internated in a mental assylum after a failed attempt to commit suicide.

The role which i will play will be of Alice's Phsychiatrist (Yeah, my english isn´t so great sorry about that, or is that how you spell it?) who tries to figure out the reasons as to why she became mentally unstable. He does this by sessions of hyptnotic therapy, little does he know that the immaginary twisted world the child describes in her sessions is no figment of her imagination, and he himself falls in danger when tampering with that fragile mind and gets plunged into the dark abyss of cruel dementia.

Anyone can join in, i just post this first, then an intro at which point i (the phsychiatrist) will be placed in wonderland. At that point anybody can join in, as a wonderland creature, or as another boy/girl, since this is a place of imagination I leave the descriptions entirely up to you... However, here are some tips when designing your wonderland character:

1. Its a desfigured, apocalyptic world, keep that in mind.

2. Try to think of an ordinary animal or person, and proceed to desfigure them by placing yourself in the mind state of a mentally deranged person lol.

3. There will be battles of course, both physical and mental, weapons exist in wonderland as "toys" (remember this is young alice's mind). A simple deck of playing cards can become razor sharp when thrown, A jack in the box may become a fire breathing head when wound and it pops out of its box, or maybe even a doll or teddy bear can spring to life with a morbid state of mind of it's own... this is wonderland, think carefully if you want your character to have opposable thumbs...

4. Your characters may be temporary or permanent, it depends on how you write. You might make a series of characters that pop into the story at given intervals, like the cheshire cat, who doesnt stick around but just comes and goes however he pleases. Or you might make a companion to the main character, one who faces the horrors of insanity right beside him every step of the way.

5. Your character is already an inhabitant of the twisted wonderland, but he may also be another boy/girl that gets there much like the protagonist. Unbeknownst to most, wonderland does not exist only for on person's mind, but for several. If your character however is already an inhabitant (as in already a twisted being lol) remember that not everybody is a loyal subject of the dreaded queen of hearts (btw, if you havnt read the book or played the game, the queen of hearts is the main antagonist), more than one person/being wants the nightmarish worldscape to end, and they believe they can accomplish it by vanquishing the queen of hearts.

6. I love to write, and what i cherish most in characters, are their personalities, which can range from dessperately depresive to disturbingly... happy.

7. I dont want god characters here, no whisking away troubles by a flicker of a wrist or anything. Die if need be.

P.S. If you want to see an example of the cheshire cat (twisted version) check this link...

And here he is with alice

Posted on 2007-07-13 at 23:20:12.
Edited on 2007-07-14 at 02:42:32 by Story

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the prep

6 months and still no improvement. He was starting to lose faith that Alice would ever be freed from her tormentous state of mind. What little lucidity he had picked up from their short conversation sessions, seemed to have waned if not crumbled away entirely. He was positive that Alice did not want to face reality, the reality that both her parents were dead, killed in a fire that she too should have been killed in.

At least, that's what he THOUGHT...

But he would recall a very destinctive session, one where Alice introduced another of her frequently distorted and perversed minded characters. This one she called the Jabberwock. She had total fury in her eyes as she described him (it? maybe?), and yet, he could almost see a tear in her eye... almost. A prelude to the storm, is what she called it, a brief exchanging of words before the big culminating point. She then proceeded to spew out word for word what the jabberwock had said.

"Your family was expecting you to come to them, weren't they? Perhaps they thought you might warn them of the danger... being close to the source as you were. But they waited in vain, didn't they and died for their trouble."

it had told her

at this point in Alice's eyes a plea came out... a small "it was an accident!" look, she never said it, but she meant to say it. It was an accident, we were all asleep, it as an accident.

"You selfish, misbegotten, and unnatural child! You smelled the smoke. But you were in dreamland taking tea with your friends. You couldn't be bothered. Your room was protected and spared while your family upstairs roasted in an inferno of incredible horror!"

At that point he remembered dropping his favourite pen, the one he used in all sessions. It wasn´t that he was a butterfingers... no, he was quite agile actually, it was his hand. For the first time in his life, he had shaken so badly, lost his grip so suddenly, rattled his pulse so violently, that the pen slipped form his hand. Alice had picked it up, and stored it in her left dress pocket.

"They taunt me about the burning,
As if i were to blame,
I clear them from my conscious,
With the eloquence of my blade"

He never saw his pen again.

That was the first and last time she would speak of the Jabberwock, the queen's pet and protector, she had also called it. This conversation should not have rattled him so, being as he had already been introduced to another slew of unnerving characters, like her dear cheshire cat, who would deliver quick teachings in the form of eerie phrases. He never undestood why, but she seemed to light up whenever he asked to her about the cat.

But all taht was past, to think about it would confuse him even further. Damn it. He was one of the best Mental analysers in all the country, yet he found this girl's mental state, too complex for him to handle. He would gain no further insight by talking to her, he needed to go a step further, delve into the patient's mind. Maybe then would he be able to free Alice from that unforgiving assault on her mind the fire accident had caused.

He opened his eyes and arose form his desk, it was starting to get dark already even though he had sat down to his thoughts right after he had his lunch.

"christ, how long was i sitting here thinking."

He glanced over to the drawings that Alice had made of her so called "inhabitants of wonderland" and frowned. He didn´t like the way the cat smiled. He pushed the button on the intercom.

"Nurse Stevens... please prep patient #176 for the hypnotherapy. I'm afraid we will be doing it tonight, a bit sooner than expected."

"Yes Doctor Abbot, she will probably shake off her sedatives in an hour or so anyway..."

"Good, I shall wait here with my thoughts"

He let go of the button and glanced at his nameplate on the desk. Even though they spelled his name wrong, he never changed it, he thought it was a nice ice breaker to use on patients; but when he used the "dont get confused with the plate there, im not a roman, names Norman" line on Alice, she had said. "You confess who you are to those who you think pose no threat to you. You must be ashamed of who you are, or you are not informed of how ignorant and cowardly you can be. The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die."


Yeah, she was a special one. Norman D. Abbot, all knowing mental analyser, had been disarmed for a few minutes of all his usual wit and analysis. And now, he was about to delve into the mind of Alice, perhaps the only patient he ever studied to have rattled his nerves.

Posted on 2007-07-14 at 01:48:22.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

OOC: Sorry if posts are a bit long! I tend to get carried away when i write


*knock* *knock*

That polite knock, that mysterious knock he had heard so many times before and yet, he couldn't get used to.

"Come in Alice, I've been expecting you"

Alice opened the door with graceful elegance and strode over to the seat she was now accustomed to sit in every time she came into the office.

"no no, tonight we will try something different, something... more promissing. please..."

He motioned to the couch.

"lie down and close your eyes."

Once again alice obeyed with amazing grace, it was disturbing. She moved with such elegance, but her face seemed trapped in a glare that represented blankness and hatred at the same time. She positioned herself on the couch, closed her eyes and waited for whatever half baked exercise she expected from the good doctor. Norman stood behind her head, he was very nervous, he was about to find out what went inside Alice's mind, and maybe, just maybe, he wasn´t supposed to. He placed his palms on top of her forehead, only then he noticed that his nerves and anxiety got the best of him, he had sweaty palms. And Alice noticed.

"Those who say there's nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves never had *real* tea. It's like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart!"

Norm said nothing, he simply exhaled and began the the treatment. He cleared his mind and began to focus on hers.

"Alice I want you to focus hard on your wonderland, focus long and hard. And describe it to me, but don´t speak..."

What seemed like an illogical if not impossible command seemed very reazonable to Alice. She focused, and leaked her memmories onto the good doctor.

Norman blacked out.

"Little boy you are late, very late indeed..."

Little boy? Norman looked at where the voice came from, but he did not believe his eyes. A Rabbit, elegantly dressed in black smoking suit, complete with a top hat and a big clock wound around his neck.

"Well? you are coming aren´t you? I can't wait for you any longer! I'll be late late late!"

The answer escaped him without him knowing

"okay lets go"

it was weird, his voice felt, HEARD lighter. Very light. Come to think of it, he felt like his regularly paining knee was now painless and calm. He raised his hands and was shocked with fear. Little Norman Abbot, ten years old, began to walk behind the rabbit without even noticing. They arrived at a small cave, Norman was about to enter when the rabbit stopped him.

"You brought a toy right? you brought SOMETHING to take with you right?"

He reached for his pocket and produced his rubber ball and some jacks (OOC: thats how theyre called right? the game where you bounce the ball and get the little spikes before it bounces again). He remembered them, these were the jacks he hid from his younger sister, she kept stealing them all the time when he was ten! He became angry and then remmebered.


"My sister died at the age of 42, breast cancer..."

Why did he know that? he thought, he was only ten years old, how could he possibly...

"HURRY UP! If you knew time as well as I did, you wouldn't *dream* of wasting it!"

The rabbit jumped into the cave. Norman followed.
As he crawled in he suddenly lost his footing, it was too sudden, as if the ground beneath him had vanished all of a sudden and now he faced cold, unforgiving darkness in the plunge into the unknown. The air that burst through his face during the fall grew hotter and hotter, and he seemed to be slowing down, and the lower he went the more he noticed a lit up ground darting at him.


He landed very neatly yet abruplty at the top of a cushion. No, he realized, not a cushion, a giant Mushroom. He slid off and noticed that the rabbit was gone. Probably hopped off to that important appointment of his. So little Norm Abbot was now alone, in a place he didn´t know and carrying his precious jacks. He looked around and saw a few houses all lit up, it seemed to be night here, but he hadn't noticed it before. He walked into the middle of what appeared to be a village square and sat on a dried fountain's lap. He began to cry.

Posted on 2007-07-14 at 02:28:08.

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Okay, now whoever wants in, go in. Describe your character in a post also, what he looks like, personality, favourite toy...

Remember, in wonderland, animals are people too. So I encourage you all to be creative! A persons mind has no limits other than the very boundaries we set up for ourselves!

Oh, one more thing....


Posted on 2007-07-14 at 02:34:07.

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dressed as a doll

a little back ground story she is about Alice's age she dress in what you would dress a doll in and refuses to ware any thing but these clothes,
Her name sue she carries a doll that she said speak to her she said adult can't hear the because they are bad bad people,
she sent to the asylum after her parents where found dead, she had there blood all over her but knife used to kill them was in her dolls hand she saids that her doll kill them because they where bad people


Posted on 2007-11-15 at 03:56:44.

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sues story

sue sits in the room in chair in far side of room sit rocking
her doll she sings a song to it 'let them die one by one,let me make a pie with there bones,shoot,stab,strangle, let them be baked into a pie' she hold her doll to her ear then saids 'no sally they won't take you away from me' she hold close as if to comfort a crying child

Posted on 2007-11-15 at 04:03:34.

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