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11 Posts

first story: Syfile

OOC: first story so please bare with me.

A rough time in Syfile, a former land of peace. A new government has come around, the hunters have come out of hiding and are out to hunt nekos (1/2 cat, 1/2 human), elves(surely you know) and Draglets(1/3 human, 1/3 dragon, 1/3 elf).
The Governmental leader, Whit Shank, has just obtained his position and is abusing it to wipe out any half-humans.
Under his command are 3 groups: Hunters, Spies and law enforcers.

against new government:
Name: Churhry Kuhji
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Weaponry: claws and teeth in neko form.
Position: on the run
Power: can change into a neko (cat-like) and has almost perfect eyesight
Appearance: long black hair with odd purple highlights, 5'8" tall and average build, silver eyes and always wears black.
History: killed his parents in self defense when they found out his powers, is on the run from neko hunters, his mother and father were human and despised any kind of "supernatural powers".
Attitude: friendly to strangers, kind to friends and quite selfless, would be willing to put his life in danger for friends, is known to seriously injure or kill enemies, but can take a joke - sometimes.

For new government:
Name: Whit Shank
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Weaponry: giant axe
Position: government leader, Syranth Castle
Power: N/A
Appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes, crooked nose, followed by 8 law enforcers.
History: Unknown
Attitide: Rude, selfish, arrogant.

Name: Hunters
Age: 18-35(so far)
Gender: Males
Weaponry: crossbows, swords, daggers, traps
Position: groups of 4, around the country
Power: keen eyesight, good accuracy, small sword skills, survival skills.
Appearance: stealth rags
History: N/A
Attitude: mainly arrogant

Name: Spies
Age: 16-46(so far)
Gender: Males and Females
Weaponry: Daggers
Position: spying around
Power: excellent stealth
History: stealth training
Appearance: unknown

Name: Law enforcers
Age: 24-53
Gender: Males
Weaponry: crossbows, pikes, sword and shield
Position: towns
Power: adaptable weapon skills
History: training
Appearance: pikemen wear blue, sword and shield warriors wear red, crossbowmen wear green.

Posted on 2007-07-30 at 00:14:44.

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6 Posts

New char

Against new government:
Name: Akoria Baklaw
Race: Draglet
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Weaponry: Longsword and daggers

Position: Captured by the government
Power: Can create massive amount of heat from skin and has a very keen sense of smell

Appearance: Short brown wavy hair. Light green scales on face and hands, long pointed ears. Medium height and build, Bright green eyes and wearing long black coat.

History: Parents were killed by the government and she was captured. Instead of killing her they took her into custody to use as her as a weapon against non-humans, her keen sense of smell and powers making her quite the hunter.

Attitude: Usually Shy and quiet but friendly and loyal with those she knows. Tends to prefer avoiding confrentations unless backed into a corner.

OOC: Is that okay? It's been ages since i've done an RPG

Posted on 2007-07-31 at 09:00:27.

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11 Posts


yeh, that's good
i think we need more characters though, so may need to leave it a little while to try and get more people.
btw, i dont forum RP often, so i'm not that used to it.
i hope we can get someone who knows more about it in aswel, because i'm used to text RP not forum

Posted on 2007-08-07 at 01:16:35.

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20 Posts

I'm game.

Against new Governement
Name: Karn Gorgoreth
Age: 29
Race: Human
Description: Has brown hair and eyes, usually has a face grizzled with a five o' clock shadow. Wields a longsword and a shortsword, also carrying throwing knives. His family was murdered after his own brother leaked information of hiding elves, Draglets, and Nekos in their cellar. Worked in government military to avoid being murdered, then abandoned when they asked him to murder a child elf girl, and has been on the run ever since.

Attitude: Changes to fit the situation, quiet when he needs to be, loud when he needs to be. Very outgoing, loves a good pint of ale. Fighting seems to help him forget his past, so he does it with vigor.

Just tell me if you need any more information.

Posted on 2007-08-11 at 04:55:30.
Edited on 2007-08-11 at 05:17:07 by Karn

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8 Posts

Can I join?

With new government

Greta Hireground
Brown knowing eyes. Long red hair. Sharp pointed nose. A scar across her left cheek in the shape of a cat scratch. Stand straight backed. Moves with almost a feline grace. Wears a crossbow, a longsword, and three daggers. One dagger on her hip, one in her boot and one in her right forearm sleeve. Wears tight red leather clothes for the practicality of moving through shrubbery.

Greta was raised in a militant family. A family that was slaughtered by the foul rebels. She displays proudly the scar that her first kill gave her. She lost her family when she was eight. She also got her first kill when she was eight. The years after that fateful night watched Greta rise through the ranks of Whit Shank's forces, until she currently is able to command all but Whit's generals. She has a reputation for being cruel and ruthless having killed around fifty nekos and several other rebels.

Posted on 2007-09-04 at 02:31:38.

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OOC: Question

Although this seems like very cool concept. Almost mimicing the holacost and world war II. (A blant assumption on my part but I 'calls it as I sees it' in a manner of speaking) I am a little baffled at Churhry Kuhji character. Wouldn't he be weary of strangers seeing as he is on the run from the new Government? And with that in mind can I have more information on the government if you have any.
One: What is their political standpoint and how are they gathering followers? Was there another war that has left the country in destitute and the dictator swooped in finding a scap goat in the halfling (or thirdlings (: ) race?
Two: What is thier basis for going after the mixed group? Is it just magic creatures in general?
Three: What makes a Neko character Neko? Wouldn't one of his parents have this ability?
Four: You say that there is a government but is there also a revolution brewing?
Five: Why are all the Hunters male? Is this new Government also sexist?

I apologize for my interigation. I am very interested in the story I would just like to know more about it.

Posted on 2007-09-07 at 09:02:31.

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11 Posts

OOC answers

some good questions there, and i will try to answer them:
Churhy's neko ability can sometimes sense when there is a threat.
his mother's mother was the same as him but she hid it from her entire family, she had died before he was born so he does have thoughts that he was adopted before his parents knew about him.
What is their political standpoint and how are they gathering followers? Whit is the highest point of authority and they gather followers from lying about the (as you put it) halflings and thirdlings by saying they have raided the small villages and slaughtered innocent humans.
Was there another war that has left the country in destitute and the dictator swooped in finding a scap goat in the halfling (or thirdlings (: ) race? No, Whit's great granfather was a great politician and Whit's grandfather and father had'nt been intereasted in politics at all but Whit was and was attacked at a young age by a female neko, the reason was unknown, but he had this assumption that only humans could treat humans properly and only humans should be treated properly, any half breeds were to be killed according to him, and when he had gained power, he made it the law.
What is thier basis for going after the mixed group? Whit is ashamed of being attacked at a young age and so makes up the reason "they are not of this world, they are trying to wipe out the human race"
Is it just magic creatures in general? No, only those who have multiple species in their blood.
What makes a Neko character Neko? being part human, part cat, the more human you are, the less neko characteristics you have, it is rare to be able to fully transform like Churhry can, but he is still classed as part neko.
Wouldn't one of his parents have this ability? His mother's mother was the same as him but she hid it from her entire family, she had died before he was born so he does have thoughts that he was adopted before his parents knew about him.
You say that there is a government but is there also a revolution brewing? At the moment it is a small revolution, small enough not to be noticed but it expanding could just be up to the players.
Why are all the Hunters male? Is this new Government also sexist? No, it is because most women do not like the hunting and killing, but some do and they have been smart and gone a different path, and now have higher ranks.

Posted on 2007-09-09 at 22:15:05.

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6 Posts


so...are there enough players yet? *keen face* lol just kiddin

Posted on 2007-09-10 at 12:50:35.

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1 Posts

hello =P

Against Government
Name: Kahlani
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Weaponry: Bow and Arrows, Small Daggers, Boot Knives
Position: In a cabin in the middle of the dark forest.
Power: Elemental.
Appearance: waist long dark red hair, green eyes, deep red lips and small pointy ears.
History: When i was young i had gotten abandoned by my parents in a missused mine shaft. Someone found me and reared me until i was 6 years old when they died and i have been living alone in the cabin since.
Attitude: Sometimes clumsy but also intelligent.
takes serious about what she has to do, but just wants to get it done, isn't easily angered but not a good idea to do so.

OOC: It sounds cool when is it gonna start?

Posted on 2007-09-10 at 19:31:19.
Edited on 2007-09-10 at 19:32:41 by kezire27

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11 Posts

When we are starting

we'll give people another week to join or make any updates quickly to their characters and then we start
not to sure whether should create a new thread or carry on in here for the story
please any suggestions would be great

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 00:17:50.

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8 Posts


He it appears it's gonna be me versus the rest of you since I chose to support the government. (makes for a better tragic character) As for starting why waste the space needed to move the thread when we can just go in this thread.

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 03:06:22.

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20 Posts

I'm ready.

I'm ready to get going, and have some fun with it.
Seems like it's gonna pretty damn interesting.

Posted on 2007-09-16 at 01:11:09.

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6 Posts


I'm ready too. Whenever everyone's ready ^__^

Posted on 2007-09-19 at 13:25:42.

Karma: 4/1
20 Posts

Are we going or what?

OOC: I'm getting kinda anxious now.

Posted on 2007-10-17 at 02:24:06.

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11 Posts

sorry for the wait, starting now

Thinking back at my past when I had killed my parents hadn't helped me much, it still didn't give me the strangth to go on, my injury is bad and I had only just killed the hunter, this one was trained better than the ones before, which means one of two things; this was a higher rank, or they had a new general.
Stumbling into a stream, I wash myself, the pain announcing it's presence with every movement, a few claws on my hand had broke, which means I can't change back into my human form until I remove the tips, but I need a dagger or a knife to do that. Stuck in my neko form, alone in a stream, barely being able to move but at least I'm clean and the cool water should sooth my wounds a little bit. Looking around I see a cave, not thinking of whose cave it is could be a mistake but i need shelter, if i'm lucky it's a lonely male bear and I may be able to reason with it for the night, if i'm really lucky it's empty and it won't belong to anyone, finally reaching the cave, I look inside, no smell of a bear, no bear fur around, still dark near the back, someone or something may be inside, I manage to make a friendly mewing sound.

Posted on 2007-10-18 at 10:14:01.

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