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The Shadow of Death

Name: Kenaria Minqann
Race: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lb
Class/Level: Rogue 3
HP: 13/13
AC: 17 (+4 Armour, +3 Dex), Touch 13, FF 14
Stats: STR 12, DEX 16, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 8, CHA 16
Init: +3 Dex

Bluff +9
Diplomacy +9
Escape Artist +9
Hide +9
Intimidate +9
Listem +5
Move Silently +9
Perform (Dance) +9
Spot +5
Tumble +9
Use Magic Device +9

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint

Special: +2d6 Sneak Attack, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +1

Languages: Common, Elven, Abyssal

Masterwork Rapier, +6 (1d6+1)
Composite Shortbow, +5 (1d6+1)
Sap, +5 (1d6+1)
Spiked Gauntlets, +5 (1d4+1)

+1 Studded Leather

Other (carried): Case (paper), Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Backpack, 3 Parchment, Flint & Steel, Signet Ring, Sealing Wax, 3 Inkpens, 2 Ink Vials, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, 2 Trail Rations, Mirror (small steel), Silver Circlet (worth 50gp, although she'd never sell it)

Other (mount and on mount): Light Warhorse, Riding Sadle, Saddlebags, Tent, Bedroll, Hooded Lanturn, 5 Pints of Oil, 6 Trail Rations, Entertainer's Outfit (a dress she wears for dancing), 2 Quivers (20 wooden arrows ea.), Winter Blanket, 2 lb Soap, Waterskin

Wealth: 13gp, 10sp

Appearance/Description: Cracking her knuckles inside of their spiked guantlets, Kenaria Minqann strides up to the army registration office, her dark toned studded leather armour giving her appearance a dark outlook. If her blue-green eyes, elegant silver circlet and soft tan skin were any sign of kindness as read by the officer, this was quickly proven false by her actions. Her rough short-cut brown hair sways just slightly as she glances around the room swiftly, with obvious discontent. Her eyes show her nature, going flat with hostility.

"Hurry up!" She says sharply, her tone altogether serious and threatening, "You know what people come here for, so where's the sign up already?"

The officer stiffens; he was used to some of the rough recruits, but this woman was something else, "I don't like your attitude recruit! Being in the army is not about how rough you are, but requires discipline!"

"Discipline?" Kenaria asks, her tone bordering on the sadistic, "You're talking to me about discipline?" She laughs, "Let me tell you, a lot of the missions I've done as a paid assassin or just general mercenary required more discipline than this war crap!"

The officer suddenly gets a chill, now fully realizing just what he was dealing with. This woman is a mercenary, or at least was from the looks of it, and one that had no qualms about killing at that. This was dangerous, but if she was in the army, on their side, her capabilities might be worth enduring her hostile behaviour.

"Very well then," The officer says in a resigned tone, "Here is the sign-up sheet." He prayed that this wouldn't be an issue that would get his superiors on his case.

Kenaria scowls, and signs swiftly, but neatly, "There you go." She says seriously, "That, my dear officer, is a contract, and I know what I need to do to fulfill it." With that, she exits the room, leaving the officer shivering.

"That woman is crazy." The officer mutters to himself, regaining his composure.

* * *

Kenaria Minqann is an ex-mercenary, often a paid assassin. She comes across with a very strong attitude, and often hostile actions. However, she does know how to deal with negotiations, but prefers intimidation to get her way. In a battle, she is relentless and merciless, killing an opponent as swiftly as she can so she can move onto the next one. Despite her brash behaviour, she does understand when subtlety is needed, again mainly from fulfilling assassinations. However, despite her rough exterior, there does appear at times that she does have kindness, however these times are brief, and many who pursue these instances wind up dead; she trusts no one, and will kill anyone.

Posted on 2008-03-26 at 01:42:46.
Edited on 2008-03-26 at 22:53:14 by Reralae

TRSG 2.0
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more gold

Posted on 2008-03-30 at 12:02:25.

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