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He smiles as the "real" food is handed to him. Chuckling softly to himself, he does eat it.

When Zara drops her fork and dives beneath the table, he raises an eyebrow questionably. Shaking his head softly, he muses on the Barrens, wondering what has changed since he last was there.

Posted on 2007-11-04 at 12:15:12.

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Merrowyn oko Windstrider aka Oko

When Oko felt the tug on his pants he will lean over saying “Let me get that forr you, you must learrn to slow down a bit so that things will not rrrun away from you”

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 00:50:57.
Edited on 2007-11-05 at 00:52:04 by Oko

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"Sorry," she says aloud and then Zara whispers to the big Felani, "Pretend that you are going somewhere else than us. So you go off your way before we each go our ways. Near the center of the market is a big fountain, meet us there. For the rest of this meal do not use Septimus's name either first, nor last,and don't mention the Barrens, or grouping together."

She starts to sit back up and pauses, "Oh, and the Prince has gathered the needed supplies, and they await us at the Livery of the Stone Horse where we will set out from."

Zara sits up and wipes off the fork. "Thanks for the help. So, you need supplies? The marketplace is in the center of town, it would probably be the best place to buy your supplies. Where are you going?"

Typical of Zara, this was said all in one breath.

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 02:41:18.
Edited on 2007-11-05 at 04:45:30 by Dragon Mistress

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Merrowyn oko Windstrider aka Oko

After sitting back up Oko will add
“Thank you, I did not know it was marrket day today. I will head therre beforrre going to the west gate; if I don’t get hirred on as a guard therre then I’ll probably be back herre again for brrreakfast tomorrow. In any event when I pass by your house I will leave worrd that I saw you herrre and also say you arre looking well.” He will then look sideways at Zara and adds “That is IF you say it is OK forr your motherrr to know that? “

Oko is not very comfortable in this type of “cloak and Dagger” type behavior; He is a man of action and is noted for being direct. He does understand the need to keep quite at times and when she asked him to pretend to know them, effectively told him to watch his words carefully. And now not to leave in the same direction from here and meet up at another place in a bit, has him wondering what is going on. What happened to the pirate before he arrived? For why else the restriction on his name only.

And so that is the great Septimus, he looks like a weeks worth of rest with plenty of food will do him some good. Maybe this trip to the Barrens will help him some. IF they return alive that is. Oko will chuckle a bit to himself as he gets up to leave, the sooner he is away from here the better. He does not trust himself to not accidentally let something drop and since he does not know all of the whats and whys he will wait at the Livery of the Stone Horse. AFTER leaving town by the west gate trailing behind a caravan and since it is morning he best get moving to find one leaving, it is a good thing his horse was already Tacked up.

Oko will leave at that point and will meet up with the group at the place mentioned in a hour or so.

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 15:19:03.
Edited on 2007-11-05 at 15:19:57 by Oko

Septimus Sandalwood
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Cloak and Dagger

His gaze flickered over to Zara as she purposely dropped her fork, instinctively noting the tiny movement. It took all his will power not to roll his eyes. The girl was well-meaning, but naive, and naivety could only cause destruction. He had learned as an infant that innocence led only to death.

He glanced around his companions, gauging their weaknesses under the guise of cold indifference. Jason, although smaller then he, was wiry and keen of intellect, Dae, although an attractive female, (a dangerous mixture if there ever was one), could certainly hold her own. He smiled grimly at the memory of her elven comrades, who appeared like smoke, and were gone like apparitions. He had seen the barbed arrows, and knew what damage they could do to flesh. The priest was unnerving, but his moral implications would hinder him, while the hulking Felani was enough to discourage even the most determined and slow-witted creature from attacking their party.

He instinctively did not trust him, although the newest addition to their party seemed good-natured enough. The distrust of the strong had been bred into him for centuries, from his merchant ancestors, the cutthroats of old and the murderous blood that rushed wildly in his veins. Septimus was physically average, and if this creature desired to harm him, he would be at a terrible disadvantage. Thus, he kept his weaponry close, and his wits closer, trusting no one, and caring for nothing. It was only because of his feral hatred for humanity that he was alive. Hate demanded life, it was a balm to cool his fiery spirit, and it forced him to survive, even against his will.

The rays of daylight creeping across the wooden boards thickened and shone with a greater intensity. Daylight was breaking at an alarming rate, and it would not do to be seen in such a public place. He rose quickly, and even though his dark soul protested horribly, he nodded once, faintly towards the Felani. His eyes were dead, registering no emotion, while his analytical brain was churning at full capacity.

His ebony steed had been brought out on his request, handled by a young stable-boy that looked somewhat nervous about the raging creature. He patted the animal’s glossy neck affectionately, his eyes taking in the handsomeness of the lavish tack and saddle, not a few stolen. This had been an expensive animal, but he had instantly felt a kinship with the creature, a wild and unpredictable trait shared. From the kings’ stable to his own. With deceptive liquidity he leapt up into the saddle. He needed not to say a word.

A whisper of horses’ hooves and full-grain leather upon wood.

He was gone.

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 17:18:32.

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After coming to the conclusion that he must wait and see on the Barrens and their condition, Jason also observes those around him, noticing many of the same qualities as Septimus does, though viewing them in a considerably more pleasant light. When his eyes reach Septimus himself, he pauses.

Here was a man who had stories to tell, if he would only open up. Clearly life had taught him to be watchful, though a band such as this would hopefully be able to get past that watchfullnes to earn his trust.

To make a friend, be a friend. he thinks, smiling to himself as he rises to leave. He will try to break the shell around Septimus's soul. In a hour, he will begin...

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 22:25:50.

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Well it has been nice meeting you all, We have some shopping to do." Zara says cutting four more slabs of bread and loading then with butter ham, bacon, and some sliced hard-boiled eggs, then wrapping then in squares of cloth, before slipping them into her haversack.

There was little left of the tray of food that had been brought to the table.

"Reverend Sir," Zara turns to Jason, "would you accept our company as you leave."

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 22:56:41.
Edited on 2007-11-05 at 22:59:46 by Dragon Mistress

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In a quick side word to Zara she aks in Draconic. "What was the duck beneath the table for?"

Zara replies in the same language. "I told the Felani to pretend to be going off on his own as a sell-sword. and to meet us either at the fountain in the center of the market, or at the The Stone Horse Livery.

Dae eyes followed Septimus as he rose and exited the inn's front door. A short time later her keen ears picked up the sound of hooves fading away rather rapidly.

This was not the best start to the day that she had hoped for. She needed to get everyone moving but hopefully in a variety of directions with a common meeting point.

"Well, Gentlemen, I thank you for your company this morning but I rose early to go out to the Shrine of Ehlona about 2 miles out from the Northgate, as quickly as possible. "May the day go well for you and you find what you are looking for easily."

Dae hoped they all understood her message. After hearing Zara's invitation Dae concurs, "Certainly, Reverend Father you are quiet welcome to join us. I do not plan of being there long."

"I hope to meet you again very soon, May the Light shine on you all, this day." There now she hoped they would take her meaning. But how to catch up with the errant man. She had had a plan, but he was gone before she could tell him of it.

"Light," Dae starts to pray. "Guide me."

Posted on 2007-11-05 at 23:42:41.
Edited on 2007-11-06 at 00:06:03 by Brianna

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Looking at Zara as she makes her invitation, he nods his head.

"Certainly, it would be a pleasure. And no need to call me Reverend, Jason will do. Although I appreciate the honor, I feel I have not spent enough time learning or teaching to take it upon myself."

"May I call you Zara or is there another name or title you wish to be known by?" He asks as he rises.

Posted on 2007-11-06 at 00:21:17.

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"Zara is fine, its easy to say, better not knowing the whole name. Then when you are angery with me and you can't use my whole name like my mother does."

Staff in hand Zara bounces out the door half a step ahead of Dae and Jason.

"What a day," she declares aloud. "This is going to be a glorious day.

Partway down the street, mostly deserted except for the early risers, Zara slows to join Dae and Jason.

"I told the Felani to meet us at the fountain in the center of the market, or at the stable. So I am not sure where he is now, but I'd say in 40 to 60 minutes we should check the fountain first."

"But I do want to go shopping. I want to get, you know who another cloak because his old one is tattered, and boots, he is wearing are a dead give away. Maybe even a hat or a headband instead of his scarf,"

She looks to Dae and Jason, "We don't need to have those looking for him following us."

She looks back to Dae. "And we have to replace some of the stuff that was lost when you did not cinch down the packs tight enough."

"I have the list your mother gave us before we set out and I have gone though what we still have, so you will know what you have to buy."

Posted on 2007-11-06 at 07:13:17.

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I am going to get mounted up and find that man. I swear he will chase down his own death." responds Dae. "You pick up the suppies I mentioned last night the ones you lost. You have the funds. I also agree that you should find him less recognizible clothes. If you can find a cloak of Elven kind,. get it. Now remember I will be out at the shrine of Ehlonna"

"Jason it is a pleasure to have you with us. I may impose on you on so short of an acquaintance, don't let her get to carried away while shopping. She easily gets distracted. Zara, 40 minutes, no later, at the fountain."

Dae strides of to pick up her mount. She left the slashing colored mount for Zara it would appeal to her sense of flamboyance. There were more horses than riders available so she quessed she could pick out the one she wanted.

She surveys the selections and takes time to look them all over. She finally cast communicates with animals and asks them which was brave and willing to carry a fighter, because that is what she was. Talking to each one she finally makes her descision. She was a big dappled golden-red color with flaxen mane and tail, with a white star on her face. Dae led the mare out to the livery man.

"Good choice miss. She a good one indeed. A sweetheart to work with, nothing flashy but very steady in battle, strong and enduring. I have her tack right over here."

The smallish man comes back with a saddle, bridle, breastplate, and breeching, and a bucket of brushes. Setting them on a stand he proceeds to groom the mare.

Even though she was in a hurry she said nothing to the man, was doing his job and not rushing. Dae simple bent down took out a brush and curry comb and started grooming her other side. Working from head to tail top to bottom was how it was done. She finally cleaned out her feet and checked her shoes.

"Just shod miss, 8 nails in each, to keep them on good."

"What is her name," asks Dae and she takes up the saddle and pad and puts each on carefully and then slides them into place. With a quick flip of the cinch she tightens the girth.

"I called her Red. But her name is Carnelian."

Dae fastens on the breastplate and breeching that would keep the saddle in place in battle or going uphill or down. The workmanship of the tack was very high quality but nothing flashing which was find with her. She fasen on her saddle bags thoroughly. Finally she took up the bridle and reins. She looked at the bit to make sure it was smooth with no rough edges, the lifted it up to the mare face ready to slip the bit into the mare mouth and she opened up her mouth without any pressure to take the bit.

Dae slipped the crown piece gently over her ears and adjusted the bit in her mouth.

"Well Carnelian, you do seems to be a sweetie." resoind Dae. Dae got gently nudged with the mare's nose.

"He he he," laught the man, "she is a one for the sweets, she is. Here are some carrot bits I always keep them about. Give this to her. Dae reaches out and picks up a small handful of carrot slices. The mare takes them out of her hand and proceeds to chew them thoroughly. Orange saliva colored the edges of her lips. Dae gave her a pat and then checked the girth and swung up. She reached down and adjusted the stirrups.

"The others are coming. Can you get them all tacked up and ready? I do not know who they will chose but if they are all ready then they can just mount up right away." Dae took the slack out ofher rains and cues her mount to turn and head out the door. For a big mare she handled well pivoting neatly in place and then moving off Dae's leg pressure.

Dae rode out of the livery stable set to following Septimus. She summons her Dieties favorite animal for assistance. A short time later and tiny avian form fluttered into view and spiraled down to her shoulder. I need you to locate a man on a large black stallion he could be up to five miles from here. Then she describes what he was aearing. then describes in another way that this creature might be able to better track him by. His aura is greyish in the green, and muddy, pale red and orange, and muddy blue and purple. Yellow is pale and greyed." she tells the diminuative creature. I really need to find him."

"I go" hissed the sillibant voice and then it darted off Dae's shoulder into the sky and rapidly vanished.

Posted on 2007-11-06 at 20:30:26.
Edited on 2007-11-06 at 20:53:40 by Brianna

Septimus Sandalwood
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The Greenclaw District

He was going to go shopping.

Not a traditional pursuit for the average male, and certainly not one undertaken with enjoyment, there were certain objects that had to be obtained. As much as he loathed being out in the open, the items he was searching for were very unusual, and not under the jurisdiction of law.

Whilst Zara skipped happily into the desolate and sun-dappled square, followed closely by the more savory members of the group, Septimus was turning his animal unto a deserted section of the town. The smooth cobble-stones of the square switched effortlessly to packed dirt and the houses and establishments that neatly lined the streets gave way to buildings that leaned like crooked teeth, and sordid establishments that marked the corners like the charred bones of some mystical beast of old. There was little to be seen here, here in the infamous Greenclaw district, where businessmen feared to tread. He was well acquainted with its bitter stench of hopelessness, its filthy streets, and no stranger to the tattered souls that hopped, jumped, walked, and crawled within its gutters. This was his whole world, where pigs wandered in the guise of men, and nothing was the way it seemed.

A one-eyed goblin leaned against a brick alleyway, cradling a bottle of liquor in its trembling claws. As Septimus passed, it leered at him from the shadows, its one eye blazing in yellow fury, the vacant socket raw and empty. A gorgeous young woman made her way down the street, her long, pointed tail flicking lazily behind her. Septimus`s dark eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. He marveled at how easily one slipped into one’s old ways. What his party knew of him was that he was a cynical young man, a little more. They knew he was capable of killing, they knew he was protective, but they did not know to what extent his childhood had destroyed him. No. He was not evil, and yes, his heart was basically good. But he had been hurt so many times by the world that little good could come from him.

He tugged gently on the reins, stopping his steed before a depilated building that wavered precariously on its foundations like a drunk. Tying the animal to one of the hitching posts outside, he dismounted and padded into the shop silently. The inside of the shop was dank and dim, curios stacked randomly on its few tables. A mad fruit bat clawed at its perch, wrapping its scabrous wings around itself. A double-headed parrot screeched his arrival. “Betrayer”, squawked the first head loudly. “Murderer”, lamented the other, and Septimus’ eyes burned like the fires of hell.

“Septimus”, an ancient voice wheezed, all at once sounding as if it came from nowhere and everywhere. An unimaginable ancient man sat before the counter. He was small, and crooked, with a face so seamed it hardly looked human. He was totally blind from age, and his eyes were milky and vacant. Suddenly, Septimus dropped to one knee, emotion over coming him. “Master”, he breathed helplessly. “How did you know it was me?” The man smiled. “Two things wrong with that sentence”, he cackled. “The rhythm of your footsteps are inimitable, you walk like the arrogant seaman you are. And secondly, I’m not your master, not anymore”.

Septimus glanced up, puzzled. “You raised me for much of my life. In fact, I owe you my life. You were the only one who would take me in after…” He could not go on. “After you killed your brother”, the old man replied patiently. Septimus nodded dumbly. The man laced his withered hands before him. “Interesting turn of affairs, that. You did something of great evil, at a very young age. Primus was fathers’ favourite. You were the scum of the earth. You were jealous, so you slit his throat while he slept.”

He sighed.

“You were always talented at killing, my boy, even before I met you. Talented at causing harm. And yet you are no murderer”. Septimus blinked away tears. “I was only ten”, he muttered hoarsely. “I didn’t mean…”

“And yet you did it”, the old man cut him off serenely. “You took a life, and when I hired you eighteen years ago as a cabin boy on my ship, I could see that in your eyes. No boy has eyes as old as yours. You are a tortured man, Septimus.”. Septimus wiped his tears away with the back of his hand like a small boy. “I’m just like my brother”, he snarled listlessly. The old man patted his hand. “But you had your chances at killing those who disobeyed you. And yet you did not. You are nothing like Quintus, my son. Your father knew that. And even an ancient man like me knows it. You have a good heart. “. He shook his head. “You will never end up like me or your brother”.

Septimus rose to his feet, his eyes haunted and far away. “I want them back”, he hissed. He turned suddenly and drove his fist into the wall. “I want them back”, he snarled, energy draining out of him after the outburst. Blood ran from his knuckles. He closed his eyes. ‘I must be going mad’, he thought calmly. The old man waited in silence. “I know you want your family back, Septimus, but that is not possible. All you can do know is destroy the man who has enslaved you. Kill Quintus. Set yourself free”.

Septimus’ voice trembled as he spoke. “He took your ship didn’t he? He took your money”. The old man shrugged. “He is an evil man”. He waved his hand casually around his surroundings. “This is my home now”.

Quietly, he rummaged in the drawers of the counter with his searching hands. Finding what he was looking for, he held it out to the pirate with shaking, arthritic fingers. Septimus took it in wonder. It was a thin vial, made of dark, frosted glass. Some clear liquid sloshed inside. Septimus froze, recognising it.The old man winked. “I heard you were out of poison. Very unwise to waste it on that sea rat. This, luckily for you, is a hundred times more potent then what is sold on the black markets. It is the deadliest substance in our world. Use it well, but do not spill it. Unlike your poison, this substance prolongs death. It causes the worse pain a sentient being can undergo. And it is fit for only one person. Your brother”.

Septimus looked at the vial in horror.

"Don`t believe me", the old man inquired. "Bring me that fruit bat over there". Silently, Septimus went over to the perch where the poor thing squeaked and thrashed. He took it in his hand, hating the feel of its smooth, hairy little body, its unbearable warmth, its sharp teeth as it craned its neck, frantic in its need to bite him. Disgusted he threw the beast down on the counter. The old man reached for it, and held the animal down. "Uncork the vial, but do not inhale the fumes", he instructed.

Holding it away from him, Septimus uncorked the vial, and saw a wicked blue steam. He opened the creature`s convulsing mouth and allowed a single drop to touch its tongue. A terrible unearthly shriek filled the air as the wretched creature writhed before his eyes. The substance was burning the hair off its body, its skin blistered and bubbled and the scent of burning meat filled the air. Its wings shriveled and dropped like bits of charred paper, and near the end, in a final act of horror, its eyes popped. With dreadful fasination Septimus watched the death throes of the creature, now entirely wreathed in blue flame. It moved in the flame as its skin contracted, like a fiery dragon from childrens' tales come to life. In a few minutes it stopped moving. In another five minutes the flames were extinguished.

It was only a skeleton.

Without a word, Septimus corked the vial and put it away in the secret compartment of his dagger’s sheath.

He bowed his head. Tears coursed down his visage. “I will kill him for you Glenn Fenris…my father”. The old man smiled toothlessly. “Good boy. I always knew you were a good lad. Keep in mind, he is searching for you, oh yes, he wants you dead badly, and he is waiting for you to make a mistake. He wants to pierce your heart with your own dagger.” Septimus’ eyes flashed dangerously. “He will find it between his own ribs soon enough”. The old man grinned and the double-headed parrot started to scream.

“Murderer”, shrieked the first head. “Betrayer”, cried the second.

And deep in that darkness Septimus started to laugh.


He rode casually over to the fountain at the centre of the market, his features hidden in the hood of his cloak, despite the sun-dappled heat.

His hand caressed the tiny vial that he knew held the future.

A hidden smile touched his lips.

It would be a good day.

Posted on 2007-11-06 at 20:47:23.
Edited on 2007-11-06 at 21:19:02 by Septimus Sandalwood

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Merrowyn oko Windstrider aka Oko

As Oko left his sharp ears picked up another horse leaving the inn behind him, when it turned to go in another direction then what he was traveling, he paid no farther attention to it.

First he stopped at another Inn got another 5 lunches. He leaves that inn, placed the packed lunches in his saddlebag muttering to himself. After that he goes to the market square got approximately 25 lbs each of carrots, apples, potatoes, and lastly onions. All was placed into his saddlebag, and each time muttering as he placed the stuff into the bag. He then stopped at the butcher and bought 2 cured hams, 15 lbs each of beef jerky, smoked fish and fresh fish and then last but not least around 20 lbs of sausages. This went into the same saddlebag and again with him muttering to himself. He then removes an empty looking sack and places it in the pocket that lies under his baldric. Before he leaves the market he buys a packet of sweets and 3 weeks of journey cakes. All was placed quietly into his saddlebags. Anybody following him would notice that the saddlebags look nearly empty despite all that was placed into them.

Leaving the square he follows a caravan out of the city, rides along with it a bit, then turns his horse, rides back into town using another gate to re-enter. He will go to the Stone horse about 60 min after he had left the first Inn. Riding up on a hose as massive as Oko, the calm steel grey dappled War horse in heavy barding does not make much noise as he moves. He will stand quietly as Oko looks around for anyone that he ate breakfast with.

Posted on 2007-11-07 at 05:39:41.
Edited on 2007-11-07 at 05:50:46 by Oko

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Zara Goes Shopping

Zara start to flit from place to place in the sprawling market, one of the first stops was a spice merchant. She orders a number of spices and then asks for 2 lbs of pepper.

“2 lbs!” exclaims the man, “that is all I have to sell for the rest of the week and I have regular customers.”

“So how much can you sell me?” Zara asks.

“About 12 oz and that will leave me enough for my regulars.”

“Done,” says Zara paying the man for the spices. She hands the package to Jason, “Would you please carry this for now?”

“If you need more pepper, there is a purveyor of spices in the brown district.” The man hands Zara her change. “He is fair with his prices, tell him Hiram sent you.”

“Thank you good sir,” Zara nods to him and waves good bye. Turning one corner Zara asks Jason for the package of spices and puts it away in her haversack.

Next they travel to a clothes merchant, where she buys a number of shirts, pants, socks and loin cloths for a male of Septimus’s size and some for females. Once again she asks Alex to carry the package until she stows it away into her haversack. Finally they come to a boot maker and she looks over his wears, but does not buy any. A bit later she stops in an area that had a bright decorated canopy leading into a circle of brightly painted wagons.

“Ah, just what I wanted, Terrani.

Terrani were a small human-like folk no more than 4.5 feet for tall males. (OOC: think of a Hobbit, Kender, Gnome cross. They look like petite humans.) They were noted craftsmen and seamstresses. Inside the circle of about 8 wagons were canopies that extended from the side of the wagons and tables that fold down from the sides facing inward. All manner of items were displayed for sale. Copper pots and pans, jewelry of copper, silver, and gold, leather goods of every sort, small woven, knitted, and crocheted goods, brightly dyed and painted scarves, and innumerable other goods including racks of clothing.

And all around them were the lively, joyous Terrani selling or bartering their goods for things they could not make. There were at least a dozen or so Littles playing about with the caravan’s dogs while their older siblings worked with their parents. About 3 aged Terrani kept tabs on the Littles while soaking up the sun. Every so often there would come quiet admonishment from one of the Elders if things got too boistress.

“Have you ever dealt with the Terrani, Alex? Jason?”

Posted on 2007-11-07 at 06:34:46.
Edited on 2007-11-12 at 01:49:02 by Dragon Mistress

Dragon Mistress
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Zara and Jason

(OOC Jason's Player's computer is "broken" so I will be NPCing him til he is back up and running.)

"No, I have not had the priviledge," replies the Druid.

"Well watch and I will let you in on a bit of a secret when dealing with them."

Zara then walks up to the first table and nods to the woman displaying scarves and woven trims.

"My name is Zara and I would deal with the Children of Earth Mother, but first we wish to ask permission to pay our respects to your Elders."

The tiny women, yet a full adult stands and nods to Zara and steps out from behind her goods and walks toward the old Terrani basking in the sun motioning Zara and Jason to follow. She leaves them once they are before the elders.

"Good Day, Honored Elders, I am Zara, and I am here to pay my respects to you."

"Ah," said one of the old men, "it is good to hear the proper pleasantries from a youngling."

"Yes, indeed," added the wizen woman seated with the elders busy knitting a pair of gloves she looked up to speak to them and her hands never stopped moving, knitting by feel and long experience. "It is not often heard among the Talls." She looks up and smiles and Zara.

The old woman then turns her eyes on Jason.

The Druid had enough practice with diplomacy that he followed "Zara's lead. "I am Jason Windspyre." and he nods in deference to the aged Terrani.

"You may deal with our children with our blessing," says the old man, "But you must show your respects to The Eldest." He points to the third of the elders seated here. "She can neither see or hear well, but touch her left hand and slightly kneel and she will know that you pay your respects."

The old woman in question was seated in the sun with a beautiful muticolored blanet over her legs. As Zara and Jason approached she looked up from the cap she was crocheting with gnarled fingers. Her eyes were opaque white. She was obviously blind

Zara did just as she was indicated to Jason to follow suit.

They then left to make the rounds of the tables and their wears. Zara quickly chose pieces of clothing, ribbons, scarves, two beautiful shawls decorated with fringe and beads. At each wagon they stopped and she selected her purchases, the Terrani named a price and she paid it.

All the Terrani workmanship was exquisite, the design, decoration, color, shape and form. It was evident that loving care and attention to detail was seen in every piece of arts, and crafts, or clothing.

Zara finally stops at a leather worker's table. "I need 2 quivers that will blend into forest and plain. A pair of men's boots for riding and walking with firm soles and soft uppers, that only partically lace in dark brown. Size does not matter. A sword belt and scabard for a scimaber. That can be in browns and greens. Oh, and the headband in leather with all the decorative scrolling knot work like the belt, it is quite exquisite."

"Thank you Gentle Miss, that is my son's work."

Zara nods to the boy, "Well done, you learned well from your father."

Zara continues to point and the pile of equipment grows and two older children hurry to fetch whatever is asked for. Again she pays the named price and this time she pulls out a large duffle bag that is packed with her purchases and it too disappears into her haversack.

She then visit the coppersmith and buys some pots and pans and a good size kettle. Despite going to every table Zara finishes with time to spare to get to the fountain, but before they leave she goes to the elders and thanks them for allowing her to own such fine wares. Finally she goes to the Eldest and holds her hands for a few minutes, "May the Blessings of the Light and of Mother Earth come to you."

More to come

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