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2 Posts

Dark Waters

~Intro: Okay, for this, anyone may join without asking, but, one lining or god moding or any of that inexcusable behavior. A paragraph at the least, please? anyways heres the info:

~Dark waters takes place on the newly created planet Xion, just out of reach from pluto. Xion is still in the old days, but, has specs of what would be modern life on Earth. Clothing and weapon wise is advanced, yet most still stick to swords and bows. Xion is rich in nature. It has vast forests and wonderful oceans that span for miles. Everything seems new and fresh here. Yet, Xion does has its problems, though..

~The span on human growth is enourmous here. Because of this, Hybrid kind has been forced out of small villages, towns or even cities. They are labled as "pests" that are to be controlled or wipped out. Because of the humans' commands, the higher branch in their govenment created "holding" facilities where hybrids are captured and brought in for exprementation and gassing. Now, this proved another problem, with massive amounts of hybrids dying increasing by each year, where would all of the bodies go? For this, they made a solution. They could not always face the hybrids, for, they became stronger and even more wise each time...they needed a creature that could hunt them down and run them down for them to strike. After years of trying, they finally created the Shadows, creatures made from different parts of dead hybrids. They multiplied and swarmed, flushing out hybrids and handing them over to the humans. For a time, everything seemed to be going the human's way.

~Years passed, and Hybrids began to fight back. They created an academy to raise young hybrids and teach them how to survive on their own. They learned quickly and were able to fend off any shadow that crossed their paths. Finally, the hybrids began to reclaim their place in this world...

~But, these Shadows can adapt and multiply faster..they will become bigger..stronger..and soon more deadlier then the next..what now?


Character name: Duke Ultimate
Former leader of the Ultimate Clan.
Species: water dragon/human hybrid mix
Age: unknown
Weapon of choice: Dull orange and black Yo-Yo
Element: Water
Eye color: Gold, faint silver tint
Hair color: Chocolate/ raching down to shoulders.
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 145lbs
Bio: Being of a dragon hybrid, Duke stands on draconic feet, standing around 7' while on his toes. He is normally seen around rivers or waterfalls, just floating there on the surface or relaxing in the nearest hot spring. His ears are nice and slender, draconic, with three piercings on each ear. He holds no wings, but has sharp talons at the ends of his fingures and draconic like eyes; plus the presence of a slender draconic tail. He is well built, his skin a nice, pale glint and usually wears long cargos and his faded black shirt. He is usually well tempered and can be a bit of a clown, but, is very over protective and a bit territorial. In apperance, he looks like a man just around his 20s

Posted on 2007-10-12 at 02:38:21.

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2 Posts

Start tomarrow.

I shall post the first post tomarrow, my back hurts and i just finished posting in another Rp.

Posted on 2007-10-12 at 03:49:30.

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