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3 Posts

Seeker of Dawn

OOC: This is a story set in the middle of a war between smaller countries and a large invading empire kindom of Hiel. Free-form, please post a description like the following

Name: Si'Ven Iris Bal'Horme
Weapon: Slender sword, hunting knife
Description: A soldier fresh out of the Zidean Academy. A strong willed and foolhardy youth, who seems to do nothing more than rush into things without thought of his own safety. His playfully green eyes belie his innocence. His long red hair is pulled back into a braid with lengths of wire made to protect his head. He wears a sleevless chain shirt, with a leather jerkin on top, and a blue silk tunic underneath. His pants are of rough leather, with platemail strapped to the top. His boots are calf high soft leather with padded soles and metal reinforcments. His left arm is protected by armor while his right is completely bare. His slender sword is strapped around the back of his waist within reach of his right hand.

Posted on 2007-11-28 at 21:02:09.
Edited on 2007-11-29 at 15:00:44 by Si\'Ven

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245 Posts

could i join?

if so could i play as a gnome bard.
Name: Gani Goldsmith
this gnome bard is a young gnome who has a black ponytail and a banjo slung across his back also a crossbow hangs loosely by his belt he has two scabbards one holds a dagger and the other a short sword he can wield these as two weapons or as one. he is a wordsmith despite this he loves a fight.

Posted on 2007-11-28 at 22:48:27.
Edited on 2007-11-28 at 22:49:05 by stryke

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3 Posts


OOC: of course you could be a gnome bard. I don't see why not.

Posted on 2007-11-29 at 14:58:20.

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3 Posts

The calm before the storm

The young man, fresh from the academy stood and watched as the invading army set up their camp accross the plains. It was a calm evening, too calm in fact, and tensions were high within the soldiers' ranks. Si'Ven turned to see two soldiers from different regiments brawling with eachother, their mates trying to pull them off eachother. He sighed and went to sharpen his blade and prepare the few spells he knew. Every soldier in the Zidean army could use some form of magic, even if it was just a minor spell that did nothing. those who were not adept enough to cast higher spells were given rings enchanted with a basic fireball spell. The Zidean soldiers were all scarcely armored but they were probably the most proficient fighters of all the armies. Si'Ven wasn't an exception, although he tended to be headstrong and had no regard to his own safety in a fight. If he succeeded in killing his opponent he did not care if he was gravely injured.

Si'Ven began a cook fire and started to make a stew, sharpening his sword as he waited.

Posted on 2007-12-04 at 20:43:31.

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At Your Command

OOC: Would you mind if a Dwarven Berserker joined your ranks?

Name: Thormaim
Possessions: A massive steel warhammer, the ends flat squares, and the middle square as well, but smaller - the ends slope inward. The actual hammer is about 3 and a half feet long and a foot wide. (If you know lotr, imagine Gloin's hammer)
Thormaim is a short but very sturdy dwarf, with a wrinkled face and two long red ponytails for his beard, each being held by a gold band. Although he is bald, he wears a steel naisal helmet, as well as steel chainmail that covers most of his body, with a chest plate in front, wielding his coat-of-arms - a gray blacksmith's hammer and pick crossed over each other, inside a tall white oval background. He also wears a worn but sturdy leather shirt underneath, as well as leather breeches as boots. He has a metal girdle hanging from his waist, covering most of his legs, with the open areas covered by the chainmail. He also has metal soles and tips to his leather boots. Other than this, he has a leather strap over his shoulder and plate, holding the warhammer.

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 00:51:28.
Edited on 2007-12-12 at 00:54:34 by vai

Xenocidal Therapy
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1 Posts

May I join?

Name: Tanthatash Talsier Quentinuous
Weapon: Longbow; Rapier; Fine silver dagger; Enchanted Long Sword (T'Elvier)
Description: Tanthatash has a long and battle-worn past, including a disgraced half-elven father and having survived three small wars. He was banned from his homelands when he helped his father sneak back into the High Elf Council's Crystal Tower. Luckily, he was able to sneak away with the Blade of Teirva(Elven god), his tribe's most treasured item. Now, he wanders the forest with T'Elvier and Tobias, a hawk named after his father.

War cry: For Tobias Redblood!

Posted on 2007-12-13 at 01:02:23.

Driretlan Valentine
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2 Posts

'Tis my first post here.

Name: Driretlan Valentine
Age: 28

Weapon: One longbow, one stabbing sword, one long sword (Fire-blade that he can bring to life in the heat of battle), two daggers, and one standard-issue Hiel throwing axe.

Description: Driretlan is a hardened warrior who came from one of the regions first hit by the Hiel Empire. The overwhelming military might of Hiel displaced the people there, and ultimately shattered everything people knew of the region. Driretlan was one of the first warriors who encountered the Empire, but was also one of the only survivors. In the initial turmoil after the invasion, his unit broke ranks and retreated into the wilderness. Left on his own, he resorted to stealing and making life hard for soldiers in nearby towns. His most prized weapon is a Fire-blade that he stole from an officer. The Elf was in command of two-dozen others who were left to oversee a town, and when the townspeople rose up and drove them out (with Drire’s help) he grabbed the blade.

Posted on 2008-01-10 at 05:49:43.

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