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We need to Move.

As he waits in the center room with the table Delkin listens to the Bard sing his new song he always wished he had some kind of talent like that, but his talents lie in other areas, and since no one seemed to be taking charge right away he decides to make a quick check of the left tunnel.(Quote The left tunnel carries on for about 30ft then curves round but has two other passages leading off.) He follows the left tunnel down it's 30 ft length coming to the curve and to the two passages that lead off from it.

As he moves down the tunnel to the point where he can try to look down the other passages ways he has been using his following skills. Move Silent, Hide, and he continues to Listen. Once at the point where the passage splits he is pressed back against the tunnel walls using any shadows he sees. He will sit very briefly and leaning forward just enough to train his hearing down the first passage he will listen ,then lying flat to the ground he inches forward just enough to peer around the corner and down the passage. The halfling will continue in this fashion until he has listened and looked down both passages. At which point he will return to the two ladies and report whatever he can about what he has either heard or seen.

Skills being used
Move Silent +6
Hide +8
Listen +4

Posted on 2007-12-23 at 12:28:44.

Karma: 16/11
245 Posts

oh.. ****

Silithus still had the rocks poised to throw when he realised that the halfling was not following he then thought it would be best if the group could stay together. He did not speak in fear of alerting the guards in the other room. He tapped the young centaur on the back and pointed to where the small halfling was heaing. so silently silithus wandered back to the table hoping that the foolish centaur would follow.

"Sorry guys i thought everyone else would be going the same way as me and the centaur. But i guess the halfling is scouting ahead first?" Silithus is getting restless as the constant fear of the 50 goblins awakening and finding their captives escaping, well trying anyway, a small smirk lined Silithus' face as he thought that to himself.

Posted on 2007-12-23 at 12:39:35.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


Before turning back down the passage way Silithus and Talaones see two empty side rooms with old blankets in and a larger 20ft square room with a couple of goblin talking in. Seceding on their move silently checks they sunk away unnoticed.

In passing the two side passage ways Delkin can see that the first carries on for 30ft and ends in a small room. The second leads into a large room with some sleeping orcs in.
At the end of the passage he is currently on is an iron grate but past it he can see a corridor with the morning light streaming through it, realizing that they need to escape quickly he returns to the table and reports what e has found out.

Posted on 2007-12-23 at 12:59:58.

Karma: 16/11
245 Posts


Silithus was starting to get edgy he could feel it was almost dawn as he was starting to awake properly. "The way i see it is that we can search around here looking for our stuff or leave our equipment but keep our lives. I would prefer the latter, shall we vote?"

"All those in favour of leaving the equipment raise a hand." Silithus raises his hand and hopes the others do the same otherwise Silithus knew their fates.

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 09:43:27.

Karma: 12/1
289 Posts

Lets leave now.

After returning to the group and reporting that only one steel grate lies between them an d freedom out of the cave, the one calling himself Silithus speaks up, Quote:"The way i see it is that we can search around here looking for our stuff or leave our equipment but keep our lives. I would prefer the latter, shall we vote? All those in favour of leaving the equipment raise a hand."
For Delkin there is no question for him having no real equipment to start with getting out of here is his primary objective he raises his hand at once.

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 10:38:06.
Edited on 2007-12-24 at 10:39:12 by Dragonmist

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 45/12
188 Posts


i just stand there not putting up my hand.

And say "if we leave where will we get money from to get are items back."

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 13:23:19.
Edited on 2007-12-24 at 13:23:53 by Chunky-Monkey

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

The Bardsong Continues

Trynk continues to motivate his peers as they stumble around and argue about what to do

Move, move silently
Do not alert the goblins
To get our stuff or leave it
is the root of our discussion
Some say that we should search this place
To find our lost equipment
Others think escape alone
Should be our first intent
Either way I follow on
Singing to inspire us
Scout ahead and find the way
Centaur hoofs be quiet
And lead us to the happy place
Where trees grow in the daylight

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 14:57:19.

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 45/12
188 Posts


"i'm not sure now i dont want to die lets go. Lets get out of hear and find some money and where do you get the iders for the songs" Talaones says

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 16:34:07.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
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Vargas is content to move and be free from this place. Not one for many personal effects anyways, he nods to escape over recovering equipment.

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 17:31:28.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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After her quick raid into the room with the sleeping goblins Iliana returns with three more goblins spears. "Better than nothing." she says as she passes spears as out to whoever wanted one.

Later she stood quietly at the table while others check out the area. She had thought about breaking apart the table and making= one of the legs into a club, but she decided that it would make too much noise.

Looking about at the others she was intrigued by all the differences among them. They would never have met and banded together except for the circumstances of their capture.

When the other return she look about. "I agree with leaving now, I have lost everything i own already once before, life is better choice so I say we move on quickly and quietly. Now we have to get through that grate blocking the way out without making too much noise. We will check it out if it is locked. By the way who has lock picking skills?"

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 17:45:22.

Karma: 16/11
245 Posts


Silithus had a dry smile on his face happy that everyone had agreed with his option and it seemed even the centaur could be level headed. "c'mon then let's move i want to get out of here." Silithus starts to head towards the passage hoping others would follow, he stops for a moment and says "Actually, er.. who can pick locks i can't" he stands there not knowing what to do he knew that he had made a fool of himself and knew then he was not destined to be the leader of this group.

*What an idiot* silithus thought to himself although he half saw as a good thing after all he wasn't a natural leader he reckoned that Illiana was the best hope of a leader this rag-tag band had so said "While we are voting i elect Illiana to be the leader if everyone is happy with that" Silithus pauses for a brief moment and realised he hadn't asked Illiana herself, "and if it is ok with you Illiana?" Silithus then stands no t knowing what to do.

He speaks again saying "Although if we have to think on something i think democracy is the best way to go but any impulse decisions are left to you Illiana" Silithus then fidddles in his pocket for a moment pulling out a stone and holding it aloft he says "Let's move."

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 22:32:14.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Both wise ideas that have much merit. Stryke. I agree that the input of all is important to functioning smoothly as a group however in tight situations it is good that time is not wasted in debate.

So for now I willa sk that Vargas and Tyra to stay and watch thos goblins that are awake while we check out the grate and get it open..

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 22:59:25.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

I should probably make it clear.

The grate is just that, a large, thick iron grate, no door, no lock, no hinge, just an iron grate embedded into the rock.

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 23:38:54.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Upgrade the song

Trynk begins casting a spell which summons a beautifully carved intricate wooden lute with pearl and jade inlays into his hands. The lute shines and he spins it down in front of him and begins to play a soft melody as he continues to sing for his companions a joyful song accompanied now by a melodious tune. A completely original tune to the heroes of this world, but to those from a more mundane world the sounds of a familiar christmas carol echo through the chambers

Posted on 2007-12-25 at 15:23:15.

Karma: 12/1
289 Posts

Not a Door.

So it was decided they where going to go look at the grate while a couple stayed back and kept an eye on the goblins and made sure they don't find out we are out. However when I lead those who are coming to the grate Delkin feels kind of stupid, I'm sorry I guess in the excitment of seeing the daylight I did not realize this was just a grate and not some kind of door.How can we possably get this open?
Delkin will do a search and a spot check on the grate itself looking for any spots that may be weak as well as all around where it is embeded into the rock searching for any weakness in the thing at all.

Posted on 2007-12-26 at 12:28:18.


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