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Parent thread: Rise of the Runelords
GM for this game: Devalero
Players for this game: Loki, Chunky-Monkey, stryke, fynor, Laurelestra, Trace9723
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    Messages in Rise of Runelords Combat Log
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Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Rise of Runelords Combat Log

This is the combat log for the various combats in Rise of the Runelords. They will be done here and then they will be summarized and moved to the parent thread

Combat will be done in rounds using the edit command to add each new round of combat in the thread for that particular battle. The title of your post for each battle should be that battle's title.

Your action for each round should be posted using the combat format (listed below) and should have the round number at the beginning of it.

Combat Format
Round # > Character Name: HP/MaxHP > Buffs > Action Taken: Action Details

Round # = the Round of combat
Character Name = Name of Character
HP = Current Amount of HP
MaxHP = Max Amount of HP Your Character Has
Buffs = Any Buffs/Spells on your Character (Bless, Stoneskin, etc)
Action Taken = Attack, Spell Cast etc
Action Details = Rolls and Possible Dmg (Atk Roll|Dmg).. Etc


Round 1 > Devalero: 12/12 > None > Attack Gnoll: 16|2
On this example Devalero is at full health with no buffs. He attacks a gnoll with a roll of 16. if this roll hits, he will deal 2 dmg.

Round 5> Devalero: 2/12 > Bless > Cast Cure Light: 5
On this round Devalero is down to 2 HP out of 12 .. he needs a heal so he heals himself for 5 HP with a cure light

I will create the post for the enemy in combat .. and using the edit command Add new rounds. You should also use the edit command to add new rounds to your character updating what you do and what is effecting you based on the results of the

Posted on 2007-12-19 at 12:54:48.
Edited on 2007-12-20 at 14:42:01 by Devalero

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Goblin Attack

(Use Goblin Attack as your Subject for this Combat)

Goblin Warrior 1 > Initiative 5
Goblin Warrior 2 > Initiative 12
Goblin Warrior 3 > Initiative 8
Goblin Warchanter > Initiative 14

Goblins are already under the benefit of the warchanter's inspire courage (Giving them +1 to their attack and dmg)

Round 1> Goblin Warrior 1> 5/5> Warchant > Spot: 13
Round 1> Goblin Warrior 2> 6/6> Warchant > Spot: 4
Round 1> Goblin Warrior 3> 2/4> Warchant > Spot 16
Round 1> Goblin Warchanter> 8/8> Warchant > Plays Battledrums

Round 1 Synopsis:
Goblin Warrior 1 and 3 sees the group and heads towards them to engage them in combat. They wield dogslicers (sort of small jagged blades) and approach to attack. Goblin Warrior 2 is busy watching a small dog and heads over to slice it ferociously growling in his directions. The Warchanter continues to yell out a horrible goblin song.

Selaro and Myra see the goblins amongst the screaming and running crowd and chaos. They notice two goblins heading in their direction with blades drawn. Selaro readies his weapon to attack. Grush also readies his weapon and looks around for the enemy seeing only one goblin but it is coming strait towards Selaro with his blade drawn

Round 2> Goblin Warrior 1> 5/5> Warchant > Steps up and Attacks Myra: 14|2
Round 2> Goblin Warrior 2> 6/6> Warchant > Runs after a dog and Attacks: 8|3
Round 2> Goblin Warrior 3> 2/4> Warchant > Steps up and Attacks Selaro: 12|2
Round 2> Goblin Warchanter> 8/8> Warchant > Plays Battledrums

Round 2 Synopsis:
The goblins unsuccessfully mount an assault on our heroes. The first Goblin to step up doesn't even get to swing as Selaro's blade slices cleanly through his head sending it rolling down the street with a permanent smile. Myra backs up and prays to her God as a surge of divine energy radiates through her companions. As she backs away from the oncoming goblins a goblin closes in on her swinging wildly and nearly missing her clerics tunic. Grush sees Selaro decapitate the goblin charging him and decides to go after the remaining goblin warrior charging at him before the goblin even knows he is on him and thrusting his blade into him causing him to cry out in pain and tumble to the ground.

Round 3> Goblin Warrior 1> Warchant> Swings at Myra Again: 11|4 (Miss)
Round 3> Goblin Warrior 2> Warchant> Spot: 10 (Does not see charging Grush and will be flat footed when Grush attacks); attacks dog 10|2 (Miss)
Round 3> Goblin Warchanter> Warchant> Sings A Horrible Song

All Players Give An Additional Spot Check This Round along with any other action

Round 3 Synopsis. Grush cuts a goblin so deeply that he falls to the ground. The fortunate dog scared and confused runs under a merchant cart for safety. Selaro attacks the first warrior with a mighty blow that dazes him as the stands totally petrified. Selaro's next attack wounds him deeply and stops his heart cold as his lifeless body crumples over onto the ground. Myra looks around, her spell ready to aid her companions or heal the wounded around the Cathedral Square. The heroes fail to notice when another group of goblins notices their comrades fall and approaches the heroes from behind. Chaos has engulfed Sandpoint and a sudden boom of fire sounds behind the group startling them. As they turn around they see a group of goblins who has found a cart full of bonfire fuel and wield torches and oil vials in their hands.

Round 4> Goblin Warrior 1 > DEAD
Round 4> Goblin Warrior 2 > DEAD
Round 4> Goblin Warrior 3 > DEAD
Round 4> Warchanter > 8/8 > Warchant > Casts Flaming Sphere > Heads towards Selaro; Reflex DC[13] 3 Fire Dmg
Round 4 > Goblin Warrior 4 > 6/6 > Warchant > Charges Myra; 16|3
Round 4 > Goblin Warrior 5 > 4/4 > Warchant > Charges Myra; 8|4
Round 4 > Goblin Pyro > 7/7 > Warchant > Throws Vial of Lit Oil; Myra and Selaro Reflex DC [14] 3 Fire Dmg - Grush is too far from it)

Round 4 Synopsis:
The Goblin warrior casts a spell and moves a ball of fire into Seraro who tumbles through the flames taking minor damage and attacking the warchanter with a mighty blow. He stumbles back .. losing his concentration and the spell fizzles. He tries to retreat (as he has 0HP and can move away) but provokes an attack of opportuity (Selaro can make this attack between their round 4 and 5 posts) Grush runs over to the Pyromaniac throwing vials of oil watching as one vial burst into flames right where Selaro and Myra were. Myra screams out in pain from the oil engulfing her body. She responds by releasing her held cure and also curing Selaro as well. Grush swings barely missing the Pyro. His height advantage of Grush makes it awkward to hit him as he is partially protected by a wagon he stands inside.

Round 5> Goblin Warrior 1 > DEAD
Round 5> Goblin Warrior 2 > DEAD
Round 5> Goblin Warrior 3 > DEAD
Round 5> Warchanter > 0/8 > Warchant > Fleeing, Probably Dead
Round 5> Goblin Warrior 4 > 6/6 > Warchant > Attacks Myra; 17|2
Round 5 > Goblin Warrior 5 > 4/4 > Warchant > Attacks Myra; 12|3
Round 5 > Goblin Pyro > 7/7 > Warchant > Throws Another Vial of Lit Oil; Grush Reflex DC [14] 4 Fire Dmg

Round 5 Synopsis
As the warchanter runs, Selaro finishes him off with a quick blow. Myra and Selaro work together attacking a Goblin warrior. Myra's mace smashes its arm and shattering it while Selaro stabs it in the side causing it to fall over with a scream of agony. The 5th goblin screams in their faces yelling out curses in goblinoid. Grush jumps up into the wagon cart .. barely maintaining his balance as he gets knicked with some burning oil but manages to avoid most of the damage. The pyro shrieks and takes his dogslicer plunging it at Grush as he jumps aboard the wagon.

Attack of Opportunity > Goblin Pyro Attacks Grush > 21|4
Round 6> Goblin Warrior 1 > DEAD
Round 6> Goblin Warrior 2 > DEAD
Round 6> Goblin Warrior 3 > DEAD
Round 6> Warchanter > DEAD
Round 6> Goblin Warrior 4 > DEAD
Round 6 > Goblin Warrior 5 > 4/4 > Warchant(fading) > Attacks Myra; 11|3
Round 6 > Goblin Pyro > 7/7 > Warchant(fading) > Attacks Grush; 13|1

Round 6 Synopsis:
Goblins scramble to gather a hold on the situation but our friends are too much for them. Grush swings and misses the goblin but readies himself for a better attack. Myra and Selaro attempt to take out the last goblin warrior but he hangs on by a thread. Out of nowhere a short halfling wielding a bow and having a lute strapped to his back fires an arrow at the pyro. He is unaware but the arrow narrowly misses his head firing into the wall of a building behind him. He jumps up and down and screams at the new arrival.

Round 7> Goblin Warrior 1 > DEAD
Round 7> Goblin Warrior 2 > DEAD
Round 7> Goblin Warrior 3 > DEAD
Round 7> Warchanter > DEAD
Round 7> Goblin Warrior 4 > DEAD
Round 7 > Goblin Warrior 5 > 1/4 > None > Attempts to run away (Myra and Selaro may make attacks of opportunity)
Round 7 > Goblin Pyro > 7/7 > None > Jumps off the cart (Grush may make an attack of opprortunity as well here)

Round 7 Synopsis:
rush swings at the pyro as he leaps from the cart to flee. His blade slices cleanly through one of his legs sending it flying into the air away from the goblin. The goblin doesn't even have time to scream out in pain when an arrow comes flying into his dying corpse from afar. A halfling wielding a shortbow deals an additional blow to our goblin pyro assuring the others that he will not get up again. Selaro and Myra both collaborate again to make short work of the fleeing goblin warrior who will not make it home today. Myra looks around for the hurt people to help and sees many people that could be aided .. Many seriously wounded and others are merely hurt from the goblin attack.

Round 8
Goblin Enemy Group 1 & 2 = DEAD
You have one round to decide what you might want to do here next .. I will need a spot check to go along with round 8.

Round 8 Synopsis. Grush jumps off the wagon as Selaro jumps up into it. The wagon is still halfway full of containers of oil and hay. Grush had jumped off the cart because he spotted a stream of oil pouring towards a fire nearby caused by the pyro's flailing oil bombs. Selaro jumps into the cart and notices the same thing and that he is not in the middle of a ticking' time bomb. Welbry is scouting the surrounding areas and sees a goblin dives off a roof to land on a victim but misses and breaks his neck. The goblins in this area have been greatly thinned out due to the valiant efforts of our heroes. However, screams can be easily heard off towards the White Deer Inn to the north.

Round 9
More Screams to the North
Sparks Fly up into the oil setting it ablaze near the cart

Posted on 2007-12-19 at 13:03:00.
Edited on 2007-12-28 at 03:45:13 by Devalero

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Goblin Attack

Initiative> 7
AC> 15/13/12

Round 1> Selaro> 6/6> None> Spot: 15, Ready Weapon
Round 2> Selaro> 6/6> None> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 3': 19/5
Round 3> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 1': 18/5, Spot: 5
Round 4> Selaro> 3/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warchanter': 22*/8, Save seceded, Save seceded
Attack of opportunity> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warchanter': 16/5
Round 5> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 4': 13/2
Round 6> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 5': 15/3
Attack of opportunity> Selaro> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 5': 17/3
Round 7> Selaro> 6/6> Runs and jumps on to cart (Jump:11)
Round 8> Selaro> 6/6> Spot: 17
Round 9> Selaro> 6/6> Jumps off the cart and starts running towards the White Deer Inn and motioning to the others to follow, knowing that if they don't stop the goblins her home will be next. "I think that would be a great idea." she yells behind her as she goes.

*Critical confirmed.

Posted on 2007-12-19 at 16:43:31.
Edited on 2007-12-28 at 12:09:26 by Loki

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/0
35 Posts

Goblin Attack

Initiative > 11
AC 16/14/12 (AC/Flatfooted/Touch)

Round 1> Myra > 8/8 > None > Spot: 13
Round 2> Myra > 8/8 > None > Step Back 5 Feet; Cast Bless
(Anyone After My Initiative should add +1 to their attack roll)
Round 3> Myra > 8/8 > Bless> Step Behind Fighter; Ready Cure Lt (Will Heal 4 HP when released)
New Spot = 7 (I'm blind)
Reflex 1 Failed, (I'm on fire! eek)
Round 4> Myra > 5/8 > Bless> Release Cure lt(4HP) on Self; Cast Cure lt on Selaro (2HP)*Darn these low rolls*
Round 5> Myra > 6/8 > Bless> Attack Warrior 4 w/ Mace; 14|6
Round 6> Myra > 6/8 > Bless> Attakc Warrior 5 8/2 (bah)
Attack of Opportunity on Warrior 5> 16|3 (that should do it!)
Round 7> Myra > 6/8 > Cast Cure Minor on myself for 1 HP
Say .. anyone else hurt .. everyone ok .. look around for hurt people on the ground
Round 8> Myra > 7/8 > Cast Cure Minor on Grush after he jumps up on the cart (1HP); Spot 10
Round 9> Myra > 7/8 > Cast Create Water on the sparking oil (Don't know if that will work but maybe it will slow it down)
Tell others .. "lets investigate the north .. sounds like more trouble"

Posted on 2007-12-19 at 18:56:24.
Edited on 2007-12-28 at 03:49:39 by Laurelestra

Karma: 16/11
245 Posts

Goblin attack

Initiative> 12

AC 17/15/12

Round 1> Grush> 12/12> none> spot:11, Ready Weapon, orc double axe.
Round 2> Grush> 12/12> none> charge at goblin who is attacking the dog. 17/6 - 6 damage
Round 3> Grush> 12/12> +1 attack roll> attack 10/14, spot= 12
Round 4> Grush> 12/12> Bless> Charge Pyro 13/12 Dmg- 7/4
Round 5> Grush> 12/12> Bless> Jump on the wagon DC[11], Reflex[12+2] [14]
Round 6> Grush> 8/12> Bless> Attack Pyro 13/8|7/4
Round 7> Grush> 8/12> Bless> Attack of Oppurtunity 16/13|5/3, attack pyro14/9|3/6
Round 8> Grush> 8/12> Bless> Jumps off of cart spot=17
Round 9> Grush> 8/12> Bless> runs north shouting "oorah" wielding his double axe above his head.

Posted on 2007-12-19 at 21:54:12.
Edited on 2007-12-28 at 22:10:53 by stryke

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 2

Round 2 is up .. check the results from round one and respond

Selaro had a readied weapon and good initiative so you will get to hit this goblin before he hits you (if he hits)

Myra .. Edit Your Name from Laurel to Myra

Grush needs to give me a spot check since there is a thick crowd .. edit it in on round 1 and i'll change the synopsis

Edit in your round 2 actions in under your round 1 actions like I did

I realize I also need your AC .. so Edit this in under your Initiative (your AC/flatfooted/touch without any buffs/spells)

Posted on 2007-12-20 at 02:30:58.
Edited on 2007-12-20 at 02:31:51 by Devalero

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 3

Round 3 is edited in

Grush .. if you charged .. you can do an attack with that charge .. you get +2 to your attack roll .. but -2AC for the round if you want to do this. The goblin is flatfooted too because he doesn't see you so it will be an easy hit

Selaro .. still need your AC posted

Posted on 2007-12-21 at 14:58:53.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 4

Round 4 is Edited In
You may react to the warchanter only since you do not see the goblins behind. Take dmg as appropriate from the New Attacking Goblins and adjust your round 4 HP if you will

Myra .. you can use your heal on yourself or on Selaro if they take dmg at round 4 by holding that spell until the end of the round and releasing it round 4

Everyone .. looking good. Don't you just hate an ambush!

Posted on 2007-12-21 at 19:23:28.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 5

Round 5 Is In
Myra .. you only needed to reflex for the oil not the flaming sphere .. the sphere was only on Selaro
You stepped away from the goblins with a 5ft step to cast your healing spells but they stepped back on you to attack you again.

Grush .. you have the option to jump on the wagon . if you do you need to make a DC 10 Jump Check and you will take an attack of opportunity. Outside the wagon, the goblin will maintain cover.

Selaro .. you hit that warchanter like a truck! Good one!

Posted on 2007-12-23 at 22:41:19.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 6

Round 6 is posted

Grush .. make sure you take 2 dmg from the fire instead of 4 and put it in your HP for round 6

Myra .. you need to change that round 6 to round 5

Selaro .. good work .. no edits that I see

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 15:14:49.

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 45/12
188 Posts


Starting from round 6.

Initiative > 14
AC 16/13/14 (AC/Flatfooted/Touch)

Round 6> Welbry> 6/6 > None > Shoots 'Goblin Pyro': 13|4

Round 7> Welbry> 6/6 > None > Shoots 'Goblin Pyro': 17|2

Round 8> Welbry> 6/6 > spot: 16

Posted on 2007-12-24 at 17:34:35.
Edited on 2007-12-26 at 10:23:58 by Chunky-Monkey

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 7 & 8

Round 7 and 8 are posted

Grush .. you can take an attack of opportunity on a separate line and then also make your attack/movement/whatever for your turn. You still get a standard action and move action. The attack of opportunity is free .. and you also only get one attack (Your highest). It is no big deal this time .. just don't want you to cheat yourself out of a round

Everyone give spots and do what you want for round 8
All those nasty goblins are dead .. good work !!

Posted on 2007-12-25 at 23:33:17.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 9

Round 9 .. your choice as to what to do here. Respond to the round 8 synopsis

Grush .. you added your attack .. but you still need to make your attack of opportunity only a single attack .. you can't make multiple attacks when taking an attack of opportunity

Posted on 2007-12-28 at 03:46:18.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/3
30 Posts

A watchful eye


Round 1>Taden:9/9>None>Runs towards his masters house.
Round 2>Taden:9/9>None>Runs into his masters house getting spells he knows the location to.
Round 3>Taden:9/9>None>Darts outside hiding behind a building spellbook inhand:18
Round 4>Taden:9/9>None>Casts Read Magic
Round 5>Taden:9/9>None>Casts Resistance
Round 6>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Runs into the alley opens a scroll and casts Mage Armor.
Round 7>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Runs down the street toward White Deer Inn en route to the Cathedral Square.
Round 8>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Hears a woman screaming sees in the distance goblins attacking in an area ahead and runs in that direction.
Round 9>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Spots a Knight and dog fighting off a first of many goblin troops.

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 03:06:20.
Edited on 2007-12-29 at 03:51:03 by Trace9723

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 10 Transition

Round 10 will be a new battle - a boss fight of sorts .. we will repost down below this one for the next battle .. We will call it Goblin Commander. I will post this soon and you can put your round 10 responses on new posts below .. You do not need to roll a new initiative but transfer down your initiative and AC info to the new battle post below.

Welcome Trace playing a wizard in our adventure

Trace .. make the following change to your rounds so far
Round 1>Taden:9/9>None>Runs towards his masters house
Round 2>Taden:9/9>None>Runs into his masters house getting spells he knows the location to.
Round 3>Taden:9/9>None>Darts outside and hides behind a building spell book inhand:18
Round 4>Taden:9/9>None>Casts Read Magic.
Round 5>Taden:9/9>None>Casts Resistance on himself.
Round 6>Taden:9/9>Resistance>Runs into the alley opens a scroll and casts Mage Armor.
Round 7>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor, Resistance> Runs down the street towards the White Deer Inn en route to the Cathedral Square
Round 8>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor, Resistance> Hears a woman screaming and sees in the distance goblins attacking in an area ahead and runs in that direction
Round 9>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Spots a Knight and Dog fighting of a first of many goblin troops.

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 03:38:07.
Edited on 2007-12-29 at 03:38:26 by Devalero

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