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Parent thread: Rise of the Runelords
GM for this game: Devalero
Players for this game: Loki, Chunky-Monkey, stryke, fynor, Laurelestra, Trace9723
    Messages in Rise of Runelords Combat Log
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35 Posts

Goblin Commanders! To the Pain!

Can't wait .. i look forward to eating goblin commander for dinner!

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 03:57:47.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/3
30 Posts

Goblin Commander

Cant wait to join the action.

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 04:38:06.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Goblin Commando

Alright .. Post Round 10 and after for this combat titled Goblin Commando under this post. The majority of you (all of you coming from the other encounter will take a full round to get here so that will use up the majority of your round 10. You will be able to join in the combat on round 11. Our new wizard is already here so he can act during round 10 as he pleases. Make a new post for this combat below here

Goblin Commando - Die, Dog, Die! (This is EL3 so careful!)

The party arrives on the scene, short of breath from running, and notices a nobleman surrounded by goblins. Most of them cower back from the action until the Goblin Commando steps up with his whip and dogslicer and strikes the man's hunting dog to the ground. The goblins throw up a cheer and more goblins emerge from hiding. They are too distracted by the kill to see the approaching group of local heroes. Upon seeing his dog die, the nobleman falls to his knees and begins to weep

Starting Positions

............................................PCs This Way -->

X Designates An Empty 5ft Square

Round 10> Goblin Commando> 12/15> Warchant, Barkskin> Gloats and cheers at his kill snarling at the nobleman.
Round 10> Goblin Warrior 1> 5/5> Warchant > Cheering
Round 10> Goblin Warrior 2> 4/6> Warchant > Cheering
Round 10> Goblin Warrior 3> 3/3> Warchant > Cheering
Round 10> Goblin Warrior 4> 6/6> Warchant > Cheering
Round 10> Goblin Warrior 5> 1/4> Warchant > Cheering
Round 10> Goblin Warchanter> 9/11> Warchant > Chanting

Burning Hands Reflex
Goblin Commander; 17 (Succeed)
Goblin Warrior 1; 8 (Fail)
Goblin Warrior 2; 21 (Succeed)
Goblin Warrior 4; 6 (Fail)

Round 10 Synopsis
While Goblins cheer .. a young wizard steps up and casts a spell. The young wizard throws his hands out in the direction of the bulk of the goblins. Flames shoot forth out of his hands dousing the unsuspecting goblins in a bath of flame. The commander and one of his fiercest comrades turns to face the new threat. They still do not see the town's reinforcements approaching quickly from behind

Round 11> Goblin Commando> 10/15> Warchant, Barkskin> Attacks Taden; 15|7 (A near miss)
Round 11> Goblin Warrior 1> 1/5> Warchant > Attacks Taden; 7|1 (miss)
Round 11> Goblin Warrior 2> 2/6> Warchant > Steps back from the flames afraid
Round 11> Goblin Warrior 3> 3/3> Warchant > Steps back from flames
Round 11> Goblin Warrior 4> 2/6> Warchant > Steps back from flames
Round 11> Goblin Warrior 5> 1/4> Warchant > Hears Warchanter cry out and motion behind, turns to face other PC's
Round 11> Goblin Warchanter> 4/11> Warchant > Stops chanting takes a step back and casts a spell; cure lt for 8

Round 11 Synopsis:
The commander and one of his fiercest comrades turns to face the new arcane threat. The goblin commander nearly lays a mortal wound on the wizard while his warrior swings wildly at the hot air. They both step up to challenge the wizards next move. His next move is to launch a volley of two force missiles from him hands pounding the commander in the chest with strong force. Other goblins step back in fear while the warchanter takes a charge from behind and startled by it, shrinks back behind his goblin allies. One turns around to face the attackers with his dogslicer in hand. Selaro attacks the warrior in front of her slicing through him and hitting his vitals dropping him to the ground. From the rear of the battlefield, Welbry launches an arrow at the goblin commander. Unforunately he is hard to hit as he is in combat and the arrow falls to the side glancing off the Commando's thickened barkskin hide.

Round 12> Goblin Commando> 6/15> Warchant, Barkskin> Attacks Wizard; 22|3 (hit)
Round 12> Goblin Warrior 1> 1/5> Warchant > attacks wizard; 7|4 (miss)
Round 12> Goblin Warrior 2> 2/6> Warchant > DEAD
Round 12> Goblin Warrior 3> 3/3> Warchant > attacks grush; 17|3 (hit)
Round 12> Goblin Warrior 4> 2/6> Warchant > attacks grush; 5|1 (miss)
Round 12> Goblin Warrior 5> 1/4> Warchant > attacks grush; 6|2 (miss)
Round 12> Goblin Warchanter> 11/11> Warchant > takes another 5 foot step back behind goblin warriors; casts Daze [13 will save] on Grush

Round 12 Synopsis
Welbry fires a second arrow. This time his arrow flies true and strikes the Commando finding its way through his thick skin. The commando grunts, reaching back and breaking the arrow off his back. Selaro steps up easily finishing off one of the Goblin warriors challenging her. The goblin coughs up blood as he falls over on the ground in a rappidly growing puddle of red. Grush swings at a second warrior impaling him sending him flailing wildly and falling over in a dead heap.

Round 13> Goblin Commando> 3/15> Warchant, Barkskin> Steps back and drinks a potion; Her wounds heal
Round 13> Goblin Warrior 1> 1/5> Warchant > attacks wizard; 12|3(Miss)
Round 13> Goblin Warrior 2> 2/6> Warchant > DEAD
Round 13> Goblin Warrior 3> 3/3> DEAD
Round 13> Goblin Warrior 4> 2/6> Warchant > attacks Grush; 12|5 (miss)
Round 13> Goblin Warrior 5> 1/4> DEAD
Round 13> Goblin Warchanter> 11/11> Warchant > cracks whip attempthing to trip Selaro; DC[15] (this is a dex check or balance to avoid being tripped}

Round 13 Synopsis
The commando, bleeding profusely takes her potion and heals her wounds. She sighs in relief only for it to be shortlived as a quarterstaff smacks her upside the head. The pain is so great that she blacks out before she hits the ground and dies. Selaro attacks once again but this time is unsuccessful. The remaining two goblins seeing the warchanter fall to the ground drop their weapons and turn tail to run. Welbry's arrow falls short again. Myra stands defensively ready to heal if needed (Attacks of opportunity for one running goblin that is next to you if you like)

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 13:50:52.
Edited on 2008-01-01 at 15:44:48 by Devalero

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/0
35 Posts

Goblin Commando

Initiative > 11
AC 16/14/12 (AC/Flatfooted/Touch)

Round 10>Myra>7/8>Bless>Run To Screaming
Round 11>Myra>7/8>Bless>Ready Cure Light
Round 12>Myra>7/8>Bless>Step up to Grush (avoiding the Goblins) and cast cure lt (5HP Heal)

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 14:15:10.
Edited on 2007-12-30 at 19:16:55 by Laurelestra

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/3
30 Posts

Goblin Commando

AC 16/14/12

Round 10>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Steps infront of the noble,opens up a scroll and casts Burning Hands towards Goblin Commando,Goblin Warrior 1,Goblin Warrior 2,and Goblin Warrior 4:[14]N/A|3

Round 11>Taden:9/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>grinning from dodging the two blows takes a 5 foot step back , raises his hand and casts Magic Missile at the Goblin Commander: [N/a] N/A|4 (3+1)

Round 12>Taden:6/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Takes a 5 foot step toward Goblin Commando,Attack Goblin Commando 20(20*)|4(8**)

Round 13>Taden:6/9>Mage Armor,Resistance>Readys his Quarterstaff

* Roll to comfirm critical
** Amount if critical is confirmed

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 14:35:42.
Edited on 2007-12-31 at 21:39:12 by Trace9723

Karma: 16/11
245 Posts

Goblin commando

Ac> 17/15/12
initiative> 12
Round 10> Grush> 8/12> Bless> sees a large goblin and 6 smaller ones around him and runs toward the menacing group.
Round 11> Grush> 8/12> Bless> attack goblin warrior 5 12/17|8/5.
Round 12> Grush> 8/12> Bless> attack goblin warrior 5 17/8|9/5

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 17:42:54.
Edited on 2007-12-30 at 21:27:59 by stryke

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 45/12
188 Posts


Initiative > 14
AC 16/13/14 (AC/Flatfooted/Touch)

Round 10>Welbry>6/6>None>getting into a suitable place to shoot Goblin Commando
Round 11>Welbry>6/6>None>shoots 'Goblin Commando' 17|4
Round 12>Welbry>6/6>None>shoots 'Goblin Commando' 19|3
Round 13>Welbry>6/6>None>shoots 'Goblin Commando' 15|4

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 20:34:52.
Edited on 2008-01-01 at 13:15:18 by Chunky-Monkey

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Goblin commando

Initive:- 18
AC:- 15/13/12 (Norm./Flat Footed/Touch)

Round 10> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Quickly surveys the scene, Goes into total defence, and takes a 5ft step towards 'Goblin Warrior 2'(If possible).
Round 11> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> Attacks 'Goblin Warrior2': 17/6
Round 12> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> 5ft step up board, Attacks 'Goblin Warrior 5': 19(12*)/4(8**)
Round 13> Selaro> 6/6> Bless> 5ft step towards Goblin Warchanter, Check Succeeded, Attacks 'Goblin Warchanter': 13/6,

* Role to confirm critical.
** Damage if critical is confirmed.

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 21:19:16.
Edited on 2007-12-31 at 17:36:10 by Loki

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 11 & 12

Ok .. Post for round 12 now

Welbry - You can't shoot for round 10 .. it will take the whole round to run into position .. you can use your better shot for round 11 though

Posted on 2007-12-30 at 02:44:19.
Edited on 2007-12-30 at 16:37:44 by Devalero

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Current Enemy Status Table

Noble X Dog X X X X
X Taden CoDead X X X X
X GWar1 X X X X X
X X X Warchant X X X
X X GWar4 Dead5 Selaro X X
X X Dead3 Grush X X X
X X X X X X Welbry
X X X X X X Myra

Posted on 2007-12-30 at 16:01:01.
Edited on 2008-01-01 at 15:43:24 by Devalero

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


Selaro is a woman

Posted on 2007-12-31 at 10:29:57.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Round 13

Round 13 is up ..

Grush - I need a will save from you or you are dazed for the next round and also Grush I changed your attack to a different warrior and you killed it .. so the remaining warrior is on the board .. looks like 2 warriors and the warchanter and the commander remain after round 12

I fixed a few things that i had messed up .. make sure things are right now in the combat .. and Selaro is definitely a woman so make sure to refer to her as such.

Posted on 2007-12-31 at 16:46:30.
Edited on 2008-01-01 at 15:39:45 by Devalero

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


She is my character of cause I know what gender she is.

SHE IS A SHE nitwit

Posted on 2007-12-31 at 16:48:49.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Tread Lightly

of course YOU know what she is .. i was posting so the others would make sure not to make the same mistake I did ..

And careful who you "Nitwit" you might get the wrath

Posted on 2008-01-01 at 15:36:30.

Karma: 50/6
370 Posts

Combat Conclusion

This concludes your first major combat.
I know you will want to search the bodies so here is the loot list. I suggest you split things evenly for fairness.

3 Potions of cure light
1 Potion of Rage
1 MW Horsechopper (Small)
1 MW Whip (Small)
MW Shortbow (Small)
18 arrows
1 MW shortsword (Small)
2 Alchemist Fire
1 Pyro Bomb
18 gp
42 sp
212 cp

XP Totals
Myra, Selaro, Grush Gain 580
Welbry, Taden Gain 230

Posted on 2008-01-01 at 15:53:36.
Edited on 2008-01-01 at 15:55:42 by Devalero


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