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Dreamer of Bladesong
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The Hope of Dawn

Linnix turns once more to Aelistae, and just murmurs a single word, "How?"

Her eyes, still distant and haunted, begin to hold within them a glimmer of hope.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 16:14:33.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts


Aelistae cocked her head and smiled, as if the answer were obvious. “By song and sword. Tonight when we make camp and the moon is shining in the sky above, I will show you.”

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 18:58:48.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts

In the Land of Twilight Under the Moon...

Linnix's eyes widen for a moment, but then she smiles as well, "You'll teach me?"

Still smiling, Linnix looks away, and blushes slightly, "I've never tried dancing before... It might take me a while to learn, but I'll do my best."

Already looking better, as though her slight depression never occured, Linnix jumps to her feet, "I can't wait! Well, sitting around isn't going to get this quest over any faster, so I guess we should pack up and get ready."

Linnix pauses for a moment, "Wierd, now I'm hungry... I'll go see if there's any leftovers from brunch. Judging from what I saw, I think there should be some."

Linnix dashes off towards the remnants of the miniature feast that was provided for a quick bite to eat.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 19:26:12.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

...where the drow sing

Linnix suddenly seemed so imbued with verve and energy that Aelistae had to stifle a giggle. They joy she expressed so openly was a breath of fresh air for the Elistraeyn, especially after the confrontation that occurred moments before.

But as Linnix skipped off to catch breakfast, Aelistae realized that she had never mentioned to the young woman precisely what she had intended to show her, but somehow Linnix had known it involved dancing.

‘Was she…?’ The thought that Linnix had been watching her as she had danced the night before and had then met Nash, caused her eyes to widen slightly.

‘But even if she was watching last night…do I have anything to be ashamed of?’
The drow priestess reached into a pouch that hung on her belt, and fingered the silver cross that was contained therein. She raised it to her lips, and found her answer.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 20:23:44.
Edited on 2008-05-04 at 20:25:10 by Ginafae

Dragon Fodder
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Enjoy your time :EDITED

So it was that the companions were somewhat silenced after the outburst which had caused Marcus to cling to Elesia in confusion. Aeistae and Linnix were preparing for their journey speaking of dreams and future plans, while Kasenarrion Loriel and Xaris all prepared themselves in breaking camp, and getting ready to head back on their original quest. Artanis was trying on her newly acquired cloak of black suede with velvet green trim, while Elesia was showing Marcus Sunshine and Daisy, who were more than happy to help sooth the child.

Jared Black was still struggling athough much more meekly against his rope bonds as Kas led him to her horse. Sunfire certainly didn’t look too enthused to be carrying another passenger, but with only his hands free tied low about his waist, it was all the felon could do to hold onto Kas who sat before him lest he be cast from the horse mid-ride.

Xaris once more mounted with Elesia, and Marcus rode along happily in the cart amongst the goods.

The ride was an easy one, thankfully without incident. As they rode, Bartholomew neared Alice to Kas’ horse.
“You know, I’m thankful to have you around, and if no one else will speak it I do so now. If you can learn to accept Linnix and each of these strangers for all there strengths and shortcomings, I’d be happy to have you accompany us on our actual quest. If you’re so inclined.” Bart went on to explain the details of their mission to the keep in the north, and the goblin and monster trouble said to be plaguing the area.

Jared Black only looked on in bewilderment Apparently he wasn’t expecting such a band of would-be heroes when he chanced upon them.


They arrived that afternoon at where they had left Marcus’ father before. Amazingly, the older man was still there by his destroyed cart, though he had managed to salvage but a fraction of his wares in a single barrel untouched by flame.

“Father Father!” Marcus cried as they neared the cart. Marcus’ father nearly toppled over from the barel upon which he sat at the sound of his son’s voice.

“Marcus! You’re alright!. Mary? Mary where are you hiding?”

The group engaged in a tearful reunion of Mother, Father, and Son, even though the mother, gently wrapped and transported would no longer be with them in person, Marcus was confident she would watch over them from on high.

Marcus was eager to tell of the companion’s bravery to his father with the companions filling in the blanks as needed.

Bartholomew offered the two safe passage to Castle Tethyr, and they graciously accepted, hoping into Linnix’s cart. Though the ride was not exactly smooth sailing as the rickety cart rattled and rolled across the terrain, everyone was happy as the night came, and left with minimal disturbances, as he group traveled along the road through the night as they had all had plenty of sleep the morning before.

As Dawn crested the following morning, each was relieved and filled with renewed excitement as Castle Tethyr’s, outlying farmsteads came into view. Marcus and his Father thanked Bart and the company many a time for the safe journey, and the Father, whose name was James retrieved from his barrel a coral, pearl, and seashell necklace placing it in Bart’s hands with a stubborn thrust, despite Bart’s repeated mentioning that no payment was due.

“Because of you my wife and Son are returned to me, to not deny me this little thing. That was one of my dear Mary’s finest works, it should fetch a pretty penny at market.”
With a wave of his hand, and a hug to each of the companions, male female or horse by Marcus, the two were off into the Castle grounds, with James carrying Mary across his arms and Marcus carrying the barrel beside him.

As they neared the raised portcullis, Bartholomew reared Alice around and spoke to the others. For those of you who haven’t been here before, for the purpose of our travel plans this is the last supply depot for some time. There’s a wonderful marketplace here, and a garrison of the Army, plenty of watering holes and entertainment options, as this was once the Capitol of Tethyr before it was transferred to Darromar after the war. My dear Aelistae I’m not certain how well you’ll be welcomed here, given the Drow involvement in the troubles of the past, but stick with another and you should do fine I would wager.

Bart looked to the sky and smiled. “We have plenty of day ahead of us, use it wisely, and meet tonight at the Green Gryphon, where I will procure us all lodgings.” It may do you well to head there now, and stable your horses before taking to the streets. I'll have what Magic items we've procured Identified over breakfast and while everyone settles in, and we can decide what to do with them over some good food and finer drink. I don't often touch the stuff save at the HArvest Festival or weddings, but today I'll make an exception."

Elesia smiled and rode alongside Bart. Allow me to accompany you, perhaps my charms may come in handy in fetching us fair price on our services required. With that, the two of them rode off into town.

~Cut to a couple hours later

Bart and Elesia Return to the Green Gryphon, where Lodging and Meal tab's are all settled for each member of the party. along with them they bring both nw information regarding some of their items, as well as a few shiney baubles for each party member as Elesia explains she sold the Large, and encumbersome Ogre's Axe. and Bartholomew explains his near -run in with the law.
~Refer to the q/a and item information

(If there’s anything you wish to do here let me know via Q&A and I’ll answer your many options, Kas, the garrison would be where you’d want to take Jared Black. There is shopping, and wining and dining available, as well as many other role-play opportunities. Bart is going to procure lodgings, before shopping himself)

Posted on 2008-05-06 at 17:44:09.
Edited on 2008-05-08 at 03:34:24 by Kaelyn

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
2264 Posts

The Green Gryphon

As the oaken doors stained green to match the wooden sculpted Gryphon to which the establishment affixed its namesake opened, the smells of pipesmoke and freshly baked breads wafted to tantalize the companions noses. As Bart made his way through the wide open common room dotted with cherrywood furniture and intricately carved iron lanterns or candlesticks to the bar, more than one patron's eye turned to face the companions, especially Aelistae, some of them skidding their chairs aside to place even more room between themselves and the drow woman. A pair of garrison Guards sat at a table by an open window, looking out into the cobblestone streets of Castle Tethyr, a name that covered the entire town rather than just the fortress at its core, spotted the dark skinned woman and one motioned to rise, until his companion, an older gentlemen by several winters halted his comrades ascent, ushered him to silence, and simply nodded in awareness to the priestess and her band of companions.

As Bartholomew approached the Bar, he procured from his pouch a fair sized amber, and slid it happily across the wooden surface for the barkeep to inspect.

"I would like to rent at least five of your rooms, complete with the finest service the Green Gryphon is known for is that clear?" Barthoomew said with some authority, the presense of his companions giving him that courageous confidence he often seemed to lack.

If the Bartender was about to say anything, he bit his tongue at the sight of Elesia, who leaned over the bar to gently take the barkeep's hand, holding it in her own while her gentle fingers stroked the weathered skin of the man's work hardened hands. "And do run us gal's a bath would you?" She added, her addictive smile stealing any refusal the barkeep could muster at the sight of Bart's chosen company.

"Martha! Fetch me the five finest suites we have left, prep and pamper them, we have well paying guests tonight who demand only the finest!" As the bartender spoke he pulled from Elesia's gentle grip to pocket the amber, and with a whistle, two young ladies, came out from the back baring tableclothes, and candlesticks, where they set a large crcular table in fine dinnerware near the corner fireplace of the room, complete with a bouquet of imported orchids and a bottle of Calims***e Brandywine. As the serving girls beckoned the adventurer's over to the table, Martha, an elderly woman with a cane of twisted elm, approached and handed Bart 5 brass keys, each with a room number etched into them, before departing back to whatever hole she had hobbled out from.

The bartender smiled and clapped his hands. "Name's Angus Petigrue and if there be anything the Gryphon can do you you fine folk don't hesitate to be lettin me know now y'hear?"

As the companions took their seats, Bart and Elesia respectfully left them to their comforts, as they had some dealings to tend to, infomring them all they would return in a little over an hour, she took her leave.

Looking around the common room, there are several tables filled with patrons ranging from commoner's to those of higher status, and the garrison guards. There is also a sign next to a small wheeled cage that reads:
Green Gryphon Lotto: Buy a spin for 5 gold pieces: Draw a white ball, _nothing, a blue ball, double your money, and a Red ball, win ten times that amount! The cae is filled with many white balls, some blue balls, and only a few red balls obviously, but nestled within is also a single gold ball.
Under the rest of the sign reads: Draw the Gold ball, and win a Special Prize!

As the pay settles, the waitresses bring around tankards of ice water, and menues containing all sorts of delightful dishes to satisfy any palette.

~~Fade to an hour or so later when Elesia and Bart return with the magic items identified. Backpost as necessary

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 04:09:51.
Edited on 2008-05-08 at 04:14:02 by Kaelyn

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Kas querries the guards at the gate for the location of the local constabulary. She looks to Bart, "I will rejoin you as soon as I have taken care of things."

Those things were dropping off Jared Black and locating a temple to Tyr.

Kas rides up to the place and jumps off her horse and waits till Jared dismounts. She looks to the man as he stands beside Sunfire.

"I hope that in your misguided banditry that you never cause grievous injury or death. This much I can do for you and that is to state that you willingly ceeased hostilities and gave me you parole in the name of Tyr."

With that she take Jared into the designated office.

(Any RP)

Just before she leaves she asks it there is a temple to Tyr in the city.

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 05:30:28.
Edited on 2008-05-08 at 06:33:20 by Dragon Mistress

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

A frosty reception

Aelistae instinctively raised the cowl of her cloak and immersed her face in its depths. Only a few strands of her silvery hair were uncovered, but she could still feel the gazes of disapproval that were directed towards her in the inn. A hush had fallen over the patrons in the bar when she had entered, and when the conversation resumed it revolved around the ‘drow witch’ seated in the corner. One of the armoured humans even appeared as if we would rise and confront her openly until another calmed him.

It was a scene that had become remarkably familiar to Aelistae. Ever since leaving the Promenade beneath Waterdeep, her attempts to prove that she was no danger to simple village and townsfolk had gone poorly, and, even after she had found some common ground by signing up to Bart’s expedition, she had nearly met her end in the streets of Darromar.

“I’d like to buy the others a drink,” she whispered quietly to one of the serving girls with a gesture to the surly patrons, “I truly mean them no harm. And if you could pass on that I would be grateful, Sister.”

[Aelistae will hand over 5 silvers to her if she agrees.]

Aelistae sipped the water slowly, and gave a cursory glance to the menu that had been provided to her. The food seemed strange and exotic to her eyes. Without knowing what was good to at and what wasn’t, Aelistae quickly decided to order the first item that Linnix chose.

She smiled apologetically at the woman as she rose to investigate the small, wheeled cage that sat in one corner of the inn.

“Could I have a go?” she asked the innkeeper, as she produced a handful of gold and silver coins.

[Aelistae will try her luck 3 times if she’s allowed to.]

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 13:17:38.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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1764 Posts



Before Kas leaves the group she looks to Bart. "Please find the worth of the necklace and then allow me to purchase it first."

She hopes she has enough money.

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 17:23:57.

RDI Fixture +1
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Xaris walked into the tavern with his companions, and felt the stares immediately fall upon them. He was sure enough that none of them have ever seen a real drow, or even knew what kind of gnome he was. But none the less, he sat down with his friends in the corner, and began to take an order. He looked down the menu and ordered a broth with vegetables, and a good sized portion of bread.

Before he ever left the forest, he was never used to this kind of food. But now, he was quite aware of what he liked and didn't like.

Before they had walked into this tavern, Xaris had no desire to buy anything. He was perfectly content with the items he had on his person, and waited outside the tavern for his companions.

He watched Aelistae go up to the cage, and he decided to follow. Not only because his gnomish curiousity got the best of him, but also to make sure nothing happens to his friend.

He approached up behind her, and spoke waist level to the two people.

" Yes, how much would three reaches cost? I would like to purchase them."

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 22:43:00.

Dragon Fodder
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Bartholomew turned to Kas, and shook his head though he bore a warm smile. "Truthfully I was thinking perhaps we could keep this as a trophy of ou exploits, for truely it was the first of many hopefully successes this band will have on our way to the keep. Who knows, perhaps it wil be the first of many items to be proudly displayed within a cae of gold and fine wood declaring the bravery and fellowship we all share. I will have it appraised however. Best of luck in dropping that vagrant off with the rest of the filth that dirties our proud lands.

Kasennarion, asking directions was easily guided to the local constabulary, pulling Jared black along behind her with a tug of the rope which bound him. Bounty Hunter’s were not so uncommon in these lands or times, and everyone gave her a wide birth as she pulled the fugitive to her goal. As she entered the garrison, Jared winced as the man behind the desk immediately recognized him.
“Jared Black, you gutter rat, I thought I told you if I ever saw you again it would be the gallow’s for you.” Mr. Black audibly gulped at the threat. As the Constable turned to Kas, he bowed slightly and ran rugged fingers through his dusty curls.
“You’ve done the countryside a service lady. This fella’s been causing quite a ruckus since dropping out of the militia and taking to banditry.”
Jared Black shot back in anger. “The Army’s full of pompous blow-hearts and corrupt ideals, At least I enjoyed my freedom for a little while, but you, Gregory are but a lapdog in chain!”

Gregory moved to receive the criminal and shook his head. “You’ll never understand what loyalty or honor means will you Black.”

Taking Black from Kas, he moved him into a nearby cell, and tossed him in unceremoniously, not even bothering to untie him for the time being. Moving back behind the desk, he pulled out some form,s and began filling them out, glancing to Kas as he did so. “Now then lass, if you’ll tell me your name, and how you cam about him, I’ll file these off, fetch the reward, and see you on your way.”

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 22:43:53.

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

Luck of the 'horseshoe

“I’d like to buy the others a drink,” she whispered quietly to one of the serving girls with a gesture to the surly patrons, “I truly mean them no harm. And if you could pass on that I would be grateful, Sister.”
The serving girl flinched reflexively as the priestess neared her to whisper, but relaxed considerably as Aelistae’s soft voice made light of her intentions to buy the bar patrons a round of ale. Slipping the barmaid five silver pieces, the lass left to fetch the drinks, as Aelistae rose herself to investigate the bingo cage filled with little balls. “Could I have a go?” She asked, peering to her side as Xaris stood beside her, his curiosity also bidding him try the game of chance.

" Yes, how much would three reaches cost? I would like to purchase them." He asked.
Angus turned and smiled, pointing to the box beside the cage upon which the sign was fixed. 5 Crowns minimum a spin there- up to a maximum of 50 gold, try as often as you like.” With that much money passing about, no wonder the box was located right at the bar, and there were armed garrison guards within the premises.

Aelistae slipped the first of her coins into the box, and gave the little handle upon the cage a turn. The cage spun, and the balls rattled until out the side popped a white ball. Not to be discouraged, Aelistae went to try again, and Angus informed her to return the white ball into the to of the cage before she spun again. Doing so, she turned the crank once more, the gentle rattle coming to a stop once more as another white ball spilled forth from the side. Aelistae understood that with any game of chance, the odds were not usuay in the player’s favor, and as she returned the ball, inserted more coins, and spun once more, she was pleasantly surprised as a blue ball came forth. Angus smiled and laughed a heart laugh as Aelsitae’s eyes widened.

“A winner, good luck lass, good luck.” Angus plucked something from beneath the bartop and moved over to Aelistae, claiming the blue ball and returning it to the cage, he handed her a single platinum piece, double that of her original 5gold roll.

Xaris stepped up to the Cage as well, slipping his 15 gold pieces into the box in a single motion. And he eagerly turned the crank. Angus looked on eagerly as the cage turned, and out popped…
A red ball!

Xaris could hardly contain his excitement as he held the red ball up for all to see. Some of the patron’s in the room cheered for the gnome, and cheered all the louder as a pair of barmaids carrying free ale from Aelistae came forth and began handing them out. Some even tipped their hats or mugs in the drow’s direction in appreciation.

Angus tousled his hair in a grin. “Aye it looks like you lil one have a ‘orseshoe shoved up yer nethers.’ As he moved to a Lockbox beneath the bartop, he pulled out a handful of coins, and slid them across the countertop towards Xaris. The gnome reached up to claim them, and realized there were fifteen shiny platinum pieces. He was about to protest the barkeep's error, when it donned on him. 5 gold piece minimum, he had placed 15, ten times that amount was his winnings. Maybe he would try again?

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 23:19:36.
Edited on 2008-05-08 at 23:26:27 by Kaelyn

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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1764 Posts


"My name is Kasenarrion Sunblade, I am not from around here and I know you have never heard of the place." In truth Kas could not remember the name of her home, or even where it was along with everthing one should know about their family. All these were a giant void in her mind. Certainly she was not of this world since Pelor was not a Deity here.

Kas pulls out the journal she started, as in her divine indoctination into the worship of Tyr, she understood that clerics and such were to keep a journal of all their actions so that that could have their actions judged by the hiearchy of the Temple.

So it was she read from the journal the story of her arrival and the Banites at the bridge. Then the story of the man who had his wife and child taken, and their rescue of them from the cavern complex along with the Banite witch and the Ogres and Orcs that had been using the caves for a hiding place. She even handed him a map to the place with the appropriate directions and landmarks. She gives the names of the farmer and family, should the man wish to cooberate the story. Finally she tells of the attack that went on outside while they were in rescuing the child. She then added that Jared Black and 2 others had attacked her comrades while they were camping a resting, intend of thievery and mayhem, even threating the rape of one of the other females of the group.

It was not her place to judge, but she took the time to turn to Jared Black.

"We are all placed in positions where we must make a choice for Good or Evil, for Law or Chaos, and Right or Wrong. I do not know all of you story or doings so I can not judge you."

"I am sorry that you made the wrong choice."

As she said she would Kas looks back to the officer, "Sir, I would like to say that Master Black, she used a polite form of address, for there was not reason not too, "did immediately end his hostilities and give his parole to me in the name of Tyr.

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 23:25:03.
Edited on 2008-05-08 at 23:34:00 by Dragon Mistress

RDI Fixture +1
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1541 Posts


Xaris smiled a big grin as he held up the red ball. The jeering from the crowd swelled him up inside, and he felt even happier when he realized that he won fifteen platinum!

" I thank you Angus, and this fun game of yours. I shall try once more to spin your cage, just for the fun of it. It's not like I am going to lose anything over all, right?"

With that, Xaris pocketed the fifteen platinum coins, and took out five more gold. He put them in, and spun once more. If this spin was for anything it was for the entertainment it gave everyone. He spun the cage slowly, and waited for the ball to come out.

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 23:30:00.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
2264 Posts

One more spin of the ...cage

Xaris placed five more gold into the box, and gave it a spun, his eyes followed the twirling cage and as a white ball popped out, he smiled still. After all, the day had started off rather well, what was a few more gold when he had just made platinum?

Posted on 2008-05-08 at 23:37:20.


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