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Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Zora brings her sword to a more threatening position point out about 45 degrees from her body. She uses the universal sign for silence and moves cautiously toward where she heard the sound. Zora is hoping the thing is just a common animal with the sense to run away, but she is also prepared.

There was a time when Zora would have been conjecturing any number of possibilities as to what it was and what it might do, not that she did not still do that, but now a trained warrior she had learn to quickly analyze the situation and then ready herself, and not dwell on conjectures, which could lead her astray or cause her to be surprised.

She points to Sil to move up with her but about 5 feet from her, that way if something were to attack them, either one of them was a step away from the other. Zora walked by stepping on her toes first to minimize making noise, and continues to move up.

Posted on 2008-06-23 at 18:14:33.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Let's get it on! :P

Artanis strained to see what she could of just what was lurking beyond the edge of the clearing. Her eyes were unable to tell her much of anything. Apparently Talus spotted something, however, because he suddenly shot off an arcane blast. Artanis spun around to see what he'd shot at. Not seeing anything, Artanis quickly moved to where Talus stood. "What did yo..."

Her words were forgotten when she heard a noise. She looked up to see several wolves all around the clearing, stepping out from the covering of the trees surrounding them. Then, just in front of her, she saw two much larger wolves, and a ... a lycan?, step forth. The apparent leader addressed the group:

“You have intruded upon our hunting grounds, and attacked my kin without provocation. Once more your arrogance will cost you your lives, and we will have our sacrifice for the glory of nightfall and mother.”
He went on to say they could run for their lives, and they would hunt them down, but only after the wolves had devoured their mounts.

“I have a counter-offer. We will hunt the hunter, and spirit his mange-eaten soul to his Dark Goddess. And we will do so for all those he has killed, and because the Moon belongs to us.”
Artanis grinned as Aelistae uttered her words. "Haha. You tell him how it is. He simply doesn't know who he's dealing with." Such were Artanis' thoughts. Then Linnix began spouting off about fairies? Artanis had no idea what on earth the girl was refering to, but once she'd finished making no sense at all, Linnix fired an arrow at the master of the wolf pack. This was soon followed by another blast from Talus.

"Well, I guess it's on now!" Artanis said to no one in particular as she prepared for the attack that would surely come next.

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 01:53:45.
Edited on 2008-06-24 at 02:02:33 by DarkAutumn

Not Dragon Mistress
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Silvara laid her hand on Zora's shield as the paladin started to move forward, to get her attention. Once Zora acknowledges her, Silvara shakes her head with a negative gesture, and then points to where they were now standing. Silvara wanted her to stay right here and not move.

It was better to force the enemy to come to you in the place of your choosing than to be surprised in their chosen place. This is what she had learned in her training. This way they could protect each other if their was more than one opponent and they could make it harder for their foes to flank them.

Silvara preps the spell, blood blade, but will not cast it until she knows what they face. Her spells are few and to be used when her skill with a sword is not enough to turn the tide.

Silvara listens intently for any sound of movement, trying to pin down its origin. Her eyes scan the area for any possible sneak attacks.

"If you mean us ill, then come taste my sweet mithral sword," Silvara whispers softly. Her supple body is balanced and poised for action. Her keen sense alert for any indication of sounds, sights, senses, or smell. The later being more difficult with the rotting body in the room.

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 03:15:39.
Edited on 2008-06-24 at 16:13:35 by Brianna

Dragon Fodder
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Arena of Trees

Any thoughts of escaping were quelled with Aelistae’s word’s and the soft click sounding the release of a silver bolt in the direction of the lycanthropic threat. Aelistae’s holy symbol was encased in a silver glow of holy power, and as she held it aloft to attempt to turn the lupine beasts, she felt the power of Ellistrae flow through her as she spoke the words of power. The lycan before her stared her down, seemingly unaffected by the turn attempt, as did his loyal guardians. One of the wolves nearby however, (on the right side) shuddered and howled, before being overcome with a supernatural fear, and whimpered scratching at the tree-woven cage, unable to flee.

Linnix’s bolt flew towards the Lycanthropic leader, but amazingly it was one of the pairs of larger wolves before him that snapped forward, catching the bolt with a snap if it’s maw, the wooden shaft of the bolt snapping and the potentially dangerous silver head falling harmlessly to the floor.

Then as one the entire enclosure became a feeding ground, as every wolf, wolf-like beast, lycanthrope or otherwise all reacted at once, their pack moving on the same initiative with unparalleled teamwork.

The five unaffected wolves all pounced at once, each taking a different target in respect to those nearest to them. Talus, Elesia, Linnix, Xaris, and Aelistae all found themselves staring down the throats of a razor tooth lined maw attached to a hundred plus pounds of fur and fang.

Wolf 1 vs. Talus: Talus was able to quickly twist his body out of the way of a dangerous snapping set of teeth…

Wolf 2 vs. Elesia: Elesia however was not so lucky, he efforts of freeing the horses left her exposed, and the wolf clipped her arm, drawing blood. (-4hp)

Wolf 3 vs. Linnix: Linnix too was unprepared for the sheer speed of the wolf attack. The lupine beast was atop her in an instant, sharp teeth tearing into her flesh above her right thigh. (31/37)

Wolf 4 vs. Xaris: Xaris, being small and nimble easily dodged the attacking wolf, and prepared his counter offensive.

Wolf 5 vs. Aelistae: Even Aelistae, so focused on her godly refutation of the enemy could not maneuver out of the way of the wolf, who bit down painfully into her left leg, the wolf growled in satisfaction as it tasted blood. (30/3

Dire Wolf 1 vs. Bart: Despite the bravado Bartholomew had shown up till now, in an instant it was proven he was no warrior, though he hid his fear behind the sweat which gathered on his brow, the Dire wolf simply barreled into him, knocking his newly acquired pitchfork from his grasp, as the large wolf tore a large chunk out of the farmer-patron’s torso. Bartholomew let out an agonizing cry of pain as he stumbled over, barely keeping his footing. (-15hp)

Dire Wolf 2 vs. Artanis: In an instant, the second Dire wolf bounded past the wounded Bartholomew and into Artanis, but the seasoned warrior was more than prepared, as the dire wolf landed, she side stepped, and deflected the charging beast with her shield, pushing it off to the side.

Lycanthrope: With a call upon the blessings of the Dark Mother, the lycanthrope cast a spell, and Aelsitae could feel her armored shirt heat up like a warm cozy blanket about her person. “Hehe, unlike my kin, I prefer my meat cooked.” The Lycanthrope said.

They had been caught at a disadvantage, and though many had been wounded, some more grievously than others they had survived the initial onslaught, and were now ready for a counter offensive. Artanis hefted her newly acquired bastard sword, the gleaming metal reflecting the firelight across the battlefield, and as she took a 5’ step closer towards Talus, not taking her eyes from her enemy, she swung a mighty arc that cut deep into the Dire Wolf’s frame. She could feel the resistance as the creature’s body fought the intrusion of the foreign metal, but such was the strength of her swing that even still it left quite the wound. (Critical hit, (-18 hp)

Xaris wanted to get closer to the more threatening looking opponents, but leaving the wolf free to attack his flank just wouldn’t do. Taking a 5’ step towards the center of the clearing, the resident super gnome gripped his master worked great sword and laid into the wolf, the blade cutting deep and eliciting a howl of pain from the creature. (-13 hp)

Bart scrambled backwards as blood seeped through his fingertips, he was shaking and his vision was blurry. For the first time in his life, he truly feared that perhaps he’d not see his wife and children again, forget the claiming of the keep or the quest for glory. As he felt his lifeblood slipping away, he prayed as he fumbled for a potion from his belt pouch. “Tyr, Helm, Ilmatyr and Torm, watch over us now as you have in the past, please see me safely through this ordeal.” With that he quaffed the potion, feeling the cool refreshing healing properties wash over him, mending a small portion of his grisly wound. (Bart HP-7/??)

Elesia winced slightly as her arm ached, stepped back and turned to face the approaching wolf, blood on its lips. "That's enough out of you, now sleep." She focused the sleep spell on the wolf before her, and was pleased when the pup simply curled up and began a growling snore at her feet.

Talus was free from harm, but far from free of danger. As the wolf bared its fangs at the warlock, his power growing within him, Talus took a step back, free from immediate danger and fired his eldritch blast at the lycan-leader. The blast splashed across the lycan’s chest in a burning scorch, and the man hissed as he turned his attention towards Talus. “You who cavort with demons, The Dark Mother can use those of your talents, cease your futile attempts to deny what you are, and join us, and you shall be rewarded a thousand times more than you could ever hope to achieve in this lifetime.”

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 20:19:01.
Edited on 2008-06-24 at 20:42:13 by Kaelyn

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Linnix cries out sharply when she is bitten.

"Bad dog!" She shrieks, her eyes easily matching the wolf's with malevolence.

Dropping her crossbow, she reaches over her back for a more potent item. She draws the scythe in a fluid motion, although her attacks with it will prove to be far less fluid. She slashes across with the scythe, trying to bear it down upon the overgrown dog, despite the fact that she isn't exactly knowledgeable of how to use the weapon.

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 00:20:35.

Queen Hugglepounce
Karma: 47/29
674 Posts

You Can't Have Him!

Suddenly the entire pack moved as one, and the wolves attacked. One second Bart was taken down, but before Artanis could react she had her own attacker to deal with. The large wolf lunged at her, and by the grace of the gods, she shielded her body from the attacking beast. She was able to shove its body aside, just before she swung her sword in a lethal arc, sinking its blade into the wolf's flesh. Wanting to be sure this beast was dead, Artanis quickly swung her blade at the animal's neck in an attempt to sever its head from its body.

Even as she fought her own attacker, Artanis took note that Talus, rather than dispose of the wolf at hand, let fly a blast at the lycan leader.


Artanis heard the Lycan's words to Talus:

“You who cavort with demons, The Dark Mother can use those of your talents, cease your futile attempts to deny what you are, and join us, and you shall be rewarded a thousand times more than you could ever hope to achieve in this lifetime.”

Not entirely sure what the lycan was going on about, Artanis had no time to stop and consider his words. She never took her eyes from the injured wolf as she spoke:

"His talents are not available to you, or this "Dark Mother" of yours. He has teamed up with us, and just so happens we are on the good side of this fight. So you can't have him!"

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 00:23:49.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 11:41:43 by DarkAutumn

RDI Fixture
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582 Posts


The lycanthrope hissed as he turned his attention towards Talus. “You who cavort with demons, The Dark Mother can use those of your talents, cease your futile attempts to deny what you are, and join us, and you shall be rewarded a thousand times more than you could ever hope to achieve in this lifetime.”

Scenes of horror that he had witnessed in the cellar of his childhood home flashed across Talus’ mind and he growled, almost sounding like one of the wolf pack, as he forced his thoughts out of the past and back to the present. The growl became a yell ”I do not cavort with demons!” as Talus summoned forth another blast of eldritch energy to send to the smug werewolf —he was careful, this time, to keep his eyes open and avoid leaving an opening for the wolf.

Artanis came to Talus’ defense then, both against the wolf threatening physical harm and against the leader and his more insidious ploy, "His talents are not available to you, or this "Dark Mother" of yours. He has teamed up with us, and just so happens we are on the good side of this fight. So you can't have him!"

Encouraged by the speed at which Artanis came to his aid, Talus threw a quip of his own at the lycan as he raised his finger to release the arcane energies, ”I’ve spent most of my life denying what I am... I’m not sure I’d know how to stop now.”
((Eldritch blast at the pack leader w/ concentration check(DC16), if necessary, to avoid provoking an AoO from the wolf))

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 07:06:52.
Edited on 2008-06-25 at 07:12:42 by Deucalion

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
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Fighting over the moon...

Large, lupine teeth bit into her thigh and drew blood. The twisted Sharran werewolf directed its gaze her way, and she could feel her armour warm against her flesh in response. Yet if the attacks troubled her, she did not show it.

Aelistae had channeled a portion of her Goddess’ power, and, though it had caused only one wolf – or werewolf – to scamper away in fear, Eilistraee’s blessing stayed with her. Her eyes took on a silvery hue, to match the tint of her hair. But more than that, all the doubt and fear she had felt over the last few days, was suddenly replaced by calm clarity.

“Jallil d'l'Drathir, sarn'elgg nindyn vel'uss ruulk'na l'ssin d'dosst isto,” she whispered as she sought to frighten away more of the creatures that had attacked them.

[OOC: 5’ step away from the wolf attacking her, and another turn lycanthrope attempt.

The drow translates as: "Lady of the Moon, punish those who would disturb the beauty of your night."]

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 10:30:48.
Edited on 2008-06-25 at 10:40:47 by Ginafae

RDI Fixture +1
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Xaris swung his sword in a devastating arc, draining the life blood from the wolf. He himself almost felt the pain of the wolf as he slid his blade through it, feeling remorse for having to kill this forest creature. He looked straight at the wolf, and made their eyes lock. His greyish green skin showing he was a forest gnome, the wolf had to of known what he was. Creatures of the woods shared their space with forest gnomes just like him, them being the only ones who actually know they exist. He looked straight at the wolf, and spoke.

" Go now, before you die. Lick you wounds, live another day."

He hoped he would get through to the wolf, and that it would fall back into the forest. If it does not budge what so ever, he knows what he has to do. Just like in the wilds of nature, it's either kill or be killed.

( Will try an intimidate check on the wolf using my forest gnomes ability to speak on a basic level with all forest animals. If it works and he flees, Xaris will go to Bart and try to help him out. If not, he will deal with the wolf the only way he knows how.)

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 16:17:10.

Dragon Fodder
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Are we alone?

Silvara motioned for Zorana to halt entering the mess hall, thinking it better to wait it out and let whatever was inside come to them. However, they stood there for a good five minutes, and were only rewarded with the continued sound of scratching and gnawing. It would seem that whatever was lying currently out of view, was content in whatever it was doing, having not noticed the two explorers. The hallway was once again filled with a strange chill, and Zorana for a split moment felt like something had gently brushed against the nape of her neck, while Silvara felt her hair move seemingly of its own accord.

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 21:20:53.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Silvara ands Zora

Silvara turned as she felt her hair moved, not moving in any breeze, because she felt nothing but the strands of her hair as if someone had touched it.

Silvara turned to Zora, "Did you fill anything just now?" she queries Zora. "Something seemed to move my hair but I
felt no breeze.

"I felt a chill btouch on my neck>" replied Zora taking a quick look about

"There is perhaps something in her ethat is not copreal, though I felt no sense of dread or doom. The touch was very slight."

Zora ponders the observation. "Could it be a sguardian presence of this place, a spirit that lingerss to protect it, but since we did not come to steal or destroy, that it does not attack us? An interesing point."

Getting back to the matters at hand Silvara comments further, "I think we need to go in there. Whatever is in there is content with what it is doing at the moment and I am not prepared to wait all day for it to come out. Time to beard the lion in its den."

"There may be another body in there that it is feeding on. Whatever it is, it may try to run away or attack. Whatever happens you go left and I will go right. That way my shield will be on my left and if need be I could cover you with it."

Silvara and Zora will move in, if they can not go through the door, Zora will go in first, shield up and ready. Both are prepared and are moving with caution.

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 21:59:50.
Edited on 2008-06-25 at 22:16:02 by Dragon Mistress

Dragon Fodder
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Dice God's giveth and taketh away

Battle was on, and the forest had become an arena of death where the wolf pack were the reigning champions. As one, they moved again this time even faster than before, marking their targets and lunging in an effort to end the combat before it could even really begin3.

Wolf 1 vs. Talus: This time around Talus was far from fortunate. Perhaps he was distracted by the inner turmoil that wrestled within, but the wolf took full advantage of his divided attention, lunging at Talus’ legs, sweeping him off his feet and biting hard into his calf as he fell. (enemy critical =Talus 10/24 + prone)

The wolf (2) in front of Elesia still slept soundly, unaware of the dangerous battle which raged around it.

Wolf 3 vs. Linnix: Linnix too was better prepared for what was to come, and as the Wolf lunged, his hungry teeth found only the shaft of the sturdy scythe. (31/37)

Wolf 4 vs. Xaris: once more Xaris nimbly avoids the dangerous fangs of the predator, and tries to talk the creature into fleeing…

Wolf 5 vs. Aelistae: the Drow Priestess’ armor proved stronger than the gnaw of wolven teeth though that same armor does continue to grow hotter by the second beginning to burn her delicate ebony skin. (29/3

Dire Wolf 1 vs. Bart: The already wounded Bart could not fend off the Dire Wolf which bore down upon him, he was helpless as the dire wolf began to gorge on human flesh, tearing out enough of his torso to reveal the ribs ad muscle beneath. Bart’s wail of agony fell silent as he passed out, blood pooling around him. (Bart =Dying)

Dire Wolf 2 vs. Artanis: The wounded wolf facing Artanis was running in adrenaline and instinct now, and lunged swiping at Artanis’ feet, hoping to knock the armored warrior off balance, finding a hold with a mighty paw behind her leg’s Artanis soon found her world turned upside down as the Dire Wolf chomped down, it’s teeth piercing her breastplate along the shoulder line, the teeth drawing deep puncture wounds. (Artanis 32/50) Artanis just realized just how dangerous these creature’s were.

Lycanthrope: the Lycan leader looked on with a smug look on his face. As Talus spoke his refusal, the hybrid shrugged an almost disappointed gesture before falling into a chant, his incantation calling upon the Dark Mother to send forth her power and strike down the infidels. Fortunately perhaps, nothing evidently happens as of yet.

Xaris was the first to react, still free from the wounds of the wolf set upon him. He watched Bart fall, heard his cry go silent, and knew he had to act quickly. The wolf before him stared him down and his growl was interpreted as “I will eat the trespassers.” Xaris sighed a reigned sigh as he brought his blade across in a second arc. Once more the sharp blade found it’s mark and sank into the wolf’s side, this time striking bone. The wolf shrieked in pain, eliciting a howl from the rest of the pack as the shark fell silent its breathing shallow and labored. (Super gnome does it again, max damage has put the wolf into the negatives)

Artanis was in a predicament of her own, and wouldn’t be able to help anyone until she managed to get to her own feet and deal with the threat of the Dire wolf hungry to finish her off. Chancing an attack of opportunity in regaining her balance, Artanis moved to stand, the wolf lunging but hitting nothing but her shield with a forceful thud, lighting two of the quartzes in the shield. Taking a swing, She struck true, but noticed this time her blow did not penetrate the thick hide of the large wolf before her. Somehow, the beast was resisting the damage of her blade, how could this be?

Linnix, though untrained with her newly wielded scythe, she managed a swing at the wolf in front of her, drawing a thin line of blood to stain the sweat matted fur. (-5)

Elesia, free to move for the time being, new she had to get to Bart soon, but with such a threatening beast standing over him, she was afraid to approach. Instead, she slid a familiar looking wand of bone from her belt, and sighted a line that would take both the Dire wolf (1) by Bart, and the regular one facing Aelistae together. Leveling the wand, she uttered the command word and a searing bolt of lightning shot from the tip of the wand. It surged across the battlefield catching the Dire Wolf square in the side, singing its hair and causing it to howl in pain. The Wolf was visibly shaken and not nearly as confident in it’s movements as it turned it’s gaze on the bardic beauty. As for the wolf by Aelistae, little to nothing was left of the beast but a scorched and stinking pile of burnt fur and meat.

Free from direct oppression, Aelistae attempts another turning attempt but this time there is no reaction from those gathered for the hunt. Disappointed, she readies her next action.

Talus, bolstered by Artanis’ words of encouragement, but left very much alone due to unforeseen circumstances was now on his back and though he concentrated on preventing any further attacks, he was unable to fully summon forth the power for the invocation of his Eldritch blast. He would need assistance soon, or this organized pack of hunters would soon pick the team apart one member at a time.

(Ugh, things aren’t looking good for you guys this round, let’s hope your choices, and the dice god’s look more favorably on you all next time round or I may be out some more players!)

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 23:27:27.
Edited on 2008-06-26 at 03:54:58 by Kaelyn

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Take them out one at a time

From the tip of the scythe, small droplets of the wolf's blood form and drop to the ground.

Linnix's lips curl into a vindictive smile as she sees the wound she inflicted upon her adversary.

Linnix raises the scythe once more deliberately.

With a strong swing, Linnix slashes down diagonally in front of her with the scythe.

Posted on 2008-06-25 at 23:49:57.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 70/16
582 Posts


Talus slammed into the ground after the wolf caught a hold of his calf and pulled his legs out from under him. Ok, so now you've got my attention. What are you going to do with it?
Rolling over on to his back, Talus pointed a finger at the wolf trying to remove the flesh from his leg. "I'm busy trying to kill your master, so please GET OFF!" He hoped that the jolt would distract the lupine, so he began climbing to his feet as soon as the blast went off and intended, if everything went well, to put a little space between himself and the vicious wolf as soon as possible.

I need to get away from these damned wolves. Dropping the leader will be much easier if I don't have some critter trying to play 'fetch' with my femur.

Maybe if i can get up the wall...

((Eldritch blast w/ concentration check @ the wolf that attacked me, then stand up and pray it misses its AoO. If I'm not dead, I'll take a 5'step toward Artanis.))

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 02:22:00.
Edited on 2008-06-26 at 02:26:02 by Deucalion

Not Dragon Mistress
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This should have gone before Zora's post. Joanne integrated it with hers.)

Silvara turned as she felt her hair moved, not moving in any breeze, because she felt nothing but the strands of her hair as if someone had touched it. SHe did not feel threatened in any way but she did not like unknown events with unknown causes.

Silvara turned to Zora, "Did you fill anything just now?" she queries Zora. "Something seemed to move my hair but I
felt no breeze. “

"I do not want to seem fanciful but there is perhaps something in here that is not corporeal, though I felt no sense of dread or doom. The touch was very slight."

Getting back to the matters at hand Silvara comments further, "I think we need to go in there. Whatever is in there is content with what it is doing at the moment and I am not prepared to wait all day for it to come out. Time to beard the lion in its den."

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 03:07:17.


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