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Storm before the calm

Aelistae’s eyes widened as Linnix hopped down from her cart and spoke to Loriel. Her anger and outrage was plain for all to see, and the drow woman wondered if for a moment she might not strike Loriel.

Thankfully it did not come to that, and Linnix returned, still shaking with anger, but with no more than harsh words spoken.

As Linnix returned to her cart, Aelistae tentatively strode across it to place a reassuring hand upon the human’s shoulder. The priestess did not want simmering anger to tear apart the small group that had been assembled before they had been embarked on their quest, even if Aelistae privately agreed with the sentiments that Linnix had expressed.

Aelistae turned to nod at Barrb after she had spoken. It was half out of respect for her wisdom and experience in warcraft, and half out of the concern she had shown to have a quiet word with Loriel.

"Then we should take the road, if you think it best. And Xaris, please join us, I would welcome the company."

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 21:54:25.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Loriel reined back Moira a few steps as Linnix approached her, not allowing her too close. She sat quietly on Moira's back keeping her eyes on the woman.

Moodshadow moved forward to keep watch and when Linnix raise her voice, Mooonshadow growled lovly a warning. "Moonshadow," Loirel spoke in a quelling tone "Be still"

To Linnis she requests "Please calm your tone. We can speak on these matters without heat. Say what you need, if we are to work together we must feel free to discuss things freely and peacefully." after that Loriel said nothing. She listen respectfully to Linnix finished what she wanted to say. Her early years of life helped her to remain unfazed by the reactions that her words to Linnix and Bart had seemed to engender anger in the others.

Loriel just waited until Linnix finished before replying. "I have heard what you had to say. I am sorry my words have upset you." Loriel's kept her response cool and controlled. "However it changes nothing of what I needed to say. Bart is our Sponsor, but not knowlwedgeable in the ways of these matters. If you do not want to heed my words then don't but I would be remiss if I didn't share my experience with him and you and the possible problems this method of travel might cause us.

"If those carts break down we may be miles from anywhere were repairs could be made or replacement found. By putting all the supples is one cart they are all at risk. Your horse looks fit enough, but Bart's mare is pulling her weight, or more, in supplies and gear which she hopefully can do without much problem on smooth flat ground, but she will struggle to pull that up hill and it will strain her even more downhill."

She pauses. "Also we may be forced to leave the road. It would be the first place the enemy would patrol. Those carts are not build to go off road, or to pass through woods and forests. This is something I know about. If you won't listen, that is your problem.

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 23:15:45.

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Barrb couldnt help but hear Loriel's words to Linnix. Although the tone from Loriel was calm, Barrb felt that she was missing something. She reined her mount around in a small lazy circle to face Loriel's mount.

" Loriel, I admit that you make a few good points, which shows that you have experience. But you speak in absolutes when you voice what someone does or does not know. Did you not hear Sir Bart's statement that indicates that he himself has some experience with battle? And of all people, he would know what his mare is capable of. And he obviously knows the terrain better than any here, including me, as I mentioned. And you speak of the lameness of horses and breakdown of wagons as if it is inevitable. I, for one, do not agree, and will not borrow trouble when unneccessary."

"I know not how much experience you have, or where you got it, or when. So I will not presume to correct your assessment of Bart's suggestion as to the best route to take. We all heard you voice your thoughts. Some will agree and some will not. Your points are valid -- to you and, I'm sure, to the rest of us -- but hear this: they will not be acted upon simply because you believe you know best. Four of us have made our opinions known, three of those agree on a different course of action than that which you would prefer."

"I have one question. Please take your time to answer, if you need to. How did you come to know so much about prople you have only just met?"
She will sit still astride Umm until she gets an indication of an answer or dismissal, then will ride silently to her position.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 04:47:30.

Dragon Fodder
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Bart finds his voice

Bart was looking upon his would be companions, their strength, their resolve, their individuality, and was watching them come to proverbial blows as they bantered back and forth about their ideal traveling route. Bart struggled over his own thoughts on the matter and eventually mustered the voice from deep inside to interject with his own thoughts.

“Good warrior I believe you may have my experience over credited. I survived the war, on the staples I have supplied, but I was not on the front lines, my farm produced the food for the soldiers, as did any within Tethyr as was mandated, so my combat expertise is limited to chasing off the odd goblin who strayed too close to me land.” He walked over towards Loriel and looked up at the woman over the back of Moira. “My mare may be strong enough to work and till the land, but I bow to your wisdom milady. I would hate to prove a burden should something unexpected befall the wagon or Alice o’er there. Unless someone has an alternate option that will allow swift and safe travel across the wilderness, perhaps the longer road is the most prudent one to take.”

Bart turned and faced Elesia, whose hair shimmered in the early morning light. “Besides, we have Tymora on our side, she will see us through this with her blessings of luck.”

Elesia tucked a strand of hair so fine, so brilliant in sheen it seemed like strung silver behind her pointed ear and smiled towards Bart. “Perhaps her ladyship will see fit to bestow an offering upon our quest.” With a dainty little smile, Elesia reached across her chest to a pocket in her robe, and pulled the entire patch from her garments. Walking towards Alice and her cart with amazing grace, she stepped up onto the wagon and unfolded the pocket into a 2’ round space of emptiness, and sat it upon the lower half of the wagon. With a giggle, she heaved on one of the footlockers, and slid it over, and into the patch until it toppled inside, out of sight. She whistled a little ditty akin to “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah” as she labored over sliding barrels and footlockers into the enchanted pocket. Bart stood amazed at the sight before him at first, before hopping up and aiding in her movement of the supplies. As he went to move the last barrel into the hole however Elesia stayed his hand. Bending over she simply picked up the extra dimensional portal by the edges, folded it back into a pocket shape and reattached it to her robe. “Too much and we’ll have ourselves quite the mess.” With a turn of her heel she stepped off the back of the now empty wagon --save for one last barrel.

“I would suggest we leave the last barrel here. The land will provide us with what we need, and what it does not, her Ladyship of luck, or that of the moon for that matter will surely see us well fed.” Walking a short distance outside the gate, Elesia whistled a call that would put any mockingbird to shame, and soon after a pair of elegant white stallions, bit and bridles ready appeared from out of a small copse of trees. They trotted towards Elesia, who ran her fingers through their manes and patted their noses affectionately. “These are Sunshine and Daisy” Elesia said with an innocent smile. “They will see those of use without horses on our journey, as well as carry some small amount of extra gear. Perhaps now we can eliminate the cumbersome carts and wagons, and move more freely across the wilderness to our destination? I wish I could do more, but perhaps this will ease the burdens of travel.”

Bart looked on the new arrivals and then at Elesia, where he once again made motion to drop to his knees before her, but caught himself, and instead gave her a deep bow of respect and thanks. “Alice can carry her share, but I can leave the wagon behind. With but a single wagon, and plenty of horses to pull it, we should make good headway. “I do not know priestess where one obtains such marvels, but once again you have my thanks.”

Bart moved about and unhinged the wagon from Alice, who neighed happily at having the substantial weight lifted from her back. Elesia had mounted Sunshine, and moved towards Xaris, motioning him to sit ahead of her in the saddle with a come hither stare and a playful smile. “Up little one, keep me company on this long journey?” That left Daisy, free to carry Aelistae should she wish it, or to simply carry supplies.

“She is a kind and gentle steed priestess, she’ll keep the bumps to a minimum if you wish to learn to ride.”

As Elesia beckoned Daisy towards Linnix’s cart, a large thundering of hooves came from behind them. A raising of calls and curses filled the air, as a dozen men on horseback, all dressed in armor and weapons rode hard towards the companions. As the group neared, the black spiked armor of Zacharius denoted him at the lead, and he rode his fellowship right towards the companions, with no obvious intention of stopping or veering to avoid them. "Move aside" he called as he neared. "Rabble has no place before one such as I! Onward Men, They will move, or they will be mowed down!"

((The 12 men on horseback as travelling in a V shape, a pyramid wedge formation and showing no intent on stopping. There is enough time for one full action (swift+movement+standard) before they are upon you.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 06:10:19.
Edited on 2008-02-11 at 06:19:50 by Kaelyn

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The interruption

Barrb listened to the soft words of Bart, and sighed. "Fair enough, but even the effort of producing sustenance for battle-weary troops is a laudable, commendable effort. Well, then. Loriel, it seems that Bart has seen fit to accept your demand to leave the wagon. Nothing I can say will change that. But I, for one, will maintain my decision to stay to the road, but will agree to abide by the decision of the majority.
When Bart asked for a kind of blessing from the priestess beside him, she was as surprised as Bart at what transpired in his wagon. So much for pack mules ... Then at the arrival of the two white stallions in response to the call of the priestess, she simply stared and wondered at the aid suddenly coming to this company and to Bart's dream.

Barrb's reverie was interrupted by the shouts and rattles of Zacharius' armored troop.

Rabble? Rabble, indeed! No fool, she, to be in the way of an over-armed and over-confident contingent of armored "beetles with attitudes". Barrb quickly rode out of the way of the oncoming wedge, disgust plain on her face, but made no move toward a weapon. After their passing, her face became blankly emotionless. Barrb turned to Loriel, but the words she spoke were loud enough to indicate that they were for all,"There goes one of the obstacles we will have to face later. Besides the force we have to eradicate at the castle, neither will these men that just rode by allow us to complete our task in peace."
Barrb spat that single word like a derogatory epithet, dripping with sarcasm. But her face still showed no emotion. It was also clear to see by her fidgeting with Umm's reins that it was kept that way with great effort.

"Nor should we think they will aid us. Only one team will succeed in this venture. Therefore each team is an obstacle to the others. If we succeed and any of the other teams still walk and breathe, we may be able to recruit them. But I doubt it will come to that"

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 13:17:35.

Occasional Visitor
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25 Posts


     Linnix listened to Bart and snorted her opinion of his "capitulation", as she saw it. But it was his decision and didn't alter her own.
     The she simply stared in quiet, unabashed amazement at the priestess' actions when Bart requested a blessing. She had heard of things such as the "black-hole-pocket" thing the priestess used, but had never seen one, much less seen how it could be used. Oh, how she could use something like that! Hard on the heels of that wonder was the appearance of two white stallions who came at the call of the priestess. At least it seemed that way to Linnix. Okay, that changed a few things, but ... but then even Barrb's resolve seemed to take a new direction. Thank goodness she still intended to follow the roads as suggested by Bart.
     "Bart, I still have some room left in my poor, delapidated little two-wheeled cart here. More than enough for the last barrel. This cart has been everywhere that Tock has been. I do not wish to leave it here, but will do so if, as Barrb suggests, the majority decides to ride hard cross-country. On the road, this cart can easily keep up with the rest of you, even at speed. But if we have to run full-tilt to escape something larger that we can handle -- in that case, I would only be a liability and should, in fact, be left behind. Regardless, my preference is to use the road. This is the safest ... "      The banging, clanging, shouting, and horse-snorting of Zacharius' following hammered her words into surprised silence. Without waiting for Aelistae to make a decision whether or not to ride one of the stallions, she goaded Tock into motion, clearing the way for the group and their bullish and belligerent leader. She had only just cleared the gateway when the first of them rode hard by. At Barrb's assessment of the collection of armored riders, Linnix mused a bit and nodded in silence.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 14:29:04.

Kool Killer Kitty
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A lovely gift and rude intrusion

Aelistae’s violet eyes fastened upon the horse Elesia had summoned for her use. In all her time upon the surface she had rarely ridden a horse and had rarely felt the need to ride. The places that the Lady of the Dance favoured were locked in the wilds of Faerun where horses or other steeds could not easily travel. But more than that, Aelistae had always been loath to put her life in the hands of a horse by clambering upon its back and hoping it would not object to her presence.

Her feelings changed somewhat as she looked upon Daisy. She was a beautiful animal. Though her white coat rippled with the powerful muscles that lay underneath, Aelistae found herself believing Elesia’s promise that she was a kind and gentle creature. It also touched Aelistae that the elf would allow a drow to ride such a magnificent beast.

The decision to accept Elesia’s gift, however, was only made when Aelistae saw and heard the furious charge of Zacharias and his band.

Aelistae rushed out from her position on Linnix’s cart, grabbed Daisy’s reins and quickly led her away from the gate. Her eyes flickered with anger as she watched the band rush past without stopping, knowing that they would have crushed the horse beneath their feet without a second thought.

“Xal dos mechrola pholor nath’orbb,”* the drow muttered, mouthing a curse common among the Elistraeen.

Yet her anger was fell away when she gave a tentative pat to Daisy to calm the creature. She found herself loving the mare, and soon after Zacharias and his cronies had ridden on, Aelistae carefully mounted the steed.

“I would be honoured to ride her, Sister,” she added appreciatively to Elesia.

After carefully directing the horse to Linnix’s cart, so that she could reclaim her weapons, and after hearing Barbb’s angry retort, Aelistae turned in her saddle to speak to her.

“I am hope that you are wrong, but I fear…,” Aelistae paused and shrugged, “well it doesn’t matter.”

“But come,” she added, to the others. “Let us be on our way. If you think it best that we take the longer route, Barrbarra and Linnix, then I support your decision. My only preference, though, is that we not linger here and have others try to trample over us.”

* ‘May you choke on a spider.’

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 14:42:41.

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Travel changes

Nebulous had made a decision, whether to further his ambitions, or lifespan was yet uncertain. Gafgerion was proving to be an unpredictable, and dangerous sponsor. But he had delivered on his promise of a magic item for each of his clients. Nebulos moved to the table and donned the brooch, fastening it to his cloak.

“Anyone have any guess as to what this might do? If not, I guess we shall have to wait and see although I'm no good at activating magical items blindly. Perhaps there is some kind of trigger involved;” Nebulos said as he pondered over what magic lay within the small accessory. Selena fastened the brooch to her cloak as well, and after muttering a simple word of power, he eyes began to glow a radiant blue, and she cast her gaze over the brooch, and each other member in the room.

After a moment she smiled, and grinned towards Nebulos and Whip. Whip however did little more than sneer back at her. “Ye be keeping yer arcane sight to yerself lass, less ye be hopin’ at see all the man that be hidin beneath these robes of mine.” With that Whips sneer became a crooked smile and he laughed as though he were the funniest thing in the realms, his hearty laughter causing his portly belly to bounce up and down with each guffaw. Selena of course merely rolled her eyes.

“The brooch’s contain a medium amount of necromancy within them, though that should not really come as a surprise given our benefactor. I will need to utilize an identify spell to determine the specifics of the items. But for now, I suggest we move along and not keep the good master waiting.” With that Selena moved on down the passageway after their sponsor. With a shrug of his shoulders, Whippersnapper followed suit.

(Presuming Nebulos follows)

“Come come” Gafgerion beckoned the others as they approached. The old ‘man’ --and the term is used lightly-- was standing before a stone archway, etched in dozens of intricately drawn runes of power. Beside the archway was a gold brazier with a white powder filling its depths. Reaching into the brazier with a gnarled hand, Gafgherion spoke the words distantis nexialus remendus and with a flick of his wrist the white powder exploded within the stone pillars to form a shimmering portal, the swirling vortex before them coalescing to show an image on the other side. It depicted a rather plain looking field, surrounded by a large grouping of trees. Gafgerion cackled and tapped his fingers together like some cruel mastermind as he peered into the portal. “Beyond the portal and in that forest lies a fairy Glenn. I want you all to go forth, and capture me at least three of the flittering flies. With their wings, I will be able to teleport you directly to the keep, even without having been their myself. I will leave the method of capture up to you, but I find lanterns or bottles seem to work just fine in keeping the little folk from flying away. Help yourself to any of the extra lanterns or sacks over there.” He pointed to a corner of the room where beakers, lanterns, sacks, pouches, flasks and vials all lay in wait. “Gather your things and go, return to the spot upon which you appear with no less than three of those winged fae and I will reward you with swift travel, and perhaps something more.”

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 17:50:34.

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Faerie hunting

Thanks for the info Selena Nebulos replied and added Yeah, I figured it would have a necromatic feel, no surprises there.
Nebulos stepped over to the pile of supplies and grabbed up a six flasks with stoppers and threw them into one of the sacks being careful not to break them. As long as the flasks were large enough to hold faeries, which he was sure they were.

Turning to the others, Nebulos let out some information that he thought might help their overall success. Information that he assumed the others might not know about "faeries" These "faeries" that Lord Gafgerion refers to are probably sprites. They are known for their mischief and illusion, so if you see anything suspicious, it might be a trick. Remember that!
Stepping up to the portal, Nebulos nods to Gafgerion as he hops through and into the glen Let's not keep the good Lord waiting He thought to himself in a sarcastic tone. Not having many spells that didn't destroy things outright .. he wasn't sure how this was going to go for him. I guess my magic misslies will leave their wings somewhat intact.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 18:45:14.

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Xaris looked with a raised brow as the supplies in the back of the wagon were put into the small hole that Elesia had thrown to the floor. Soon the cart was emptied and they detached it from the mare, deciding on to ride cross country, through the wilds. Xaris smiled, as that is what he wanted to do. Riding through the woods would be a nice throw back to this city, and maybe they will be able to run across his old home...

His home, something he didnt want to think about right now, his face squinting up, rubbing his forehead, as if he was trying to message the memory from his mind. If only he could forget that dreaded night, those horrible people, the fate that was beset on his family...

Xaris looked back up, a slight from on his face. He listened as the others finished up the conversation on how they should travel, and watched as two horses came from the trees. Two great white horses strode to them, and Xaris stepped back slightly. The large beasts startled him for the moment, but thats it.

He smiled at Elesia mounted one horse and motioned for him to come towards her, wanting him to ride with her. And all this time he was wondering if he should walk or ride in the wagon.

He started for the wagon, until a loud noise was heard, and 12 men on horses wearing dark colours rode by, calling them a rabble, and was heading straight for them.

Xaris contemplated throwing a tangle foot bag at them, but decided not to, and dove out of the way.
Regaining himself, he got up, and walked over to the horse, and tried his best to mount the horse.

" I am ready whenever you are, the woods await us."

He felt safe with this woman, who was elven in her looks and grace. He had a feeling it wouldnt be such a bad ride.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 20:20:10.

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Loriel was considering what she should say to Barrb. When Bart spoke up, Loriel decided to put her response to the side and she helps as could as the situation unfolded. The Priestess of Tymora seemed to hold several cards to play in reserve. First was the two white horses that appeared from the woods. Most likely they were summonsed by the Priestess. Pure elven stock Loriel could see it in there delicate form and way of moving. Like dancers. Fine legs flashing, a swing of their head and neck, a flick of abundant flowing silky manes and tail, they displayed the pure grace of elves in horse form. They would certainly be a definite advantage in the group’s travels. The white stallion led the way to the Priestess and paid her homage by gracefully bowing his head before her. The mare, a bit more delicate, followed him closely. Moira danced a bit in place knowing better than to leave where her rains had been dropped. Nothing the less she showed her eagerness at their appearance.

Next useful item was the portable hole in which the Priestess placed most of the stores Bart had brought with him. Loriel had dismounted to help Bart with the provisions and then descended form the wagon bed. IT was just about then that the increasing sounds of pounding hooves or men cursing and calling out reach her ears for the first time and grew as the cause of it all rounded a corner in the streets of the town and boar down on the gate like a stampede.

Surely they would draw rein. Such a rapid pace might endanger others was Loriel's first thought. Besides themselves townsfolk proceeded in and out the gate.

But the riders did not pause and as they drew nearer Loriel could hear the man in black spiked armor, yelling out to his men. . As a dozen men on horseback, all dressed in armor and weapons rode hard towards the companions their yelling clearly enough and mostly likely purposefully enough to be heard by all of Bart’s entourage. Unfortunately al caught clustered about the two wagons in the direct path of the oncoming warriors. As the group neared, the black spiked armor of Zacharius denoted him at the lead, and he rode his fellowship right towards the companions, with no obvious intention of stopping or veering to avoid them. "Move aside" he called as he neared. "Rabble has no place before one such as I! Onward Men, They will move, or they will be mowed down!"

Loriel reacted immediately she leaped form the wagon onto Moira’s back and spun the mare around to face the oncoming riders. As they did Moonshadow had reason to make her dislike know by barking furiously at the armored riders bearing down of them. “Away, Moonshadow,” and she cued Moira to side pass nimbly out of the path of warriors bearing down of them. Thankfully she saw others moving quickly in various directions to clear a path as well.

When they had past she side passed the mare back. Thoughtfully her eyes followed the other group. They were going to present a problem she was sure of it.

She moves over to where Barrb had gotten out of the way. “I have not forgotten you questions.” I need to think on what you asked me since I am not sure exactly what your question entails. However on another note those men who passed us, though supposedly dedicated to the same mission we are might present us a problem equal to the goblins menace. I noticed they had no supplies, and even if they have money to purchase them. They may not find them in the directions we are traveling—certainly not as we get closer to where the goblins occupy. The goblins will have striped all they can from the surroundings. Whish will make what we carry with us important to them.”

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 01:20:24.

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an answer (sort of)

Barrb nodded acknowledgement to Loriel's mention of her question. "'Twas stated simply enough. And thinking about it will assure an intelligent anwer. Your assessment of the hard-riders mirrors my own already stated conclusion. But since we already had the gear and supplies stowed in the magical hole kindly and thoughtfully supplied by Elesia when they passed through, the armored rabble have no idea what we're carrying, much less the amount we carry. And Linnix's cart is obviously not carrying a great load of supplies. so I don't think we need fear them attempting to waylay us for something they don't know we have. But it is all the more reason not to hurry and overtake them. The way I look at it, the more they clear out, the less work we'll have to do. It may be that the only thing we will have to clear out is the other teams. And all of us wear light or no armor, which would be an advantage against a heavily-armored person in a room or corridor. This I know from experience of my own. "

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 04:36:31.

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Loriel listens to Barrb's reasoning and on the surface it was sound enough. Loriel saw some other possibilities. One, as the riders passed them just now it was true that there was but two cart virtually empty except for personal gear and one lone barrel. Two they might not have been paying close attention to the contents of the wagons to have that they were empty. Also Zacharius might assume might that Bart had not yet packed up his supplies, and was just on the way to do so.

Loriel did not bather to point this out. She does nod in agreement with Barrb’s reasoning. So she said simply "Yes, that is what they were when they passed, nearly empty wagons," and she left it at that. Perhaps Barrb would think on that, perhaps not, it did not matter to her. She wanted to avoid any hint of putting anyone’s ideas down. They did need to find a way to work together.

"Let us hope they remember that." Now you are right we need to get going. They cannot continue t push their horse that hard for too long. If we let a good pace without over taxing the slowest moving of our group we should be able to keep going for a longer time. Let us rejoin the others and encourage them to begin as soon as possible.

Loriel motions Moonshadow forward into scouting mode. She removes her bow from her back and with deft hands, strings it even while riding. She places her quiver around the pommel of her elven saddle. It was more a comfortable padded seat with stirrups than a hard military type saddle. It was her last birthday present from her older half brother, Randaryn . She remembered him presenting it to her, a exquisitely made exotic saddle of glove soft leather packed with horse hair for resilience and comfort, colored with fine dyes and Elven embroidery.

Riding up to the others she looks to make sure are are well and then asks. "Are we ready to leave now? If so then I would act as scout for our party, though it would help to have another person to bring up the rear to keep watch." With Moonshadow’s senses we make a good team."

Stopping beside Elesia on her white stallion, Loriel salutes the Priestess. "Your aid to the group as a whole has proven most efficacious. We have our work cut out for us. One, to become an effective team on the way to completing this endeavor and two, to successfully completing this mission first.." She nods to Xarius “A good day to get going” she tells him as he sits behind Elesia, almost lost behind the elven priestess.

Riding up to Bart mounted on his mare, Loriel pauses Moira. "I offer to act as your scout. It is something I did before becoming a ranger. I did purchase a map if perhaps you can show me what route we will be taking. I can help to make is as safe as possible." Loriel takes out the map she had purchased from it map case.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 05:49:52.

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Heading on.

Zacharius led his team of warriors right through the ranks of Bart’s gathering, scrambling the companions in all directions. As they passed, a trio of heavy warhorses trampled over Bart’s old cart, splintering many of the boards and tearing through the side rails, reducing the once old but functional wagon into nothing more than kindling as they rode hard into the north, laughing and cursing along the way.

The group had begun to pick themselves up after a frightful scattering which left them all heavy in breath and angered in mind. Zacharius’ disregard for public safety, fair play, or human life had left a foul taste in the companions mouths…along with the dust and grit now lacing their lips and teeth. Elesia reared Sunshine, his brilliant coat shimmering in the morning glow, despite the thin layer of dust which stuck to his fine hair. “It pains me to believe the prospect of wealth and notoriety would change a man so. Tis not like a smithy is not a noble trade, but to throw all caution, and common decency to the wind leaves me sick to my stomach. “ Elesia turned to Bart and smiled though her face was rather stern. “I pray you look upon that man, and are reminded of all you are, all that prompted the rest of us to follow you.” With a disarming smile she moved aside Bart who had taken a position next to Loriel.

Bart looked from Loriel to Elesia, and gave a curt nod before speaking. “We know at least one group is making the shorter path across the countryside, and I’ve little knowledge of magic, but I’ve heard it can help one cross great distances as easy as walking through a door. With that in mind, I’m altering our travel plans. We’ll travel along the Trade Way between Darromar and Castle Tethyr. Once we reach there, we will break north across the countryside towards the Sulduskoon River. This should help us travel a good portion of the trek on actual roads, hopefully cutting down our overall travel time. Once we make it to Castle Tethyr, we’ll recheck our supplies, and make a straight shot for the Sulduskoon fork. We should be able to see the keep within hours of crossing the river. I’ve heard there is at least one bridge crossing the river at the fork, likely one erected for moving supplies and troops to and from the keep when it was in use.”

Bart spurred Alice forward, and ran thick fingers through his copper laden hair. “Alright everyone. The day’s awaiting!” With that he began to lead everyone around Darromar’s wall and onto the Western road. They had a long trek ahead of them.

(Allowing a little conversation, but I'll likely update as soon as available. Was just in a writing mood.)

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Through the portal.

Nebulos stepped through the swirling portal, and for a split second, it felt like he was being pulled apart in a million directions all at once. It was gut wrenching and when it was all over, the Warmage thankfully found himself all in one piece, if not with a sense of vertigo. He was standing in the middle of the flatlands. Little detail marked anything of interest as far as the eye could see. Looking behind him, a circle runes was burned into the knee high grass, hidden from view save for those standing right before it.

A few moments passed, and Selena and Whip appeared behind him, both staggering forward as the effects of instant travel wore off. Looking around, The trio took notice of the grouping of trees some two-hundred yards ahead of them. The morning sun shone brightly above them, and no roads or noticeable routes of travel were apparent. Selena took a few steps forward and then stopped. She gripped the edges of her black cloak, and with a twirl she cast out of it’s depths a black raven into the air, who took off and began to circle around the trio. “Be my eyes Soir.”

Whip meanwhile, held out a simple watering rod, a forked piece of wood and began walking towards the woods, the grass brushing against his shoulders at some points. He waved the wood before him from side to side, and when he received a satisfied look on his face, he replaced the rod in his backpack. “There’s a river to the east about one mile, and some water deposits, ponds, or perhaps a swamp in the forest ahead. Shall we get this over with?”

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