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GM for this game: Kaelyn
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What's for dinner?

Zora and Silvara both cautiously move into the mess hall, carefully stepping over broken remnants of furniture and debris. Zora heads left while Silvara heads right hoping to trap whatever is behind the table between the two of them. As they round the table and the creature making the sound comes into view, the women are met with the bloodshot eyes of a hideously large rat, gnawing away on what is little more than a gnawed and gnarled bone, once belonging to the man on the table; his left arm to be precise. The rat looks up at Zora, it's whisker's twitching, feeling the air around it, and it bares a pair of razor sharp incisors along the front of it's pointed angular face. It hisses in protest at the intrusion of the women, but does not aggressively react, instead it gnaw's on the arm some more, somewhat cautiously, its eyes fixed on the armored paladin before it. If it's seen Silvara it hasn't showed it, though it's tail whips back and forth through the air like a swaying cobra.

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 04:05:47.

Kool Killer Kitty
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1685 Posts

Healing the fallen...

There were few drow who held any illusions about war. There were no tales of valour and heroism that were passed down from mother to daughter, but those of the carnage and slaughter that war brought. Aelistae was reminded of that once again as Bart wailed in agony and then crumpled beneath the haunches of a large wolf.

The silver light in her eyes died, and was replaced by tears of sympathy. But Aelistae had no intention of allowing the man to die. She rushed to his side, and began to channel one of the blessings given to her by Eilistraee before the last vestiges of life left him.

[OOC: Aelistae will move up to 30’ so that she’s on the opposite side of Bart that the Dire Wolf is on, and will cast cure moderate wounds on Bart. The idea is to avoid attacks of opportunity that her movement or spell-casting may cause. She will substitute ‘Silence’ for the spell.]

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 09:35:42.

RDI Fixture +1
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1541 Posts


Xaris looked at the wolf in front of him bleeding out, and it brought great sadness to him that he had to kill a creature of the forest. But it was its own choice to resist and fight, and Xaris had to defend himself. He looked around, and closest to him he seen Artanis on the ground, and over her a looming wolf of great size. He watched as she got off of the ground and attacked, but her swing being deflected off of the wolf. He knew that the giant wolf would be a bit of a problem.

He looked clear across the battle field, and at the large wolf man casting a spell. Who knows what horrid spell he was cooking up, and it was of great importance to stop him also. Maybe Artanis could wait just a few more second, only time could tell.

He judged the distance, and realized none of his projectiles would work, and knew Artanis was the next thing on his list.

He gripped his great sword tightly and left the bleeding wolf, charging the massive beast that stood with Artanis. His little feet carried him as quickly as he could, and in mid run he hefted his sword and gritted his teeth, and with all his might charged the creature and made a massive swing towards it, hopefully distracting it from Artanis.

( will fly into barbarian rage which lasts for eight rounds, and then swing at monster wolf)

Posted on 2008-06-26 at 11:25:45.
Edited on 2008-06-26 at 11:34:37 by Jozan1

Queen Hugglepounce
Karma: 47/29
674 Posts

Uh-oh....pretty crystals!

Artanis had mistakenly assumed the dire wolf before her was wounded enough to be out of commission. She quickly, and quite painfully saw that was far from the case. The beast had managed to swipe at her foot, causing her to fall, and clamped its jaws around her shoulder, biting hard and deep. Artanis gritted her teeth together, and barely more than a loud grunt sounded as she shook the beast off.

Artanis took a quick look in Talus' direction. She saw he had also been bitten by one of the wolves. A sense of anxious dread grew inside Artanis as she saw the peril Talus was in. She wanted to be rid of this dire wolf so she could help her new friend.

Then she noticed the lycan leader chanting something. She quickly jumped to her feet, and once again held her sheild firmly before her. As such, when the beast lunged for her, she was able to deflect it's attack, effectively shoving the wolf aside once again. However, the shield's protection had a price. Two of the crystals on the shield lit up when the wolf's body made contact with its smooth surface. Artanis knew she would soon have to discard the shield, leaving herself quite vulnerable. As a precaution, however, she yelled out, "The shield has begun to charge! Two crystals are lit, only 6 remain!"
Even as she yelled her warning, Artanis sliced at the wolf, and felt the impact as the blade hit the wolf's body. A look of surprise crossed Artanis features when she saw the creature was unharmed by the contact made with her sword. She knew her weapon was not so dull as to cause no damage.

Stumbling a few steps backward, Artanis glanced at the lycan leader again, then quickly looked back at her assalant. "Could it be that foul creature cast a spell that allows these beasts to resists attacks?"
Such was her thought as she decided to test her theory and swung her sword toward the great beast again, her blade slicing through the air. She wanted to see if her blade would do any damage this time. If not, she hoped Elesia's wand had enough magic in it to fry all the wolves, because if she were right, and if that spell lasted long enough, they were all in big trouble.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 13:34:51.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 13:40:27 by DarkAutumn

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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"I do not want the thing behind us as we go through the place."

She moves her shield a bit down hoping to keep its attention on her, for it seemed it did not realize Silvara was about. In moving silently the Duskblade had a great advantage. As a Paladin it was not usual for one to go sneaking about, it was not a skill she had honed. For the most part Paladins waited for others to attack first, that being a indication of intention to do harm, which was a part of the Paladins code. Only in the case of deal with true evil did a Paladin not have to keep to their code of honor. When facing Evil they could strike hard and fast.

If it kept its attention on her then Sil would get an opportunity to make a surprise attack, should the giant rat sense Sil then she would be ready to move in quickly and hope to catch it off guard.

Zora analyzed her options and her best points of attack and then waited.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 18:31:32.
Edited on 2008-06-27 at 18:33:21 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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Silvara was not so sure that they had to fight this thing. It had plenty of food here and would probably be content to do finish it up before it ws ready to hunt for fresh food. The dead corpse would provide it plenty of food still.

“I say we back out of her and then lock or block the door of this place.” Offers Silvara. It has plenty of food here to keep it busy which is why I think it is not yet threatened by our presence."

code"These rats are fearsome foes when cornered and if we have no real reason to take it down I say leave it.”

Silvara waits for the Paladin to respond to her words. It was truly better not to force something into a fight when there was no need to. She didn't truly understand the all the code of conduct that Paladin's had to follow.

“We can check the body out as we leave for anything that might prove useful,” Silvara adds. Though it would be a distasteful and noisome task, to be sure., Survival was a strong drive, not only in the rat but in herself as well.

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 20:32:59.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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1764 Posts


Zora glances to see if the doors are closeable, if they are she nods to Sil. If the door caan not be closed she notes that and informs Sil of the problem with her idea. Either way it was a good idea to check the body.

"Go ahead and do your search and I will cover you. It might not like you horning in on its meal."

Posted on 2008-06-27 at 21:36:01.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
2264 Posts

The battle roars on...

The moon hung in the sky like an eager spectator, gazing down into the arena of tree and dirt to watch the gladiatorial event unfold below. Our adventurers were hard pressed, and like cattle they had been herded into this pen of pine and evergreen in preparation for the slaughter. Even though the odds were against them, the stalwart team was determined to fight till the last. They had entered as a group and by the God’s they would do all they could to ensure they left as one.

Elesia felt the bone wand disintegrate into dust through her delicate fingers, but her attention was on aiding those around her and the best way she could do that was to bolster their resolve. It started soft, quiet, unnoticeable beneath the sounds of combat, but soon her voice gathered power behind her words and the allies in the arena could feel the effects of her spell-song wash over them as they felt a supernatural confidence encompass their actions. (Inspire Courage)

Xaris, sweet little Xaris was the quintessential double sided coin. On the one side was the good natured, caring and empathetic little forest gnome who shared a love of nature and harmony in life that the others had come to admire; on the other was the savage nature of some beast which broke free every time emotions took over and instinct replaced coherent thought. At the sight of the carnage around him, and Artanis’ immediate danger Xaris bolted into action, his knuckles whitening around the hilt of his great sword, his little legs spurning him forward, and his long sword sized blade arcing in a great cleave and nearly taking the wolf’s head completely from its thick strong shoulders. His blade cut deep, severing resistant flesh and muscle, and cacking the spinal column which ran the length of the wolf’s skeletal structure. Even the creature’s natural resistance to metals did not seem to be enough to save it from Xaris’s super-gnomish wrath. (Xaris has once again scored a critical, this time the critical chart yielded him x3 damage instead of the typical double damage for a massive 48 damage before damage reduction) As the wolf’s spine shuddered from the impact, the paralysis swept through the beast and it slumped over, eyes of life slowly glazing over as it stared one final time at the moon above.

This is where the parties’ luck ran out. Redoubling their efforts, it was the wolf pack which reacted with expert timing and coordination once more. Still prone, Talus was an easy target for the wolf which loomed above him, and with ease the wolf saw fit to take another bite at the already wounded warlock. This time, teeth and fang found fending arm and flesh, and Talus gritted his teeth nearly taking off his own tongue in the sudden inhalation of breath after the gasp of pain. (Talus 5/24 – prone)

The wolf which Aelistae had frightened still pawed at the treeline, trying to worm its way through the entangled branches, but found little success. The one fighting Linnix however held no such fear, and with the skill of a trained hunter bypassed the woman’s defenses and bit deep into her side, the rogue managing to keep her footing through sheer luck more than anything else. (Linnix 23/3

The Dire Wolf standing over Bart growled hungrily at the man who bled freely before it. Movement in the tent to the side caught its attention, and it stalked over to the tent just as the flap was lifted to reveal a weary-eyed Sheva poking her nose out into the night. She was rewarded with a fury of fang and fur as it pounced her into the tent, and as the canvas shuddered and lurched against the pitons staking the ropes to the earth, Sheva’s scream of pain could be heard across he battlefield, and the wolf only howled in delight.

The lycan leader apparently did not fancy Xaris, for his weapon had felled two of his kin, and in the lycanthrope’s mind he had to wonder if it had been forged by the mineral bane of his kind’s existence. As his spell finished, a swirling mist formed in the air, and from it came forth a 30’ long bolt of lightning. There was no clap of thunder to give warning of its descent, and Xaris could barely move as the lightning bore down his back and legs as he jumped aside, though he barely even registered the pain. [Reflex save successful Xaris 66/ 71 (rage enhanced HP *see Q/a about your HP please)]

Regrouping, the adventurer’s did their best to turn the tide on the wolf pack. Aelistae was free to move to Bartholomew, and bestowed upon him his deity’s blessings staving off death one more time. (Bartholomew = 8/?? Hp) as his eyes fluttered open and his body mended much of the damage which had put him on the brink of eternal rest, he could only manage a painful nod of appreciation towards the drow priestess as he stood with some effort; realizing just how close he had come to never returning home… save in a casket. Even as she moved on to other tasks however, her armor grew scorching hot, burning her flesh and causing great pain (Aelistae 26/ 3

Linnix’s eyes grew cold as she hefted her newly acquired scythe for a deadly strike, but her lacking in proficiency for large weapon showed as she over compensated and the wicked curved blade swung too far, arcing and tearing a fine slice of skin off her own foot. (Linnix 19/37)

Talus knew his life was forfeit if the wolf managed even another meager attack, and thusly did all he could to avoid suffering the chance of another strike from the deadly wolf. It was this attention to defense that cost him another invocation of his innate eldritch blast. He feared the worst as the wolf snarled at him, its thick saliva dripping with a reddish pink hue as it was mixed with Talus’ own blood. Movement caught the corner of Talus’ eye, and at first he feared it was another wolf, arriving to finish the job. When the glint of steel and the yelp of pain from the lips of the wolf echoed into the night, Talus dared look to find the wolf dead, Artanis standing over it bastard sword held straight on the diagonal pointing down, an extension of her arm, a thick line of blood running along the groove to drip to the cool earth below. (Wow, Artanis too has scored another Critical hit, and though only for double damage scored max on her die roll for a juicy little 34 points to the poor wolf)

With more than half his pack dead or dispatched, the Lycan’s face contorted and he snarled, before the awful sound of bone’s breaking and his spine popping filled the air, as his armor melded into his flesh, and a thick layer of hair covered his body. Arms and leg’s grew in muscle and tone, and soon there was no hint of humanity left, as the Lycan now stood a good head taller than even the dire wolves, it’s gleaming black coat matted with sweat as it howled into the night, issuing a challenge to all who would oppose him.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 16:18:04.
Edited on 2008-06-30 at 02:58:31 by Kaelyn

Not Dragon Mistress
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Not a good idea to get between it and its food. Other than searching the rubble pile I say we get out of here and leave it to feed.

Sil moves back a step slowly, "You just keep watch there and tell me if it stirs, while I look into the pile from back here.

Silvara puts down the torch but keeps her sword ready. She surveys the pile and if she see anything interesting she will look into it. If it seems to be nothing but broken furniture and household items she will quit searching. If there is something she delves carefully into the pile, Silvara moves any large pieces carefully not wanting to dislodge the rubble pile and cause the rat to become anxious. Silvara also searches near the bottom edges for anything heavy that might have dropped through the pile. coins. weapons etc.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 16:44:57.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Kill or be Killed

Linnix's breath comes in short bursts. Things were not boding well. Her own carelessness with her blade cost her some of her own life, and that was a mistake she did not want to repeat. Her leg and side burns with pain, slowing her movements, and with her own addition of her foot, the pain was becoming noticeable, even in Linnix's vindictive state. NO! She wouldn't fall. She would kill this wolf, or at the very least inflict a large number of wounds upon it.

"Just die already!" Linnix screeches at her adversary, once more moving to bring the scythe to bear against it.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 17:14:41.
Edited on 2008-06-28 at 17:20:08 by Reralae

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Zora stands watch, facing the beast with its grizzly meal as Silvara give the rubbish pile a going over. As Silva once said one man's trash was another man's treasure.

In the back of her mind rustled some thioughts. If this place was supposed to be a repository of knowledge, then why hadn't the artifacts been properly removed. Not being from this country she did not have know the history of this land, which might have contained stories of this place. Of what had happened to cause it to be abandoned, leaving behind certain relics.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 17:23:09.

Queen Hugglepounce
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And so the battle continues..

As Artanis moved to attack the wolf before her, two things happened she had not expected. First: she felt a sudden surge of renewed confidence and she just knew they would get out of this one way or another. Second: The wolf was cut down right before her eyes, even before her blade had the chance to make contatct with the fowl beast. She blinked in surprise as the creature suddenly fell over and she saw Xaris standing over it. She nodded her thanks, and grinned at the gnome. The knowledge that she would have to thank him after this was all over, was filed away for later rememberance.

Within seconds of the wolf's demise, Artanis was running towards Talus. Before she reached him, however, the beast above him clamped his jaws around the man's arm. Her cry of outrage was drowned out by another woman's scream and a wolf's howling. Determined to help Talus, Artanis followed through with her attack against the wolf above him, before taking the time to determine the source of that scream.

As she neared the wolf, Artanis raised her sword, and brought it down in a lethal slash, hacking through the animal's flesh. She stood a moment over the beast's carcus, her chest heaving as she breathed slow deep breaths. "Hmm, maybe it wasn't a resist-attack spell after all."
Artanis looked down at Talus, then quickly knelt next to him. "Are you alright? Can you stand?" Artanis moved to help Talus stand, and pulled his un-injured arm around her shoulder to help get him over near Elesia.

((IF Talus agrees to let Artanis help him over to Elesia then....)) She spoke urgently,"Elesia, can you heal him? He's badly wounded!"
She turned to Talus, "Please be careful. I'd like it if you stuck around a little bit longer." She winked at him, and patted his arm.

((Whether or not Talus lets Artanis help him over to Elesia, the following will happen regardless))

Suddenly Artanis remembered the scream, and knew it had come from the direction of the tents. "I'll be right back!" It was the same tents the new woman who had helped Linnix and Aelistae had been sleeping in!

With a curse on her lips, and a hopeful prayer in her heart, Artanis ran toward the tents. The sight of Linnix facing off with the wolf, however, provided a bit of a detour. Her feet suddenly changed their direction and she ran over to Linnix. "Please help me strike true against this beast as you did with the last one." She prayed silently as she charged the beast, and brought her blade down toward the wolf.

((Unless something unfavorable happens, Artanis will continue to hack and slash at the beast, using her shield for protection, until the beast is dead (preferably and hopefuly)

IF the shield should continue to light up right now, Artanis will drop the shield (hopefully out of harms way) before it discharges (preferably with at least 2 crystals still un-lit) as everyone is still within discharge distance of the shield.

Get it? Got it? Good. ))

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 01:00:07.
Edited on 2008-06-29 at 01:22:10 by DarkAutumn

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Charging into the unknown

“Go!” Aelistae commanded Bart, as some of the human’s wounds healed and his eyes flickered open. To her left she had seen the Sharran finally give way to his bestial urges and shift into the form of a large, black wolf. She knew that its jaws could easily tear through flesh and splinter bone. But she was not afraid. She was drow and she was a Darksong Knight.

“Go. Save yourself,” she repeated at Bart in a slightly softer tone. “This foe is beyond you.”

Both of her hands fell to the hilt of her sword, as she turned to face the lycanthrope. The blade of her sword curved upwards as she began to run towards it. And as that run became a sprint, and that sprint a leap, the sword sliced downwards into the werewolf’s flesh.

[OOC: Aelistae is charging the werewolf]

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 09:32:38.
Edited on 2008-06-29 at 16:30:42 by Ginafae

RDI Fixture +1
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1541 Posts


Xaris stood over the almost headless body of the wolf. He looked down to Artanis quickly and showed no emotion. His wild side had broken out once more and now he was nothing more than a wrath of nature, needing to kill these abominations of the woods. With two down and even more to go, it would be hard work, but they could do it.

He stood for a moment, with sword in one hand and clenched fist in another to gaze about the field, and find a target to take on next. He watched as the lead wolf cast a horrid spell at him, but he dodged it just in time to take a glancing hit from the lightning. He would have to be next.

Xaris sprung out of his roll that he dove into to dodge the lightning, and watched as he came to his feet as the lead lycan shifted into a massive wolf. Yes, he would definately have to die now.

Xaris gripped his sword in two hands, and charged the massive wolf, letting out a bellowing cry as his feet carried him almost effortlessly across the field. He would meet this massive beast in combat, and only one of them would come out of it alive.

Posted on 2008-06-29 at 16:28:51.

RDI Fixture
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Talus’ breath came out in a disbelieving gasp when his invocation failed a second time. Without the threat of magical retaliation, there was nothing he could to stop the advance of the hungry wolf. He had a dagger sheathed in his boot, but going for it would present the back of his head and neck as a perfect target for the snarling maw before him.

The vicious animal apparently knew that the panicked look on Talus’ face meant that the prone man could no longer defend himself. If a wolf could smile, this one was grinning ear to ear. Lips pulled back to reveal razor sharp teeth and the wolf started forward to finish the kill. The prey held up an arm in a feeble attempt to keep powerful jaws from finding an easy hold but clawed paws easily swatted the obstacle to the side, creating a clear path to the neck—the sweet spot—where sweet blood would flow freely. Already having made an appetizer of the man’s leg, the wolf knew exactly how much it was going to savor this meal and it lunged forward, jaws opening wide.

The hungry creature jerked violently to the side, mid leap, missing its mark on the helpless man lying prone before it. It collapsed into a heap just beside its intended victim, staring into the terrified and confused eyes of its prey and unable to understand the sharp new pain just behind its shoulder blade. Still unsure of what had caused such an errant jump, the wolf kicked its paws at the ground, searching for some purchase, and snapped at Talus’ face. The pain it its shoulder increased tenfold, spreading into its ribcage and lungs. The wolf made one last lunge at the body lying next to it and, with a gasping yelp, fell limp, its tongue hanging grotesquely out of its mouth.

Talus pulled his eyes away from the rows of his would-be killer’s teeth when the wolf’s body shook again, thinking that the wolf might still kill him yet. Looking up, he immediately saw the reason the wolf had missed him. Artanis planted a foot on her kill and pulled at her sword one more time, yanking it free of its entanglement with the animal’s ribcage, before kneeling next to Talus to make sure she hadn’t arrived too late. "Are you alright? Can you stand?"

"I think so. Let’s find out." Talus offered her his unchewed arm and struggled to his feet. The more he moved around, the more he felt like the wounds weren’t actually that bad. It probably wouldn’t take too much more before he’d pass out from blood loss, but as long as he could avoid wrestling with another wolf he should live through the night.

Nearing the immaculately dressed bard Artanis asked, "Elesia, can you heal him? He's badly wounded!" before turning to Talus, "Please be careful. I'd like it if you stuck around a little bit longer." With that, she winked at him, patted his arm, and headed back into the fray.

"There’s no need for healing just yet… I’ll be fine as long as I don’t go toe to toe with any of them. Save your spells for those in close combat with the vile things. " Talus limped past Elesia, toward the magically created wall of shrubbery and invoked a mental image of adroitly climbing up the tangled mess. He could feel his inner power surge down through each of his appendages, causing his hands and feet to tingle. "I’d like to see you catch me up here." he mumbled to himself as he began to climb.

Posted on 2008-06-30 at 00:43:44.
Edited on 2008-06-30 at 01:06:30 by Deucalion


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