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Bell Sprouts

Nebulos attempts to head quietly towards the nearest bell sprout. He motions to the others to quietly follow. Leaning down and looking into the flower he studies it. We should go silently and carefully searching for sprites in this area. Remember, tread carefully for sprites are known for their trickery
If nothing is there Nebulos will continue to search this area carefully for any sprite activity or signs of sprites here. He looks for the sprites with an empty flask in his hand.

(Is the entire flower small enough to pop into a flask?)

Posted on 2008-02-20 at 14:08:43.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
2264 Posts

Battle rounds 1 and 2

Round one:

The thundering hooves pounded into the dusty road as the companions moved to face off against their first allied concern. The sentries posted about the bridge showed little if any recognition let alone fear at the approaching group. Aelistae and Barrbarra both rode forward, halting 60’ from the southern side of the bridge, and dismounted, preparing their bows for a long range assault. Linnix and Tock meanwhile wheeled around to provide a set of eyes in the rear, though nothing new came from the road they had just traveled upon. Bart pulled Alice alongside Tock, worry evident upon his rugged face.

Elesia atop Sunshine was already in the throws of spell song even as the stallion rode closer to allow Xaris a better chance at entering the fray. The beautiful woman’s words came across as both melodic and influential. Those capable at spell craft could grip the semblances of arcane power woven throughout her words, though it was different than any simple wizard’s incantation. As her voice reached a crescendo, she began commanding the woman to rise. “It is not yet time for rest,. Get up, rise, Stand.. And fight!” To everyone’s surprise. The crumpled form of the stranger was surrounded in a brief red haze, and slowly, she began to move. Blood ran freely from her wounds, particularly the star-shaped scarring upon her forehead, and her lifeblood stung her eyes. The pain however did not bother her, instead it was a reassurance she was alive, and as the woman tasted her own blood upon her lips, they curled into a vicious snarl filled with anger and resolve.

Loriel, Moira, and Moonshadow however were not satisfied with waiting any length of time, and the ranger along with her companions charged forward. Loriel added two arrows to her sleek darkwood bow, took aim at the morningstar wielding attacker, and fired as Moira galloped ever nearer.

(Loriel Vs. Sentry 4
Arrow1: 1d20+ 10atk -8 penalty for firing while mounted at a run without mounted archery feat -2 for rapid shot. Roll: 13+0 vs. Enemy AC=miss
Arrow2: 1d20+ 10atk -8 penalty for firing while mounted at a run without mounted archery feat -2 for rapid shot. Roll: 14+0 vs. Enemy AC=miss)

The arrows sailed harmlessly past her intended target, but the projectiles sailing past alerted Sentry 4 of the new arrivals. Along with the others, they prepared to engage the on-comers.

Sentry5 Vs. Loriel
From within the folds of his cloak, the stranger pulled forth a crossbow, took aim at the onrushing rider, and fired.
Bolt1: 1d20+ 7atk vs. Loriel AC
Roll: 11+7 vs. 19=miss

Sentry6 Vs. Loriel
On the opposite side of the bridge gap another sentry took up aim and fired as well.
Bolt1: 1d20+ 7atk vs. Loriel AC
Roll: 9+ 7 vs. 19=miss

Loriel was on a mission, and it seemed nothing was going to stop her, missiles flew past, and they didn’t slow her one bit.

Xaris had leapt from Sunshine leaving Elesia to her castings and drew forth his great sword as he charged headlong towards sentry6. For such a little fellow his legs pumped furiously and sent him crashing into the sentry who could barely raise his empty crossbow in defense.

Xaris Vs. Sentry 6 (charge attack)
Mwk Greatsword: 1d20+ 12atk vs. Sentry6 ac
Roll: 15 +12 vs. Ac=hit!
Damage: 12

Xaris’s greatsword came down hard and left a nasty gash across the Sentry’s midsection. The Sentry however for all its pain did not utter a single sound.

Round two:

Aelistae moved forward 20’ and fell into prayer, and through her divine patron infused her already agile form with even more grace. Casting Cat’s Grace Barrbarra had taken aim, and let loose an arrow towards the Morningstar wielding Sentry 4, hoping to aid the wounded traveler who already was stirring.

Barrbarra vs. Sentry 4
Comp longbow: 1d20 +6atk vs. Sentry4 ac
Roll: 18+6 vs. Ac=hit
Damage: 7

Barb’s arrow caught the Sentry in the left shoulder blade, spinning the attacker around in pain. As he spun, his hood fell back revealing his face, bald, hairless, and covered in black tribal tattoos. The man snarled but again he made no sound as he gritted his teeth.

Linnix and Tock, confident that no threat would be coming from behind, turned around once again and moved forward to within 60’ herself to decide her next course of action.

Loriel of course was charging headlong into the fray, Moira and Moonshadow working like an extension of one likeminded spirit. The ranger slid off Moira on the right to engage Sentry 4. Meanwhile Sentry free had raised his sword in an effort to finish off the stirring, anger filled warrior at his feet but was interrupted as a flying ball of fur and fang latched onto him in a fury.

Loriel vs. Sentry 4
MW Silver longsword: 1d20 +7 vs. Sentry4 Ac
Roll: 8+7 vs. AC=miss

The Morningstar wielding sentry4 moved surprisingly quick despite his presumed pain, raising his weapon to parry the silver blade aside…

Moonshadow Vs Sentry 3
Claw: 1d20 + 5 atk vs. Sentry3 Ac
Roll: 9+5 vs. AC=miss
Though moon shadow had succeeded in stalling the sentries attack, his claws did not manage to pierce the thin chain the sentry wore under his dark clothing.

Sentry 4 vs. Loriel
Morningstar: 1d20+4atk vs. Loriel AC
Roll: 2+4 vs. AC=miss.

Loriel, though her own attack had been parried, was quick to return in kind, turning over a reposte with a skilled wrist flick, turning the spiked weapons aside harmlessly.

Sentry3 vs. Moonshadow
Longsword: 1d20+5 vs. Moonshadow AC
Roll: 5+5 vs. ac=miss

Moonshadow as well, was an agile beast of the land, and nimbly dodged the slash of the Sentry’s longsword.

Kasenarrion fought through the pain to raise her weapon against Sentry 3. Knowing to rise in such close quarters would leave her open to attacks of opportunity, Kas attacked from a prone position, her gleaming bastard sword sweeping in low.

Kas vs. Sentry3 (fighting from prone)
Mithril Bastard Sword: 1d20+2 (5+1 [str increase] -4 [fighting from prone])
Roll: 19+2 vs. 21
Roll 18+2=crit
Roll: 8+4x2 =24 damage

Kas’s swing was so powerful. It cleaved the Sentry’s left ankle right off, cutting completely through the bone. The man crumpled to the ground next to Kas, holding his stump in pain, having dropped his weapon. Aside from gargles and groans however, the man did not speak. Though his mouth was agape, it was apparent now that his tongue had long ago been cut out.

Sentry 5 turned to shoot at Xaris, who was attacking Sentry 6, dropping his crossbow to it’s shoulder strap and moving to attack with a shortsword.
Meanwhile, Sentry 6 had opted to swap weapons as well, drawing a similar short blade, the two of them attacking as a team against the gnome.

Sentry 5+6 vs. Xaris
S5-Short sword: 1d20+4 [+2 flanking] vs. Xaris Ac
S6-Short sword: 1d20+4 [+2 flanking] vs. Xaris Ac
S5 Roll: 9+6 vs. AC 16 [charging penalty] =miss
S6 Roll: 1+6 [critical failure]

Xaris however was a seasoned warrior who had faced overwhelming odds before. He easily dodged and parried both attackers, even riposting Sentry 6’s weapon and sending the short sword 10’ off to the side.

On the far side of the bridge, the other two Sentry’s had joined the fray, hoping to rally against the companions. They both took aim with their crossbows, and picked their targets.

Sentry 1 Vs Kas
Bolt: 1d20 + 7 vs. Kas AC
Roll: 4+7 vs. AC= miss

Sentry 2 Vs Loriel
Bolt 1d20 +7 vs. Loriel AC
Roll: 18+7 vs. AC= hit
Roll: 3

The Sentry’s bolt hit Loriel in the upper arm, slicing through her fair skin as it passed. The wound however was superficial. Loriel would continue to fight.

Elesia of course was still concentrating on her spell song, it seemed as though she was intent on whatever enchantment she was weaving. Bartholomew was atop Alice, fiddling with a crossbow that looked in sore need of repair, trying to load a bolt.

(Begin round 3 actions)

Posted on 2008-02-22 at 00:13:34.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Dancing into battle

Aelistae hastened to the scene of the battle, pausing only to fire two black-feathered arrows at the men upon the bridge. Missiles whizzed through the air, stifled screams sounded about her, but the drow woman ignored it all and silently moved towards her prey.

And then the moment came. Aelistae dropped her bow and effortlessly drew a long, curved blade. Its design was archaic even for long-lived elves, and almost unknown among the drow. That is except for an elderly Elistraeyn who had imparted both the blade and the means to use it before departing upon the Last Dance. Aelistae had practiced with it until it became an extension of her own being, and when she drew it now that was exactly what it became. The blade blurred in the air as she danced towards her foe, until it was impossible to tell where it began and she ended.

OOC: Rounds 3 and 4 as above. On round 5 Aelistae will drop her bow, and draw her elven courtblade. Thanks to the crystal of return in the blade she’ll draw it as a free action and charge anyone still attacking Loriel or Kas.

Posted on 2008-02-22 at 13:15:11.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Kas next turns on the man that had struck her down. There is a singleminded focus to her attacks. She wanted the enemy dead, or incapacitated. In a haze of red, possibly from the blood falling into her eyes, Kas prepares to swing on the morningstar wielder (S4). She gathers herself to meet the man, her blade going overhead so that she could bring it down on the man and not accidently hit the elven woman on the other side of him. Given a moment she will also try an kick the weapon of the man she just felled off the bridge and if that is not possible then out of his reach.

Her next attack will be on the Sentry that just swung on her (S1) she stands so that one is to her front and one is to her side so that she is not flanked.

Posted on 2008-02-22 at 21:33:05.
Edited on 2008-02-23 at 01:09:52 by Dragon Mistress

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

Nebulos being picked on by flowers

Nebulos moves quietly towards the group of bellsprouts. He leans in to check the flower atop the sprout; it is a lovely yellow blossom with pink stigmas and brown seeds. As Nebulos leans in, the flower releases a small cloud of gas in his face. the gas wafts over Nebulos and suddenly the warmage is feeling quite apathetic. The middle-aged mage felt a sudden overwhelming calming, as though everything was right in the world. He stood there in a daze even as the bellsprouts upper 'lid' opened up revealing its inside, housing a 2' deep pool of liquid. With sudden fluidity and locomotion unknown to the trio, small vines gently wrapped around Nebulos and eased him forward till he toppled over the edge of the large bellsprout, face first into the liquid, where it was quickly realized that the sweet smelling juices were the plant's means of digesting, and slowly began eating away at the poor mage's face.

(Fortitude save failed- 7 acid Acid damage)

Nebulous: 29/36hp -grappled (free of gaseous effects)

Selena and Whip noticed Nebulos' predicament and moved to intercede, but the cluster of bellsprouts had reacted to their presence. Whip found himself dodging away from a multitude of vines that reached for him, and Selena was fairing even worse, as one of the vines wrapped around her wrist and she struggled to free herself. With a concentrated effort however, she managed to send forth a small fan of flames from her fingertips, severing the vine and scorching two of the bellsprouts a little.

4 bellsprouts are in a cluster, with Nebulos being 'eaten' by BS 1


Sel Whip

Posted on 2008-02-22 at 23:37:58.

RDI Fixture +1
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1541 Posts


Xaris concentrated hard as he ran. Now was the trial of fire for him, the first time he can prove he is worthwhile, and prove that he can save an innocent. This woman needed to be saved now, and if she was to die, then a little bit of him would go with her.

He charged at one of the men, his feet pounding on the ground, his heart racing. He threw all his weight into the swing of his mighty sword,and slashed the man across the chest. Liquid crimson began to flow across his blade and the man, blood touching the mid-days air. Soon though, he was quickly surrounded by two men instead of one.

With ducks and weaves and flicks of his wrist, he and his mighty blade dodged the fruitless attacks, and quickly Xaris would show them the price of failure.

He hefted his sword and underswung at the already wounded soldier, hoping to bring him down, lessening the blades swinging at him by one. He would keep on attacking until he was dead, then attack the next clueless enemy, obviously not knowing what he had gotten himself into.

Posted on 2008-02-23 at 03:01:57.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Loriel is committed to fighting the man with the mace. She yells a battle cry at him as she swings her longsword with fierce intent to do bodily harm. The cry waas to keep his attention on her and not on the woman getting up on her feet. Archery was her specialty but she was well trained in the use of other weapons, the longsword was her second best weapon of choice.

Loriel keeps her longseord moving with quick and sure strokes as she maneuvers about and as the warrioress rises she moves(5 ft step)into a flanking positionon the mace weilder which will help her and the warrioress. Again hopefully he will not see the other woman rising to strike.

Loriel cannot spare a glance to see how the others are doing not yet anyway. Best to keep focused on the two opponents in this area and just make sure no others come any closer or otherwise they would be badly outnumbered. With six opponents and six of their party she figures that she shouldn't be overwhelmed if everyone did what they could. She knew three of their group were fighters of one typor or another, Xarius, Barrbarra, and herself, The priestesses would use divine magics, She was not sure about Linnix, or Bart and what they might be able to contribute to this fight. That is why she needed to cut down as many as she could. She did not know how effective the wounded woman could be. It would perhaps be better if she just faked unconsciousness so that she wouldn't be hit again.

Posted on 2008-02-24 at 04:16:32.
Edited on 2008-03-02 at 21:17:38 by Brianna

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Pesky Plants

Nebulos thought to himself as his face was being dissolved by acid This is about the stupidest thing that has ever happened to me Trying to concentrate as he snapped out of the enchantment that had held him for a moment he reached into his memory and pulled up the best spell he could for such a situation. Fireblast!

The fire rippled out from his body in every direction. His warmage training allowed the fire to be even more effective than normal. The bellsprouts certainly wouldn't be expecting this Nebulos thought as he tried to smile but held it back due to the pain.

Posted on 2008-02-26 at 00:59:13.

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

Attack, of the low cal fat free salad, new at mcdonalds.

Nebulos was in quite the predicament. He could feel the acidic fluids within the bell sprout eating away at his skin, as though someone were boiling the flesh from his bones. Through gritted teeth and fierce determination however the old mage was able to sputter out enough semblances of an incantation amidst his struggle to send forth a small ring of fire about his person. The wave of flame burned brightly, licking at the vegetation, consuming it with hunger, and soon the vines and lashing arms were aflame, the bell sprouts burning and enflaming each other in their painful trip to wilted destruction. As the bell sprout that had consumed Nebulos released him and his face was revealed, the once stoic and proud looking warmage now left much for wanting in the looks department. His entire head was a bright red, like he flesh of a freshly cooked tomato, free of blemish or hair, and the old, now very bald mages skin wrinkled as though he had sat in a tub for too long. Every breeze made his face twinge in pain. Selena to her credit turned away, looking intently at the pile of smoldering plantlife before her. Whip however couldn’t contain his delight in his companions embarrassment and let out a hearty laugh at Nebulos’ expense. “I once burned off me eyebrows playin with fire, but ne’er have I heard of a salad getting revenge Ar ar ar hehe hehe!”

Scarlet bent low and reached into a pile of blackened refuse, and pulled forth a worn and severely desiccated remnant of what once was likely a fine earring. Platinum to be sure, though much of it’s value had been lost.

The path continues back to the fork, or continues on along a similarly lush and beautiful path. Twenty yards up ahead however, the path seems to veer off sharply to the right where colorful illuminations can be seen filtering out of the pathway along the trees.

Posted on 2008-03-02 at 20:15:03.

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

Extra crispy or flame broiled?

So it was that not so very far away, completely unawares of the goings on of a man who had shared a courtyard with them but that morning, companions of a different nature were locked in a hearted battle. The bridge had become a battlefield, and lives were now at stake. Aelistae and Barrbarra had taken up bows, with arrows notched and ready to let fly at a moment’s notice. Kas was putting her armor to the test as it ground against the wooden bridge as she fought of her attackers, with Loriel and Moonshadow, alongside Moira had entered into closer proximity to aid the wounded woman. Linnix and Bart, were coping with the added threat of two crossbowman on the other side of the river, while Xaris was fending off trouble of his own. Only Elesia seemed distanced from the battle, but anyone looking closely enough could see she too was locked in concentration, for her will alone kept the woman known as Kas from the verge of death.

Preferring to take their chances with enemies not locked in melee with their companions, both Bartholomew and Linnix took up aim at the sentries furthest away from the clamor on the bridge. With two silent clicks, lost in the sound of combat, the bolts were let loose. Bart’s shot went ridiculously wide, ending the life of a poor unfortunate sparrow flying by minding its own business. Linnix’s however was something of beauty. The bolt slid down the chamber like a sword into a custom scabbard, the bolt parted the air like a king did the masses, and that bolt whistled the sweetest song of death ever heard, before landing betwixt the eyes of a very startled enemy, who was thrown onto his back, dead, before he ever touched ground.
(Well now, rolled a double 20 for the critical, and a 98% on my crit chart well done)


Kas raised up to face the man who had struck her down. He wanted to lash out at her, to give her another beating, but Loriel had his attention now, and he couldn’t afford to spare it to the rising warrior. Ill fortune for him it was for it allowed Kas to strike at him, driving her blade deep into his side, causing him to lower his guard long enough in painful reflections for Loriel to move in and strike him as well. Her fine blade opened his shoulder, weakening his grip upon his Morningstar. Distracted between the two women, and terrorized by the bloody gurgling of his companion who now thrashed like a rag doll in the powerful jaws of Moonshadow, the sentry gave a frantic swing at Loriel, but received nothing but air and pain for his time.

Xaris was busy fending off both of the sentries on the southwestern side of the bridge, his gnomish great sword weaving in deceptively swift movements against his attackers. The men however were not as unskilled as the confident gnome had originally thought either. While flanking the warrior, they attacked him simultaneously, one striking high, the other low, and from opposing angles. Both of the short blades bypassed Xaris’ defense, and both bit into his tender flesh, one under his left armpit, the other up and into his right side thankfully deflected by his ribs. (Xaris 51/60HP) The gnome however was not to be denied his vengeance, and with great finesse brought that great sword down upon Sentry 5 with a world of pain alongside it. The strength of his blow was nearly enough to sever his sword arm, and the limb hung loosely by what few tendons remained, his fingers involuntarily releasing the grip on his blade. (That’s another critical for the good guys!)

Aelistae, finding a target free let fly her arrow, which sank cleanly into the already wounded, and now weaponless sentry, piercing his shoulder from the rear, and dropping the man into dirt.
Barrbarra too knew well her shot, and with unerring accuracy placed an arrow right over Loriel’s left shoulder to strike the Morningstar wielding sentry down, the body falling over the side of the bridge and into the once peaceful waters below.

Seeing their numbers cut down so quickly, the two remaining enemies changed their battle plans rather quickly. Sentry2 gave up and made a direct run at all haste towards the north. (Full movement, 150ft (run feat)) Sentry 6 however took a step back, away from Xaris and his wicked blade, instead reaching into his cloak ripping from his neck a now broken string with 2 small red beads upon it. With some speechless garble he threw the necklace at his feet, and the beads exploded into fireballs which encompassed not only himself, but everyone except for Bart, Linnix, Barrbarra Elesia and their steeds as well in deadly flames.

Fireballs: DC to beat: 14 Damage at stake: 26
Aelistae 17 Xaris 6 Loriel 20 Kas 15 Moonshadow: 14 Moira 21.
In that split second before the flames washed over them, one must ponder what went through their minds. Aelistae quickly turned and rolled, avoiding much of the flames, though they still licked at her flesh. Moonshadow, Kas, Loriel, and Moira all dove for the water on instinct, but when they hit bottom, no cool embrace welcomed them, only hardened earth, as the illusion of a bridge, river, and crossing all faded into reality. The flames washed over Xaris, and the bodies of the fallen foes famished and seeking sustenance upon their lives.

When the smoke had cleared, much of the attackers remains were smoldering, scorched beyond recognition, and blackened stains upon the earth. And there, amongst it all, stood Xaris, who’se hair tips smoldered like a tallow candle, and whose first reply to the ordeal was to simply puff out a ring of smoke to clear his lungs. The gnome’s gear all sustained burn damage, but luckily nothing had been totally ruined. The little fellow though for all his obvious agony, was alive, and still standing of his own accord.

Kas however was another story. The battle injuries coupled with the flames had pushed her body beyond even Elesia’s grasp of maintaining conciousness. The woman’s body lay still amongst the other’s in the middle of the road. Elesia was still locked deep in concentration now, her spell no longer keeping her capable of fighting, but the only thing that was keeping her alive. Sweat rolled off the priestesses face as well, the task of keeping the spell active was taking it’s toll on her. With obvious urgency and added struggle in her voice however she did manage two quick words as she slowly walked by Aelistae. “She‘s dying”

HP: totals:
Kas -5/30 (Elesia’s spell is keeping her at -5 instead of -13)
Aelistae 17/30
Xaris 25/60
Loriel 26/39
Moonshadow: 20/33
Moira: 17/30

(Sentry 2 is at 150ft and fleeing fast, Kas is bleeding out, everyone is pretty rough looking, and the actions are yours to make. Thanks for being patient.)

Posted on 2008-03-02 at 21:16:18.

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts


Loriel ignores her own injuries and burns and immediately calls out for the Priestesses not aware of the one already holds the young woman's life in her hands..

"Priestesses, she needs healing HUrry," Loriel calls out loudly even as she begins to take out bandages to stop the bleeding of the wounds on the stranger. Using direct pressure on the worse of them ahd tightening bangages around the lesser ones. "I could use some help."

Loriel was not frantic or panic. However time was of the essence and she work efficiently and methodically. to tends the woman's wounds. Loriel feared the head wound most of all. She handed that one carefully

"Hang in there. Help is coming, just a bit longer." Loriel offers a prayer to her Deity asking for aid, She is no priesess is she but it never would hurt to pray for the wounded woman.

Everything was prioritized in her mind clearly. After this woman Loriel would care for Moira, and Moonshadow and then any other she could help.

Posted on 2008-03-02 at 21:46:13.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Kas leaped into the water that was not, after the fireballs errupted, adding further injury to her fire wracked body. She immediately lost consciousness, that at least stopped the pain.

Posted on 2008-03-03 at 03:15:10.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Well at least it's not cold...

Aelistae’s eyes ran along the length of the arrow nocked to her bow, and out towards the two bandits who were still standing. She tensed her muscles and prepared to fire, only for one of the two men to throw down two red beads at his feet.

“Oh no,” she managed to gasp, her eyes widening in horror. She had seen such devices before, and her mouth opened as she tried to shout a warning.

All that came out was a strangled scream. A searing ball of fire erupted around her, and all Aelistae could do was to try and avoid the worst of the blast. She dived to the ground and rolled until the red heat of the fireball was replaced by the cooling air of the summer’s day.

Aelistae winced as she staggered to her feet. Her armour chafed over skin that was blistered and burnt, and her ears still rang with the noise of the fireball.

A noise to her left caused the drow woman to spin in that direction. It was Elesia, who looked as bad as Aelistae felt, and she seemed to be mouthing something in her direction.

It took several seconds before the cacophony in her ears died down and she heard the words: “She‘s dying.” Aelistae followed Elesia’s gaze and saw at last the stricken form of the woman who had been attacked by the bandits. Her skin was charred black, and, even though Loriel appeared to be tending to her wounds, Aelistae knew it would take more than bandages to help her.

“Not if I can help it,” the drow priestess managed to reply in a throaty whisper, before rushing to side of the stricken woman.

She knelt upon earth charred blacker than her own skin, and lightly touched a brooch that she wore depicting a naked, drow woman dancing before a full moon.

“Jallil, plynn brou pholor ilta,”* she muttered quietly before leaning forward to kiss the woman’s forehead.

Eilistraee answered. The brooch shone a brilliant silver, and Aelistae directed the blessing of her Goddess into the prone form of Kas.

[Cure moderate wounds on Kas for 2d8+3. Aelistae will also spend one charge of her healing belt to heal Kas for an additional 2d8. So that’s a total of 4d8+3.]
Her breathing eased, and the burns scarring her flesh receded to an angry pink.

“Bel’la dos,”* the priestess added, before touching her belt once more in order to heal some of her own wounds.

[Aelistae is spending one charge of her healing belt to heal herself for 2d8.]
Aelistae rose to her feet more steadily than she did before. Her skin still tingled and felt raw, but she knew that some rest would soon ease whatever pain she still felt. She also knew that she still had work to do.

“If you were a little taller, I would think you were drow,” Aelistae joked quietly as she knelt before the blackened form of Xaris and administered her Lady’s blessing upon the fierce gnome warrior.

[Same as with Kas. Cure moderate wounds for 2d8+3, and spending the last charge of her healing belt to heal for an additional 2d8. So that’s also 4d8+3 healing.]
Lastly, Aelistae stepped close to Loriel. Her movements were tentative, for in truth she was unsure that the elf would accept help from a drow.

“Sister, I can ask the Lady of the Dance to heal some of your wounds. Will you allow me to do so?”

[If Loriel agrees, Aelistae will impart a cure light wounds upon her. So that’s 1d8+3 healing.]

*“Lady, take pity on her,” and “thank you,” in drow.

Aelistae has used up all of her second level spells, and will has turned ‘true-strike’ into a cure light wounds. That’ll give her 3 cure light wounds that she can still cast. I want to save those until I know what the result of the healing rolls are. If they’re all high she’ll start healing Loriel’s animals, otherwise she’ll spend them on Kas, Xaris and Loriel.

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Nebulos gathered himself together brushing off his cloak he turned to Whip and glared at him. Whip, you best shut it or you're gonna feel pain that makes my face look merely scratched in comparison. After a moment of glaring at Whip, Nebulos laughed out loud. You're right though. I wasn't expecting such harsh treatment from a plant. Walking over to Whip he slapped him on the back and he continued Lets get moving' I think the light that we see ahead might be sprites. If we see any more plants, it may be best we leave them be.

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Quick little status update:

Aelistae’s Healing results:
Kas - Cure Moderate Wounds 2d8+3 =18
Healing belt 2d8 = 13

Kas -5 + 31 =+26 (-8 from Elesia stopping her spell-“Rage“)
Kas HP: 18/31

Aelistae: Healing Belt 2d8 =5
Aelistae HP: 22/30

Xaris -Cure Moderate wounds 2d8+3 =10
Healing Belt 2d8 = 15
Xaris HP: 50/60

Loriel: Should she allow it
Cure light wounds 1d8+3 -10
Loriel’s possible HP: 36/39

Elesia let her spellsong fade, an could visibly notice Kas’ form slump from the sudden shock to her body. That aside however, the stranger was alive and well given the probable outcome had they not happened upon her in time. “Merciful Tymora you have gifted us with your fortune this day and for that I thank you.” With that, Elesia moved aside the others. "I can bestow a small bit of stamina to any who request it. Nowhere near the power of lady Aelistae here, but I will help in what ways I can."

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