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Round Two (See bottom of previous page for Round one)

The battle ranks of the enemy had been broken, and now it was time to route them for good. Elendil and Brownyn moved closer still, till they were just outside the mighty doors of the Northern Gate, with Elendil placing another arrow into the back of a errant gnoll, felling it as Bronwyn disappeared from sight from her Invisibility spell.

Inside the Keep, Talus’ detection of magical auras revealed that Bolikar was deeply enshrouded in the weave, from his axe and his belt, to his sandals and even his own spirit, though his Axe was definitely the strongest of the auras the warlock could perceive.

Seleyon, a quick exchange of words with Atharam had her bow set, and her feet on the move, while Hawkrill mounted Charger and though the steed whinnied in pain at the burden of a rider before being fully healed, did not protest in its duty. Together, they set their sights at the target before them, separated by a thin line of goblin defenders, and charged…

Xaris, alone before the might of Bolikar was panting and bleeding profusely, but could not afford to pay the pain he was in the heed it deserved. He could not retreat, could not even back away, for the reach for the mighty weapon would cut him where he stood to turn. It was a kill or be killed scenario if ever there was one. Gritting his teeth Xaris swung once more, his sword cutting another line of red across the ogrillion’s chest, but the brute seemed not to notice. Bellowing a Rage of his own, the almost feral half orc raised his axe, and nearly cut poor Xaris in two as Skull Cleaver came down severing Xaris’ spine under the blow’s weight, felling him instantly. (Xaris/ -8/71HP) Xaris could only lie there in the blackness of unconsciousness..He raised his axe for the decapitating strike…

Artanis stood their above Aelistae’s body, calling upon all who dare face her. And onward they came. Meanwhile, Dylan placed a gentle hand on Aelistae’s shoulder, and at her flinch reassured her with a familiar “Its me” as he pulled her back towards the others, as Artanis took another barrage of blows, as Halberds struck between goblin morningstars and orcish axes. Artanis’s face was marred with wounds, her body aching against the onslaught of enemy blows. As the last one of her charges upon the shield lit however she could only smile. As she raised her shield high, and called out. “Grounded!” A circle of electricity erupted around Artanis, the shocking nova decimated all the enemies around Artanis, and even Aelistae, her dragged form, just out of harms way could feel the tingle in her toes as the remnants of discharged energy washed over her. Artanis, despite her added resistance to the nova, still looked more than a little worse for wear, but at the ring of fallen enemies around her she could do little more than crack a smile through cracked and blackened lips. (Artanis Red/Yellow (so Orange?)Status)

Intella and Bart, framing Linnix, lashed out. Intella taking a glancing blow to her side, and another to her lead foot, while Bart narrowly dodged an incoming Morningstar. (Bart/ Intella Yellow Status) Widening the ring around them from danger, Linnix placed a open palm to Intella’s shoulder, who silently shrunk down a little more, Linnix’s bow coming up to fire an arrow at a gnoll who sought to strike the distracted Dylan as he pulled Aelistae free. The arrow struck the Gnoll in the forearm, his weapon falling from his grasp, unable to bear the weight of the length halberd with one hand. Yipping, it turned to face the trio of enemies behind Dylan as he continued to pull Aelistae to their side.

A pair of arrows dropped two goblins as Atharam and Hawkrill raced through, Seleyon fast on their heels. The knight saw Bolikar and his vision closed, he was an arrow, and nothing would deter his flight. Without a lance, his charge was not as efficient, but as Bolikar raised to strike Xaris’ still form, He let out a cry, and Both he and Raykel jumped over Xaris’ body to crash headlong into Bolikar, the weight of knight and horse combined bowled the towering giant of a orc over, though Atharam was thrown free of his steed, to land in a heap 5’ behind Bolikar, while Raykel fought to get up in front. Seeing Bolikar down, it was Hawkrill and Charger who took up the fight, the wounded pair rearing to stomp upon the giant under hoof and mace alike. “For the Glory of Helm, and to win the Day!” Hawkrill cried as his mace swung down, narrowly missing the prone leader of the enemy. Charger stomped down upon the Ogrillion, his hooves stomping upon the mighty figure’s chest, but the leader of the enemy simply did not want to lie down and die like a good villain should. (Bolikar Orange Status)

Less than a score of enemies stood excluding Bolikar, thanks to Artanis’ timely use of her shield. A quick count placed 11 goblins, 4 gnolls, and 4 orcs remaining, scattered and without any sense of direction. The orc’s were yelling at the gnolls, who in turn let their anger and frustrations out upon the hapless goblins, who even now were looking more and more towards the northern gate, their most viable option for escape, back into the safety of their mountain holes and caves.

Posted on 2008-12-02 at 15:02:58.
Edited on 2008-12-02 at 19:47:53 by Kaelyn

Dragon Mistress
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Elendil-Death with a Bow

Her heart almost slowed to a stop as the specific moment came when the Drow turned in the sky and presented herself for a perfect shot. Elendil went utterly still, not even breathing and she adjusted her aim to fit the movenet of the flag and the range and elevation of her intended target. When all was right, she released the arrow so that it went off and an upward trajectory. Climbing in the night sky towards it intended traget, the drow in the sky. The world faded away as Elendil watched the flight of the arrow, willing it to fly true,

In a precise arch, Elendil watched as her arrow buried itself in the heart of the Drow. "By Corellon's Grace," she said to no one, it was that type of a shot. She firmly believed Corellon guided her arrow. Credit given where credit was due. Elendil was not one to blow her own horn. She always sought prefection with her archery and every other skill and talent she had, it was a part of Elven nature and how she was brought up. Excellence in all things.

Elendil moved to just off to the side of the gate and with a mighty shout, and then cried out in Goblin, "FLEE, ALL IS LOST, A GREAT HUMAN ARMY COMES FROM THE SOUTH."

Elendil will set extra arrows into her left hand to be ready to shoot those fleeing, when they had exited far enough from the keep to give her some margin of safety. She shrugs down in her cloak pulling the hood up to help hide herself.

Posted on 2008-12-02 at 22:10:56.
Edited on 2008-12-03 at 02:57:04 by Dragon Mistress

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Xaris stood toe to toe with Bolikar, sweat rolling down his face and the moonlight making him look like a ghost against the darkened skies. Coming up not even waist high to him, he roared back to the beastwith just as much ferocity as the Ogrillion itself, spittle dotting Xaris's face as he fought valiantly. His muscles flexed and relaxed underneath his pasty skin with every swing of his sword, every dodge of the axe slowly wearing out the heroic warrior of the woods. They traded blow after blow, axe and sword clashing back and forth before Xaris's blade sunk deep and drew the blood of the beast, whipping him up into a frenzy like no other. This fight was pushing his skills to their limits, but slowly the sheer mass of the enemy was winning this battle.

After drawing the blood of the enemy did things turn for the worse for Xaris. Quickly he ducked underneath the lumbering swing of Bolikar, and stood back up only to be caught in the stomach by a massive back swing; only a creature so massive could have so much control over a such a weapon. The blow shook Xaris to his core, the axe blade bighting straight through his chain shirt, the unexpected sonic burst rattling his brain and bones alike. He stayed standing, but only just. His knees were weak and drool slowly rolled off his lip as he tried to catch his breathe, having it almost knocked out of him. He planted his feet in blood caked dirt, a loud ringing in his ears being all that he could hear, and looked around at the many corpses that him and his friends have created. He gave a wry smile at the sight, sighed, and closed his eyes slowly...

Memories flooded through his head, memories of his past forest dwelling, his brother and sister, mother and father, and elder Yyriel. All of them were loved so much by him, and all of them did nothing to deserve the fate that befell them. Vicious fires burned all of their corpses as goblins raized the gnomish village, humans giving the goblnis weapons, ideas, and a leader to follow ended up being what had destroyed the village. In his absence all of this happened, and in his rage he killed innocent people. This is why he left in the first place, to recieve retribution for what has had happened to him in the past....

He opened his eyes again and watched as his friends picked themselves up, and all of them out of harms way for the moment at hand, together again. He looked back to the hulking figure called Bolikar, the half orc and his features which were unlke anyone has ever seen. Such a beast must die.

Xaris was bleeding profusely and shaken badly, but still he slowly lifted his sword, the blade dragging on the dirt before being set straight infront of him. His knees tightened up and his legs bent slightly, mustering every last bit of energy to carry on the fight of his life. He could not let Bolikar get through him and onto his friends, he's gone to far to let any more harm befall them and as long as Xaris was standing, Bolikar would need to fight him.

Xaris let out a long drawn out raging cry as he hefted his sword, and ran straight at Bolikar. He raised his sword, and swung at the beast, cutting through the monsters skin and drawing blood once more. Xaris looked up quickly into the beasts eyes as his sword dropped, his energy spent and ears still ringing from the sonic burst. He watched as the axe came down on his body, and he also watched the smile appear on Bolikars face as Xaris was tossed to the ground by the axe strike. A dear memories ran through Xaris's mind as he fell to the ground, one of him sitting by a campfire, talking and laughing with Artanis, Bart, Dylan, Aelistae, Talus, and Linnix, another of him first signing up for this adventure where he first met bart and the others, and as his head bounced off the ground, his mother and fathers face, smiling and loving him dearly. He blacked out before his head finally came to a rest, his lower half awkwardly bent to the side and his limbs resting where they fell. His fathers sword, the tool of destruction Xaris used to kill every enemy he met, lay idly a few feet infront of him.

Posted on 2008-12-03 at 02:14:20.

Kool Killer Kitty
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A friend in need...

All Aelistae could sense was a hand upon her shoulder, the warmth of a friend near her, the dull throb of the numerous wounds she had received – as for the rest there was just darkness. She was in a world of blind inertia, barely able to distinguish between the sounds that swirled around her. The whistle of an arrow, crackle of magic, and the clang of steel upon steel all merged into one overwhelming cacophony.

“Dylan, I…” she started as she struggle to find her feet, and struggled to find some way to express her thanks and her feelings of helplessness.

But then a desperate cry cut through that wall of sound, and the words died on Aelistae’s lips. She knew that voice, and to hear it twisted into such agony sent a tear spiraling down from her sightless eyes.

“It’s Xaris. Take me to him, before…before it’s too late.”

Aelistae reached for the small wand of healing that poor Loriel had once carried. She would not let another of her companions die.

[Providing Dylan agrees to lead Aelistae to Xaris:]

Aelistae crouched by Xaris’ crumpled body, feeling her way across matted hair and grievous wounds. Until at last she found some sign that not all life had left his tiny frame.

She sang, trying to kindle that spark of life that still remained, lest it be extinguished forever.

“Usstan tlun naut'kyn, ves naut'kyn, drill shlu'kyorl
Nindel Jallil's ssussun, flamgra’in wund uns'yorl.”

“Don’t die usst’abbil,” she added quietly, once the spell had been cast.

[OOC: The words to the song are:
“I am blind, totally blind, but I can see
That Lady’s light, shining within me.”

The other drow word translates as ‘my friend’.

Finally Aelistae will be taking a move action to stand up and zap herself with a charge from her wand of clw on her first round. Then will (providing Dylan agrees) move to Xaris and use her final level 2 spell to cast cure mod. wounds on him. In subsequent rounds she’ll zap him with her wand to ensure he doesn’t fall over once his rage wears off.]

Posted on 2008-12-03 at 17:21:48.
Edited on 2008-12-03 at 17:22:06 by Ginafae

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Bring it Down

Linnix's breath comes in short bursts, and she can feel the fatigue in her arms, no, her entire body. Dully, Linnix vaguely realizes that she is nearing her limit, but there is little she can do about it now. All that can be done is to press on; stopping now would not do any good, and would only aid in someone's demise. I won't let that happen. Linnix resolves. Yet, even as she thinks it, out of the corner of her eye she sees Xaris fall to the ground. No. You are not dead. I will not believe it! Linnix stubbornly thinks, But for you to survive, we need to do something!
"Talus! We need to bring down that orc!" Linnix calls over the din of the ongoing battle.

Linnix swivels on her heel, raising her bow as she turns. The arrow is drawn in a blur, with bowstring held just beyond the right edge of her lip. Without another word, she fires at Bolrikar. Alone, her arrow might not be able to fell the creature, but at least it would help.

Posted on 2008-12-03 at 21:00:24.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Bronwyn did make it to the gate, bolstered by the fact she was invisible. She watched Elendil shoot the Drow out of the sky and was relieved that she did not have to face that nemesis of anything good. Bronwyn had never heard of any good about the Drow as a race or culture, in fact, quite the opposite,. Though personally she had never met one, she was firmly convinced she never did want to.

Once at the gate, Elendil call out in some language Bronwyn did not understand. Moved through the gates and then put her back to them as she sidestepped against the wall trying to figure out what was going on and what needed doing. She had a few useful spells left, well perhaps useful it depended on what was going on, inside.

Bronwyn did however have a personal quest. Fate had gone inside by himself, if she could find him is this mess she would do what she could to aid him.

Scanning the area, Bronwyn hoped to see him somewhere. There were pockets of fighting but the hordes of goblins did not seem to be in evidence. Elendil said there were hundreds if not thousands. Bronwyn saw bodies but did not think that there was as many as Elendil had said their might be.

However, she saw no sign of Fate anywhere. She was surprised to a knight in what was once perhaps shining armor fighting the Giant Orcish being that she thought she had killed with the fireball. Apparently, he needed more killing. She thought she might wait to see how those he fought against faired before using up one of her last offensive spells. She could try her wand first though it was not as powerful and her own cast spell was, however that would reveal her to the enemy which was not something she wanted to do just yet.

Instead, Bronwyn decided to keep moving against the wall trying to find Fate. That at least would not reveal her to others. Her invisibility was her best protection right now in the hectic melee of combatants. If he wasn’t standing the next place to look for him was amongst the various piles of bodies. Bronwyn ignored the smaller clumps mostly made up one or two goblins since their small stature could not hide the larger human body.

Not that she wanted to find him in a large pile of bodies but their he might be hidden from clear sight. She steels her resolve in the light that if he is in such a place he could have well be dead already. With all the goblin bodies, even thought not thousands, he might have lost his life already. That made her sad. Elendil and she had spoiled his plan to kill Bolikar and that left him only this time and place to finish his mission.

All she cold do is try to find him and hope that he might just be wounded and in need of help. “Ah Goddess, if he is alive let me find him in time.” So Bronwyn continues her search. She found larger bodies that were orcs and Gnolls but she kept looking. Keeping a lookout for wounded enemies that were not dead yet and steering a path around them.

Posted on 2008-12-05 at 01:05:24.

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Jus' helpin' a blind lady across the street *ahem* battlefield

“Dylan, I…” Aelistae started as she struggled to find her feet. Dylan started to pull her up, but the sudden discharge of energy from Artanis' threw off his efforts. The warrior stood surrounded by lightning-charred goblinoid corpses, which began to stink mightily.

Just as the crackle from the burst of electricity ended, another sound reached their ears, a more horrifying sound. (shoos the chronological nazis away)

“It’s Xaris. Take me to him, before…before it’s too late.”
Dylan looked for Xaris in the chaos of the battle and saw his puny pale form laying in a heap next to the excess of flesh that represented Bolikar's prone form. "Milil preserve us." Dylan took hold of Aeilistae's arm and sought the straigtest and clearest path to Xaris. "Eilistraee too, if you please. Baervan- give us a minute."

With Aelistae stumbling behind Dylan ran toward Xaris. To the creatures who might have thought it a good idea to intercept his charge, he bellowed in Draconic. Sure the word was nothing more threatening than 'move', but when the word was roared in the language of the dragons by a man who was stampeding toward you, it became a matter of intimidation.

(Hopefully I'll get a pack of those gobbos who are already ready to get the hell out of there. On another note, Bolikar could really use a targeted dispel magic all over him.)

Posted on 2008-12-07 at 18:09:14.

RDI Fixture
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Talus the fearful

Talus watched as Xaris broke for Bolikar, charging headlong at the towering ogrillion, and tried desperately to force his senses to quickly hone in on the giant, find the piece of equipment he could use as the focus for another assault. Alas, things of this nature can not be rushed and the warlock could only watch helplessly as Xaris and the brute exchanged blows.Then Xaris was on the ground. Nothing ever lasted long going blow for blow with Xaris, and Talus was sure Bolikar would be missing an appendage soon, the way the gnome had been screaming as he charged, but in only seconds Xaris was down. Only two, maybe three hits and Xaris had dropped, his body contorted weirdly at the waist. No one should have been able to do that to the gnome, especially not that quickly.

Panic froze Talus in place. A dull ache had formed at the base of his neck where he imagined Bolikar would strike with Skull Cleaver, driving down to the opposite hip and ending the warlock's life by removing a third of his torso. He wanted to unleash his fury on Bolikar and his foul army, sending them back into the pits they crawled from. He wanted to sweep Xaris away and deny the giant this small victory. He wanted to turn and run away, but he couldn't look away from the scene of Xaris' death unfolding before him.

The warlock's trance was broken as one of soldiers they had been fighting to reach burst through the goblin line, charging down on Bolikar. He flew straight into the ogrillion unseating himself from his horse, but knocking the monster over as well.

Talus saw his way out and started edging his way toward the open gate. Almost as if she knew what the warlock planned, Linnix cried out, "Talus! We need to bring down that orc!" and began firing arrows at the prone creature.

He regarded Linnix for a moment, nocking another arrow and refusing to give in. Aelistae was stumbling toward Xaris, relying heavily on Dylan's guidance, and Artanis was recovering from that electric explosion from her shield, readying herself for more battle.

"We're all going to die here... I'm going to die." Talus whispered to himself as he took a step toward Linnix and, against his better judgment, targeted the fallen ogrillion with an eldritch blast.

Posted on 2008-12-07 at 23:15:26.
Edited on 2008-12-07 at 23:21:46 by Deucalion

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The battle had been given an upheaval of epic proportions with the felling of Xaris, whose small frame but larger than life spirit had carried many a battle to victory. Battered, broken, blinded, and in some minds certainly beaten, the companions did all they could do now, which was try to hold on to each second they could before the goblin kind and their monstrous ilk could steal them away with murderous fingers.

Talus was overwhelmed with fear, this was not the place he wanted to die, this was not the time he wanted to die… With that thought pushing his limbs against moral aversion, he made his way to the gate… to survival…

Bolikar, down but not out Roared a great cry of defiance as Charger, pained and wounded with Hawkrill atop him, braced Skull Crusher in two handed, and under the belly of the steed gave a mighty heave. Against the weight of the horse, and it’s rider, Bolikar made it seem like he were merely lifting a blanket from his place of rest, for mount and rider were lifted, heaved, and as Charger fought for balance, Hawkril was thrown from the saddle, to land next to Xaris’s broken form in a heap ,watching the pool of glowing incandescent blood beneath the anomaly of a gnome slowly fade in luster; while Bolikar regained his towering pose, and let his mighty axe slide out of his trailing arm, and pulled with all his might, the vicious blade catching the underbelly of the steed in its retrieval, causing Charger to buckle beneath the pain its battle-readiness stolen as it collapsed, it’s stomach ripped asunder from a most unfortunate strike from the enemy. (Charger Red Status/ Bleeding Out.)

Atharam groaned as he stood from his disheveled position, Watching Raykel rise next to the potentially fatally struck Charger. His body ached, but looking around the battlefield, at the unlikely companions who served the same cause as he, and those he had come with he could not simply lie down. He still held breath, and enough strength to bear his sword so he would fight to the last. Gritting his teeth, he took a step forward, and bellowed at Bolikar who towered above him, back turned.
“Turn and face your deliverer! By Helm’s Grace shall I rid this world of your vile presence!” (Round 1 Double Move only/ won’t strike enemy in the back)

Dylan, I…” Aelistae started as she struggled to find her feet. Dylan started to pull her up, but the sudden discharge of energy from Artanis' threw off his efforts. The warrior stood surrounded by lightning-charred goblinoid corpses, which began to stink mightily.

Just as the crackle from the burst of electricity ended, another sound reached their ears, a more horrifying sound. (shoos the chronological nazis away)

“It’s Xaris. Take me to him, before…before it’s too late.”

Dylan moved with all haste, half guiding half dragging Aelistae behind him towards Xaris as she tapped herself with her wand. (Aelistae 11/38hp) He filled his lungs with all the air they would hold in their strained state, and in Draconic let out his fiercest cry. “Move!” He bellowed, and those nearest to him stood unsure what to make of the stampeding human, his drow package in tow, but when a pair of arrows felled those who lingered too long in uncertainty, Seleyon calmly reaching for more ,those green skins nearby made a break for their lives.

But the routing would not end there. For Elendil had moved to just off to the side of the gate and with a mighty shout, cried out in the Goblin‘s native tongue., "FLEE, ALL IS LOST, A GREAT HUMAN ARMY COMES FROM THE SOUTH."

This was enough to weaken the resolve of all by the most brazen, or foolhardy of the enemy, who fled through the northern gates, as Brownyn carefully slinked inside in search of fate. As the goblin’s and a pair of gnoll’s fled, Elendil let them get far enough away to safely put a pair of arrows into one of the furry vermin, satisfied with his yelp and collapse that he would not rise again.

Brownyn picked her way through the carnage slowly, there were so many bodies, and the stench of scorched flesh was almost overwhelming, but she was determined to find Fate. She picked her way along the wall, avoiding anything that flinched or moved even in its death throes, fearful of an encounter, praying she was in time…

Artanis, Bartholmew, and Intella made short work of the remaining enemies inside the bailey of the stronghold, and soon only Bolikar remained.

Linnix watched Bolikar heave the horse and its rider free, dispatching the horse as he did so, and knew it fell to those remaining to bring the giant down.

"Talus! We need to bring down that orc!" Linnix called over the din of the ongoing battle.

The Warlock heard Linnix’s voice in the back of his mind, his cast gaze falling over everyone in their refusal to give up. The pangs of guilt and the strength of a conscience he thought buried surged.

"We're all going to die here... I'm going to die." Talus whispered to himself as he took a step toward Linnix and, against his better judgment, targeted the fallen ogrillion with an eldritch blast.

Arrow and eldritch blast flew in harmony towards Bolikar, who prepared to kill anyone and everyone in their way. The eldritch blast enveloped Linnix’s arrow mid-flight, the blackish purple ray streaking forward, guiding the rogue’s ranged strike. Arrow and Blast in some miraculous twist of fate both struck true, catching Bolikar in the chest, fell energy and steel boring in unison until a heart they did pierce.
In a growl louder and fiercer than any wolf’s howl. Bolikar bellowed his last… As his strength left him, his finger’s went numb and Skullcrusher fell with a clatter to the bloodstained earth; soon followed by the monstrous half-giant.

It took a moment for the truth of what happened to settle over everyone… With Bolikar’s death, and the flight of the remnants of the enemy…. They had almost assuredly secured victory. But now was not quite the time for celebration. One of their own was on the brink of death, and they needed to save him. Dylan and Aelistae ran for all they were worth to Xaris’ side. When Dylan got there, it was the strange squire who laid across Xaris’ form, praying for his wellness. He had poured the very last bit of minute power into the foreign gnome, his God-given powers expelled for the day. That little bit however, had staved off the reaper, long enough for Aelistae, guided by Dylan to lay hands upon their companion and breathe live back into those little lungs. (Cure Moderate wounds. Xaris 4/71HP)

As the dust settled, Aelistae, still blind tapped him twice more, with her wand, ensuring his revival was not to be prematurely ended by the strain of his rage. (Xaris 14/71HP) (Continue until Rage ends Xaris 4/61HP)

Brownyn, picking over the bodies, finally came across an outstretched hand, and heaving over a dead goblin’s corpse found the barely alive form of Fate, buried beneath the mound of enemies. His eyes were bloodshot and blackened from the beating he took, but as he forced them open, he could not see anyone. He grimaced and tried to move, but each muscle flex only pained him more and he simply chose to lie there, gazing at the victors who still stood of their own accord.
(Congratulations on a great victory! I’ve a massive move forward update planned ,but I definitely need input and updates from all you guys before hand. Oh and guess what, a Level and a CD point for everyone!)

Posted on 2008-12-10 at 16:46:29.

Kool Killer Kitty
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Succumbing to the darkness at last...

Aelistae fell back on her haunches, the bare skin of her legs brushing the cool earth as the hem of her armour inched up her thigh. Her head sagged. Her fine, silvery hair spilled free from where she had tied it back to curtain her face from the world. It was just as well. As the battle came to a sudden climax, and the danger and excitement wore off, Aelistae began to realize how ill she was.

Her sword felt strangely numb in her fingers, and her breath would only come in short, ragged gasps. And, of course, she could no longer see.

“Naut’kyrsk,”* she murmured to herself, knowing well the curses Lolth and her priestesses liked to bestow upon any that wished to shed light on their dark lies.

But it was not all bad. The battle has been won, and she could feel Xaris stir beneath her fingers.

“I… hope whoever is waiting for you in the end in the next life doesn’t mind if we keep you for a little longer,” Aelistae managed with a cough, as she affectionately patted the tiny gnome’s hand.

It was harder to know of the fate of her other companions. She half stumbled and half crawled towards the sound of something whimpering in the dark. Aelistae’s boots splashed into a large pool of blood, and her dark hands hesitantly reached downwards. They did not meet an orc or the armoured torso of one of her friends, however, but the soft coat of a horse.

“I don’t think Eilistraee – or Daisy – would forgive me if I let one of your kind die,” she murmured once more, as she lent the last of her strength to the animal. And, after the deed was done, she stumbled, fell, and slipped into unconsciousness.

[OOC: * “Blinding Sickness”

Aelistae will expend her last cure light wounds spell (I think it’s her last, but in all honesty I’ve lost track of how many 1st level spells she’s cast) to heal Charger. She’ll then faint. I figure that she’s been pushing her body while really quite sick, and, from personal experience, that can lead to an individual collapsing. ]

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When the last of the enemy had gone beyond bow shot, Elendil moved into the bailey of the keep. The relative silence and carnage was intense. The stink of burned flesh asailed her nose. Bright eyes took in the scene seaching for the freindly fighters that had to be in here, living or dead. She slipped her bow over her shoulder and drew her sword, there could be any number of coup de gracs to perform.

"Bronwyn," she cried out, Where are you?" Invisible, she was sort of safe, but....

Elendil started towards a couple of still standing humans. Passing any of the enemy that twitched or groaned her blade flashed out deftly cutting across the jugular to insure death. She paused at the great hulking body of Bolikar. Thank Corellon that Bronwyn's fireball had worked so well, but from the look of him others had done they parts to kill him after Bronwyn brought him down.

No wonder he had been able to bring together Goblins, Orcs, and Gnolls, they all responded to powerful warchiefs and this massive orclike creature was indeed such. As was the Drow in another way.

Elendil's brows drew down as she pondered the inference of a Drow working with such creatures. Bolikar was the brawn, but the Drow was the brains, but to what end? What did the Drow want of this place. What purpose would it serve the Drow? The Council of Elders had sent her to gather information about Goblin activity here, but there had been no mention of Drow activity. That shed a new light on the subject. She paused in slitting throats, She needed a live Goblin, she needed some questions answered. As she searches she came across the body of the Drow she had taken down, her arrow was buried almost to the fletchings.

"By Corellon's Grace," she entoned seeing the arrow had gone through the Dark Elf's dark heart. Elendil began a methodical search of her body, taking everything of value and that might hold a key to Drow envolvement. Once done looting the body she looks for a still living goblin.

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One way or another

Linnix takes in a deep breath, a sigh of relief. In her hand, the bow feels heavy, and its wood strangely rough. The arm of her drawing hand throbs with strain, seizing up and becoming stiff and sore. Weariness creeps up in the absence of adrenaline, threatening to pounce and overwhelm her. It had been a long night, and her body had taken more than its share of punishment.

Linnix quickly looks about, her hand reaching into her belt pouch and grasping the cold bone vial. However, the motion stops as soon as it starts. There is a stranger in their midst, one she had not seen at all during the battle.

"Hold it." Linnix says firmly, positioning herself in the elf's way, "Just who are you, and what do you think you're doing here?"

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 17:39:38.

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Bronwyn & Fate

Bronwyn was never so glad to be invisible and creeping along the wall of the keep was a few remaining goblins and trolls bolted for the northern gate where she had just entered. Nervously bitting her lips she started her search.

Dead goblins lay all about her singly,, in pairs, triplets, and various larger groups. She wove her way through them as deftly as possible dodging in and out of the mounds of dead. She had to keep telling herself. “They’re dead, they’re dead, please Goddess let them all be dead, then hastily amended her plea,, but not Fate.”

Bronwyn, finally came across an outstretched hand--a human hand. He was partially buried under s mound of dead goblins, Bronwyn steeled herself to drag one and then another off Fate. She was reluctant to touch them but the sooner an unpleasant task was started the sooner it was finished. Her grandmother had told her that. And her need to find out if Fate is alive outweighed her trepidations. She heaves over a dead goblin’s corpse from off them mounds of corpses to reveal the still form of Fate. He was bloody and motionless. She was bending down to check him for signs of lift when he opened his eyes with some difficulty--they kept wanted to shut. She could see him grimace painfully as her tried to move but gave it up to just stare about him.

Of course, he could not see her she was still invisible.

“Fate it is me, Bronwyn. I am here, but invisible. I can heal you a bit if you will let me.” Bronwyn said as she reached out and touched his shoulder gently. She then begins to use her healing belt to heal Fate. Using one charge at a time, she will bring him back up, which she knew took longer but it would be the most efficient use of the charges she could use that day.

Out of nervousness, and a need to talk to someone, she told him about what was going on about him. “The goblins and their ilk are all dead or fled but only a handful. Bolikar is dead, you mission is completed. The Drow priestess is dead, Elendil shot her out of the sky. There are some other people that I can see standing about here but it doesn’t look like a lot survived.” There looks to be some knight out there too,” Bronwyn finished a little breathlessly.

"Elendil, I need help with Fate." Bronwyn calls out.

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Talus stood in a state of disbelief. Bolikar had nearly killed Xaris in a only a few seconds and for as powerful as that had made the giant seem, he hadn't lasted much longer than that under our assault. The bigger they are... or something like that. He watched Aelistae tap Xaris a few times with her wand without the panic she'd had while trying to get to the fallen gnome and smiled, if that was true, Xaris would never fall very hard at all.

Whoever those knights were they seemed, for the moment, to be friendly. They hadn't struck against the 'evil drow in our midst', so maybe the fight was really over. Maybe not.

Someone was sneaking along the inner wall of the keep. Or trying to sneak. The woman's movements drew too much atention to herself, almost like she expected everyone to be too distracted to look in her direction.

"Hey Linnux, who's that..." Talus tried to get the rogue's attention, but she had found another newcomer, this one picking her way through the goblin corpses to the dead Drow.

"Hold it." Linnix called, "Just who are you, and what do you think you're doing here?"

She's got that one. Why doesn't anyone else seem to see this other one? They're acting like she's invisible.... oh.
Repressing the urge to slap his forehead, the warlock began picking his way over the bodies in a path that would put him near the invisible woman, who was now kneeling near a pile of dead goblinoids fiddling with her belt.

"Elendil, I need help with Fate." The woman calls out.

Fate? The fate of what? Linnix is confronting what I assume is this "Elendil" and none of the others are in much shape for continued fighting. Are these two in league with the knights? ... Those knights are right next to Artanis and the others!
"You! I can see you. Dismiss your illusion and let the rest see you! Like we asked of your colleague, who are you and what are you doing?"

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"Hold it." Linnix says firmly, positioning herself in the elf's way, "Just who are you, and what do you think you're doing here?"

Elendil heard the tone in her voice and ignored it, though the long years of inborn, inbred elven haughtier rose to meet her challenge. Her family house went back to the very beginnings of Elvenkind; theirs was a noble line unbroken over millenniums. Elendil faced the young woman who looking battered and bruised, she had to be one of those involved in fighting Bolikar’s minions.

I am Ankalimawenelda tel’Celeb'Ithil’Thoron-Ishtel of Eldamar, in service to The Council of Elders of the Forest of Tethir. I was sent here to gather information about the gathering of goblin kind on the southern side of the Starspire Mountains.”

Damn, she had gone a given her true name. The only one she had used after leaving home was Elendil Ithilmegilwen, just because she did not want others to find her. They were looking, she knew they would be. Given time they would find her, but until they did she was free to pursue her dreams, she would earn the right to carry a Moon Blade.

“Do you see this Drow,” with a quick stabbing motion she uses her sword to point at the Drow crumpled on the ground, “That is my arrow that pierced her dark heart and now she had improved her lot, for I'quelin Mori'Quessier naa ba Mori'Quessir. ” She cocks her head to see if the girl understands elven. (The best Drow is a dead Drow.)

“Do you see that burned giant Orc, its was my companion’s fireball that took him off the battlements.”

“I have every right to be here and loot the one I have taken down. I was sent for information and I will get it.” Elendil knelt to remove all that the Drow wore or carried, she literally cut the clothes from her to look for any House tattoo’s or other arcane markings. Which could reveal a great deal about the dead Dark Elf witch.

“And least you think reinforcements are coming,” she paused in her work, “there is no human army marching up the road. It was I that called out in hopes of ridding the keep of excess enemies, as goblins easily lose morale when their leaders have fallen.

Now, N'Tel'Quess (not Elf), who are you and your friends.”

At that point she hears Bronwyn calling. She gathers up what she had taken and turns toward the sound, “Please,” Elendil took a deep breath, the first she had taken in a long time, as she let it out she could hear her mother’s admoshinments as if she were there, Ankalimawenelda, it is not proper to lose you temper and be impolite, “please, touch nothing till I return, and if you can find a still living Goblin I need some questions answered.”

“Bronwyn, you might show yourself.” She hoped the timid Mage will do so, now the main threat is gone. Elendil moves out carefully picking her way across the body strewn bailey, sword at ready.

Then another voice calls out, from a man standing close to the giant Orc.

"You! I can see you. Dismiss your illusion and let the rest see you! Like we asked of your colleague, who are you and what are you doing?"

A Mage, if he can see invisible. "Hold your spells, Mage," That is Bronwyn, also a Mage, she has found a chance-met comrade who was in here during the fighting. She is responsible for the Fireball that felled Bolikar from the battlements."

Elendil watches the man carefully.

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