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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, breebles, dragon-soul92
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All Abourd...Again....

When Ulthok had finished telling his ideas he looked to top of the hill where Rayne had remain. The anger in her eyes told the story, she could not stand by another second. Drawing her bow she sent an energy arrow raging to the floating fiend. The arrow fell short and the element of surprise was now gone. Moving to top of hill Ulthok saw the Orcs mounting their Wargs and starting to charge their position; the Beholder had the humans gathered to form a defensive wall .

“Well my ladies time for a quick change. The direct attack is lost but we can’t stay here and fight our way to the wagons. I’m still teleporting in but behind the Orcs and beside the wagons opposite the evil eyed one so we can use them as cover. I’ll use my ring to hide from the Beholder so I can gain a better location to attack. If you wish to join me then grab on , we’ve no time to lose those Wargs will be here in no time.” When those that were going touch the mage Ulthok cast his teleport whisking them off to the wagons.

As they emerged from the spell Ulthok willed spirit into his ring vanishing. Moving into the wagon the mage kept himself hid from the Beholder‘s eye while he waited a chance to cast an attack of 5 magic missiles into the deadly eyed creature.

Posted on 2012-08-21 at 02:24:05.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Let's go then!

It was probably the worst planned group attack Ayreon had ever been part of or at least he couldn't remember anything more chaotic. Then again he'd been part of the military for decades and had learned to fight in an organized way a long time ago. Sometimes, he now thought, confusion might be good. But the paladin wasn't at all sure this was one of such moments.

Still holding his bow the platinum haired captain of the Pegasi Riders moved next to Weaver and grabbed the man's tunic. He could only hope the mage would teleport them in a strategically sound position from where he could cut down either the orcs or the beholder.

In his heart Ayreon was as prepared as ever to charge and give his life over the those of the poor hostages. But such a blind and mindless attack might only result in him losing his life and not helping the travelers at all. Therefore in his mind they still needed a plan. Now however, it was already too late for such thoughts...

Posted on 2012-08-22 at 06:29:38.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne shot flys true, but falls miserably short of hhher intended target the Orc going after the swualling infantm destined to be a tidbit for the Beholder. IT was a coustly failure in many ways. HEr arrow feel short but alerted the Deholder who summoned the orcs about him. Smoke racing towards that same orc was stuch down in midfun. Fortunately Aeron viered off at the last moment and escaoed harm for now. Rayne heart xlenched as the feat smoke wold hit the ground without any movement.

Ut was then that ulthok appeared by her side indicating that they were teleporting in close. She nodded and added a verbal affirmation. as to her readiness to close traveling with Ulthok. The idea flashed in her nmind as to ways to blind the eyes of the beholder especially if they got in close. she took out her blanket and fot ready to throw it over the top of the beholder when they got. If she got lucky she might get most of the eyes covered. there. What it couldnpt see it couldn't hit with those speel casting eyes.

She hungs onto Weaver's belt "Ready"

Posted on 2012-08-22 at 06:41:49.
Edited on 2012-08-26 at 16:34:27 by Brianna

Trilogy Master
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6096 Posts

Round 1

Though surprise for the party had been lost, yet again, they did not retreat from the attack.
With a quick strategy, session as the Beholder fortified itself behind the female humans and the Orcs readied themselves for a fight. A plan quickly formed.

The first to act was the flying invisible form of Sirene. Her plan to use a Lightening Bolt spell now pointless she instead went with the more accurate spell of Magic Missile. The five missiles left her hand as one striking the Beholder on top of its eye covered head. As the Beholder attempted to swivel some of its smaller eyes in her direction. The Elf Enchantress was able to see that her spell had been effective, two of its ten eyes unmoving.

As Sirene attacked from above the rest of the party, minus Cor, picked either Ulthok or Weaver and disappeared. Reappearing in two different places the first to appear was Ulthok along with Althena and Lothor behind the wagons. From that position, they found themselves behind the Orc line and out of sight of the Beholder. Ulthok wasted no time triggering his Ring of Invisibility and vanishing from sight climbing up the last wagon to act the next round. Lothor his great sword in hand positioned himself to protect Althena as 6 of the Orc Wargs took notice of them and turned to the attack. Althena her Cho-ku-no crossbow at the ready fired at the leading Warg dropping it in its tracks. It scream of death alerted the Orcs and Beholder to the enemies in its rear.

It may have been the Wargs cry of death or Sirene’s magic missiles but as Weaver, Aryeon, Rayne and Valene appeared they found the Beholder as distracted as it would ever be. The seconds though fast seemed to slow as things happened. The first to act upon appearing was Rayne her attack to throw a blanket over the Beholder to block its eyes. The blanket in the air, the eye of Flesh to Stone firing, the large Orc moving to strike out at the Elf Ranger/Cleric. The ray burning through the blanket to hit the large Orc turning him, not Rayne, to stone.

With the blanket still intact, it landed to cover the Beholder fully. Though not heavy enough to force it to the ground it did hamper it’s ability to defend lowering it’s AC even further. The women wasting no time lunged or jump or rolled away leaving a clear path for Weaver and Ayreon. The Elf Paladin was the first of the two to attack, his bow up and two arrows easily striking the Beholder hard. Attempting to throw off the blanket, now embedded thanks to the Elf’s arrows, Weaver had practically a free attack, which he took with relish. His long sword and dagger cutting deeply into the creatures flesh the Ranger/Bard watched as it fell to the ground, clearly seriously hurt yet still alive. However not for long as Valene flashed in around Weavers legs to deliver the killing blow. With a sound, as if air escaping a popped balloon the Beholder crumbled to the ground dead.

Now for the last of the party, its leader Cor, time was a different thing as he and the charging Orc’s and Wargs met halfway. Wargs growling, Orc’s screaming murder, weapons glinting in the bright sun, twenty vs. one lone Dwarf! In addition they passed him totally by, the spell of Sanctuary serving its intent. As the twenty creatures continued to the hill, Cor, almost as if on a casual walk, continued towards the wagons.......

(DM OOC: Ok there is round 1. You still face 34 Orcs and the same number of Wargs.
20 of them are at the hill and will be unable to engage until the 3rd rd. The rest are around the wagons trying to get at both groups I’ll try to get a map drawn up and posted. Ok good posting everyone. Next post Next Wednesday)


Posted on 2012-08-23 at 03:29:26.
Edited on 2012-08-24 at 21:07:44 by TannTalas

Karma: 18/0
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Sorry for the wait...

As Lothor finished his unenthusiastic agreement to teleportation he saw that everyone had changed their attention to the hill crest where the two scouts had been. He saw Rayne making noise and she appeared to be attacking the whole host single-handedly.

It was time to act, but before Lothor could say a word Cor seized the initiative running to join his comrade whilst muttering curses under his breath. Lothor was about to join him when, was it Weaver or Maggot he wasn't sure, started to cast a teleportation spell to land them in front of the Beholder itself.

Lothor found himself in a difficult predicament. He could chase after Cor and help protect him from his healing mission or selfishly challenge himself in front of a new foe.

His moment of indecision cost him however, Cor was too far away now to catch up, Weavers teleportation 'load' was full. This left him with one option Ulthoks teleport behind the Orc lines. Lothor saw that it was the small thief and Althena only, so Lothor walked over and grabbed hold of Ulthoks belt and swore his protection towards Althena.

“Althena I will guard with my life. Lets pray that it does not come to that though, hey!”

Lothor awaited an answer but before he received one the world was a blur. In a split second his legs were wobbling and his feet were numb, but at least he was on land and the world looked proper again.

Lothor noticed Ulthok fiddling with a ring and then he disappeared. This confounded Lothor, had he teleported away from the fight? Time would tell and six snarling Wargs seemed to have his more immediate attention.

Lothor assumed position in front of Althena, standing between her and the Wargs. However, it quickly became clear that Althena was no damsel in distress. She withdrew a strange looking crossbow, loaded a quarrel and dispatched one of the oncoming foes.

“Nice shot!” He commented in surprise more to himself than Althena.

Lothor shook himself into concentration, the odds were still five against two. Lothor readied his Great-sword preparing to meet the oncoming beasts.

Posted on 2012-08-23 at 08:24:09.

Regular Visitor
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Orc 4

As Valene looks up, she spots an orc close to her. She attacks with the longsword she still has drawn from killing the beholder. She makes four swings with her sword, attempting to make ground meat out of the orc. She hopes all of her attacks cause the death of her opponent.

Posted on 2012-08-26 at 03:19:54.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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the walk

Cor continued his walk towards the wagons after being passed by the warg mounted orcs. 'In such a rush to die are ye' he thought to himself. He saw the large orc turned to stone and the beholder killed and knew the outcome of battle had already been deceided. I would take a very large army of orcs to defeat the group assembled here. Giving no more thought to the fight, Cor continued his way to the wagons in order to offer healing to any in need.

Posted on 2012-08-26 at 19:38:28.

Karma: 153/25
5977 Posts

Orcs to Left of Me... Wargs to the Right Me Bellowed and Hollered...

Ulthok prepared his next chance to attack. Watching from the safety of the wagon an attack from above stuck the Behold . Weaver appeared with Rayne, Valene and the Elven Paladin. The party members responded quickly to stunned Beholder. Though a risky move Rayne flung a blanket out over the Beholder and it opened to cover the deadly eyes. It worked, the beast was blinded. Ayreon’s arrows pinned the blanket in place and allowed the fighters swords to finish the beast. A random ray penetrated the cover but struck the Orc leader turning it to stone.

The mage was thrilled with this unprecedented turn of good fortune. Perhaps the addition of the Halfling Cleric had brought with her a much needed charm. But even with the Beholder now dead its minions were still to dealt with. The battle was still on.

To Ulthok’s right there came a sound of howls, barks and snarles as the hord of sixteen or so wargs. Eight wargs had turned to attack Lothor and Althena. The Valar’s crossbow zinged dropping the lead warg, but two more were close behind. Lothor appeared quite capable in his armor and wielding his great word, but sixteen to two seemed a bit stiff odds Ulthok found what he needed.

A change in plan calls for a different spell. Perhaps he could even the odds a bit. The lightening bolt had worked well on the bugs but these were a wee bit bigger and not swarming in tight formation. This group needed a step up so the mage focused on the pack behind the leading three wargs. A cone of cold spell leading through and across the charging wargs should kill some and injure most. He knew he could hurt all of the snarling beasts that charged into the freezing zone. Searching his element pouch he found what he needed. With Lothor and Althena behind him Ulthok stretched out his arms, focusing on charging wargs he utters “Cazzing”. A shivering flash of power and energy leap from the Halfling toward beasts. The mage winked into view as he committed his attack. When the spell was cast and damage done, the mage once again enabled his ring and vanished. Using his advantage he moved forward to the next wagon to now focus on the Orcs or the remaining wargs.

Posted on 2012-08-27 at 00:14:51.
Edited on 2012-08-31 at 03:01:41 by Odyson

Kool Killer Kitty
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Toasted orcs for dinner anyone?

The wind buffeted against Sirène’s face and through her recently shortened hair. She forced her eyes closed, trying to gather her concentration, until the swirling, howling wind became a noiseless whisper. Several tiny motes of light were willed into existence. Each fizzed a brilliant blue colour, growing even more vibrant with each passing second. The elven enchantress sought out her prey, a monstrous floating eye surrounded by an unwilling wall of frightened humans, and with a wave of her hand sent each missile darting towards her target.

Moments later the creature was dead.

::Ooh, good spell:: Niamedris chirped happily. ::Next time, though, try and kill something that would make better eating::

Sirène smiled thinly in response. In truth she was not sure what had happened. She was flying so high up that the surface seemed a mirror into another world. She could see tiny figures running back and forth, but it was hard to distinguish orc from human or her companions from either.

“…Nice shot!” a voice from beneath her shouted. ‘Lothar,’ she realized, able to recognize the man’s voice even though they barely exchanged more than a few words.

Sirène flew lower and saw her companions surrounded by a pack of orcs and wargs, and the recently freed human women and children fleeing to the north.

Her smile grew broader. She had just the spell …

OOC: Sirène will fireball the group of 24 orcs near the southern-most wagon (and any wargs that she can get in the blast range).

Posted on 2012-08-27 at 17:16:48.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Ass soon as they appreared dehing the Beholder Everyone went to worl. amidst the horde of Orgs Goblins and there usually cacophany of howls of orcs and gibbering, cackling of golbling the was a silence created by the intense concentration as each set about there shosen actions. The blanket went up and over the Beholders head and Spells went off weapons were seung and stabbed and almost before they had finished their first move the Beholderwas down and the Bif Orc a stone statue. though who would want that to adorn ther domicile, Tayne could not imagine. She wheeled to survey their current situation. Fortunately their backs were to the wagons but those wagon were surrounded by the Orcs, Goblins and wargs.

Of immediate concern were the orcs and wargs at closse range arced around the party.

Rayne brought up her bow in one smooth motion and fired and fired at the Orc to her right 5, and if he drops then at 4.

Posted on 2012-08-29 at 08:34:26.

Trilogy Master
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Crap that was too easy for you :)

With both major opponents, the Beholder and the Orc leader, finished off it became a matter of just mopping up the riff raff. The first to go this round were the spellcasters Sirene and Ulthok.
As Sirene yet remand invisible and in flight, it was easy for her to gain a good position above the rushing 24 Orcs. The words of a spell ready on her lips she launched a Fireball into the mass of the Orc’s center.

The results were as expected as the ball of fire exploded just above their heads as if a fuel-air bomb. The resulting shock wave and fire was enough to either kill or critically wound all 24 Orcs and destroy the lead wagon. The explosion also had the side effect of knocking over and in some cases singing the eight Wargs on the East side of the wagon train. The next to act was the Halfling Ulthok he too with a spell readied but with a different target in mind.

Setting his sights on the sixteen charging Wargs on the West side of the wagon train, he released a Cone of Cold angling it to catch all the Wargs as they ran straight into the mouth of the cone. When the spell was done, as with their Orc riders, most were dead or too wounded to continue.

Lothor saw the three Wargs charging and taking it as his duty stepped to the fore in front of the Lady Althena. As the first two Wargs reached him Lothor was already in full swing the large great sword backed by the fighters strength left question who would win this round of melee. As Lothor dropped, the first two of the three Wargs Althena was not standing idle. Not needing to reload her hand crossbow thanks to its auto reload system and ten round magazine below it, she was able to quickly take aim and fire off two more bolts. The bolts catching the third Warg as it jumped for Lothor’s back pierced it’s skull through an eye and an ear and caused it to fly past the human fighter dead by the time it crashed to earth.

On the opposite side of the wagon train from Ulthok, Lothor and Althena the rest of the party was also in high gear. Having killed the Beholder and it’s stoning of the head Orc through friendly fire the only threat remaining was that of the five Orcs that had once guarded it. The first to act this turn of the four party members there was the Paladin Ayreon his sword striking quickly and precisely slicing Orc number 1 from head to toe. Not pausing for a moment, he pivoted on his feet and caught Orc #2 as it closed on Weaver from behind. Here too the Paladins sword made short work of the Orc dropping the creature to the ground.

Rayne was next once more deciding to go all out with her bow even though the range was point blank. Two arrows nocked and let fly both struck the Orc in the chest exploding it in a mass of energy and blood. The blood so thick, the Orc so close, that Rayne was covered with it entirely.

Then it was Valene’s turn, the little female Halfling Thief/Cleric more then up for the task. Her longsword of Combat Dancing still coated in the blood of her first kill since captivity she let it drink still more as the tip then the blade itself pierced Orc #4’s chest and armor and exploded out it’s back.

The last of the party members on this East side to act was Weaver. With Ayreon’s killing of Orcs #1-#2 that left him only Orc #3 and it was no contest. The once old now reborn Ranger/Bard not even breaking a sweat as his longsword sliced into the Orc’s skull turning it to putty while his Dagger took the creature in its throat.

With only the charging ten Wargs and their Orc riders left as a threat, the party quickly gathered; ready to hurl death upon the twenty enemies. However though stupid the Orc’s were not THAT stupid to charge foes more powerful then themselves. With Beholder dead and their Leader stone, they decided a hasty retreat was in order.

Turning the Wargs around they sprinted for the small hill once more only to find themselves facing a new foe. With a loud blare of a horn fifty men and horses armored in medium armor appeared on the hill above the Orcs. Without stopping the mounted, clearly human riders, charged down the hill into the now scattering Orcs. A flag flying above one’s horse’s pummel declaring them as the Callahorn 7th Mounted Cavalry. In a matter of seconds this battle too was over all Orc’s and Wargs dead. As members of the Cavalry unit proceeded to check the dead, hunt down the remaining Wargs, and gather up the remaining women and children, a group of five riders approached and came to a stop before the nine-member party, Cor having finally joined them.

“Hail Travelers! I am Captain Ratliffe, Callahorn 7th Mounted Cavalry, out of Dragon’s Helm. We saw your horses picketed as we patrolled and then heard the fighting so we decided to lend a hand. However clearly you did not need it” A huge grin of a smile upon the man’s face.

“So who among you is leader, if you have one?”..........

(DM OOC: Ok here’s my new post a day late for which I give no apologies this time as the cause was worth it. Ok next post will not be next Wednesday, as a few of us in this game, myself of course included, will be watching the start of the NFL season at my house.

Also as posting on Wednesday’s has not really helped much in players getting their posts in quicker I will start posting on Saturday during the day or at night starting Sept 8th of next week. Ok I hope you enjoyed kicking some Orc & Beholder booty and for once not taking a scratch but remember the worst... Ahh I mean the best, is yet to come.)

Posted on 2012-08-30 at 21:45:33.
Edited on 2012-08-30 at 21:49:32 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
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"A leader for this band? T'would be as easy ta name the royal cat shepard. I guess I am as close to one as we had lad but it more like spokesperson than anything else." Cor looked around a moment. "If ya will forgive me, I'd like to check and see if any need healing before we continue our talk." With that, Cor once more turned his attention to checking the survivors.

Posted on 2012-08-31 at 00:03:39.

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Just as Ulthok was about to cast out his cone of cold a massive concussion blast erupted from the end of the wagon train. But he couldn’t let it distract him, the wargs were charging his friends and they needed him. The explosion added panic to the charge and drove the wargs into his spell.

The cone of cold leap from his hands creating a zone of death for the wargs. Once again luck had smiled on the party. The explosion had decimated Orcs and wargs on the near side of the wagon train and the panic drove the wargs on the far side to their death. The remaining creatures around the wagons were quickly dispatched by party and now only the foes left were the ten mounted Orc riders charging back toward the wagons.

Ulthok made his way down from the wagon to stand with his mates to face the charging wargs. As the party fanned out the wargs riders must have realized that their companions were destroyed by this small band. Turning the riders headed away to the hill.

As the party watched the retreat they heard the blare of a horn and nearly a company of mounted cavalry topped the hill and charged the Orc riders.

The human riders made quick work the Orcs, then some went to assist the woman and children, the leader made his way to the party by the wagons.

“Hail Travelers! I am Captain Ratliffe, Callahorn 7th Mounted Cavalry, out of Dragon’s Helm. We saw your horses picketed as we patrolled and then heard the fighting so we decided to lend a hand. However clearly you did not need it” A huge grin of a smile upon the man’s face.

“So who among you is leader, if you have one?”..........

Cor had join the party,"A leader for this band? T'would be as easy ta name the royal cat shepard. I guess I am as close to one as we had lad but it more like spokesperson than anything else." Cor looked around a moment. "If ya will forgive me, I'd like to check and see if any need healing before we continue our talk." With that, Cor once more turned his attention to checking the survivors.
Ulthok waited for a chance to speak to the Captian and found him few minutes later. Lowering his hood exposing his cherub smile,” Sir, I pray you will take of these poor women and children. We arrived too late to help and save their husbands and sons. They died bravely trying to protect others. These left have suffered dearly, please see them safe to the nearest town or village.” Pulling a small pouch of gold coins from his belt, “ See to it this is shared among the survivors so at least they may fine shelter for a while as they grieve.” The mage tossed the pouch to the Captain. As the mage walked away the Captian opened the pouch to find 20 platinum coins.

Ulthok never cared much what happen to fighter but innocents should not suffer.

Posted on 2012-09-03 at 02:54:00.
Edited on 2012-09-03 at 17:31:36 by Odyson

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Has the danger passed, or just begun?

The Wargs were charging and Lothor readied his weapon and as always his bladder seemed fit to burst. Before battle he always needed to piss. He assumed it was the fear of battle, the fear of a spear hurling into him from behind at speed, a lapse of concentration and a sword biting into his neck.

Nevertheless it stayed, with immense effort, inside of his body. It was forgotten immediately as the Wargs came closer. He could smell their unwashed stench. It was a mixture of animal breath and sweat. Lothor was reaching at the smell of it.

As the Wargs closed, he could see they were not as skilled combatants as they seemed further away. Lothor felled the first one easily, his huge sword arcing into the body of the animal killing it instantly. The second was dispatched in similar fashion and Lothor found himself covered in the Wargs blood, but there was no time to think about that. Where was the third?

Lothor heard the thrum of a bowstring, it was unfamiliar to what he had heard before, but he was sure it was just as lethal. It was. The Warg dropped, as dead as the other pair.

Lothor surveyed the landscape and saw his new-found companions doing just as well as Althena and himself. Some were casting powerful spells. A cone of ice sprayed from Ulthoks fingertips, scattering some more of the Wargs. All over the hill crest the adventures' enemies were either dead, dying or fleeing.

The bloody work was done and a few Wargs were fleeing towards the forest to the west. Lothor paid them little heed. He was sure that he could hear the thundering of hooves, as if a cavalry regiment, well trained, were thundering towards the hill. More enemies? Was his immediate thought and he quickly readied his weapon, scanning the area for the best defensive position.

Quickly, he realised it was fruitless. As the horsemen came closer, they dispatched the fleeing Wargs and he noticed that they were from Callahorn the badge sewed into their uniform giving away their identity.

Lothor spat on the ground, he was not happy to see them. He had met their kind before. He had found them pompous, rich and with more money than sense. Often the Cavalry units would be tax collectors, and those who couldn't pay were often treated... harshly.

“Bastards!” Lothor exclaimed under his breath. “Come on Althena we better see what these whoresons want.”

Lothor realised he was talking to a lady, of class by what he could tell.

“I do Apologise, m'lady. I have just had some... bad experiences with these sort before. I hope you will excuse my language.”

He started to wander over, sheathing his sword only halfway. He noticed Cor wasn't giving them any niceties. That Dwarf was growing on him by the day.

Lothor wanted to help the people that were scattered all about him, yet he had no healing prowess and was little use at soothing crying women. His best bet, he reckoned, was to stay with these new soldiers, they could still be a threat.

Posted on 2012-09-03 at 17:05:29.

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Green Ribbon

As Valene finished off the Orc in front of her she took a moment to catch her breath. Hearing the sound of a horn coming from the hill where the party had left their horses she turned her gaze that way. With the fight over and Ulthok close beside her she decided to be playful. With his attention focused on the mounted humans, and using a measure of her thief skills, she softly plaited his hair with a green ribbon. Saying nothing, a big grin on her face, she lightly took his hand in hers watching the flurry of activity around the wagon train.
As they walk away together, using her skills, slips a small flower in the end of the braid.

Posted on 2012-09-03 at 20:30:58.

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