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As the Creature sat silently Ulthok realized that in his excitement he had failed to introduce himself. Controlling his bouncing he continued, “ May I introduce myself? I am ULTHOK RYDENHAM , humble purveyor of Magic and Master… umm….Procurer.

I ask you to join me as a companion and member of our party. If you do, I would ask that treat our members as fairly as they treat you. For those that don’t…, well…. It never hurts to learn respect.” Ulthok has heard how these little creatures can play tricks on those around them.

Taking a more serious tone for it would not be right to mislead such a creature, “I would be remiss if I did not tell you that our journey would place us both in the great dangers. We go right to the heart of the evil that is covering your and my lands. Your aid would be a great boon for our side and for that you would receive your do. “

Posted on 2012-10-13 at 15:10:38.

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A strange bracelet.

While waiting for Ulthok to put in an appearance in the dining room of the inn, Valene pulls the strange bracelet from her bag. I hope Ulthok can identify this for me.

As she sits there, she decides to study those in the inn, listening quietly to the stories and gossip that are going on around her. She gathers as much information as she can regarding what is happening outside the town and to what has been encountered by the travelling caravans. Her hopes are that none have been too harassed in their travels.

As he puts in his appearance, Valene watches Ulthok come down the stairs. Something is different about him. He seems a bit less distracted. She motions him over, with the bracelet in front of her. Smiling tenderly at him, she gently hugs him. "Can you identify this for me, please? I know it is magical, but not what it is." She playfully ruffles his hair and giggles good naturedly.

Posted on 2012-10-13 at 20:22:10.
Edited on 2012-10-14 at 18:20:52 by Mischief

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Nice Trinket.....

SOME TIME LATER…………. The mage knew he could sweeten to prospect if he could get the Dragonet a treat. It was dinner time so there would be fresh baked goods in the kitchen. Descending the stair Ulthok was hailed by the charming Cleric that had added a cherished touch of joy to hard times that were oppressing the times. Ulthok joined Valene in the dining room where she sat admiring a silver bracelet. Val didn’t hide her intensions and with a mischievous smile and slight hug she asked, "Can you identify this for me, please? I know it is magical, but not what it is." Her giggle was hard to resist.

Ulthok examined the trinket and noted the animal inscribed on its interior. He had seen similar but these are always different in possible magic.

“Ah, for you I’ll try, but we must prepare first. I must prepare both the spell and this item must be prepared or we may never know what may do. I do not have the spell ready so I must study, while I do this you go and collect the materials we will need. It will then take time to cast and discern. “

(O.O.C. Assuming Val agrees Valene can fill some dialog.)

“We can do this in your room, it should be more attuned to you and hopefully that will help. I’ll stop by my room to get my book and meet at your room and we’ll list the materials.” Ulthok rose and spotted a fresh baked apple pie on the sideboard. It wasn’t much of challenge to lift it as he left the room.

(O.O.C. Val may see him snitch by pie a wonder a bit what’s up.)

Ulthok slipped into his room with the still warm, steamy apple pie. Placing the pie on the dresser, “I have brought a token to show I mean what say. I will leave this for you; I will be gone for a while to attempt a new spell.” Ulthok grabbed up his pack, “Enjoy, I hope times will allow me to provide for you if you will stay.”

Closing the door the Halfling proceeded to the clerics room.
The two reviewed the spell and Valene left to shop. Ulthok prepared the bracelet and then began his study.

Valene waited quietly as Ulthok went through motions and cast the spell perhaps reveal the secrets of the bracelet.

Posted on 2012-10-17 at 03:07:38.
Edited on 2012-10-17 at 03:08:38 by Odyson

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The preparations

"All right", Valene smiles, "let's see what you need for the spell." Getting up she follows him toward the stairs.
She watches as he filches an apple pie and grins. Smirking she asks, "Anticipating being hungry later? A midnight snack is always a good thing. I hope you plan on sharing."

Val goes to her room and placed the bracelet on a small table there. As she awaited Ulthok to come in, she gathered her purse and prepared for an outing to get the components. Wearing her hat of disguise and boots of speed for good measure, but not anticipating needing them, really. "But it is always a good idea to be ready for anything", she thought.

When Ulthok came in, he showed her a list of items she would need for him to cast the spell. Taking it, she kissed him softly and headed out to the magic shop.

She chose the same magic shop she had sold the items to earlier. Feeling they were honest and would give her a good deal. Valene also felt their items were of good quality. She wanted the spell to work well. She browsed a bit, being as it would take Ulthok a while to get ready, she did not feel the need to hurry. She looked for anything that might be interesting as well as the components asked for. Finding everything she paid the shopkeeper and left. On her way back, thinking Ulthok might need something nourishing, she stopped at a stall and picked up some fresh fruit, some jerky and a skin of wine. "This should make a good snack", she thought to herself.

Upon returning to her room, Valene pounces Ulthok, kissing him and hugging him tightly. Giggling she gives him the components he requested. "I thought you might need to keep your strength up while casting the spell", she said while handing him the sack with the food items in it.

Val then went and sat on the bed to watch him cast the spell. Wondering what this bracelet could be.

Posted on 2012-10-20 at 21:43:46.
Edited on 2012-10-20 at 21:44:47 by Mischief

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"My Queen, I did not come to this decision lightly. Even if I can never return to the Pegasus ridersm my nmindm and heart are clear on this. I do not say this is a easy choice, No choice that puts hthe nonor I felt in your service, the pride of accomplishment, and the great companions I have served with that I have had as a member fo this fine service can be put aside lightly. I do not do this eacept at the greatest extreme. This company is iengaged is a vital mission. We have not finished it yet. Many have fallenn, obut there are always others ready to take their place. They have such an interest in our mission that when vital member fall new ones arrice willing to take up this critocally vital and dangerous mission."

"My choice is made , I will ontinue with my companions. In this I serve my God and all good people of all lands. The Darkness cannot be allowed to win and drive all light and hope from our lands."

I will go down to the stable and bid Ariel good bye, I would like to offer a suggestion theouf. Ayeron lost his mount on Drow Monuntain, Aruel knows him as we are good friends, Perhaps you can offer Ariel to Ayeron?"

By your leave, my Qyeen may I depart to good byes to Ariel and my friends in the Pegasus Riders.?"

Posted on 2012-10-21 at 06:27:23.
Edited on 2012-10-21 at 06:29:03 by Brianna

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A Faerie Dragon and Bracelet walked into a bar..............

For most of the short party, the time in town up to this point had been quiet, yet for others events were turning.

As Rayne stood before Callahorn’s Queen, she listened as she gave the Ranger/Cleric one last chance to change her mind.

“Hmmmm Are you sure of this Fireheart. If you do this, there is no turning back. You’re King and mine and all the other rulers of the great lands around us need your expertise in the air, as there is not time to train more. Are you sure?”
"My choice is made, I will continue with my companions. In this, I serve my God and all good people of all lands. The Darkness cannot be allowed to win and drive all light and hope from our lands."
“Then so be it Rayne Fireheart you are relieved of your duties as a Pegasus Rider of Shan’ Tara. May your God bless you and may your companions know the sacrifice you have made for them.”
“I will go down to the stable and bid Ariel good bye, I would like to offer a suggestion. Ayeron lost his mount on Drow Mountain, Ariel knows him as we are good friends, perhaps you can offer Ariel to Ayeron?"
A pause from the Queen then she addressed Rayne once more.

“So shall it be Rayne Fireheart, good luck”
A long goodbye to both Ayreon and Ariel and a gift to him of the winged horse then it was back to the party to await the next phase of their journey.

For Ulthok a most important event was taking place in his room, the outcome of which could not only affect him but the party as a whole.

“Great Googly Moogly”, The Halfling exclaimed upon seeing and being addressed by the small bluish-green dragon. Seeing the small dragon, clearly an adult faerie dragon, waiting for more from the Halfling Thief/Mage. Clearly, from the Faerie dragons words it was supposed to be his familiar but again by its words it had a choice of saying yes or no. Ulthok knew his next words would be the key to getting it to say yes.

“May I introduce myself? I am ULTHOK RYDENHAM, humble purveyor of Magic and Master… umm….Procurer. I ask you to join me as a companion and member of our party. If you do, I would ask that treat our members as fairly as they treat you. For those that don’t…, well…. It never hurts to learn respect. You honor me by even appearing at my sill. I had sought a helper to aid this party on our quest to help save these lands. ……..A venerable companion has presented itself. ……If you should stay and join me to help this quest succeed I will pledge my protection as best I can provide it. I will provide care; I’ve been known to make a very tasty apple tart. I would be remiss if I did not tell you that our journey would place us both in the great dangers. We go right to the heart of the evil that is covering your and my lands. Your aid would be a great boon for our side and for that, you would receive your do. “
The small dragon sat quietly listening to the Halfling make his pitch its head cocked to one side the big grin on its face never wavering.

“Well Ulthok Rydenham you make a good point, yet I still don’t see what’s in it for me. However I will think on your words, Master Procurer, and will give you an answer soon.”
And as quickly as that with a last smile directed at the Halfling the Faerie Dragon was gone without even telling Ulthok its name. With his ‘meeting over Ulthok headed downstairs back into the tavern’s main room to find Valene waiting on him a silvery bracelet in her hands.

After a moment of brief cuddling Valene showed him the bracelet and asked for him to Id it. With his agreement and needing a few things to complete the spell she made her way to a number of shops the last being the same one she had sold the stolen items too. However only to find a brace of the city guard there before her. The set of four guards were in the process of questioning the shop owner, the Guard sgt holding one of the ill-gotten emerald’s in his hand. Beating a quick retreat and already having the needed ingredients she made her way back to Ulthok’s room, the two retired to his chambers for the night.

Here she prayed and he memorized the spell and then both lay down to sleep. With the coming of morning, the spell of Identify ready Ulthok cast it successfully. Both were delighted to see it had worked and that the bracelet was not in truth, a bracelet, but an Anklet of Equss. The magical Anklet would give Valene the choice of what type of ground based animal mount she wanted when first used. However when picked that first time the mount would remain the same for all other uses thereafter.

Here was a possible solution of her wanting a better means of transport. Valene had only to pick said animal. As she pondered the choices of her next mount Ulthok, having seen a series of freshly baked pies the day before went in search of them again. Seeing again a newly baked row of pies he quickly sought and found one of apple and easily ’acquired’ it. His hope to possibly entice the faerie dragon to return.

As Valene, still sitting in Ulthok’s room, watched him return with the still hot pie, she found it strange as he placed it on the room’s dresser and spoke as if to the room itself.

“I have brought a token to show I mean what I said. I will leave this for you; I hope times will allow me to provide for you if you will stay.”
Turning back to Valene, he could clearly see the questioning look on her face.

Cor having successfully sold all of the unclaimed items from the party’s Bag of Holding for a nice profit of 55, 763 gold pieces, and headed back to the inn. The day for the Dwarf had for once been a beautiful one untroubled by party infighting and indecision. A day of such quiet he had not had since this quest had begun, the Knight Cleric almost forgot that great evil stalked the land and that his friend and student Conall was dead.

Arriving at the inn, he spotted Valene gazing at a silver bracelet and Ulthok seeming excited by something yet unknown to the Dwarf. Ordering dinner and a mug of ale he sat alone noting that except for Lothor that the rest of the party and had seemingly vanished into different worlds he having not seen any of them all day. His thoughts on many things he knew only one thing, tomorrow they would once more set out on their journey to Craggian Core.

Weaver awoke from the dream of him, Soul Stealer, and her sword and knew what he had to do. Though he did not have the sword any longer and its taint was gone, he still knew his former lover would be able to find him yet again now that she knew he still lived. As much as he hated to admit it even though she was a thing of evil he still loved her. It would be that love that would draw her to him and the party. If she discovered the lady Althena in their midst he knew the party would be in a much more dangerous position then they had been before his rebirth. Though the Goddess may have made him young and whole, once more she had in the end made a mistake.

His things quickly packed, a note left on the bed, he once more disappeared into the night.............

(OOC: OK here is my post for this Sunday. As you can see, Weaver/Kyle is no longer in the game due to lack of posting this last 8 weeks. Let us all wish him well, he will be missed. In addition, Voidslight due to his busy schedule has decided not to join the game at this time and with Ginafae on leave, we are down to only 5 active players.

As such, I will tonight or in the next few days be putting up another recruitment thread looking for 2-3 new players to join the game. I hope that we will get some good players.

Ok next post next Sunday.)

Posted on 2012-10-21 at 23:39:06.
Edited on 2012-10-22 at 03:03:57 by TannTalas

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Not a place for me...

It would seem that Lothors elation at being back in towns and the awe he had felt walking around the different Lords' manors was short-lived. He had locked himself in his room, the only place which he could think he was being overwhelmed by the huge crowds that shepherded him down the cobbled roads of the great city of Callahorn. He longed to be back on the road, fresh air filling his lungs and a rough nights sleep on the hard grasslands. He wished to be back in the adrenaline filled adventures, and on the road where there were infinite possibilities and anything could happen.

The people here were unlike those of the small villages he had helped so much in the past. They were bolshy, arrogant and snooty, they looked down there nose at the tall, muscular, bearded warrior and each person who did it hurt him more. He had given up going outside of the inn two days ago, and today he hadn't even left his room, his meals being bought him.

He wallowed there in a vicious circle of self doubt and loathing he could feel himself getting weaker as well, everyday he used to practice his sword picking it up as easily as a feather, now however it seemed to have gained a tonne of weight. There wasn't enough room to practice in the dark, dingy rooms and was far to cramped a space to swing a sword. The streets were too crowded to run and he couldn't even bare a sword in public.

(OOC: Lothor will stay in his room unless someone knocks on his door and an emergency has arisen. Or until we leave Callahorn.)

Posted on 2012-10-22 at 16:50:31.

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onward again

As the evening drew to a close, Cor made his way to each member of the party reminding them that on the morn they would begin their journey anew. Then, the elder dwarf made his way to bed. The rising sun found Cor already packed and eating breakfast while waiting for the others. Waking before the pre-dawn was a habit hard to shake.

With preparations made the group set out once more in search of a way to destroy the evil sword and return hope to the land.

Posted on 2012-10-26 at 20:53:44.

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The Silence of Thought

It had not been an esy choice for Rayne. To know that her choice would mean she would never again be part of the Pegasus Riders was not an easy burden to bear. The choice had torn at her, her desides, versus the need of her companions. Her dreams, her joy her hoor to be a pegasus rider agisnt their quest. The choice was reeally simple though heartbreaking as well. THe need of others waifhed against her own. TReally there was no ill in either choice but there was for the greater good, and that was the choice that she had made.

When Cor had vome to her she told him that she would be continueing with the party and not returning to the Pegasus Riders. Aeron was the last of her companions now. The Great Eagle owl gave her eyes in the sky. She wondered if she called another, She missed her team of companiions greatly. Now losing Ariel as well made the lost even more profound. That night she prayed to Kith Jora after riding out into the woodsm.

"Kith Jora, Lord of all Nature, what is coming I do not know, what is needed I have yet to discover. I will call a companion to me, and pray that you hand will choose what is best and when the time is right."

Rayne does not return to the city that night but rook solace in this small bit of the natural world. .LAter she called for a new companion waiting to see what companion would anser her call. If it does not arive by morning she returns to the group ready to move on with them.

Posted on 2012-10-28 at 03:12:55.
Edited on 2012-10-29 at 00:40:25 by Brianna

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A new start

With Cor’s head’s up to the party at dinner the third night of their stay in Celebrimbor that they would leave upon the morning, he noticed that two of the party were missing, Lothor and Weaver. As he made his way to bed, he decided to stop at both rooms to seek out the two missing members of his party. Finding Lothor in his room already packed ready for departure, even longing for it, he got a thank you from the young fighter and a promise to be there in the morning. However, when he went to Weaver’s he found not the Ranger/Bard but a castle servant cleaning the room. After a brief introduction, Cor listened as to the boy’s account that Weaver had left the castle the night before. The boy then handed the dwarf a note he had found just this afternoon, and had yet to turn in to his master, addressed to Dwarf.

Opening the letter Cor read the words of common within.

“My friends it is with the deepest apologies that I must leave you at this time. Though I no longer carry the Shadow Wraiths sword, my previous connection to her and yes my lingering feelings make it dangerous to remain among you at present. Take heart for I yet may return to your side but until then I wish you good luck and a successful completion of your mission."

Your friend

As Cor thanked the young boy and moved to his room, his thoughts were on the party. With Weaver now gone, Ayreon returned to his unit, and Tomiki headed for his home to bring back help. The party had gone from ten to six in just a little over a week’s time. Hopefully the six of them would be enough to get to Craggian Core safely with Althena and deliver her and the sword to her father. Reaching his room the dwarf Knight Cleric had a moments thought to roust everyone to tell them of Weavers leaving but decided the morning would be as good a time as any.

With the coming of morning, the party gathered in the castle’s courtyard with a spread of five better horses and two ponies provided by the Queens and a pair of pack animals laden with the needed supplies to reach the Southern most fortress. As gear was secured to each person’s mount Cor noticed that there were only five members present, Ulthok and Valene having yet to show.

Cor having yet to tell the rest of the party of Weavers absence, and noticing Sirene looking around very likely for him, was in no mood for the lateness of the two halflings. Grumbling for the others to wait in the courtyard he strode purposely back into the castle’s interior.

Now a strange thing had happened in Ulthok’s room over the course of the night. It had become common since leaving Drow Mountain for the Halfling Thief/Mage to wake up next to the sexy Halfling Thief/Cleric. However, this morning was to be a bit different as they both climbed out of bed, for sleeping in a now empty apple pie dish was a small Blush-green dragon. For Valene this was a first, but for Ulthok it was possibly a good sign, clearly the Faerie Dragon he had talked to the day before had returned. However was it here just for the apple pie or to accept the familiar bonding. Ulthok knew his next words to it could be crucial in making that happen

His name, Eclipse Caine, his trade, Ranger Justifier for his Lord, King Logiech of Annoria. However, his King was newly dead, killed battling the Dark King’s army on the Atarinn plains before the Spindal Mountains. Now he was a man without a King and a man without a country Annoria having been completely overrun. As he led his horse behind him, he could see his destination ahead the walls of the mighty fortress of Craggian Core. Though his King was dead, his country ruined, his parents killed as they fled the capital city of El’Barath, he would continue to fight. Here behind the high white walls he would make a stand and live or die as the gods decreed.

(DM OOC: Ok here is this weeks post and as you can see a few matters need to be addressed, it seems before you head out. Now onto some other things
First: Brianna I did not say anything about you calling for new animal companions, as I wanted to be sure you were aware you still have 3, your two Ferrets and your Eagle Owl.
Second: You don’t call the animals to you they have to come to you on their own as they are attracted to you not called for unless already a companion.
Third: Let us all welcome Miss VivianEverBloom and Mr. EclipseCaine as they are joining Trilogy tonight and will post their first posts this week. I will be posting their character sheets once each of them posts their intro game pots
As for Mr. KingRat, I will intro his new character sometime this week in an extra post or next Sunday in my normal post.

Ok everyone lets see some posts.)

Posted on 2012-10-29 at 04:35:12.

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Adamant Resolution

The high elf garbed in black would walk through the massive gates to the mountain fortress, Craggian Core. He had been there before, but only once, on an errand to collect a letter and return it to one of the king's men, This was useless information now that his king had fallen. He would walk to the main courtyard, as he entered and made it near the fountain in the middle, his horse would let out a small whine. He would turn to his horse and words would be heard coming from his mask.

"Calm boy, Teneo Vistri Hostilis, in these walls of stone, on the field that surrounds it, or some distant battlefield, we may meet our end, or we may survive another day, but one thing is for certain, We shall send them to their graves, they shall remember the day they attacked Annoria."

As he uttered the last line, a resolution unheard of would come to his eyes, the pain of his loss would be there as well but the the gray eyes of the elf would shine with an adamant resolve, an undying desire. He remembers the actions of his father, a man renowned for his efficiency in combat, his ability to make sure his team survived, a legacy he wished to live up to. He remembered the final acts of his parents, Eclipse had stayed behind to ensure his parents made it away from the burning city, infested with those wretched creatures. They had made it through the courtyards, past back alley battles, his father and him, quickly taking out any enemies they came across, using the element of surprise to their advantage.
They had made it out of the city gates, his father taking a bad wound to his back in the process of them clearing enough space for them to slip through into the fields outside the gates, this was the hardest part and the part filled with the most pain, as they made it across the field, a field made barren by the fires, they would keep up a quick pace, trying to put as much distance behind them as possible to the fallen city. As they made it almost to the point where they couldn't see the city, their beloved city looking like a god of fire had made it his home, a pair of hooves would be heard coming up behind them. the next noise was the twang of a bow, the whistle of an arrow in flight, and then the sickening thud of the same arrow sinking into flesh, the flesh of his mother.
The arrow had buried itself in the center of her chest, the arrowhead clearly visible sticking out of her chest, him and his father would immediately skid to a halt, they had both seen the wound it was fatal, they couldn't save her, the only thing they could do was make the one who did it pay, with this resolve they would quickly turn and face the assailant. In the instance they had stopped and turned, both he and his father had both drawn their bows, notched an arrow, and released the arrows from their bows in unison, his arrow aimed for the man's chest, his fathers flying at the man's helmet.
Both of their arrows would bounce off the armor of the assailant, the assailants armor adorned in many kinks and battle marks, marks that showed this enemy knew his way around the battlefield, he knew it quite well.
Both he and his father realized arrows were pointless to them at this point, they would return their bows to their resting places on their back and then draw their family symbol, The Caine Katana. A blade renowned, along with its wielders, to kill with deadly efficiency.
Both of them would drop low and quickly engage the man from both sides, they knew this would be their best chance at defeating him. As they both drew close to the assailant they would draw a shield from the left side of his horse, and a sword from his waist, he would hold them at a cocky stance. As the two would get close enough, they would both jump at the same time, both aiming to take the man's head from his shoulders. Eclipse had glanced over before impacting the man and he had noticed something wrong on his fathers face, he should have been smarter, he should have known what was going to happen. As he was bounced off the assailant's shield with inhuman force, he would hear a sickening sound. As he landed on the ground he would look over and see his father on the sword of the assailant, the blade extending out his back behind his abdomen. His father would turn his head to Eclipse with blood coming from the corners of his mouth, he would yell one word.


With the realization from his father, Eclipse would turn and bolt into the nearby forest, running as fast as his legs would take him. He wanted to stop and cry, he wanted to mourn his parents, for his mother taken from a single attack, his father taken from him by a man too powerful to kill at his current ability. It had made him feel like a coward, a failure, he couldn't protect the things he cherished above all others. He would then snap himself out of his flashback as he returned to the present.

"This is why I have made my way here to Craggian Core, why I have trained so hard over the time since my flight for survival from El'Barath, I will find that man and make him pay."

He would say this as he clenched the hand holding the reins of his horse, the only ones who could hear what he was saying was him an his horse. His skills had advanced much on his journey to the mountain fortress. He had taken all the chances he could to become better. He had a goal, he would see it through to the end. This resolution was unyielding and adamant, also apparent in his eyes that had become a steely gray.

"But first I need a place to stay the night..."

He would turn from the courtyard and make his way down the streets looking for a place to put himself and his horse up for the night.

Posted on 2012-10-29 at 20:19:53.

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Pie Ala Dragonet....

The Halfling cleric had poked fun at Ulthok most of the night about having a little dessert. Giving him a little pastry on top of a crusty old mage. Her giggles were warm and lyrical, Ulthok enjoyed the spirit and freedom in her soul. He sometimes wondered if it may be just her regaining the zest of life she’d been denied during her captivity. It didn’t matter, he was here, she here and they would enjoy like for now. I scent of skin mixed with delightful smell of the warm apple pie settle on the dresser made the evening cozy. Holding Valene close the two drifted off into a blissful slumber.

The warm golden glow of sunrise drove the dark of night from the room. Ulthok and Valene rustled the covers and slid out bed. The cleric was headed to the dresser to have a bit pie for breakfast but stopped short and stared. Ulthok looked up and saw sleeping peacefully in the empty pie pan was the Tiny Blue-Green Dragonet. The creature had returned and accepted the token the Mage had brought to the room.

Placing a finger to his lips the mage gave Valene a reassuring smile and motioned her to just wait quietly.
Walking gently to the dresser Ulthok addressed the dragonet in the Elven tongue the Dragonet had first used to greet him. “Good Morning Honored Guest, it gives my soul joy to see you return.” As the Dragonet raised it’s head it eyed the mage with a skeptical look. “Before it could speak Ulthok continued, “You asked what is in this pairing for you? Well you’ve looked into my mind and you know if I were trying vale my words. What is in this is.. hard times…., good friends….., big trouble….. and small joys. I cannot promise you treasure … fame…. or power, but when we defeat this evil and save your lands, if I survive, you may ask for anything I own. You may ask then……. but now I will give you my loyalty…..and my respect.”

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Finally we're leaving!

The room was dark even though it was late afternoon and the sun was still shining, Lothors curtains were closed. He was laid in his bed staring aimlessly to the ceiling when their was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” He shouted gruffly.

And in strode the leader of the party and perhaps his closest friend, but that wasn't saying much. Cor told him that they were to leave the next morning. Lothors face lit up, the news he had just received from the stocky Dwarf may have made him the happiest person in the whole city at that point. He jumped out of bed rushing over to the Dwarf thanking him, and a number of gods, profusely. Finally he would be out of this hellish place.

The next morning dawned, the same as any other. Lothor was already packed so there was no need for a rush. Lothor grabbed his bags and walked down the stairs, thanking the bartender, for his place of refuge, on his way out.

Outside their were seven fresh mounts and Cor. Lothor found the most favourable one, after all he was first here and the heaviest of the group. He strapped his saddlebags to horse and checked the harness thoroughly. By the time he was done everyone had filtered out from the tavern, all but Valene and Ulthok. Where were they now? Lothor's jealousy of the couple and almost subsided but a pang of bitterness hit him again. Quickly he shook this off telling himself that he was stupid for thinking such thoughts.

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a parting of ways

Cor rose early and made his way to breakfast. Finding some of the party not yet arrived he sent a lad looking for Weaver. It seemed the strange man had deceided to take his leave of the party. Slowly the others arrived except for two. After relaying Weavers note to the gathered he turned his attention to the other missing members. "Probably playing slap-tickle if I know those two" Cor grumbled. "The rest of you get ready, I;ll see about our lost friends".

Cor walked, stormed rather, to Ulthoks room and didn't both to knock. Throwing the door open he stated loudly, "What for the love of Odin has you two..." There he stopped as he noticed a small pseudo-dragon sitting on the table. "Well lad, seems you have an actual reason for being late. I suppose that wee creature is your new familiar? If so, lets get a move on. Others are waiting." Cor's gaze showed he was not in the mood for debate.

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The Twinkle of Her Purple Eyes


A blood curdling scream echoed through the usually quiet land of Evergine. Periwinkle’s purple eyes grew misty with tears as she watched the one thing she loved, her father, be ripped away from her forever. After going through what Peri did, one would think she would have grown used to losing things she loved since the untimely death of her mother when Peri was young. However, this was different. Peri was incredibly close to her father. They had done everything together, and he had taught her all she knew. Every spell she had memorized was his, and every prank was his. Now as she watched her father’s once mischievous eyes drain from life, she wondered if life would ever be the same.


Periwinkle’s plea filled her throat like a thick fog in spring. Her bright eyes filling with the painful sting of tears, Peri ran to him to comfort his last minutes.
Her father, choked out one last comfort to his daughter, “Happy Birthday, Periwinkle. Remember I will always love you.”

As he slipped away, Peri sighed and closed her eyes. “Some birthday,” she thought as the memory faded into the blackness of her past.

“Good Morning Honored Guest, It gives my soul joy to see you return.”

Periwinkle awoke to the familiar voice she had heard the previous day. The faerie dragon shook her head trying to place her thoughts together. The last thing she remembered was returning to the room and the smell of delicious invading her nose. Her mouth twisted into a grin as it watered again in response to the memory of the warm apple pie, her favorite. She must have fallen asleep after she engorged herself. Her lazy grin continued as she listened to the mage who had left the pie, the one who had introduced himself as Ulthok. Peri cocked her eyebrow up at him with a quizzical look as she opened her mouth to respond. Before she could speak, however, he continued.

“You asked what is in this pairing for you?” The man seemed to fascinate Periwinkle a great deal. She uncurled herself from the pie pan and settled herself on the dresser’s edge as a small amount of residual crust slid down from the crown of her head to her waiting tongue below.

“Well you’ve looked into my mind and you know if I were trying vale my words. What is in this is.. hard times….” Hard times, Peri laughed slightly at this, she was used to them more than she cared to admit.

“…Good friends…..” Good friends, given her current state of loneliness this simple thought gave her great comfort.

“…Big trouble….. and small joys.” Peri’s grin twisted into a smirk at the sound of big trouble. Now he was talking her language! The mischievous little dragon thrived on trouble, and the thought of the adventure to be had from it made her wings twitch with excitement.

"I cannot promise you treasure … fame…. or power, but when we defeat this evil and save your lands, if I survive, you may ask for anything I own. You may ask then……. but now I will give you my loyalty…..and my respect.”

The dragon thought for a second before she responded. Any man, who provided her with apple pie and the promise of adventure, peaks her interest greatly. Was she really contemplating being his companion? She chuckled lightly to herself. Contemplating? No. Agreeing? Yes. But she had a one small request. Periwinkle did a small bow in his direction as her bright purple eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Well my dear Ulthok, I believe you have yourself a deal. I shall be your companion, but on one condition. Perhaps keep a supply of apple pies and the occational gem.” She smiled to herself as she became lost in thought. “I rather like looking at them in the sun. Oh, you might want to prepare yourself, my dear Ulthok, if I become your companion, I can be quite a handful.” Periwinkle giggled lightly at her pun before she continued.

“Thank you for the apple pie…. I.. um… sort of helped myself…” Peri’s scales flushed a bit of crimson as she rambled on.

“Oh! Silly me! I haven’t properly introduced myself. My apologies, I tend to be rather scatter brained especially when apple pie is involved. My name is Periwinkle Thistledown, but you, my dear Ulthok, may call me Peri.”

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