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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, breebles, dragon-soul92
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Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts

Round 2 DM

Nnnnnnnn                                                                                                                                                                                                                           mmmmmmmm

His axe returned to its sheath at his side, Conall was ready for the hounds 2nd attack, shield raised and hound leaping the Paladin brought his sword forward impaling the hound to its hilt. A maneuver started to throw the dog towards the 4 men was disrupted by the now dead dogs weight upon his sword and shield thus causing Conall to be off balance as 3 of the 4 men did attack. The first man�s attack was a wild one as if he hoped to hit on strength alone and even off balance Conall was easily missed, the 2nds attack an arm did graze causing only little damage. But it was the third man having gotten behind the Paladin that did the most damage, both of the man�s daggers plunging into Conall�s back. The pain immense and the feeling of blood flowing Conall did finally remove the hound from his blade and shield and would be unencumbered for next round. (OOC: Ok Kyle you at the moment have 3 men attacking you while the 4th man in the Full Plate mail armor seems for the moment to just watch. He is a large man clearly muscular his armor looks to be in very good condition and the great Axe is spotless. You detect no evil from any of the men but from the big guy you do get a twinge of it as if though not fully evil, he is certainly not good. Your up my friend.)

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 10:27:55.
Edited on 2018-03-01 at 18:31:20 by TannTalas

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

Rd 2 Conall

As the hound attacked Conall shifted his weight on his back foot that must have slipped on a rock putting him of balance, because surly his girdle gave him more than enough strength to toss the mere puppy from his sword. Odin must be telling me something. Conall thought to himself.

It was then his censes started to tingle and he know only one among them was evil. This feeling was broken by pain ripping through his back. Conall shifted his sword slightly and swung twice on the one who grazed his arm. Conall was doing full subduel damage; this will result in only half the physical damage, but if these men persist on their current course of action they would fall from pain and not death.

Conall spoke as he moved in for the attack, You men go now and save yourself. Throw off the yoke of the evil one that drives you to walk such paths. I know your hearts. They are not evil, but if you persist. The same fait awaits all of you.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 11:27:53.

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts

Round 3 DM

Conall having tried to get the other three men to stop their attack by voice did now attempt to subdue them.
With the side of his sword and shield he attacked the one who had grazed him, trying not to kill. Both weapon and shield hit leaving the one man bleeding and dazed on the ground down for the moment but not out.

Then it was once again the two others chance and for the first it was again a case of aiming for something that was not their as the sword stroke did again miss. But as it was for the first so it was again for the second and again the Daggers did plunge into the Paladins back, though not as damaging as before, it was damage nonetheless and more of Conalls blood was spilled.

With the arrival of the other 4 men, once archers but now armed for melee, the Paladin did find himself surrounded on all sides.

(OOC; ok there be round 3 you took more damage from the little guy with the daggers but not the 16 points like in round 2. I will try to post round 4 before I go to work tonight at 1am if you post before then.)

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 12:37:13.
Edited on 2006-10-14 at 19:57:10 by TannTalas

Karma: 0/0
10 Posts

Let's ride!

So, Conall has gone. Cynil purses her lips and hooks her long, silver hair behind her ears. Humans are so childish. Like squirrels-she loves them, but for all their incendiary temperament, they have no true understanding of constancy. The opposite of a druid, she remembers suddenly, is not an evildoer. It is a person who becomes lost. How can a tree not know what to do? How can the wind forget itself? How can a bear awake in midwinter, as from a dream, and wonder where the berries have gone? How can a man not know his duty?

That sadness again, never far. But Cynil knows her duty: it is to understand, and to smile. When Alasdair asks her about the possibility of scouting ahead, she answers, "Conall's way is clear before us, and the plants and creatures here will know only that a man passed through. I will ask them, however. Why do we not ride at speed, since there is no danger of losing the trail? Let me be toward the front, and I will keep contact with the trees as we ridenothing unnatural need come upon us unaware."

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 22:08:35.

Karma: 0/0
10 Posts

Call to the wild, a Call into the depths of faith

Call to the wild.

As we left the sprawling city behind like leaves blowing the wind, I issue a call of help to any and all, from the tiny bumble bee to the great cave bears of the forgotten forest, to keep our lonely companion safe till we found him. Begging them to help lead us to him the fast way they can.
After the call to the wilderness, I will pray silently to Fierna, May my goddess be found to see and bless me with her gifts inorder for me to better defend this holy warrior, for we will dearly need him in the days ahead of us to stay the hand of evil that threaten your domain in this world. In return I will give myself fully and completely, body and soul, to do you wishes upon these foreign soils.

A few hours later, as the sun fade to black, the animal beginning to slumber, a blazing vision of pain and turmoil streaked across my eyes as Our dear Connell battles for his life again innumerous odds. As the spell alert me of his plight I will haste inform my mount we need to go faster as I yell to the other Connell is in trouble.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 04:48:10.

Queen Hugglepounce
Karma: 47/29
674 Posts

Anguish and guilt in lue of nothing having been done wrong...

Althena sat on her mount impatiently awaiting the rest of the group, suppressing her incredible urge to take off at high speed in search of Conall. For while she was fairly certain his leaving was not as a result of the discussion held the previous night, her belief in that hope, was quickly fading.

Her face reddened suddenly as Cor made mention of Conall having been unable to keep her from the amorous clutches of Lord Alasdair. Then, she looked at him dead on, most assuredly not amused as he spoke of her having been tainted. I beg your pardon, Sir, Trollhammer,but since when does a woman, far older than you could ever hope to be, require the permission of anyone to love, and be loved?! The tone of her voice and the look in her eyes left no room for question as to the anger she felt at the words spoken, and more so just at the situation in general. Yet the tone of her voice did nothing to suppress the words that came next from the dwarf. After he was done with his rant, he took off without giving them so much as the chance to respond to his reprimand. Thus the lady Althena held her tongue, however, the poor lord Alasdair got much of an ear full, so to speak, as she ranted directly to his mind.

Once on the road and riding as quickly as her horse would carry her while still staying in her proper place in line, she spoke again to her love, trying most unsuccessfully, to assure him that Conalls departure had nothing to do with them directly. His response to her made sense. And so her assurance in the matter gave way to guilt and fear. She did not feel guilty for loving this man that had at last, after so very many years in this life, been given to her. She would not apologize for loving him and promising herself to him. Nor would she apologize for openly showing her love for him. She did feel guilty, however, because, though she knew she had done nothing wrong, her actions had caused another to place himself in peril.

The anguish she saw in Alasdairs eyes as he paused in his orders and inquiries to looked at her, mirrored the same in her own eyes. She mouthed the words, I love you. Though she did not speak them with her voice, but from her mind to his. Then she watched as he resumed his place at the head of the line.

Althena did not wish any harm upon Conall, and prayed with all her might, to any who would hear her plea, that he would be found well and out of harms way. Furthermore she begged that if he were to come into any danger, that they would be able to reach him in time to help him.

As she rode with these things on her mind, she checked her pack to be sure the healing potions were there and in tact. They were, and so she urged her horse to ride faster, leaning down close to its neck, caressing its mane, and softly whispering encouragements into its ear. The tears that fell from her eyes were quickly absorbed by the horses flesh, as the ever-increasing fear for her friend, grew heavier on her soul.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 06:56:52.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

Rd4 You wish death

Conall feeling pain rip his back once more and the two men ahead attacking to no avail their answers to his plea given, Conall once more adjusted his sword. If it is the face of Odin you wish to rush off to see then let me do what I may. Conall spun around to remove the biting ant from his back.

Now facing the thief he swung once with his sword this time to kill.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 15:56:59.
Edited on 2006-10-14 at 15:57:45 by Kyle

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts

Round 4 DM

Conall finally realizing the truth of the danger behind him did quickly turn to the attacker at his back.
No longer trying to subdue but now to kill he did swing his sword true catching the two dagger carrying man by surprise and causing him to reel away wounded and bleeding.
Though it was clear the thief was hurt and out of the combat for the moment he was as yet still alive.

Then it was the turn of other 5 attackers with only three in a position to actually attack. The first, once again the same as the last three rounds, was unable to it seemed even find his own sword as the blade did fly from his hand leaving him with no weapon.

The 2nd attacker was more on target but thanks to the Paladins heavy armor his blade did not penetrate.

The 3rd and last attacker of this round as with the 2nd was closer but he too in the end did miss Conall, as the Paladin for the first time since the fight began took no damage this round.

(OOC: Ok here is how it stands
1 Attacker out cold
1 attacker hurt bad and out of combat for the moment
1 Attacker clearly the leader watching
5 Attackers healthy / 1 without his weapon)

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 16:51:19.
Edited on 2006-10-14 at 19:57:33 by TannTalas

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts


(Due to a problem connecting to the Inn both Dragonmist and Drusillia have not been able to post. So until they once again get access they will be sending me thier posts via Email and I will be sending them all the Inn posts back via the same. So here is Haila's post)
Halia went about her business while she waited for their departure. She didn't mind that she seemed invisible to the rest of the party. She kind of liked it better that way. She had plenty of time to herself, and didn't have to deal with the parties drama. She was on a mission and found all the drama quite unnecessary. But she said nothing of it. She made quick friends with a couple locals and spent her time chatting with them. While in her free time she liked to draw. Her book was becoming quite full of many, what she felt to be, masterpieces. She took her small friend Niamedris with her everywhere. The small local children loved him. The children would quite often disobey their parents orders to enter the tavern part of the inn just to have a glimpse of him. As not to get them in trouble she would excuse herself and guide the children and the cat safely outside of the inn. Which the parents much appreciated. Though only in town for such a short time she seemed to know everyone and everyone knew her. She didn't mind much it kept her busy during their stop.

She tossed and turned most of the night and finally decided to just go down stares and get something to drink. She peaked down the stairs and quietly made her way down them. She had almost reached the bottom when she heard that oh-so familiar voice of Conall scolding the two lovers. She quietly turned around and headed back up stairs to avoid being put into the middle of something that was none of her concern. She finally drifted off to sleep, when what seemed only moments later she was woken up. She took a hot bath and gathered her stuff and headed down stairs. Knowing she was running behind the rest she skipped breakfast and grabbed an apple and headed of to the stables. She arrived just in time to hear talk of how Conall had left without them much earlier. She quickly readied her horse, for when she heard the news their was a knot in her stomach. She understood his reasons for doing what he had done, but something now just didnt feel right. Thought she was never very social with the others, she still considered them friends and hated to see something like this blossoming before her.

She put her long hair into a quick braid and jumped upon her hoarse. She readied Niamedris for the hard ride. She spurred her horse violently in the sides and rushed quickly to the rest of the group. A look of dread in her face. She could only imagine what has come of Conall by this time. She said nothing as she pressed on, searching carefully of any signs of their friend.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 17:02:18.
Edited on 2006-10-14 at 17:21:33 by TannTalas

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts


(OOC:First off so everyone knows I am having trouble accessing the forum for some reason I cant figure out.So I am e-mailing my post to Tann who is posting it for me till I figure out my problem.)
BIC: When Alaisdair wakes him for watch he informs him of the confrontation that he and Althena had with Conall.Ulthok knows he will never understand the paladins way of thinking and just shrugs this off.Durning his watch he is surprised by his owl returning somewhat earlier than he expected.

Omensamans report reveals no more than they already knew.The animals seemed on edge but there is no monster to be found.Storing the information in his head he sends Omensaman back out to keep watch about the fort until they leave the following day.

When his watch is over he wakens the next one and returns to his room,before retiring for the rest of the night he spends the next hour preparing his spells for the next day.Then retires to grab a little sleep.

Rising just before the sun Ulthok gathers up all his belonging and prepares everything for todays journy.Then with all in tow he goes down to the inn area to grab some chow and drink before they mount back up and head out.

Finding the rest of the party all in the inn room Ulthok joins them ordering some food and some ale he prepares himself for the morning ride.When everyone else was sent about to gather everything for their leaving Ulthok having brought all of his stuff down heads out to the stables instead to get his pony ready to ride.

He runs into Alasidair out in the stables and speaks to him about last night
"So our Paladin friend was up in arms last night over you and the Lady Sunblayze spending a little to much intimate time together I dont think I will ever understand the way he takes every task he is given so literally So anyways where is our friend I dont see his horse?" It was about this time that AfTill and the rest all gathered in the stables to ready themselves to leave, when AfTill told them of Conalls preparing his horse almost four hours eailier.It was at this time that everyone together realized that Conall had left on his own.

As Alaisdair orders all to prepare for a hard ride north in order to try to catch up with the run away paladin,the two dwarves made their feelings rather well known,and you could not mistake how they felt.

Ulthok agreed with Alasidair that they needed to catch up with Conall as fast as they could,he was an important part of their group and they needed to bring him to his senses.Told to ride in the rear behind the ladies that is what Ulthok will do if Alaisdair wants him to.However as they start to ride out he takes a quick moment to ride up to their leader with an idea.

"I totally agree that we need to catch up with Conall as quick as we can however I may be able to on my own move much faster and find our running friend.I dont mean to put myself in danger Someone could just lead my pony along with them and I will use the speed of a hawk or eagle who wont have to follow the land but be able to fly in a straight line to where our friend may be."

Ulthok waits for Alasidair to respond and will do whatever he tells the halfling to do.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 17:15:15.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

rd 5 run and live, stand and die

Rd4 end

Realizing the thief that had been a pain in his backside was for now, no longer a threat.

Rd5 action
Conall wheeled around to his left slashing twice at the next one in line. So far he had taken only taken the lives of the two hounds, Odin has spared two of you! The others of you know this and run for your lives. My fight is with your leader, not you!

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 19:06:28.

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts

Round 5 DM

For the moment Conall had taken care of his biggest worry and had left him wounded and in no mood to consider attacking.
As he turned and attacked the next in line he found that was the attacker without his weapon and unfortunately for him, though Conall was a Paladin and would not have attacked him knowingly, it was a reaction ingrained in him and so did Conall watch as his two strikes did kill the man without any hesitation on the Paladins part.

Then it was again the turn of the other attackers again numbering three and with the ineffective seeming fighter dead things were a little different as only 2 out of 3 did miss the 3rd with a short sword striking at Conalls less protected legs and scoring a good hit the Paladin though not knocked off balance did feel the pain of the hit but as with all other pain he put it out of his mind and fought on.

As for his challenge to fight the leader there was no reply.....

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 19:32:23.
Edited on 2006-10-14 at 19:56:27 by TannTalas

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

Rd 6

Conall now oblivious to except those around him moved on to the next in line, Odin take these and do with them as you see fit for I have tried to warn them of your wrath. I am your tool, use me as you will! Odin! was the battle cry as Conall fought on.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 19:42:21.

Trilogy Master
Karma: 171/115
6096 Posts

Round 6 DM

With the wound to his leg hurting but ignored he did start to move to the next in line but was surprised to hear the leader order them away.

"You fight well Knight and as such I do not wish you too kill or hurt any of the rest of my men.
So I will face you now but first if you have healing please use it, if not I will give you some for I do not wish you to be other then at full health when we fight. Again quickly rest and heal, I shall wait."

It was now up to Conall if he would heal or just attack...

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 19:55:56.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

Pause for honor where no honor was thought to be

Conall holds his attack and glares at the fighter who has spoken. It seems you have honor and as such I will heal myself and face you. Conall jabs his sword into the ground in front of him and moves his hand to the holly symbol that hangs around his neck, Odin grant me strength to carry on. (cure light for 25%) Odin guides me, as he wills. Odin grant me strength to carry on. (second cure light for 25%, total of 50% bring Conall to full hit points) Odin sees that my enemy is true and may he who dies, dies well. Conall removes his sword from the ground and continues. I do not know your name but I will give you mine. I am Conall Glendower of the house Glendower, I will also say that if I die here this day take my sword and place it on the ground at your feet. Show no weapons in your hands and those who fallow me will not harm you. Speak of what has happen here and perhaps if you are truly honorable they will spare your life. Tell them this is the dieing wish of Conall Glendower. Knowing my true name will be proof you speak truth. Conall lifted his sword in salute. Now give me your name or your sword it matters not to me. Conall stood ready for battle.

Posted on 2006-10-14 at 21:51:31.

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