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Group one checks out the basement doors

Having checked the basement thoroughly for clues, traps, hidden doors and booty, and finding three good kegs of wine, the group proceeds to check out the two smaller basement doors which may have been storage of sort. Sentinel asks Deathstalker to come on down to help and it will be gnomie Fandil The Wise's job to keep at peripheral watch on the steps whilst opening the doors. They move a table next to the wall, but between the doors and set the lit lantern on it for general light. Fandil gives the lit torch to Sentinel who will quietly and quickly check the doors (order north, then east)for traps and quietly and open with torch in off hand. If lockpicking is required, he will do so quietly. If door one cannot be opened quietly he will go on to door two. While Sentinel tries to open the door/s, all will arrange in a semicircle for best protection if danger quickly lurks. Those with bows (e.g. Oriel) will train on the opening and will be in the center of the semicircle. If neither door opens quietly, then Sentinel will direct Deathstalker to "bang" open one door. If Deathstalker fails, Oriel will try. The same will occur for banging open door two, but the warriors will try to kick it open in reverse order. Once a first door is opened, Sentinel will stick the torch in and cautiously and quickly look around beig prepared to get out of the way if danger. If it looks reasonably safe, Sentinel will enter and look for traps, hidden doors, before allowing others to look/enter. The same occurs for door two.
Clues will be looked for, booty will be collected and taken.
If there is a path, or secret trail, they will exit the room, shut the door and talk about how to proceed. If there is no trail, they will take whatever booty up with the three kegs and load the wagon. (/i)

Sentinel The Small says, "Let's put the lantern on a table and check out these two pantry-type doors. I'll do the honors. Back me up, guys!" He takes the torch from Fandil and sends Katai quietly up to Deathstalker to ask him to come on down and help out. "Fandil, keep a partial eye on those steps just in case, you hear?"

"Everyone ready?" he whispers.

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 09:22:57.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
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Gunther Stands Ready

"I am ready little friend," responds Gunther as he takes his position in the semicircle next to Oriel’s right side. The young Paladin raises his Medium Shield for the utmost protection and intently concentrates with all his focus upon what is transpiring in the lamp light. His broadsword is ready in his right hand at the slightest indication of an unexpected attack.

"We are backing you up little friend," says Gunther in a bold reassuring manner as he readies himself for whatever Sentinel may uncover. He quickly surveys the garbage strewn room one more time and says a silent prayer of protection to his God. Then a puzzled expression etches its way across his face and he leans over towards Oriel.

"Is it just me," questions the young Paladin in a whisper directed for Oriel's ears alone, "or do you find it a strange thing that there is no evidence of any mice or rats in the midst of all this garbage?"

Gunther is ready to protect Sentinel and the others with his protective aura if any surprise attack comes bursting forth from either of the two doors. Which means he will find a good opportunity to place himself between any attackers and his companions without getting in the way of any of the other adventurers in a pitched battle if that is what happens as a result of opening the doors!

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 18:46:37.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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The lack of rats

Oriel stands in the semi-cricle around the basement door with the others, with his bow in hand and an arrow nocked, drawn and partially aimed towards the door.

When Gunther leaned towards him and asked about the lack of rodents he considered his new friends observation. Gunther seemed to be right. But what did it mean? Was the mess simply too new? Was somethng hunting them? He wasn't sure if it was signifcant or not.

Oriel leaned a bit towards Gunther and whispered,
"Good eyes Gunther. Your God makes you observant. There is nothing to do about it now - just keep your eyes open."

And with that Oriel focused on the doors in front of the group.

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 21:00:20.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Renewed Determination

"Good eyes Gunther. Your God makes you observant. There is nothing to do about it now – just keep your eyes open."

The words of the Ranger rang in the young Paladin's ears as he trained his eyes in the direction of the proposed path of Oriel's nocked arrow that was drawn and partially aimed at the door.

Gunther restrained himself from engaging in further conversation with the Ranger so as not to spoil Oriel's aim and concentration. As Sentinel the Small began examining the first door, the young Paladin drew a slow breath of expectancy as he thought to himself:

"This absence of rats is unnatural. Something beyond those doors must be feeding upon them! God grant me the wisdom and strength to confront such an abomination that would feed upon rats for sustenance!"

Gunther now stands ready to confront whatever menace may lurk beyond the doors as Sentinel proceeds with his plan. The young Paladin is now more vigilant than ever to protect his companions now that he realizes he is not imagining the absence of rats as being out of the ordinary. He is especially concerned for the safety of Sentinel and will do whatever possible in his power to protect the small one from whatever would feed upon rats and possibly try to add the Halfling to its sordid menu!

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 21:24:34.

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