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The Spires

Ashlands, Slith Sagonissra
Spiregate, Palace of the Gold Dragon Spirelords
Febre, Dawn

Draygo’Solarr was well versed in the political idiosyncrasies that surrounded the Sapphire City, and enveloped it in dark days of plots and schemes that defiled the very abstract glory of the draconic people. They were the descendents of the first kings of the world. The proud dragons of old, though it was that very distinction that seemed to unbind them, as they all aspired to emulate different versions of their ancestors. Naturally red dragons and gold dragons despised each other, just as copper dragons protected nature, and black dragons infected it.

Though the Skoarn were not bound to a certain disposition in life solely from the colour of their scales, their family line had actually fought for the right of such chromatic distinction. Skoarn were at first grey scaled lizards who had very little to do with magic. They were dragon kin to be sure, but they lacked knowledge of that meaning. It was the first shamans of the old ones that brought purpose to the young dragon race. With what knowledge remained of the elder dragons, they began to assume their ways of life, and subsequently war ensued… In the end, law prevailed, though in tedium. The great city of Slith Sagonissra was founded, crafted by the most powerful sorcerers. The bluish purple hue could be seen from the very outskirts of the Ashlands, and was a beacon for many who heard the call of the dragon’s blood within them.

Because little reliance was made upon manual labour within the society, most of the power belonged to the shamans or the sorcerers. The shamans held power over the courts of the great crystalline city, whereas the sorcerers were the reason for it’s abundant resources, even in a land as desolate as the Ashlands.

Because his father Eskalios was the voice of the Gold Dragon Shamans, he knew the importance of covert thought, and speaking in silence. So he let the listening ears hear what they wanted, quenched their undying curiosity with his own self indignity. They, Draygo’Solarr and Cyrus Brynth were but servants of the ever better Skoarn. Though neither truly believed this, nor deserved such ill repute, it was the only words that echoed through the hall, whilst Draygo embraced Cyrus, and whispered to him the truth of the matter. Just as his father had spoken to him earlier. “Take the sorcerer with you, and be well. I will have four guards escort you to the southern road. Stay on it, the Ashlands are dangerous to even the most experienced shaman. You shall reach the Tar lakes by midday of the morrow.”


Cyrus clued in on this little game quickly, and returned his understanding of the situation in kind. His voice also boomed, the end of the conversation, a bit more indignant than the elf, however, it was to be expected of a human. For a race so young and weak, they had an overbearing sense of pride. Cyrus had heard this all too often, especially from the common skoarn citizen who thought he could not speak draconic.

The man had looked to the elder dragon for further instruction, but all the dragon did was twinkle his eyes smugly and form his lips into was the sorcerer assumed was a smirk, though it looked more like a snarl. Draygo’Solarr was the first to act, as he greeted the four guards who had appeared at the entrance to the tower, much to the obliviousness of the Berodimen. The dragon’s had always been rather quite in these halls, which he had attributed to years of practice as children.

Draygo’Solarr motion for Cyrus to follow, and began heading down the stairs with two of the guards at the lead. The other two watched the sorcerer somewhat impatiently, though it had been but seconds since their arrival. It was apparent to Cyrus that they were supposed to take the rear, to protect him. A thought occurred to him as he stood there. Eskalios was the leader of the Gold Dragon Shamans, and he was now under his charge. That meant he was the middle man between him, and all of the other factions that sought to overturn the power that the golden dragons possessed in the political chambers of the great city of spires.

Posted on 2008-04-15 at 12:52:37.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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An Embodiment of Destruction

"Do you know that scent?" Riina asks softly, "It is the scent of what is in those barrels, and I'm guessing in those sticks as well. It is a dry powder, not unlike the parched earth after a drought, but unlike mere soil and dirt, it holds within its form an intense flame. Ignited by fire, that powder amplifies it, so much so that it forms in an instant what appears to be a piece of the sun. If confined and lit, like it would be in those sticks I'm guessing, I can only imagine what destruction it could bring... Fire does not like to be confined, and if given the chance it will burst the container, with an even more disastrous result than were it merely spreading."

Riina goes silent, staring at the barrels while the other one elaborated on a potential plan. She sighs.

"When the tiger is presented a squirrel by an elk, it doesn't see the squirrel, and pounces the elk." Riina says simply, "If the squirrel is dead, so much the better, for the tiger will take both."

Riina shakes her head and gives another sigh, "That powder's purpose is only destruction; it cannot be used for any other thing. Its presence here can really only mean that those goblins are going to destroy something, and as we are close to the forest, I'd guess that that something is in the forest itself. We are running out of options, and time."

Riina tightens her grip on her bow, "I had hoped otherwise, but it appears that the least desireable action is among the only options we have. Regardless of what action we take, there is the potential for something to go wrong, but given the threat of that powder, I suppose we will have to deal with the immediate threat. When the lynx's home is threatened by a wolf, does the lynx run, or fight, even though the wolf has a pack it can call?"

Posted on 2008-04-16 at 23:44:04.

TRSG 2.0
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"The lynx would fight the wolf but flee the pack, but that isn't what we need to do, when most the wolves are sleeping the crow takes his fill of there prey. We shall copy the crow but will need to distract the guards that are still awake, I have found food for them and hope they might trade the elves for it, and when there backs are turned that is when you can take there fire powder and sticks or whatever those substances are called."
During the males talking though a wolf appears out of the tree's, you recognize it as the same one that was next to the male earlier and as it approaches him he makes to pat it and it obligingly lets him, strange behavior for a wolf but maybe there is some unseen connection between them.

"However if you think this wont work then join me in eating and we shall devise a better way to free the elves and steel the fire powder."

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 18:22:58.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Riina bites her lip, "I don't like it."

She pauses for a moment, considering if there's any other ways she can think of offhand, and comes up blank.

"Very well then." Riina says cautiously, "We shall try this, but be wary; no predator accepts an offering without suspicion. The predator has the upper hand right now, in both numbers, and in that it holds captive what you're seeking the rescue of, as well as the destruction I at least have to try to avert. Be on your guard, and be ready to counterattack if they go straight into attacking you. I'll be ready."

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 03:58:10.

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Standing Upon a Shed Sheds Light to a Dark Dark Crevice of Chance.

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Febre, Mid day

Through the thick of the crowd the two thief’s tumbled, one fleeing from whom he had stolen, the other chasing what was not rightfully his, but had been taken for his own. Though the halfling was very limber, and had little trouble slipping through the crowd, he still had a hard time keeping a trace on the kobold, who was quicker on his feet. A few times the halfling had lost sight of the scaly little nuisance, though he found him after standing on top of a fruit crate, and then a shed roof. It was atop of the shed that he saw the kobold disappear into the alleyway. He knew that alleyway, it was the thieving guild’s hideout. This was an unsettling turn of events.

Tanglefoot was not a member of the Drydoc thieving guild. He would be in severe danger if he wandered down that alley as a rogue. His options, however, left little to be desired. If he waited the kobold out, surely he would not return with the statuette… even if he could get his revenge on him, it would be meaningless. If he rushed in right away, he knew that the kobold would have likely warned sentries about him, which meant he had little chance of getting in, or getting out alive. However, he could not return to the Brons without his prize. If he failed this mission halfway through, and lost their family artifact forever, he would have to leave Drydoc, and even then, there would be headhunters out for him. Nobility aren’t so forgiving when it comes to vengeance. ‘The theft went so well,’ thought Tanglefoot, ‘I should have known it couldn’t be this easy.’

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 04:29:31.
Edited on 2008-04-18 at 04:30:34 by Philosopher

TRSG 2.0
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Hearing the females response made him no happier but it seemed the only thing they could do, he walked carefully around the goblin camp as every tree and bush and bird called out to him stop this madness. He got a quarter round from the female and told Cheli to stay, resentfully he did, he knew something was wrong.

When he was on the other side from the camp to the female he quietly prepared himself and approached the camp. He pushed aside the last leaves and made a few steps into the camp before announcing himself to the goblins.

OOC:If you are not interested in role-playing goblins then Acantha will try to trade the elves for the food he has found and attempt a diplomacy check (result of 13).

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 07:41:56.

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502 Posts

The Woodland Mob III

Goblin encampment
Iodum Road, on the edge of the Paegos forest
Febre, Early Morning

A plot had been devised, and Acantha moved to the opposite side of the camp, to barter with the goblins. The whole forest cried for the end to this ludicrous scheme, however the druid believed that this could be done peacefully. He was not about to give up on the soul that all creatures possessed. Life was still a burden to discard, for any creature was it not? Guilt is a nasty little thing that eats away at you. Better to feed well on meat, than be poorly devoured by guilt.

Meanwhile within the campsite the elven ranger tussled with the young boy’s ropes, simultaneously attempting to awaken him from his unnatural slumber. She succeeded in dishevelling his bonds, and in waking him, though an unexpected circumstance occurred. When the boy awoke, he screamed out in fright. Bloody murder! Such to the point that, though Tianna had covered his mouth in a near blink of an eye, it was doubtful that none of the goblins had heard it. Tianna mind raced, cursing her bare handedness, annoyed at her lack of foresight, and worried about the things to come.

One of the goblins came to investigate the disturbance, and found the two elves huddled together. “Goy Brok Du Song Bla Voi!!!” He demanded, as though any but a goblin could have understood that gibberish. He neared them, and she was afraid that he would see that they were unbound. At this point the sentry had his handaxe at the ready, and an experienced warrior could readily dispatch her without her armaments. Luckily for her, she wouldn’t have to.

“Ahoy! Goblins! I have brought you an offering!” It was the voice of an angel to Tianna, as the goblin sentry diverted his attention immediately to fae druid. Who had held up the meat to show that he was offering them a meal. Diplomacy however, was not in the nature of these beasts. Goblins saw fae and elves as nuisances that skirmished with them whenever they were attempting to clear cut lumber for their houses and hearths, not equals to say, more like unwanted pests. He dropped his handaxe to the ground, and pulled the short bow off of his back, notching an arrow, and taking aim. The druid had alerted two other goblins, though the others were much too preoccupied around the fire, talking away to notice. These other two goblins however did much the same as the first, drawing their bows.

Oh, they would enjoy the meat to be sure, but it would be from no such parley. Why barter what you can merely take by force, they were twelve strong, and he was but one little fae.

The female killoren had seen from the beginning, as the goblin drew his bow, that things were becoming far too dire, and quickly. Her bow was ready for a scenario such as this, but it was a danger to be sure, so very outnumbered.

Tianna could reach for the axe, it was only inches away, however she still was missing her armour, and the hand axe wasn’t her favourite choice in weaponry.

Acantha would have to drop the meat he had intended to barter, and grab his weapon, losing valuable time in the fight, which he could now see was a certainty. In his mind he was also aware that the search party could be back at any moment, and from behind no less. If he was unable to end this battle quickly and quietly he would be overrun.

(Hmmm… Diplomacy doesn’t work on hostile characters. Oh and, though it may take a while for you to get up and retrieve the weapon on the ground Brianna, you will not incur an attack of opportunity as the goblin is using a ranged weapon. Anyhow, lets see what you guys do. In earnest it shouldn’t be impossible, you do have four people, everyone need only take out three goblins each… Yay for healing spells! You have an undisclosed number of rounds before the goblin search party returns. Good luck! One last thing, TRSG, I realized earlier on that your short bow would come with incurred penalties seeing as you are not proficient with it. Just thought I would let you know that before you used it… you may miss!)

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 12:59:23.

Forever ♥
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Damn lousy thieves.. cant trust any of them...

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Febre, Mid day

Tanglefoot silently cursed his luck; here he as looking down the alley the kobold thief had ducked down and knew he was going to have to take a chance. He wasn’t part of the Drydoc guild and visiting thieves were required to check in with the guild and get permission to ‘operate’ in the Guild’s territory, usually at a considerable percent of any profits. The Halfling had failed to do that, a mere oversight really, that and he didn’t like to give anyone money for which he had worked and sweated.

Sighing heavily, he started off down the alleyway hoping to catch the thief, not likely; otherwise he would have some explaining to do. He ran ideas through his head as he went down the alley as if chasing someone. His keen eyes open for any sign of a trap or ambush which he knew was sure to come. If accosted by thieves of the guild, thumpers most likely, large strong thieves who were the strong arm of the guild, he would give them his story.

“I was just robbed by this kobold that ran down this alley,” he would say trying to sound small and helpless, not too hard since he was small and therefore usually considered helpless. He was alert though for any sign of attack and would defend himself if necessary and even retreat if it came to it, but he hoped to talk to someone and try to make a deal of some kind. He had to have that statuette or he would have to go on the run, he hated running for his life, he was afraid that one day he would only die tired.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 18:19:51.

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Intuition and Truth

Riina sighs, Just as I thought she thinks as she raises her bow, which was already nocked with an arrow beforehand. In the end, even the crow is pounced by the wolf when it is still aware. Such is the way of the predator, seeing all others outside of their group as competition, and acting to remove that threat.
Riina draws the bow string, feeling it against the side of her nose, with her hand holding the string just below her right eye. The string lines up with her pupil, and so too with the first goblin that reacted. Adjusting her aim with the hopes of piercing the goblin's armour in a weak spot, which were generally at the neck, head, and both shoulder and leg joints.

Settling on aiming at the creature's neck, Riina releases the string, following through the motion by bringing her right hand back past her ear. Holding the bow completely still until the arrow sails past, she then immediately reaches over her shoulder for another arrow, either at the same target, or the next threat closest to the currently unarmed elf.

A dark idea blossoms in the depths of Riina's mind, and her eyes seem to fade into a pitch blackness for just a moment. Will it really come to that? she wonders.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 23:37:48.
Edited on 2008-04-18 at 23:39:10 by Reralae

TRSG 2.0
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There were two things and animal prepares to do, fight or flight, fortunately Acantha also had magic. He began to speak a string of nonsense words that only druids could understand and made a series of hand gestures, the results of which weren't immediately seen but sure enough they had an effect.

The grasses and vines on the ground rapped themselves around the feet and legs of the goblins, small bushes made grabs for arms and trees close to the goblins grabbed them in a firm hold. The effect was like a living sea of grass, vines and branches all snaring the limbs of any living creature that got close enough, they would do there best to hold the pitiful creatures still.

The wolf, Cheli, saw this as a sign to attack, something that it had learnt to understand as would be followed with the order to attack and so he rushed forward towards the nearest goblin, teeth bared. And suddenly he was there, his teeth made for whatever part of the goblin he could reach.

OOC: I have casted Entangle.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 08:12:17.
Edited on 2008-04-19 at 08:50:20 by Loki

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The Adventure Begins ...

Ashlands, Slith Sagonissra
Spiregate, Palace of the Gold Dragon Spirelords
Febre, Dawn

Draygo'Solarr took an instant liking to this Berodiman. He was sharp witted to catch on to playing the part of the lowly servant to the superior Skoarn. To the learned eye, mind and heart of the young Gold Dragon Shaman, this was obviously far from the case. But his adopted father Eskalios had been studying this Cyrus of the Brynth family for quite some time now; and he was totally convinced that this was another key player from the forgotten prophecies, who would tip the scales of power in favor of the Gold Dragon Shamans in the political chambers of the great city of spires.

Draygo'Solaar greeted the four guards who had come to escort the adventurers to the southern road as Eskalios' words reverberated in his recent memory: "Take the sorcerer with you, and be well. I will have four guards escort you to the southern road. Stay on it. The Ashlands are dangerous to even the most experienced shaman. You shall reach the Tar lakes by midday of the morrow."

"Lead us to the least desired path of dirty servitude that is beneath the life calling of all true blooded Skoarn!" bellowed the young Gold Dragon Shaman as he gave a comical bow to the two foremost guards. He motioned Cyrus to fall in step slightly behind him as the guards began their menial journey of escorting the two youths to the start of their destination that few knew held the balance of power in the hands of their destiny.

A slight smirk crossed the lips of Draygo'Solarr as he noticed how Eskalios purposely made the two rear guards wait for their leader to depart the chamber, allowing a comfortable space that spoke of respectful prominence for the young Berodiman and the Sucurion Elf as they were escorted through the populace.

As they left the chamber and proceeded down the stairs before walking outside, loyal servants of the Gold Dragon Shamans presented Draygo'Solarr and Cyrus with the equipment and weapons they would need for their journey to the mysterious and dangerous Tar lakes.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 20:09:59.

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Grugg! Errr... Miss?

Upon the Dragon’s Lash
Grugg and his militia

As the second ogre appears, and fells the fellow orc, the sorcerer is again the first to react to the assault. This time his magic is less potent than before, however, no less effective in getting the creatures attention. As the ogre roars out in pain, the bold barbarian Grugg charges up the steep incline, coming around from the back side of the ogre, and rushes in with his club. However in his haste, he stumbles over a jutting rock in the ground and almost loses his club in the process.

The last standing orc from the team follows up with an attack, but the ogre is ready for him after hearing the commotion that grugg had made beforehand. He numbly steps aside of the blow from the large axe head, and grumbles in his predicament. Though the ogre was a big brute, they rarely preferred fighting against the odds.

This particular ogre wields a huge stick with a rock tied to the end. It was a rather rudimentary maul, that looked even more intimidating than the tree trunk that Grugg had used against his brother. Winding it backwards, he slugs it forward and smashes it into the orc soldier that had accompanied Grugg up to meet the ogre. It was enough to knock him flat, his chest compressed by the blow. It seemed to Grugg that his fellow orc’s ribs were now little more than soup.

From below another frozen ray blasts into the ogres backside, which is accompanied by the sing song snarl of the giant.

(You critically missed Grugg. But luckily the ogre decision roll decided on your double axed friend… though sadly you would have survived the blow if it had come to you.)

Posted on 2008-04-21 at 03:14:01.

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Kaz The Great (Or Soon To Be...)

In the South of the Dragon’s Eye
A Human Village Under Seige
Tantrus, Midnight, Two weeks earlier

The adventures of Kaz…

Though Kaz had attempted to make peace with the human denizens of the Eye of the Dragon for many months after his banishment from his mountainous homeland of Trem’Tar, he had found little success. Indeed he had often needed to flea from some of the overzealous defenders of camps along the rocky borders.

Banishment, it had seemed, was a death sentence. No matter how civil Kaz appeared, he found little support in the hateful eyes of the morgithites that lived there. He could understand their hatred, even though he felt undeserving of their gaze.

Either way this meant that he had to brave the harsh sands alone, where on a few occasions he had been nearly devoured by the worms that stalked their prey from beneath the salty earth. However, his adventures did not truly come into fruition until he had discovered a ransacked village on the southern end of the eye, when after days of being in the desert, he had decided to risk contact with the villagers so that he could obtain some water and food. He went at night, where his superior vision gave him the best chances to avoid confrontation. Conflict had already begun however, and many villagers lie dead within the dirt paths between the houses of clay.

Wretched sounds whistled through the air, unearthly sounds. He knew of goblin raids that often occurred in the eye, but they were usually on the northern mountain line, where the humans had forced the war parties to travel, now that the iris was heavily guarded by the watchtowers of Drydoc. A raid this far south was out of sync with the rest of the tribal traditions. Most marauders sought out elven ears as trophies to increase their prestige and rank in the tribes. There was little honour to be gained from the sacking of near defenceless human villages.

Then he spotted the first oddity of the evening. A small dog sized creature, that looked similar to ant, but with clawed hands that held a spear. The creatures upper torso held itself upright, though it still stood on four tendril legs. These giant ants were unfamiliar to the hobgoblin, in fact they seemed quite unnatural to him. He knew this however, that they were responsible for the destruction of the village, that the screams of woman still rang through the air, and that two of the creatures had spotted him, and were not pleased, by the sound of their incessant chattering.

(So, yeah. You have come into contact with formians raiding a human village. You can run and test your luck, but as of right now you are out of water, and nearly out of food. Also, like I said, you can hear the screams of remaining villagers, so if your character is inclined to save them, here is his chance.)

Posted on 2008-04-21 at 03:59:53.

RDI Staff
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Hmm...that not right

Grugg was friends with club. Club was big, so was Grugg. They were good friends. Sometimes club would choose to smash earth instead of people. Grugg did not understand this. Grugg had learned to accept. Grugg knew club was wise. Perhaps club had seen a snail and wanted to smash. Grugg did like to smash.

For whatever the reason, club did not smash ogre, smashed ground instead. Grugg knew was not his fault, he had chosen to smash ogre. Club smashed ground, Grugg let club do things sometime.

The large ogre smashed other large orc. Other large orc go down. Grugg have more room to smash now. And smash he would.

(Im still raging...and Im still smashing)

Posted on 2008-04-24 at 16:00:05.

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502 Posts

Grugg Smash... Grugg Get Smashed Too!

Northern Qinxor, Province
Upon The Dragon’s Lash
Neulos, Evening

As the ogre is busy groaning about the most recent ray of frost sent searing forth by the sorcerer down below, Grugg took advantage of the distraction and landed a heavy blow into the giant’s abdomen. More bellowing ensued, but more importantly the ogre had returned his focus to the skirmish about him, his eyes turning bloodshot with fury as he looked down at the raging barbarian that was Grugg. He traded him blows, smoking his maul into Grugg’s shoulder, nearly knocking the orc off balance. The pain was excruciating, pain unlike any the orc had felt in his life. After all, he was far more accustomed to doling out punishment, rather than receiving it. Whatever puny retort anyone had against his dull brained aggression was usually miniscule in comparison.

As Grugg’s shoulder ached, more sorcerous words bellowed from below. For the third time shining orbs of light pierced the night sky, and for the third time they struck into the enemy without flaw. Much to the confusion of Grugg, however, these particular lights seemed to cause this ogre immeasurable grief, as he toppled off of the cliff, where he tumbled to his death mere feet from the dragon blooded human. Looking down at the fallen orc at his side, he noted that his breath had ceased. There was no saving him, if that thought had ever even occurred in the barbaric orc’s head. The other orc below had swallowed some vile blue drink that had seemed to cauterize the wound within his chest. He must have pulled the javelin out sometime after Grugg had charged in to face off against the other ogre.

Scanning the mountainside, Grugg did not immediately see any other “Tall men” around, though as the sky darkened he did notice that there were pinpoints of firelight all around them. He knew that they had initially been heading towards an outpost, but as far as he knew, that was the only place that possessed friendly inhabitants. All of these other lights were likely the encampments of ogres or the worse denizens of the Dragon’s Lash. Grugg more likely thought that the shiny lights in the sky had fallen…

The sorcerer moves to help up the last remaining orc fighter, and they walk up the slope towards the grievously injured Grugg, whose left shoulder looks more like a green slushie. “If we do not get to the encampment, we will likely die by morning fall. I know little of these ogres, however, I assume that if they do not return, that someone will come looking for them. Our best bet is to head up the mountain, avoiding their camps. I will rely on the eyesight of the both of you, for though I can cast light, I think it better to go without.” The sorcerer then awaits Grugg’s reply.

(Ouch, you took 14 damage. But managed to do enough alongside the sorcerer's magic missile and ray's of frost to down him. So, end of combat... and... You gained 1800 experience... which means you level up. So, you can give me an updated Character Sheet, or just pm me what you would like to sink your one skill into, and meet me in chat some time so we can roll your next hit die.)

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 04:55:56.
Edited on 2008-04-25 at 04:57:38 by Philosopher


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