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Not Dragon Mistress
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Tianna groaned inwardly as the boy cried out in fright. nd sure enough a goblin came over to investigate. He was armed with a handaxe and stood over them yelling something in goblin with his ase ready to strike. Tianna didn't have the slightest idea what he ws saying. she hoped by keeping still he would leave them alone.

A voice rang out using common and suddenly several things happened that gave her a chance to do something. THe goblin standing over her dropped his axs and turned to take up his bow and faced whoever it was calling out to the goblins.

She could reach it if she wanted to try. And that was exactly what she did. she reaches out to take the axe behind the goblin's back.

If she can hit the goblin from where she is she will kneel and strike at the goblin. If not she will take a five foot step and hit him or attack by charging with ax in hand and try taking him down from behind. UP boy and fight for you life Only as she hits the goblin does she call out to the boy Do what you can but don't get yourself killed. If she can take the goblin down she will toss the axe to the boy and take up the goblin's bow She is much better with a bow.

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 05:07:33.

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Into the Nest of Snakes... Dare I Go?

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Shader's Alley
Febre, Mid day

Though indeed Tanglefoot was right in the assumption that there would be thumpers waiting for him in the alleyway, his sharp eyes also spotted shadows in the balconies of the high rising apartments. There was limited space on the dock like surface that was the city of Drydoc, and as such, houses were rare. Usually the denizens of the city lived in a large building, with homes stacked up high one after another. It was a phenomenon only ever seen in Drydoc. Most of the nobles even lived in these apartments, There was only the founding tribes complex, located in the northeastern block of the city, who were privileged enough to have homes. These particular apartments had balconies that ran the length of the second and third stories. As far as Tanglefoot could tell, they were lined with archers.

It was not a thumper that greeted him however, but a rather sleek looking Sucurion Elf, whose voice was smooth as silk. He had listened most patiently as the little halfling related his concerns, faking interest with the ease of a trained handler. His shoulders gave a curious shrug, one of almost utter subservience, which evoked a sort of comfortability, even in such a tense situation. “This is a bad city to be carrying around items of value without an entourage.” He said, though it sounded more as if he were singing than holding a dialogue. “Unfortunately I haven’t seen any kobolds running past. Perhaps you were mistaken.”

Lifting his index and middle finger into the air, an alarming gesture that has Tanglefoot springing into a wary stance, looking to the heavens for oncoming arrows, the elven child of Sucurion simply pricks a smile upon his face, as the two thumpers that had accompanied him turn around and head toward the inner sanctum provided by the alley, and it’s dead end. The elf turns around as well, and begins to walk away. He stops for a minute, and turns to the halfling with a look of consideration on his face. “I think we’ve heard of you… Perhaps you would like to lodge a complaint with our guild master? I believe he is looking for new faces around here.”

‘Oh, great…’ Thinks the halfling thief. As if the danger weren’t already prevalent, stepping into the alley, as if his dilemma had given him any other options… now they wanted him to head into the belly of the beast. If they knew of him, they knew he was thieving without permission. This meant one of two things, firstly, that he would be punished, or worse, executed, or that he would be “offered” a job. An offer that would be extremely foolish to refuse. However, this could play to the young halflings advantage. If he managed to survive an encounter with the guild master, even get into his good graces, he may be able to retrieve his loot in a few days, given proper timing… and still come out ahead in the whole mess. He would have to lay low though. Elsewise the Brons may very well get to him first.

(Sorry to leave you in such a predicament. The choice is yours, though they are all fairly dangerous.)

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 05:36:27.

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The Woodland Mob IV

Goblin encampment
Iodum Road, on the edge of the Paegos forest
Febre, Early Morning

The goblins strike first. The guard beside the two elves strikes out with his shortbow, but misses the Acantha by a considerable margin. From the bonfire, the two goblins visible to him strike next, one looks quite comfortable with the bow, but he twangs the string and the vibrations throw the arrow off course. The second, much bulkier one delivers a straight blow, and the arrow collides with Acantha’s left shin. The damage is minimal, and Acantha’s concentration is unbroken.

Tianna is the second to react, grabbing the axe from in front of her and rising to her feet. The boy remains huddled on the floor, too frightened to move.

Riina knocks a perfect shot, and fires it with a crisp draw. The arrows flies with a perfect left curve to accommodate the wind, It is as if her attack is but an extension of nature. It sinks deeply into the goblin guards left arm, and he screams out in pain. If the whole camp was yet unaware of the combat taking place, there would be no mistaking it now. Especially not with Acantha’s first move.

The utterance of his words sounds more like the angry wind of a storm, followed by the crackling boom of thunder. Suddenly the earth groans. Bushes and grass seem to sprawl out of the ground, grasping and clawing all the denizens of the campsite, even going so far as to tear at the tents in the surrounding area. Only Acantha and Riina are out of range. All of the goblins, with the exception of the guard are affected, at least those five goblins that can be seen outside of their tents. They find themselves stuck in place, and begin fighting with all their might to free themselves from the entrapping plants.

Unfortunately, Cheli is stuck within the growth as well, and though he tries to charge in to attack the closest goblin, he finds that he is unable to move. The little boy is ensnared as well, but Tianna gracefully avoids the grasping weeds, brushing the grass aside with her hands.

Shouts erupt from within the tents, even the howl of a wolf. Were there druids amongst the goblin raid? Perhaps they had simply tamed the wild beasts. Either way, this could complicate things even more than they already had been.

(So… Cheli had the highest initiative, but he was waiting for the entanglement to be cast before he attacked, thus, because Acantha is the lowest initiative, he got stuck before he could attack. It was the surprise round, so Tianna could not attack and get up at the same time. Next round though. The boy is stuck pretty badly, Riina got a good hit on the goblin, and Acantha has taken 2 hit points of damage.)

(EDIT: The green cirle is the circumference of the entangle spell.)

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 11:39:32.
Edited on 2008-04-25 at 12:08:18 by Philosopher

RDI Staff
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6184 Posts

Well I have no health...SMASH!!!

“If we do not get to the encampment, we will likely die by morning fall. I know little of these ogres, however, I assume that if they do not return, that someone will come looking for them. Our best bet is to head up the mountain, avoiding their camps. I will rely on the eyesight of the both of you, for though I can cast light, I think it better to go without.”
Grugg had no idea what that meant. Grugg spoke orc. Grugg did not speak talk of stupids. Grugg spoke little. Grugg did not like speak. Grugg did like roar though. Roar was fun. Like jumping. Grugg loved to jump.

Other tall man Grugg fought was strong, hit Grugg with hammer. Grugg did not like, and Grugg hit him. Something wrong though, Grugg did not smash right. Grugg did not understand. Grugg still blame club. Something funny happen next. Grugg did not smash right, but tall ugly thing still die. PINKDRAGONSPIT STEAL MIGHT! Grugg did not like this. Grugg did smashing.

The tiny one stood before him. Grugg had a club. Tiny did not. Grugg liked this. Maybe club would like him now. Tiny finished talking, not that Grugg was listening, Grugg was concerned about not smashing tall ugly. Grugg would have to make up.

Grugg gave a mighty roar, his blood still burning. He raised his club over his head, and with a mighty roar of "RRRRRRRRARRRRRRRRRGRRRRAAAARRRGH!" he brought his club down on the head of the foolish mage.

Grugg did not understand the words the small dragon piss had said, but he hoped they were good last ones.

(OOC: Yes, Im clubbing the sorcerer. Surprise)

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 15:40:51.
Edited on 2008-04-25 at 16:18:25 by Grugg

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500 Posts

Grugg Smash Again... Redundant Much?

Northern Qinxor, Province
Upon The Dragon’s Lash
Neulos, Evening

Apparently offended by the fact that the sorcerer had gotten the final blow on the ogre, Grugg decides that he will take out his anger on the human, who he so amicably refers to as “Pink-fleshed Dragon Spit”. The blow is decidedly a shock to both the sorcerer and the orc fighter, who up until now had failed to grasp the understanding of why Grugg Thingsmasha had been placed on mountain patrol. There was a sickening lurch as the dragon blooded human was embraced by the tree trunk sized club, followed by a series of cracks, and another sound that can only be described as… Splooooooooooge
The orc fighter is of course shocked at first, and readies his weapon, holding the haft of his two sided axe with the ease of proficiency. He looks to the falling sorcerer, and then back at the bloodthirsty barbarian. He continues this pattern for seconds that seem like minutes. It was likely that he could down the injured orc with ease… but on the other hand, he had taken down two ogre’s by himself, perhaps he was only beginning to reveal the secrets of his strength. Finally, he lowers his weapon, kneeling down and rummaging through the human’s pockets. He pulls out a vile of the same blue juice that he had consumed before, and hands it to Grugg. “We need you strong, and that shoulder not strong anymore. This good juice, make you full power. I do what you say, you are big boss now.” He looks at Grugg with admiration… admiration and fear. The fighter remembered stories of old, when Orcs were not slaves to the humans, but their conquerors. He believed in them, and also knew of the prophecy of Brim. Brim had said that an orc of the old blood would rise to become the prosecutor of mankind. He secreted the thought that this barbarian may be the harbinger of a new world, where orcs were the biggest, strongest race… and not the humans, or the loath goblins.

Now that Grugg had a potion that would soothe him back to health, it was up to him to devise a plan for what to come. Of course, given that his brain was primal, and he thought of little besides smashing, jumping, and eating. He may very well do nothing but stare at his pet rock, until he got hungry, at which point he would probably smash, then eat. Maybe he might jump before smashing, for fun.

(Sigh… you killed the sorcerer, or at least effectively killed him… he is in the negatives… still alive, but unless you want to eat him you probably won’t notice. May I introduce the rest of the players to your possible worst nightmare… Oh, yeah, you get experience points for that one too, but I‘ll give them to you when you are closer to a level up.)

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 16:13:07.

Dire Dust Bunny
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Riina watches the effects of Acantha's casting, her eyes viewing the procedings carefully. Her eyes scan over the entangled goblins, the free goblin and elf, and the entangled wolf and other elf. So, like all things, it both can aid and harm; it does not distinguish between an ally or enemy so long as it is in its grasp. Riina quietly thinks. Nocking another arrow, she raises her bow and fires at the free goblin, just barely daring to hope that it will fall.

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 23:20:34.

Forever ♥
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1538 Posts

Problems on top of problems...

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Shader's Alley
Febre, Mid day

“This is a bad city to be carrying around items of value without an entourage.” The elf said, though it sounded more as if he were singing than holding a dialogue. “Unfortunately I haven’t seen any kobolds running past. Perhaps you were mistaken.”
“Perhaps I was,” the Halfling said. There was no use in arguing his point it would only get him skewed like a pig at a feast.

The elf turns around as well, and begins to walk away. He stops for a minute, and turns to the Halfling with a look of consideration on his face. “I think we’ve heard of you… Perhaps you would like to lodge a complaint with our guild master? I believe he is looking for new faces around here.”
‘Oh, Great!’ thinks Tanglefoot as he considers his limited options and always loving a bit of danger he smiles and bows at the waist to the elf and says, “It would be my pleasure and an honor to met the Guild Master of Drydoc, though I doubt he has heard of such an insignificant little person as myself.”

He confidently walks forward to follow the elf, not looking nervous at all; but beneath he is full of doubt and worry. This could pan out and he could get the statuette back and be in the good graces of the Guild Master and while it presented many dangers it could also end up not being as dangerous as a price on his head for failing the Brons.

(OOC: No problem! Danger is what it is all about! )

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 00:06:57.

RDI Fixture
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A short post... sorry

In the South of the Dragon’s Eye
A Human Village Under Seige
Tantrus, Midnight

The adventures of Kaz…

As Kazik stared down the two ant-like creatures, abominations of some dark sorcery, he felt as though the fates may actually have shone down on him. Here was his opportunity to show the distrustful humans that he was looking to live at peace amongst them. He could play the role of savior without having to kill his own brethren.

I could also use some food, he thought practically.

With a slight bow towards his opponents, Kazik made the choice the rescue the humans. It was not as though Kazik hated the ant-like creatures. They were merely obstacles to overcome in his effort to make peace with the village. Besides, he reasoned. They are not part of the natural order, merely the stuff of sorcery.
Kazik moved to engage his opponents, his hands gathering up his spiked chain as he moved. He was patient, and waited for the right moment to strike.

{OOC: Sorry for the short post… trying to catch up with life here.

Anyway, here my combat stuff:

1) If Kaz gets to act before the ants, he moves up 30 ft towards the two formians, drawing his spiked chain as he moves. Switches out of his Punishing Stance, and “fights defensively”. He’ll wait for an attack of opportunity against the ant creatures as the move into reach. With the spiked chain, that means when (at least) one of formians moves through the threatened squares 10 feet away from Kaz, he makes his attack of opportunity: +3 attack [due to fighting defensively], 2d4+6 damage, 2x critical, 5 -10’ reach. Kaz’s AC = 20 due to fighting defensively.

2) If Kaz gets to act after the ants (and assuming they move up to engage Kaz in combat), he moves to attack them with his spiked chain. He will NOT be fighting defensively. He WILL be in his punishing stance. If the two ants are both within reach of his chain, Kaz will use his “Steel Wind” maneuver. If only one is within reach, he use his “Stone Bones” maneuver.

AC = 16 [due to punishing stance], Spiked Chain is +5 attack, 2d4+6 +1d6 [punishing stance] damage, 2x crit, 5 – 10’ reach. If using “Steel Wind”, Kaz makes two separate melee attacks, one against each formian at highest BAB [no minuses]. If using “Stone Bones”, Kaz makes one melee attack against one formian – if successful, Kaz gains DR 5/ adamantine until the start of his next turn.}

Posted on 2008-05-01 at 04:15:56.

TRSG 2.0
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Arrows and un-broken spells

The arrow sawed towards Acantha and into his shin but he hardly noticed, that was the way when casting spells, you had to say to yourself 'Yes, it dose hurt' but not try to push it out of your mind as that would disrupt the spell. His wolf companion had seen many fights like this and so he was unsurprised when he leapt from the bushes towards the goblins, but the grasses grabbed him and stopped his progress.

Once the spell was cast he drew his shortbow, he knew he was a poor shot but had little other choice, and moved around the edge of the camp until he could see the goblins round the campfire so he could have a clear shot at them.

Posted on 2008-05-03 at 11:10:37.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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1376 Posts

The Bryth from the North

Cyrus looked to Eskalios but the golden Skoarn, it seemed, did not have words for the small man. When the Elf greeted the four guards who appeared out of the ether, Cyrus nearly jumped out of his mind. His first instinct was to hide his surprise at their appearance of these new arrivals, though a thought appeared in his mind to allow it to show, to the ends of reinforcing the beliefs the Skoarn held of superiority while granting himself the title of unimportance in the eyes of the demi-dragons. Though for all that, Cyrus sensed that it was too late to change now what had occurred.

"Lead us to the least desired path of dirty servitude that is beneath the life calling of all true blooded Skoarn!" bellowed the young Gold Dragon Shaman as he gave a comical bow to the two foremost guards. Cyrus mentally gagged at the performance put on by his companion. Surely I will not last long if that is the appropriate greeting everytime I need not be suspicious. Cyrus decided that a traditional Berodiman greeting would suffice for one expected not to know the culture of the area yet. He inclined his head with his hands together before him, bending at the waist slightly for added effect. Draygo motioned for him to follow close behind him so he started forward, glancing back at Eskalios, the leader of all shamans emulating the might of the golden dragons, who adopted under his power one silver-blooded man. Much like he was situated between front and rear guard, so too was he between Eskalios and his enemies. He considered what Drago’Solarr had whispered to him, that he and Cyrus were the only two that Eskalios knew could be trusted. Looking at the guards who indeed watched him back at the moment, he decided that he would have to guard his tongue constantly within the city.

Perhaps it is a good thing that no Bryth has attempted to come to the Ashlands thus far. There is far too much politics involved, too many secrets, too much infighting and on a whole, my family has been possessed of too short a temper. When the guards presented he and the Elf with equipment, Cyrus let Draygo choose what he decided would be necessary for the errand. He had traveled once through the Ashlands to get to the city, but he was not familiar with the needs of the terrain. He had heard that south of the Dragon Horn the climates were warmer, but most certainly he had not even anticipated that his winter clothing would so soon see infrequent use.

As they travelled into the dawning city below, Cyrus waited for his companion to decide when talk was appropriate. The man was yet unfamiliar with the extent of hearing had by the population, and would rather that his words not weighed and measured at every utterance. He would greatly like to know more about the nature of their mission, and his curiosity yearned to be satisfied.

Posted on 2008-05-03 at 15:42:22.
Edited on 2008-05-03 at 15:49:23 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Not Dragon Mistress
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Help is here but she did not think there were many otherwise they may have attack all out. The bac part of all this is that she seemed to be in the middle of the spell and it would take her a long time to cut the boy out and make their way out of the area of the spells effect. It really was more of a hindrance than a help right now. She had been so close to getting the boy free.

Tiana with ax is hand is stuck as is the goblin nearest to her. The boy was so badly entangled by the spell that he would need to be cut out of the vegetation that literally covered him up.

Actually that was a good thing perhaps that he was right now, he was difficult to see and she was standing right next to him. That meant he was not easy target for goblin arrow. The goblins before her had his bow out and was loading it. He was her target. (If nexessary she will close one step or half a step I did not know if suwares at five foot or not. She takes her time, reamaining a quiet as possible since his attention is othe the one who had come to bargain with them. She will strike aiming for the torso a nice broad target swinging the ax as powerfully as she can. She brings the ax around into the goblin.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 05:06:09.

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That Tickle on Your Spine?

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Shader's Nest
Febre, Mid day

So it had been decided, at least in the mind of the halfling Tanglefoot, that it would be better to enter the nest of snakes, and soothe the king serpent, rather than provoke their fangs with outright retreat. It was a guessing game to be sure, for if he had left, refusing the elven man he very well may have become a pincushion. However he also had the fear that the guildmaster may very well flay him alive.

Entering into the main floor of the thieves den, the halfling sees a series of tables, with an assortment of pilfered goods. Many sections are divided by large canvas curtains, dyed black. It was here that Tanglefoot was introduced to his first major problem in locating the stolen statuette, or at the very least, the thieving kobold. The place was teeming with the little lizardly buggers. He had no way to tell them apart, and they all sneered at him with equal distaste.

The Elven Concierge leads Tanglefoot through the maze of tables and curtains until they pass through the first fixed wall in the place, at least the first that the halfling has seen. They head through the doorway, and then up a flight of stairs directly to the right of the room's entrance.

At the top of the stairs there is a door. It is apparently locked, as the child of Sucurion stops before it, and makes a series of knocks. Tanglefoot tries desperately to hear what the knocking sequence on the door is, but he fails miserably. The elf is far too discreet, and the sound does not carry far enough.

After about a minute, the door opens, and a large orcish female appears. It was a rare sight indeed, and she seemed to be just as capable of being a bouncer as any of her male counterparts. After seeing who it is, she steps aside, letting them pass. She eyes the halfling, not so warily as dangerously, as though she would like to test out his aerodynamics in a game of 'kick tiny'...

Through the door there is a narrow corridor, that ends in yet another door. It is open, and a warm orange glow is emitting from the inner sanctum. In fact, when they enter the room, Tanglefoot is rather impressed. The floor is carpeted and luxurious, the windows are covered with fancy tapestries, and there is a mural depicting the War of the Sorrows upon the wall, just above the mantle of the fireplace, where the warm glow was emenating from. The fire crackled pleasantly.

In a dark lacquered chair sat a darkly charming woman, with pale, freckled skin, and jet black hair. The contrast of her icey blue eyes in the firelight struck shivers down the halflings spine, though it had very little to do with fear. This is the Guildmaster? He thought to himself, having expected a man to greet him.

"Greetings Silvarimon, what have you brought me today?" Her voice was tender, calm, quiet but articulate. She made you lean in to hear, though without missing a word said. It was an old trick of seduction, and she handled it masterfully.

"This particular young halfling has said that there was a theft, that an item of value had been stolen from him by a kobold under our employ. I might also add that he is a known thief, and that he neglected to pay us our respects before continuing on in his rogue endeavours." Replied the elven lead, who was apparantly named Silvarimon.

"Hmmm..." said the guildmistress, in a contemplative gesture, "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 13:55:05.

RDI Staff
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6184 Posts

I smash damn well

It was not everyday that Grugg saw this much smashing. Grugg had smashedd tall man. Tall man had smashed Grugg. Grugg had smashed ground. Grugg had smashed dragon-piss. Grugg was smashing well today. That said, there was little left to smash.

The only thing left to smash was other orc. Orc did not need to be smashed, he was like Grugg. Grugg did not like to smash Grugg. The orc had taken bottle from dead pink skin.

“We need you strong, and that shoulder not strong anymore. This good juice, make you full power. I do what you say, you are big boss now.” Grugg spoke little, even in orc, but he understood this. Grugg was big boss now. Grugg got to have shiny things like bottle now. Without so much as unstoppering it, Grugg tossed the tiny bottle into his mouth, crunching the bottle into powder and swallowing the substance within. As a nice tingly feeling washed over his shoulder Grugg got excited. He felt good again. It was time to smash...and jump.

Grugg looked to the north. Grugg knew goblins would be north. Grugg hated goblins, but he did love to jump. With a mighty "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" he leapt forth, building up speed as he prepared to smash, and jump...and smash.

(OOC: Going north...why not.)

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 13:58:36.

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

Into the breach...

Drydoc, The Eye of the Dragon
Shader's Nest
Febre, Mid day

Tanglefoot followed the elf trying to stay cheerful and unafraid as possible. His sharp eyes looking about picking up little bits and pieces of information about the operation. When he saw all the kobolds he groaned slightly, he didn’t get a good enough look to pick out the one that jumped him, but it hardly mattered since he wasn’t getting the statuette back unless the guild master approved.

Following the elf up the stairs where his guide knocked on a door Tanglefoot listened trying to hear the coded knock sequence; one soft, two quick, pause, one, pause, two quick, .. Or was that one, two quick, pause, two quick? Blast he cursed silently to himself as he couldn’t remember and gave up trying.

When they entered the room and he saw the large orcish female gazes down on him with a look that didn’t bode well for the Halfling, he smiled in a roguish way and greeted her, “Hey there Beautiful!” Though his comment was in jest, his tone was serious and held no hint of mockery; he didn’t want to become Halfling slime on the floor.

Entering the Master’s chambers he practically gawked at the lavish furnishing.. Now this was the life.. He could live like this for sure. Seeing that he was brought before a female thief he started visibly at her, ‘This is the Guildmaster?’ he thought but quickly recovered. He had heard of some guilds having female masters though he personally had never heard of one by name and had never met one either.

"Greetings Silvarimon, what have you brought me today?" Her voice was tender, calm, quiet but articulate. She made you lean in to hear, though without missing a word said. It was an old trick of seduction, and she handled it masterfully.

"This particular young halfling has said that there was a theft, that an item of value had been stolen from him by a kobold under our employ. I might also add that he is a known thief, and that he neglected to pay us our respects before continuing on in his rogue endeavours." Replied the elven lead, who was apparantly named Silvarimon.

"Hmmm..." said the guildmistress, in a contemplative gesture, "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Taking a single step forward, Tanglefoot put his right hand over his heart and bowed low to the Guildmaster, “Greetings Guildmaster of Drydoc,” he said in a voice as if he were announcing a street performance of some kind, “I am Tanglefoot Brambleburr at your service.”

Straightening he glanced slightly towards the elf, “I am afraid our good friend Silvarimon here is mistaken,” he said turning his gaze back to the woman, “I am not well known and I have not yet completed any ‘endeavors’ that would require me to ‘pay my respects’ to your honorable personage.” He smiled widely at her showing no fear as it seemed he was in his element here among thieves.

“I have only recently arrived in Drydoc,” Tanglefoot continued in explanation before they had a chance to reply, “I was only passing through and didn’t come here seeking any ‘jobs’. I was approached by a ‘client’ to perform a ‘service’ and the pay was… too good.” He smiled and shrugged as if that was all the explanation they need regarding why he took the job.

“I was in the midst of performing said job,” He continued, “when I was set upon by one of your ‘employees’ and he made off with my prize. I was going to collect and then immediately seek out your esteemed Guildness to pay the dues that I know are required of any outsiders that ‘work’ within your boundaries. I would have approached you up front about this matter but alas I am a poor little thing and didn’t have any funds with which to pay ‘respects‘ ”

His tongue was smooth and he showed no hesitation or fear in his remarks that would make it easy to tell he was lying; he just stood there confidently smiling as if all was well with the world. Of course, he was a thief and, being one as well, she could no doubt tell a well constructed lie when she heard one.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 18:54:30.

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The Woodland Mob V

Goblin encampment
Iodum Road, on the edge of the Paegos forest
Febre, Early Morning

As the battle intensifies, everything becomes a blur. The goblin guard fires off another shot at Acantha, and gives himself up to an opportunous attack from Tianna, however, he sees her out of the corner of his eye, and ducks the blow with ease. His shot, however, misses, leaving Acantha unharmed.

Among the campfire, one of the goblins whearing a chainshirt, and proud smirk,fires off a shot towards Tianna, but the shot falls short.

Tianna takes another swing at the goblin guard with his own dropped hand axe, but is aware of her actions now, and takes leans back to avoid the blow directed at his torso.

He leans... directly into Riina's arrow, which hits into his neck. Consequently it begins squirting arterial blood, and he drops to the ground, writhing in agony.

The hulky goblin who had struck Acantha with an arrow seconds previous does so again, this time, the arrow sinks deep into the druid's right abdomen. The goblin beside him who had previously missed, misses again, much to the good tidings of the druid, who wouldn't likely take too many more shots.

Acantha continues on course, following his plan, heading towards the goblin bonfire so he may attack them put them in his sights. The problem he may find with this plan, however, is that if you have line of sight to your enemies, so too do they.

The entangling roots begin once anew to attempt to capture Tianna and the last standing goblin who is free of it's binding grasp. Tianna once again eludes the claws of grasss and weeds, and likewise the goblin is not unhinged by the plants. Cheli attempts to break free from his bonds, but to no avail. The guard who had evaded them previously, now lay amongst them as they bind him to the earth.

The goblin who remains free of the entangling roots rushes over towards Tianna, dropping his sling and withdrawing a club from his belt. They are now within melee range of one another.

The howls from within the tents continue, along with the shouts. Apparently, the goblins within the tents must have been entrapped by the entangling roots as well, which could be a blessing for the moment.

(Well. Acantha, you have 3 hp left. Riina you've downed one of the goblins, and... besides that, not much else happened.)

(Edit: TRSG, sorry, I used the wrong die roll for the short bow, you had only actually taken 4 damage, you have 3 hp left.)

Posted on 2008-05-05 at 16:29:54.
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